Gameloft: Recommandations for Starfront collision and Nova 2
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Gameloft: Recommandations for Starfront collision and Nova 2



Gameloft: Recommandations for Starfront collision and Nova 2

Gameloft: Recommandations for Starfront collision and Nova 2



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Gameloft: Recommandations for Starfront collision and Nova 2 Gameloft: Recommandations for Starfront collision and Nova 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Quang Khai NguyenMaster of International Business Xbox gamer tag: Lhaula GP:11689
  • Configuration•  iPhone 4G•  iOS version: 4.3•  Free space: 10.2Go
  • I. Starfront Collision 1.  Personal overview 2.  Scenario 3.  Gameplay 4.  Unit information accessibility 5.  Starfront vs. Starcraft 6.  Warcraft III in space
  • I. Starfront Collision1. Personal Overview Cons Pros Scenario understandings Gameplay and control   Lack of audio during dialogues  Logical and Intuitive   A bit confusing Graphics  3D  Color Full Map/landscape Some gameplay flaws  Unit Readability   Reforming a group is tricky   No unit formation pattern Audio (music & sound FX)     Unit can block themselves   Mission design: no win situation   Clunky attack/move command
  • I. Starfront Collision2. ScenarioA confusing scenario   Reading dialogues is boring…   …and makes it harder to understand   War between faction is not clearly introduce during mission   Lacks of funTo improve understanding: capture player’s attention   Use of audio dialogues in parallel   Use of fun facts: Easter eggs and cut scenes…   Player needs to smile/laugh when playing Starfront …   …this is exactly what Starcraft2 is all about :
  • I. Starfront Collision Too Random Organized3. GameplayStarfront needs an automatic formation pattern   For better unit readability   Looks cleaner as well   Spreading units allows easier selection   Allows better army management… … and thus improves gameplayImplementation of SC2’s magic Box for:   Ground Melee   Air Unit Range
  • I. Starfront Collision3. GameplayClunky Attack/move command   Holding the screen location feels frustrating during intense battle Attack command   Add the attack/move command to the action dashboardMission: “Calm before the storm”   Army limit size reached 40/40   Can’t produce anymore worker   Can’t attack my own unit   Can’t repair the radarBy adding the attack command and friendly fire:   Would resolve both problem above   Allows more flexibility
  • I. Starfront Collision3. GameplayMiscellaneous Building rally point and shortcut   Taping a building then terrain should set a rally point (shortcut)   Taping a building then unit should select unit   To rally point a building to a unit, use the old fashion rally command in the building action menu Uneven mission difficulty   Last consortium mission is hard   No way to skip mission after chaining losses
  • I. Starfront Collision4. Unit information accessibilityRight now, only available in-game while playing the race   Hard to familiarize with game mechanics and units   Need a dedicated Webpage for Starfront unit explanation or   In game unit characteristic page Starcraft 2 unit website example
  • I. Starfront Collision4. Unit Information accessibility Other examples:
  • I. Starfront Collision5. Starfront vs. StarcraftWhat people like about SC2…•  200-unit cap big army insane battle•  Strategy Depth   Workers Harassment   Bio Ball, drops, multi attacks•  Macro and micro…Can t be reproduced in Starfront•  Due to technical limitations•  Gameplay limitations
  • I. Starfront Collision5.2. Starfront vs. Starcraft vs. Warcraft III However, Starfront could be a Warcraft III in space by   Focusing on the micro aspect (Click and retreat)   Increase unit size and life pool for player reaction   Implementing hero mechanism
  • I. Starfront Collision6. Warcraft III in spaceUnit cap comparison with Warcraft III•  Starfront: 40 effective army (without workers)•  Warcraft III: 90 -5 x2from gold workers + expansion -12 from wood workers Total: 68 effective army (Varies according to races)  Roughly same proportion for army size
  • I. Starfront Collision6. Warcraft III in spaceKeep Starfront macro concept minimum   No farm building   No worker management   No wall inDeepen Starfront micro concept by   Implementing a heros (leveling capacity, 1 active abilities, 1 passive ability)   Slightly increasing unit size and life pool (to allow easier selection and player reaction)   Each lost unit should impact the battle severely ( like Warcraft III)  Since there is less unit than SC2, each unit should feel worthy  implementing tax upkeep  Create Meat Shield Units
  • 6. Warcraft III in spaceHeroes examples: Consortium: The Black Ops Warden: The prophet   Ranged unit (enhanced version of snipers)   Caster   Passive: Cloak   Passive skill: Healing Aura   Active skill: Recon (scout ability)   Active skill: Mind Control   Ultimate: Tactical nuke   Ultimate: Mass Teleportation Myriad: The Reaper   Melee unit   Passive skill: Swipe (add splash damage to attack)   Active skill: Charge (charge and stun unit)   Ultimate: Berserk (increase movement/attack speed)
  • I. Starfront Collision ConclusionBecause of the mobile limitation, Starfront can t reproduce SC2 gameplay   No big battles, less strategy…   Mobile controls are less effective than mouse and keyboard.However it may reproduce some of Warcraft 3 mechanism   Implementing Heroes (active and passive abilities, leveling and one ultimate)   Focusing on micro (Click and retreat)Heroes are cool and charismatic   Player would be more attach to Starfront universe   Every Warcraft III player has a favorite heroes (Demon hunter for me)
  • II. N.O.V.A 2 1.  Personal overview 2.  Kal Wardin 3.  Gameplay 4.  Multiplayer
  • II. N.O.V.A 21. Personal Overview Cons Pros Very few Gameplay  Easy to handle and fun to play Difficulty is uneven:  Gyroscope control helps a lot   Some turret session  Each weapon feels unique   Bike session  Varied gameplay (hack, vehicle   Last boss FPS)… Graphics and audio Room for improvements:  Nice and detailed graphics   Build up Kal’s reputation  Soundtrack is very good   Accessory management  Weapon sound is great   Create more accessories
  • II. N.O.V.AKal Wardin, shaping a up legendBuild up more reputation around Kal Wardin   Not much is been told about Kal in N.O.V.A 2   People must talk about Kal Wardin through the campaignVisual identity   Kal’s armor/HUD looks awesome…   However the helmet visor looks mediocre   Looks to fly-ish Looks alrightAudio identity   Kal’s needs a stronger audio identity…   …with a recurrent theme music
  • II. N.O.V.AGameplayImplementation of quick time events   With cool interactive cut scenes (like resident evil 4) …   …would enhance Kal’s awesomeness   Gameplay would be more variedAccessory button configuration   Accessory button is too close to the attack button   Mistapping often happens   Prevent mistapping by putting more space between the 2
  • II. N.O.V.AGameplayMission difficulty (played on normal)   Last boss is ridiculously hard and frustrating…   … which led to some complaints   No way to reduce difficulty during campaign   Difficulty is uneven during certain parts : (Big red dog, some turrets and vehicles session)
  • II. N.O.V.AGameplayKal’s Arsenal Weapons comments and suggestion   Homing weapons (besides Rocket launcher) would have been a nice addition   The laser gun ( or rail gun) feels weak .   Laser gun should shoot through environment (combined with a X-ray accessory)   Grenades needs a wider area of effect and why not a stun effect   Sniper rifle should have more bullets in the charger to allow a better synergy with slow time accessory
  • II. N.O.V.AGameplayKal’s arsenal Accessories in general   Accessories sounds boring, rename it suit upgrades   The synergy between shield energy and accessories feels frustrating…   …Accessories must have its own pool of energy   Disc accessory feels useless compared to shotgun (rather waste one bullet than energy) Accessories suggestions   Shield Overdrive: reduces damage taken by 50%   X-ray vision: for cloak detection + laser gun combination (which can shoot through walls )   Damage boost, speed boost, decoy, cloak…   Homing AI: Allows energy guns to have homing bullets
  • II. N.O.V.A Gameplay Implementation of an E.S.D management system (Energy, damage, Shield) Energy, speed bonus 1.  Speed increased 2.  Faster energy regenerationShield bonus1.  Regeneration improved Damage2.  Damage reduced 1.  Reload time reduced 2.  Damage increased
  • II. N.O.V.AGameplayHow can a player use E.S.D E Energy, speed bonus: This perk would have been so helpful for the last boss. It would allow running between rockets S and bullets. D E Shield bonus: During turret session, players has no cover and hence is vulnerable. Shield bonus would improve S D player’s durability. E Damage bonus: Some enemies take a while to kill such as bosses or mechanical unit. Damage boost would be S D welcome.
  • II. N.O.V.AGameplay Pop-up display for EDS E S D
  • II. N.O.V.AMultiplayerImplementation of voice over Chain kills must be awarded with a voice over like Unreal/Halo:   « Boom, Headshot »   Double kill   Triple kill   Godlike!   Holy ****!!! Kills streak should be awarded Would bring more fun factor to the game
  • II. N.O.V.AConclusionPolished game in almost every way   Sharp graphics   Good soundtracks that change during action   Sounds effect (especially during weapon reloading) are great   Very easy to handle (thanks to the gyroscope option)Room for improvement and suggestion   Kal Wardin is cool so far. But he has the potential to outclass “Master Chief”   By Implementing a recurrent theme music to Kal   By building up his reputation through de game (people must talk about him)   ESD system would allow more flexibility and gameplay during certain delicate mission