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Digital Signage Software Solutions offered by Xtreme Media proves to be one of the largest mode of out of home advertising. Various display methods used in Digital signage as outdoor advertising is LED Video Wall, Led Board, LCD Plasma screen etc

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Digital Signage

  1. 1. What is Digital Signage?  A network of electronic displays that can be controlled centrally from any part of the world Extremely useful across industries likeretail, banking, government, hospitality, theatres, etc forinformation, entertainment & education Displays real-time and dynamic content(video, web pages) vis-à-vis traditional signs, sure to catch the attentionof viewers
  2. 2. Why Use Digital Signage in Food Service Industry?  The visual appeal of food and impulsive nature of the purchase make it a perfect place to install digital signage  Harness the Power of “Adfotainment” (Advertise. Inform. Entertain.) through Digital Signage  This bodes well for the food service
  3. 3. Applications of Digital Signage In Food Service Industry  Promote high-margin food and drink items along with daily specials  Convince customers to add side dishes by displaying mouth watering pictures on high definition screens (Food Engineering)  Modify menu items on the fly to test different
  4. 4. Applications of Digital Signage In Food Service Industry  Show live T.V. with remote control of TV channels  Show paid advertisements in break time of live sports and earn advertising revenue  Reduce perceived wait time by keeping patrons entertained
  5. 5. Technical Capability of Our Digital Signage Network  Update/schedule your screens through an USB or wired/wireless/3G network  Use our web-based software to monitor screens & generate reports  Take snapshots via attached webcam and upload images to the central server  Provide various access levels of content control
  6. 6. Return on Investment (ROI)  Reduce the cost of expensive designing, printing & shipping by serving multiple channels from a single media source  Up-sell your products by animating menu item transitions / rotations to create a high-impact  Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through improved customer satisfaction  Optimize advertising and information space  Increase Revenue by cross-selling partner products  Improve employee satisfaction and efficiency
  7. 7. Digital Displays  Choice of indoor/outdoor displays: LCD Signages, LED Videowall, LCD Videowall & Kiosk
  8. 8. Why Us ?
  9. 9. Why Us ? More than 20 years of experience in digital display industry Our only line of business is digital signages - we understand your needs better No one can provide integration like us. Dedicated team of  Hardware engineers  Installation and maintenance staff  Software and Content Team We partner with the best in industry not only in India but also in china, Taiwan and Japan We brew our own coffee (We make, market and use our own hardware)
  10. 10. Our Clients Are Our Biggest Selling Point  Bombay Stock Exchange chose Xtreme Media to install four giant LED walls along with Digital Signage Software for their iconic building. We were chosen amongst companies from India, China, Germany and Japan after technical and financial evaluations  Our valued customers in the financial industry include BSE, NSE, MCX, FT, SBI Capital Market &ICICI Direct among others  Indian Railways and Maharashtra ST Bus Depots (MSRTC) are our main customers in the public space
  11. 11. Valued Clients
  12. 12. THANK