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Tmos presentation


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Tmos presentation1

Tmos presentation1

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  • 1. TMOS“text mobile ordering system” always at hand
  • 2. Introduction “TMOS has been specifically designed with one thing inmind, to make it easy for a consumer to order a product via their mobile device. That’s why we say TMOS is always at hand!”.
  • 3. ConceptMobile money has been in Cambodia for over 5 yearswhich allows for account holders to transfer money but tillnow account holders can not purchase items.TMOS has been developed to solves this problem by actingas a bridge between consumer and retailer to allowtransactions to take place on mobile devices using existingtechnologies.
  • 4. Why Consumers Want TMOSThe modern consumer is changing the way they shop, theywant convenient and secure money payment methods•Pay by Mobile Device•Order anywhere•Online transactions•Money transfer•Home delivery service
  • 5. Text Mobile Ordering SystemHow TMOS worksTransaction Process FlowCustomer Experience Process Flow
  • 6. How Tmos WorksTMOS means Text Mobile Ordering SystemTMOS uses a predefined syntax unique to each retailers product offering – Example of syntax XXXXX*X_XXXXX*X_XXXXX*X_XUnique Product CodeSpace indicating new order request*+ number 1-9 indicates quantity requiredLast digit always indicates desired payment methodC = CashW = WingV = Visa (etc)TMOS can handle multiple orders in a single SMStransaction
  • 7. Working Example : Customer wants to order pizza Example 1Menu Customer order 1 Hawaiian Pizza and pay by CODTMOS Item Descriptio Price Input syntaxCode n 00001*1 C00001 Pizza Hawaiian $8.99 Example 200002 Pizza Four $9.99 Customer order Seasons 1 Four Seasons, 2 BBQ, 1 btl Coke, pays00003 Pizza BBQ $8.99 Wing00004 Drink Coke 1ltr $1.99 Input syntax 00002*1_00003*2_00004*1_W (input wing acc no. and validations key)
  • 8. Step by Step : Business Process Flow1. Customer places an order to retailer through TMOS2. TMOS receives order and systematically informs the retailer and the payment account.3. Transaction codes are generated and sent back to customer along with order confirmation in the form of a SMS receipt.4. Payment is taken from payment account if applicable5. Call Centre make call to customer to confirm address detail and time estimate to delivery of order.6. Order is dispatched7. Payment is forwarded from TMOS to Retailers account8. Process complete
  • 9. Step by Step : Customer Experience1. Customer views a menu2. Customer decides on purchase and payment method3. Customer SMS to retailer via TMOS4. Receipt is sent to Customer via TMOS5. If mobile money is preferred payment method account is debited6. Call Centre confirms customer address7. Delivery is made8. If COD customer pays at door
  • 10. Why Retailers Want TMOSTMOS offers a company competitive advantage over rivalswith long term benefits, listed here are just a few of these:-•Improved Service for Customer•Reduced business operations cost•Profitability•Reporting and Analysis•Turn Key Solution
  • 11. Improved Service for Customer•No wait time for customers•No dropped calls•Reduced cost for customer to place order•SMS receipt•Customer transaction history•Prioritize staff based on customer need such as language.•Offer payment service
  • 12. Reduced business operations cost•Reduce time taken on each call•Spread the load during peak operation times•Reallocate staff•Improve accuracy of orders taken
  • 13. Profitability•Up selling, message on SMS reciept•Improved service = repeat business•100% call responded to in timely manner
  • 14. Reporting and Analysis•Standard reports•Statistical breakdown analysis•Company specific reports•Improved product offering
  • 15. Turn Key Solution•Call Centre•Outsourcing•Peak time call handling•Business analysis•Expand operation hours 24/7 – 365•Multilingual higher skilled staff•Operation cost reduction