Dual Credit Assignment_1301 American History


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Dual Credit Assignment_1301 American History

  1. 1. Top Five Events In American History From 1607 – 1865 By Kelsea Hall
  2. 2. The Louisiana Purchase 1803 Land under France control http://www.b bc.co.uk/hist ory/historic_f  Americans are no longer able to use the igures/bonap arte_napoleo ports of New Orleans n.shtml  Hurts America’s economy United States places a proposal  Napoleon makes an offer Jefferson was unsure of his authority The U.S. purchases the Louisiana Territory http://www.washington.edu/uwired/outreach/cspn/Website/C lassroom%20Materials/Pacific%20Northwest%20History/Le ssons/Lesson%204/Louisiana%20Purchase.html
  3. 3. Ratification of the Constitution 1787 United States felt they lacked in power Unstable Articles of Confederation “Founding Fathers” gather http://shass.mit.edu/news/news-2010- maier-authors-first-comprehensive- New Constitution account-adoption-us-constitution  Resolved problems with Articles of Confederation  Separation of Powers http://score. rims.k12.ca.  Checks and Balances us/activity/r atification/in  Bill of Rights dex.html  Strong foundation and still in use today
  4. 4. Indian Removal Act From 1830 – 1838 Five major tribes were in impacted  Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw Oklahoma Trail of Tears Culture was lost http://wps.ablongman.com/long America gained profitable land _divine_appap_7/0,9455,1518 971-content,00.html Westward expansion and a boost for the economy  No Indian interference
  5. 5. The Treaty of Paris September 3, 1783 France refused to make an agreement with the Americans  Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams made treaty with Great Britain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Treaty_of_Paris_(1783) Spain and France agree to end hostilities Recognized the independence of the United States http://w ww.lear British forces are forced to leave New York ner.org/i nteractiv es/histor ymap/st A victory for Washington and his troops ates_pa ris.html
  6. 6. The Thirteenth Amendment Freed African Americans from slavery Led to more rights and equality Was followed by other important milestones for African Americans http://www. nwhm.org/ education- http://ww resources/ w.blackc activities/a onfedera bolition- tesoldier movement- s.com/un tours/ ited_stat es_13th_ amendm ent_8.ht ml
  7. 7.  The Louisiana Purchase Ratification of the Constitution Indian Removal Act The Treaty of Paris The Thirteenth Amendment
  8. 8. Citations Autrey, Alan. “Lesson 5: The Postwar Era and the Framing of the Constitution”, “Lesson 13: Westward Expansion and the Political Crisis Brought on by Slavery: Part 1-2.” Brinkley, Alan. (2012): “Connecting with the Past (14th ed.).” New York: McGraw-Hill. Chapter 5,6,7 9,15, Pages 143- 145, 162-170, 200-203, 243-247, 412- 414. Poston, Ken. “Lesson 7: Finding Our Way in the World: Part 1- 5”, “Lesson 11: Jackson and Van Buren: Part 1-3”, “Lesson 14: The Civil War: Part 1-4.”