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Article review(dr johan)

  1. 1. Title of article: Artistic Choices: A Study of Teachers Who Use the Arts in the Classroom Volume 7, number 8: Year Publish: 2006 To: Dr Johan Submitted by: Khairul Ezani b. Abdullah Nawawi (2012967377) 1. Introduction Complete Reference for the journal is written commented Barry Oreck (2006), New York City Public School, entitled Artistic Choices: A Study of Teachers Who Use the Arts in the Classroom, volume 7, number 8, University of Illinois at Urbana, USA. 2. Issues The key issues stated by the authors in this journal is a weakness or a hindrance to elevate the status of art through the use of devices if the term or language arts teachers in the classroom while teaching. This can be seen in the first paragraph of the article is divided abstract. 3. purpose In this journal, the authors discuss the use of art as an element in the learning process in the classroom. The authors also look at the various characters of the teachers that teach art, the factors and constraints in order to teach the elements of art in the classroom. In this article, the author provides some suggestions on how to implement the elements of art in the classroom learning. In my view, this journal is important to see how the elements of art can be used during the learning process in the classroom, and outcomes for students. It is also able to see how the characters of a teacher can have an impact on student achievement as well as the art learned. 4. Opinion writer In this study, the authors used qualitative methods by taking a sample of six teachers from five different districts. The six teachers selected is comprised of background, experience, and different genders. The purpose of an interview is conducted to provide a descriptive overview of how teachers assume significance in teaching the elements of art. Its objective is to determine how teachers view the elements of art and the factors during the learning session. Interview protocol to six main themes of the analysis are:
  2. 2. 1) Self – personal arts background, self-image and self-efficacy, 2) Values – importance of the arts in education, 3) Support – supervisor support and autonomy, 4) Constraints – external pressures and perceived limitations, 5) Student issues – awareness of student needs, 6) Curricular and pedagogical issues. In addition to interviews, the authors also noted a few questions. Among them are: 1) Can common characteristics of teachers who report using the arts regularly be identified? 2) What are the primary motivations for teachers to use the arts? 3) How do teachers find the time for art given the pressures they face for test-score improvement and standardization of the curriculum 4) How do teachers perceive the role of art in their lives and teaching practice? 5) What impact has professional development had in helping teachers use artistic processes or include an artistic perspective in their teaching practice? The results from the interviews, the authors found that it contains a number of themes that are used by teachers in teaching despite the constraints they face. The themes are: 1) Personel characteristics and teaching philosophy 2) Insights into how they thought about the art and applied them in their and classrooms 3) Environmental characteristics concerning their schools and the conditions in which they work. Of the themes mentioned above, the authors found that teachers who teach using art elements that believes that all students can afford to get tinggi.Ini achievement occurs because the teacher has a diversity of skills, intelligence and specific learning styles. In addition, these teachers have a broad view of art. They see art in all areas of life and apply them in the teaching and consider art as a life. 5. Discussion In my opinion, the issues raised in the journal are significant. This is because these problems have occurred at the school. Although these issues are discussed by the authors
  3. 3. of the current journal written in 2006, but until now it is still relevant and implementation process is still not in school. For example, the teaching and learning of other subjects such as Malay. Teachers can incorporate the elements of art while teaching Malay as making sketches and collage techniques by students' creativity while making grammar exercises. This will have a significant impact on students because the learning session is different from the usual. Therefore, if the teachers in the school with the elements of art in teaching, then certainly the teaching process becomes more meaningful, especially for students who do not take the subject of art education. 6. Summary Overall, this journal is very good and important to be used by teachers in the teaching process at school. This is because the approach is very appropriate element in the teaching of art and it contains all the aspects in the philosophy of education as the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. In addition, the character of the teacher plays an important role in affecting the pattern or art learning methods in the classroom. Teachers also need to use the language arts so that students can easily understand. For example, if a teacher is teaching a title line, it must be explained by the simple grammar and proper use of visual language so that students can understand. However, in discussing the problem or issue, the authors did not specify the constraints and also how its implementation in schools. Ease of teaching aids, school physical and other aspects need to be noted and some things need to be added and changed if a transformation occurs.