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Ways to Survive Google's Not Provided Keyword Trap By Christine Churchill, KeyRelevance
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Ways to Survive Google's Not Provided Keyword Trap By Christine Churchill, KeyRelevance


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Practical advice on getting actionable information on keywords despite Google not sharing organic keyword data. Presentation covers some easy ways the SEO and webmaster can survive the not provided …

Practical advice on getting actionable information on keywords despite Google not sharing organic keyword data. Presentation covers some easy ways the SEO and webmaster can survive the not provided keyword problem.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Ways to Survive the Not Provided Trap Christine Churchill President, KeyRelevance @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 1
  • 2. Speaker: Christine Churchill • President of KeyRelevance, LLC • Member of Founding Board of Directors of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) • Member of the Board of Directors of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Organization (DFWSEM) • Columnist at Search Engine Land & Web Marketing Today • Longtime Speaker & Instructor, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, and Search Marketing Expo Conferences • Over 15 years online marketing experience Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC
  • 3. Once Upon a Time… ….When visitors landed on your site from search results pages, Google would report all the referring keywords in Analytics Site owners used the keyword data to improve the user experience on their site and to provide visitors with pages for which they were searching Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 3
  • 4. Then Things Went Dark Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 4
  • 5. Then Things Went Dark On 18 Oct 2011, Google stopped providing keyword data for logged in organic visitors Then on 23 Sept 2013, Google stopped providing keyword data for ALL organic visitors Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 5
  • 6. The Referral Keyword Data Loss Issue • Biggest change in SEO and Keyword Research to date • Means site owners and marketers don’t have insight into the specific keywords visitors typed into the search engine that brought them to their site Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 6
  • 7. Lost Keyword Data Facts • Applies to ALL Google organic searches • Means webmasters will not know keywords organic visitors typed into Google search engine • Does not apply to PPC Search clicks • Can STILL get keyword data from Bing and other search engines as well as limited data from GWT Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 7
  • 8. Traditional Sources of Keyword Data • • • • • • • • Site analytics for converting keywords Site analytics for frequent words Internal site search Competitors’ sites Competitive intelligence tools Exploring long search phrases Social semantic mining Keyword suggestion tools 85% 54% 46% 36% 34% 31% 15% 15% Source: MarketingSherpa Survey 2009 Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC
  • 9. Approaches for Capturing Lost Keyword Insights Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 9
  • 10. Option 1 – Use Bing Data Look at Bing Keywords in Analytics – Bing market share 17.9%in August 2013 compared to Google’s 66.9% (comscore) – Bing provides all keyword information – “Your data, always fully provided” Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 10
  • 11. Option 2 – Use PPC • PPC keyword data not affected, so use performance data from there • Assumes keywords that work well in PPC are good words to target organically • Assumes the behavior of visitors from the different sources is the same Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 11
  • 12. Option 3 – Analytics Landing Pages • Review which landing pages are getting traffic in analytics • See where the page is ranking in the SERPS • You can usually tell the keyword theme of the page – you may not know specific keyword phrases, but can get close by looking at the optimization • Labor intensive, doesn’t scale Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 12
  • 13. Option 4 – Use Site Search Data Site Search Box • Reveals keywords and expressions that visitors are actually using / wanting • Acts as a direct feed from the visitors brain • Make sure you collect site search data Downside is data is limited and site search is usually a fall back when users can’t find what they are looking for on your site. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 13
  • 14. Option 5 – Use Competitive Intelligence Tools on Your Own Site • Many Competitive Intelligence tools get their data from a variety of sources – user panels, scraping, etc. • The tools allow you to enter a domain and the tool will tell you the keywords bringing the domain traffic. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 14
  • 15. Option 6 - Use GWT KW Data Advantages: – Shows ALL KW, impressions, and clicks – Impressions w/out clicks might indicate a Title/Meta Description/Snippet issue Disadvantages: – Cannot break out data by other segments (KW leading to conversions, for example) so data is not highly actionable – Mapping KW to landing page is tedious 1-at-a-time process – not useful for large scale KW analysis – Requires you to download reports regularly since GWT data expires in 90 days Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 15
  • 16. Option 7 - Use Keyword Tools for Brainstorming • • • • • • • • • Google Keyword Planner Google Trends Bing Keyword Tool Bing’s Ad Intelligence Excel Plug-in Wordtracker KeywordDiscovery WordStream Compete, SpyFu, SEMRush Google Instant, UberSuggest, Soovle Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 16
  • 17. The Bottom Line • Site Owners lost an important source of keyword performance information with the loss of referral search query data • No perfect workaround • Recommend using several workarounds Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC
  • 18. Thank You! Christine Churchill 972-429-1222 @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 18