Haldi-Ram (Case Study)


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that case study is about 4 P's ...

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Haldi-Ram (Case Study)

  1. 1. Haldiram‟sGetting the Four Ps Right
  2. 2. Muhammad KhizarRoll no 5888
  3. 3. Vision,Mission,Goal
  4. 4. Background of Haldiam‟sStarts from time of British in India in 1937Northern India City of BikanerBikaner is the land of Rajputs-RajasthanAggarwal family established a sweet shopIn 1990s they expanded their family businessUnits established in three citiesKolkata in East,Nagpur in West,Delhi in North
  5. 5. Product Range Traditional Indian sweets & snacks Sold on special occasions like Diwali,Bhai Dooz & Holi
  6. 6. Challenges Haldiram‟s informal split b/w three units they began as distinct entities After the popularization of its “Bhujia”, Aggarwal came to use the name “Haldiram‟s bhujia wala” in 1941 Decade following India‟s Independence Ganga Aggarwal‟s son & grandson aimed to expand their business Calcutta manufacturing units 1970 Mumbai manufacturing units 1990 Restaurant in New Delhi 1995
  7. 7. IssuesHow would they keep the company on a high growth trajectory?How would the company tackle the competition frorm small unorganized players in market?Could Haldiram‟s create and sustain a clear differentiator, that marked it different from these players ?
  9. 9. productsIn summer fruit flavored cold drinks and sharbatsDuring festivals season demand for sweets was highAdd bakery items and dairy productsWide product range (30 varieties of “namkeens”(salty snacks) from one manufacturing unit alone!), customized for local tastesFirst Indian company to brand namkeensHigh quality and hygiene standards
  10. 10. Outside the bordersHaldiram enter in international market year 2000export increase from $ 1.7 million to $ 6 million from year 2001 to till todayOpening f restaurant in abroadAvailable in USA New Zealand srilanka Nepal Canada Uk UAE Australia Thailand Japan
  11. 11. list of productTraditional rang of nimkoVarious kind of sweetsBakery itemsDairy productsPapdIce cream
  12. 12. list of product
  13. 13. ProfitabilityNamkeen 60% Sweets 30%Others 10%
  14. 14. pricingHaldiram‟s offers its products at competitive prices in order to penetrate the huge unorganized market of namkeens and sweets.The company pricing strategy has taken into consideration the price conscious nature of consumers in India. Haldiram‟s has launched namkeens in small packets of 30 grams, priced as low as Rs. 5. The company also launched namkeens in 5different packs with prices varying according to their weights
  15. 15. pricingThe prices also vary on the basis of the type of namkeens and the raw materials used to manufacture it. The cost of metalized packing also has an impact on the price, especially in the case of snack foods.The company revises the prices of its products upwards only when there is asteep increase in the raw material costs or if additional taxes are imposed
  16. 16. pricingPackage weight price30 gm 585 gm 10180 – 250 gm 18 - 25400 – 500 gm 40 - 701 kg 95 - 200
  17. 17. pricing
  18. 18. Osama usfian Roll no 5922
  19. 19. placeRobust distribution networkAttractive policy to encorage distributors and retailersRetail outletsStrengthen its distribution through internet
  20. 20. promotion Promotion is all about communication. Punch line “Always in Good TastE”Print MediaHoardingsBroachers
  21. 21. promotion
  22. 22. Rana usman rasheed
  23. 23. Packaging• packaging is an important aspect of Haldiram‟s product promotion. Since namkeens are impulse purchase items, attractive packaging in different colors influences purchases. Haldiram‟s uses the latest technology to increase the shelf life of its products. While the normal shelf life of a similar product is under a week, the shelf life Haldiram‟s product is about six months.
  24. 24. PackagingPosters highlighting the shelf life of its product s carried the caption „six months on the shelf and six seconds in your mouth‟.During festival season, Haldiram‟s products ar e sold in attractive looking special gift packs
  25. 25. Rana ArslanBasharat Roll no 5923
  26. 26. EXPANSION:1: HALDIRAM WAS NOT the kind of company to stay content with what it head already achieved. The restaurant at Nagpur devised an innovative strategy,traveler passing through the Nagpur railway station in ordering food firm areas where the company stockiest are located, the customer could place an order for lunch or dinner by sending a demand draft or check to the
  27. 27. EXPANSION:Likely time arrival of Nagpur ,names of the customer coaches and seat number .The lunch or dinner as than delivered to than when the train arrived at Nagpur.
  28. 28. FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION: INDUSTRY continues to grow by the day, besides the traditional namkeens and sweet Indian consumer are today gifting other items such as chocolate and flowers and on occasion should the company diversify further?  Should it start making chocolate? for examples and compete with multinational giant such as Cadbury. Consumer are spoilt for choice e.g. Frito- lay in snacks several player such as
  29. 29. FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION Frito lay in particular in particular is emerging as a major challenger instead of directly competing with haldiram‟s The company launched new product in the Indian market It is also directly taking on haldirams with its nankeen range of product, which are also competitively priced, and its aloo bhujia. the latter player is investing in its kitchen of Indians and its sun feast range
  30. 30. FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION: ANOTHER CHALLENGE IS coming up in the private brand in the modern retailers, such as the future groups (that own the food bazaar chains) it is quite passable that these private launch or expand their range of product that There are also some other irritants, publicity around lacked adequate setting ,parking facilities and like and that their customer service standard was nothing outstanding.
  31. 31. FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION:  Another issue is the presence of spurious products. some company claiming to be associates of the original haldiram‟s of Bikaner used the company well recognized brand name in their products.  not only did this impact sales but there was also the danger that the lack of quality standard for these me too products impacted the company reputation.