Keynote capitals india morning note may 28-'12


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Keynote capitals india morning note may 28-'12

  1. 1.      India Morning Note a gMond day, May 28 2012 8,Dom mestic Mark kets Snapsh hot Views on markets t today Nam of Index me May 24 May 25 Change (%) ) • India markets closed flat on Friday after the ma an a arkets Sensex 16,222.30 16,217.82 -0.03% was flooded with the speculat e tions that the CNX Nifty X 4,921.40 4,920.40 -0.02% goveernment ma roll back the recent petrol price hike. ay e BSE Mid-cap 5,874.78 5,900.51 0.44% The markets op pened caut tious, after weakness i the in BSE IT 5,525.98 5,523.09 -0.05% Asian markets in the mo orning traddes. The Sensex BSE Banks 10,865.64 10,899.21 0.31% close flat 4.48 points dow or 0.03%, to 16,21 ed 8 wn, 17.82,FII A Activity (`Cr) as th investors stayed aw he s way from buying the inddustry heav weights ahead of th nationwide protest called vy he Date e Buy Sell Net by opposition parties on 31 May. 18 stocks out of 30 o 1st 8 24-M May 1,632 1,680 -48 Senssex componnents made positive clo ose. 23-M May 1,533 1,853 -320 Tota May al 34,114 35,090 -976 • Investors were also keepin close eye on meet ng es ting in 2012 YTD 270,492 228,008 42486 whic a commit ch ttee of minis sters under Finance mi inistry was planning t take decisions on diesel, LPG and to GMF A Activity (`Cr) Kero osene price hike. Date e Buy Sell Net • India markets are 6.4% down so fa in May, a the an ar as 23-M May 331 237 94 Gree and the euro zone w ek ears about policy woes and fe 22-M May 276 293 -17 para alysis and fiscal challenges at home hav hit ve Tota May al 6,382 6,458 -77 markets and se the rupe to a strin of record lows ent ee ng d 2012 YTD 51,376 57,553 -6177 against the dollar.Volu ume & Adva ances / Dec clines • Meta stocks sharply up during the day, taking the al NSE BSE cues from the E s European mmarkets and stabilizing gglobal Trad ding Volume (Cr) 49.82 17.85 commodity pri ices. steel companies also ros se on Turn nover (`Cr) 8,121 1,794 specculation the governmen would me with the on nt eet em Advances 844 1,477 June 1 to discu e uss an increease in long steel prod g ducts. Declines 601 1,242 Vola atile rupee k kept IT secto flat while oil & gas s or e stocks Unchanged 85 117 traded flat on account of po olicy dilemm ma. Tota al 1,530 2,836 • Mark ket breadth was strong at ~1.1 h 19x as inve estorsGlob Markets bal boug large ca stocks. O provisional basis, FIIs sold ght ap On Inde ex Late Values est Change (%) ) equity of `6.233bn while d domestic ins stitutions b bought DJIA A 12,454.83 -0.60% equity of `4.34b in cash segment. bn NAS SDAQ 2,837.53 -0.07% • Asian markets dropped after a positive openin ng, as Nikk * kei 8,579.03 -0.02% autious over Greek dev investors are ca velopments. Most . Hang Seng * 18,741.47 0.15% of the Asian m markets ar trading flat to neg re gative* as o 8.25AM IST of biased.Curr rencies / Co ommodities Snapshot s • We expect a fla opening fo the Indian markets t e at or today, Latest Previous as th signs from the Asia are directionless. he Quote Close Indian Rupee per $ 55.37 55.55 Econom and Cor mic rporate Dev velopments s Indian Rupee per € 69.73 69.65 • Unio Finance Minister Pr on ranab Mukhherjee today said y NYM MEX Crude Oil($/bbl) 91.75 90.86 the share of diirect tax in the overall tax baske has et Gold ($/oz) d 1,575.00 1,568.90 eased considerably an would re incre nd each 12% o the of Silve ($/oz) er 28.62 28.37 counntrys GDP s soon.Keyn note Capitals Research h (reseaarch@keyno (+91222-3026600 00) Keyynote Capita Research is also available on als hBloo omberg KNTE <GO>, Tho E omson One A Analytics, Re euters Knowwledge, Capit IQ, TheMa tal and securitie a Keynote Capitals Institu utional Resea arch - winner of “India’s Best IPO Analyst Award 2009” by MCX-Zee Business To unsubsc cribe from th mailing lis please reply to unsub his st, bscribe@keyynotecapitals
  2. 2.      TOP GAINERS Buzzin Stocks ng(BSE A-Group) E • Stuc with $4.2 a million B ck 2 British therm units (m mal mBtu) Previous Currennt Change Com mpany Name e price for its nattural gas till 2014, Reliance Industries Close(` `) Price(` `) (%) Volt tas 90.60 0 101.45 11.98 has sought fro om the gov vernment an import-parity a Adani Enter 242.45 5 259.35 6.97 price for sale o gas from its D6 field in the Krishna- of JUBL FOOD L 1171.75 5 1240.75 5.89 Goddavari basin (KG-D6). IB R Real Est 51.15 5 53.20 4.01 • Tata Steel a a and NMDC C, in 201 10, signed a d mem morandum of understanding (Mo oU) to exammine Cum mmins India 410.95 5 427.30 3.98 settting up of joint alliances in mines and steel pla s a ants.(BSE Mid-Cap) E Howwever, two y years later, and after several roun of s nd Previous Currennt Change talks to set up a steel pla p ant, the two have dec o cided Com mpany Name e Close(` `) Price(` `) (%) otheerwise. Volt tas 90.60 101.45 11.98 • Hote Leelaventure said it has fully redeemed el f Edelweiss Capita al 27.45 30.40 10.75 outsstanding bo onds for $41 1.6mn that were issue in ed JUBL FOOD L 1171.75 1240.75 5.89 2007 and were listed on the Singa n apore Exchaange Schn neider Elec 83.30 87.75 5.34 Secu urities Trading Ltd. Shre Global Trd ee d 94.80 99.50 4.96 • The railway bu usiness unit of Larson & Toubro Ltd, t with an order b h book of `1,7700Cr, is loo oking at var riousTOP LOSERS upco oming proje ects for gro owth, accord ding to a se enior offic from the company. cial e(BSE A-Group) E • VA Tech Waba Limited, a water an waste w ag nd water Previous Currennt Change man nagement company, is looking at opportunitie to o es Com mpany Name e Close(` `) Price(` `) (%) acqu uire technology compa anies abroad d. M&M Fin M 635.00 0 615.05 5 -3.14 • The board of Videocon Industrie n es decided to d WEL LCORP 122.75 5 119.20 0 -2.89 dem merge its oil and gas bu usiness. It has, in-princ h ciple, Jinda Steel al 468.60 0 456.45 5 -2.59 agre eed to the appointment of variou agencies for us s Maruti Suzuki 1145.20 0 1117.05 5 -2.46 working out detailed alternative schemes for Crom mpton Greav v 108.55 5 106.05 5 -2.30 ocking the s unlo shareholders value. s’(BSE Mid-Cap) E US markets Previous Currennt Change Com mpany Name e Close(` `) Price(` `) (%) U.S. stocks fell Fri iday, as inv vestors worr ried about s signs S Mo obility 49.50 45.75 -7.58 ress in Spai where le of distr in, ender Bankia SA readie to ed Himadri Chem 29.25 28.25 -3.42 become the biggest bank to be re escued by the M&M Fin M 635.00 615.05 -3.14 governnment in Spains history y. Radico Khaitan 124.55 120.80 -3.01 3M I India 3640.85 3532.10 -2.99 The Do Jones In ow ndustrial Average fell 74.92 points or 7 s, 0.6%, to 12,454.8 The S&P 500 lost 2.86 points or 83. s, 0.2%, to 1,317.82 The Nasdaq Compo 2. osite shed 1.85 point, or 0.1%, to 2,837.53. oKeyn note Capitals Research h (resea arch@keyno (+912 22-3026600 00)
  3. 3.       India and Globa Economic Calendar a al c Countries / Mon nday Tuesday Wed dnesday Thursday Reg gions 28/ /May 29 9/May 30/May 31/May 3 Ind dia GDP (Q4) Infrastructure Output US Consumeer GDP annualized (Q Q1) Confidence Initial jo obless Claim ms Glo obal Japan UKs Nationwide UK Cons sumer Credit Eurozon Consume ne er yment rate Unemploy Housing PPrices n.s.a and mon ney supply price index (YoY) and (MoM) d Japan Hou usehold Germany ys UK Conssmer spending Consume Price er confiden nce Index (MooM) and (YoY) Japan reta trade ail KEYN NOTE CAPITTALS LTD. The Rub 9th Floo Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumba – 400 028 by, or, ai 8 Tel. : +9 9122-30266 6000 • www w.keynotec mDisclaiimer: This re eport is purely for informa ation purpose and is bassed on public information News cont c n. tent is attribu utable tovarious media, unle specified otherwise. A market related statistic data perta ess All cal ains to the im mmediately preceding trad ding day,unless stated other s rwise. Neithe the informa er ation nor any opinion expressed in this report constitutes an off y s fer, or an invitation tomake an offer, to bbuy or sell the securities m mentioned he erein. We or any of our directors, offic cers or emplo oyees shall not in anyway be responsible for any loss arising from the use of this report. Investors are advised to apply their own judgmen before e e s m e o ntacting on the conteents of this re eport. The rep port has not been edited due to time c d constraints.