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Question 3

  1. 1. Question 3What kind of media institution might distribute your mediaproduct and why?
  2. 2. What is a Film Distributor?A film distributer is a company thatreleases films to the public overcinema, TV, internet, Blu-rays, etc.Then once the film is shown in theTV, they decide when or where theyare going to show it next.Distributors will make a want tosee buzz among the targetaudience and they will release thefilm. This is when film prints/disksas well as the BBFC certificate aredelivered to the cinemas a few daysbefore opening and they alsoarrange a film marketing.
  3. 3. Would our film need a major distributoror a smaller, more independent one?Why?My idea is to have a major distributor and more independent oneso our film product is advertised and released in magazines, trailersin TV and cinemas successfully. However, by using a majordistributor costs a lot therefore I might as well just use a smalldistributor because it’s cheaper. According to my research, thereare small budget films used a small distributor have successfullyadvertised and went really far.The fact is we only have a small budget to make our film and getrelease to the public and it isn’t really that big as the actors on oursare not celebrities. We just hope that it is advertised well by oursmall distributor.
  4. 4. Examples of small budget films that havebecome major successes?• Paranormal Activity was made on a very limited budget film with few cameras, few crew, and a small distributor called Wild Bunch and still made it to he cinemas and went very far.• Four Weddings and a Funeral is a film distributed by a smaller, independent company. This was distributed by Gramercey pictures and Rank film distributors with a relatively small budget of $4.4million and still managed to make it big.
  5. 5. Which real-life distributor might you use ifyou had the choice?If I had chance to use a real life distributor, it would be Warner Bros.Entertainment, Inc., Summit Entertainment LLC or Universal Studio becausethey are most well known companies.Slumdog Millionaire film is a romantic drama and it is the genre that we aredoing. They were supported by Fox Searchlight Pictures which is a companythat distributes many low budget films and many of which have performedvery well at the worldwide box office. It specializes in independent andBritish films. This is a kind of business that we would like to distribute ourfilm.
  6. 6. Where would you expect your film to go?I would expect my media product would go to a multiplex andmainstream one as most of these days, the teenagers like readingmagazines and watching TV’s. Therefore, the target audience we areaiming for would see it.Our film would be released on YouTube and advertised on TV astrailers so that everyone would see a brief video of the film we made.And then distribute the whole film to the cinemas like Odeon.