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Paper bag turkeys
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Paper bag turkeys


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Published in: Self Improvement, Travel

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  • 1. An American Art Form Paper Bag TurkeysDeveloped under a grant by the NAPPBT of the Institute for Museum and Libraries of theNational Institute of American Art.Sponsored by a generous grant from Safeway®
  • 2. Variety &TraditionWho knows when the first paper bagturkey was made? In what steamyNovember kitchen or what librarychildren’s room. It could even havebeen a first grade classroom.It was not until the explosion ofblogging in recent years that we havebeen able to observe the varieties ofhome-made pulp-product turkeys.This display is a tribute to our stillthriving native art forms.
  • 3. Dedicated to the Artistswho keep this traditionaliveEvery slide includes the web address at which the creation canbe fully appreciated or instructions gleaned.
  • 4. First, there was a bag . . . .
  • 5. Then CameIndividual Expression!Until a paper bagturkey for Thanksgivingfilled America’s diningrooms everyNovember.
  • 6. Simplicityand yet . . .time spenttracing little fingers thanksgiving.html
  • 7. A Paper Plateand A PaperBag Become . . .A Puppet!
  • 8. Google-Eyes add Whimsy
  • 9. ACombinationof Forms
  • 10. A tightly-rolled variety
  • 11. Toilet PaperRollVariation
  • 12. Basic PBT* Assembly*Paper Bag Turkey
  • 13. an Excellent Classroom Craft• nksgiving%20crafts/
  • 14. EachTurkey hasa uniquemoment ofsplendor
  • 15. To Scaleup, add aLarger Bag forthe Body
  • 16. Monochromaticwith a Dash ofRed
  • 17. CombiningMaterials to addZest and COLOR!
  • 18. ExpressiveFacesAddPersonality
  • 19. Simplebut daringa touch of blue means . . . .?
  • 20. Wings Adda Hint of . . . .Freedom
  • 21. Minimalist,yetExuberant•
  • 22. Details CountNote the artistic rendering of thebeak, the solemn outlining of cropand feathers. turkey/
  • 23. A Lovingly Prepared Centerpiece Possibly too close to the oven?
  • 24. To ourDetractorsTo Those of You who do not believe that a Paper Bag Turkeyadds immeasurably to a family ThanksgivingCelebration, including the simple pleasure of praising the recentartistic triumph of younger members of the household . . .asthey participate in this uniquely American traditional art form . ...We pity you! Signed, The Art World
  • 25. One TurkeyStands Talland Brave
  • 26. One TurkeySo Plump andJuicy . . .Suicidal?? november-sharing-time.html
  • 27. The CulinaryTurkeyclearly the result ofcollaboration
  • 28. Wearable Art The PBT HatWho Says a Turkey Hat is NOT Stylish this year?
  • 29. Upcycling ClassicExpressing and promotinga love of the Earth
  • 30. More than a Bag:Bright Feathersfroma Pantry Shelf
  • 31. A 1,000,000Varieties andyet,they have 1thing incommon . . .
  • 32. Expressing the Joy of the Season
  • 33. A Dangerous Recent DevelopmentRecently, the origami-inspiredtable-ready paper bag turkey hasmaterialized in the craft world.It does not elicit the same rawaesthetic energy as multi-coloredtail feathers or a beak.The concept fails to offer theopportunities for individualexpression inherent in the paperbag turkey tradition. turkey-craft-ideas-kids/
  • 34. Corporate Turkey Design Typically over-done and over-sized. What first- grader would proudly claim credit for this?
  • 35. (sung to the tune of "Clementine") Albuquerque is a turkey And hes feathered and hes fine And he wobbles and he gobbles and hes absolutely mine. Hes the best pet that you can get.. Better than a dog or cat.Albuquerque Hes my Albuquerque turkey And Im awfully proud of that.Turkey He once told me , very frankly he preferred to be my pet, not the main course at my dinner, and I told him not to American Folk Song And my Albuquerque turkeysuited to the Season is so happy in his bed, Cause for our Thanksgiving dinner... We had egg foo yong instead.
  • 36. Another Overdone ProductionClip Art, PowerPoint, and Google Image Search Make for aStrange Feast!