Escp listening comprehension syllabus


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Escp listening comprehension syllabus

  1. 1. ESCP (S2) Listening Comprehension 2 25 HoursInstructor: Khaled M. Al-Abbadi (Feel free to call me “Khaled”, “Mr. Khaled”, “Sidi Khaled”, “King Khaled”,etc…)Contact: 06XXXXXX  Phone Number Coming SoonCourse Description and Objectives:The aim of this course is to: Develop Listening Comprehension Skills Learn Effective Listening Strategies Understand the different levels and styles of listeningThis will be done by: Discussing and Reviewing Listening styles, contexts, and strategies. Practicing Listening with activities in the classroom. Completing Listening assignments outside of the classroom.Topics Discussed:This course will be a practical approach to listening. After discussing general listening skills andtopics, we will identify 4 main contexts of listening and different strategies to improvecomprehension within those contexts. These contexts are: listening to narratives, listening forspecific information and data, listening in conversational contexts, and listening to extendeddiscourse. Each week we will address each context and strategies. We will do class activitiesand have a weekly assignment. At the end, there will be review of all the strategies and a finalexamination.Materials:All materials for this course will be provided by the teacher. The student will have to bring anotebook and pen to class everyday. Also, students must have access to internet in order todownload their weekly assignments.
  2. 2. Assessments and Grading:The grading in this class is real simple. It goes as follows:Weekly Assignments (15% each) - Week 2 - Narratives 15% Week 3 - Specific Information/Data 15% Week 4 - Conversations 15% Week 5 - Extended Discourse 15%Attendance - 10%Final Exam - 30%______________________________________________Total 100%Assignments:The Weekly Assignments will be given on Thursdays. They will be provided online. The studentis responsible for downloading the MP3 content assigned and the “Listening Questions”worksheet. The student will have to turn in the assignment on the following Wednesday.The assignment has 2 parts, they are: Listening Transcription: The student must write out the entire listening. Listening Questions: The student must answer some questions about the listening.Please spend at least 2-3 hours a week on these assignments as they are very important inbuilding your listening comprehension skills. Assignments will not be accepted if they don’thave both parts. This means, all students must submit a listening transcription and thelistening questions in order to receive credit.
  3. 3. Class Calendar:Week 1 3/22 Thur Course Introduction/ What is Listening?Week 2 3/28 Wed Listening to Narratives: Discussion and Strategies 3/29 Thur Practice and ActivitiesWeek 3 4/4 Wed Listening for Specific Information/Data: Discussion Narrative Weekly Assignment Due 4/5 Thur Practice and ActivitiesWeek 4 4/11 Wed Spring Break Vacation 4/12 Thur Spring Break VacationWeek 5 4/18 Wed Listening in Conversation: Discussion and Strategies Spec. Info/Data Weekly Assignment Due 4/19 Thur Practice and Activities 4/XX Some Day Makeup Session: More Practice and ActivitiesWeek 6 4/25 Wed Listening to Extended Discourse: Discussion Conversations Weekly Assignment Due 4/26 Thur Practice and Activities 4/XX Some Day Makeup Session: More Practice and ActivitiesWeek 7 5/2 Wed Course Review of Listening Contexts and Strategies Extended Discourse Weekly Assignment Due 5/3 Thur Final ExamQuestions or Comments:Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. The best wayto reach me is in class or via email.