The Great Artistic Mughal Ruler - Shahjahan
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The Great Artistic Mughal Ruler - Shahjahan

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This is a very exploring ppt about the great artistic ruler in The Mughal Empire Shahjahan.

This is a very exploring ppt about the great artistic ruler in The Mughal Empire Shahjahan.

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  • 1. By Imran Sanju Noel Richard Gautam
  • 2.  Shah Jahan was the third son of the emperor Jahangir and a grandson of the emperor Akbar. He was born in Lahore on Jan. 5, 1592. In 1612, when his title was still Prince Khurram, he married Arjumand Banu Begum.
  • 3.  He was ambitious to gain the throne, though he was third in line. In 1622 he staged an unsuccessful rebellion against his father.  As a consequence he spent the following three years traveling around the kingdom waiting for his father to forgive him. They were reconciled in 1625, and Jahangir died two years later. With support from his wife's family, Shah Jahan proclaimed himself emperor at Agra in February 1628.
  • 4.  Shah Jahan's reign was notable for its military successes against states in southern India. There was also a temporary extension of Mughal power in the northwest.  In 1638 the Persian governor of Kandahar surrendered that fortress to the Mughals. In 1646 Shah Jahan's forces occupied Badakhshan and Balkh, but Balkh was lost the next year. The Persians regained Kandahar in 1649.
  • 5.  Shah Jahan’s passionate interest in architecture. Famous for architectural works and artistic splendor. At 15, he redesigned the Imperial apartments in Kabul.  Shah Jahan is best known for the creation of Mughals’ most magnificent creation, the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan is also credited for building some of the most renowned Mughal structures such as Delhi Red Fort, Pearl Mosque, Jama Masjid, Diwan-I-Am & DiwanI-Khas etc.