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Indulge in all the Southeast has to Offer!

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Indulge Southeast -January 2014

  1. 1. 1 January 2014 Issue 1 Volume 1 Rise of the Scenic City; Chattanooga
  2. 2. A Letter From The Creator By: Kevin Martin
  3. 3. CONTENTS Rise of the Scenic City – Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Sterling Comeback! 18 K. Martin Run For Your Life – Or Someone Else’s 28 K. Martin The Scenic City’s Sunday Market - The Chattanooga Market. K. Martin 30
  4. 4. CONTENTS I Reserve the Right to Reserve the Right - Smart Vacationing! K. Booker When It’s Beer-Thirty, What’s Your Flavor? 5 8 K. Booker What to Wear While You’re There – Packing for the Sweet Sunny South. K. Booker The Adventures of Anyone! - Take to the sky for a biplane ride. K. Martin Out & About Southern Sports – Southern Fried Athletics. K. Martin 12 14 27
  5. 5. By: Kevo Booker
  6. 6. El Jefe – Kevin Martin Creator – Editor In Chief Addicted Traveler, Beer Connoisseur, Florida Gator Faithful Wanted for General Debauchery El Consigliore – Chris Hensley Vice President – Associate Editor Ol’ School Beach Bum Owns one of Smokey’s Relatives Wanted for Miscreant Behavior El Biggie – Cam Bell Photographer- Assistant Editor Thinks That Those Who Can’t Play or Write Take Pictures Berserk For Bulldawgs Wanted for – Much Too Much To List Here Feel free to submit stories to
  7. 7. By Kevo Bo • Beer is one of those drinks with so many different varieties that it’s hard to believe that it’s all categorized as beer! The 21st century has provided more beer choices than ever before in history. And, happily, many of those choices are made locally, in communities all throughout the south. That is a cause for celebration! • Not a big beer drinker? No problem! I was once a Miller Lite loyalist. If a beer was any stronger than that, I swore it off. My wife didn’t like beer at all when we met. Ah, blessed time! We are both beer enthusiasts, of sorts, nowadays. She likes those hazy wheat beers served with an orange slice. I, on the other hand, prefer a dark chocolate or coffee stout. However, we’d both agree that Oktoberfest varieties may be the best beer on the planet! Whatever your tastes, there is almost assuredly a flavor of beer out there that you can enjoy.
  8. 8. What the ale? get down to it! – They are sweeter because they contain more malt. They are darker; hence the amber adjective. – These are fruity and sweet and have a high alcohol content. The colors range from light to dark. – A pale ale that uses more hops to live somewhat up to its name. – Commonly called IPA, the flavor is more bitter and these are typically golden or darker. – Contains a sweeter taste. These are darker beers. – Different measurements of hops and barley give a wide array of flavors to pale ales. These are a light golden beer. – A crisp tasting beer, porters are dark ales brewed from heavy roasted malt. – Chocolate, Oatmeal, and coffee are frequent flavors in stouts. These are dark ales. – The thirst quencher is highly carbonated and refreshing. Its color is likely hazy gold or amber.
  9. 9. I’ve never chopped wood but I feel like a lager! color. – These vary from malty to hoppy. They have a darker – Increased caramel and chocolate hops make up the big brother of the bock. A full bodied, dark lager. – Often chocolate, coffee, or licorice, this German lager is a dark beer. – Typically found in seasonal Oktoberfest styled beers. It is a full bodied beer that is brown. – Coffee and malt take over the tastes of this dark lager. – Simply, the most popular beer in the world. They are crisp and highly carbonated and the color of straw. The pale lager is a decent place for a beer amateur to start their journey.
  10. 10. • Check out for even more in depth information about beer and a beer glossary to keep your vernacular up to date with connoisseurs! • Chattanooga, Tennessee houses five beer breweries and recently added a liquor distiller to the list, as well. • The Terminal Brewhouse – Located next door to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, this brewer offers five permanent beer selections with a variety of seasonal beers brewed throughout the year. They have a full menu and multiple levels of seating. • Big River Grille & Brewing Works – Downtown near the aquarium or in the parking lot of the mall, Big River is the home of six full time beers and seasonal brews throughout the year. A fully functional kitchen and large dining room, with outdoor seating, make this an interesting stop. • Chattanooga Brewing Company – Located in the north shore section of town and home of four ongoing brews, the location itself is only open to the public at specific times, but fear not, as their beer is available in several ‘Nooga establishments. • Moccasin Bend Brewing Company – Brewing six beers at any given time, this St. Elmo establishment, despite having particular hours, offers brewery tours to educate novices, and at times, even helps people brew their own batches of beer. • McHale’s Brewhouse – Stationed in Hixson, McHale’s has six brewed beers at any given time. This brew house has a full menu, as well as taps that pull the flavors for your own growler! • And, that’s Chattanooga’s brewers. Also, don’t forget that each August, ‘Nooga hosts the Southern Brewer’s Festival where most all of these and other beers can be tasted and tested! Happy discoveries!
  11. 11. By: Kevo Booker • • • • While on a hike to an ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico, a guy from the San Francisco asked me why I wasn't pouring sweat. "It's so hot here, how can you stand this weather?" With a bit of a smug smile, I said, "Man, this is just summertime in the South!" The fact is that humidity is the prevailing point of the weather in the southeastern United States. If you're not ready for that, it is going to take you by horrible surprise! Likewise, even though the South would indicate warm weather, it is not uncommon during winter months to have at or below freezing weather and occasionally wintry precipitation. So how do you plan to stay comfortable on a vacation in the South? Not surprisingly, it is much easier to prepare than it has ever been before. Many websites offer seasonal averages and monthly averages on temperatures and precipitation in any given town or state. Therefore, if you're going to Miami in May it’s quite simple to find average highs and lows for the entire time of your stay. A general rule of thumb is that late spring, early fall, and all of summer will be muggy. As well, late fall, early spring, and all of winter will be chilly. There are obvious exceptions to these rules. In Miami, Florida for example, the average low temperature in January is 59.5°F. Yet, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, even the hottest days in July only average in the mid-80s. And, in some cases those temperatures may or may not be true to your experiences. It comes back to the question of humidity. The South is known for humid sticky air, and on days that the wind doesn't blow, it can truly feel like 98° in the shade. Let's take the easy seasons first. Through the summer months shorts, tank tops, thin fabric, and sandals or flip-flops are almost always the best choice of a traveler. In the winter months, layered long sleeves, slacks or blue jeans, and comfortable shoes with toes on them are definitely in order. Layering is an excellent idea
  12. 12. By: Kevo Booker since daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary tremendously. Depending on your location, a scarf and gloves might be nice pieces of apparel to add to your outfit. From there it gets a bit tricky. Springtime in the southern eight states works hard at shrugging off winter’s cold. It is not always successful. Generally, cool spring mornings give way to warm spring afternoons. There is a lot of wind in the spring and, on occasion, plenty of rain, as well. The smart traveler will pack optimistically for warmth, but realistically for cool air. Pack a heavier jacket, light long-sleeved shirts, slacks or jeans, some comfortable T-shirts or polo’s, a pair of sandals, a pair of shoes (preferably of the waterproof variety), and definitely an umbrella. Weirdly, that wraps it up because that is exactly the same way you need to pack in the autumn. • Remember, these generalized packing tips are not for people going to extreme areas of the South. Everywhere can be sticky, but some places are downright rough. Is there snow in Maggie Valley, North Carolina at Christmas? Probably. Are there people in flip-flops on Anna Maria Island in January? Definitely. You, the traveler, must be prepared for where you're going in the South. But, for those not seeking snowcovered slopes or Fourth of July fireworks in Key West, this is a good idea of how to pack. • There are a few other items to keep in mind for packing. Mosquitoes can be legendary in the South, so make sure to pack your bug spray. The further south you go, the hotter the sun becomes, and the more anyone will understand the importance of sunscreen. Of course, be sure to bring an umbrella (sometimes for rain but sometimes for shade). Some consider baby wipes the saving grace from the heat while others consider hand warmers the saving grace from the cold. And, as a final thought from the author, don't forget koozies; particularly if you're headed somewhere hot! There is, after all, nothing worse than warm beer! • The South is a big old melting pot, and in the summertime that's exactly what it can feel like. In truth, the weather adds to the charm and seductiveness of the southern lifestyle. A visit to this beautiful area of the country can only be enjoyed more if you're comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. Wishing you only convenience and safe travel! -Booker
  13. 13. By: Kevin Martin Anyone who has ever wanted to be Indiana Jones without the inherent dangers of running from Nazi pursuers and restless natives can warm up their excitement! There is a way to get closer to the action than you think and still wear a safety belt. While I have still never mustered the courage to hop in the sidecar of Ural and hang on for dear life, I have, quite recently in fact, jumped in the open cockpit of a biplane and soared over the skies of Atlanta in the grandest, purest form of aviation. Turning in at 3829 Clairmont Road in Atlanta, Georgia, I could see the past and then was quickly surrounded by it, as well. A meandering driveway works its way through the pines. World War II era ambulances and military police vehicles are abandoned along the sides of the small lane. Only moments after entering the pine thicket, there is an antique guard shack with a gate (nonfunctional) to keep the enemy at bay. Then, you are in the parking lot of The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant.
  14. 14. The restaurant itself is built to feel like the 1940’s. Sandbags form the bunker wall as you enter through the bombed out European farmhouse to a cozy yet spacious dining area with WWII memorabilia throughout. Then, out to the patio where the visitor can enjoy all the action of takeoffs and landings at DeKalb Peachtree Airport. And, only once you’re on that patio, amongst the schmoozing locals, thirties & forties music, fire pits, umbrellas and tables can you find Biplane Rides Over Atlanta.
  15. 15. Once you climb into the open air cockpit of the biplane, which has been modified to fit as many as four people in the front section, you are issued earplugs and goggles. The pilot gives some final directions to tell you what to expect on your flight, hops in the back of the aircraft and begins your taxi to the runway. The rider goes from parked under a tree to take off in just a matter of minutes. As the plane begins to roll, the rear end of the tail dragger leaves the ground followed by the front wheels and slowly you are airborne. The plane does not fly out at breakneck speed that leaves you staring at the sky and wondering where your stomach went. No, it is a gentle climb out and before you know it, the sights of the city are below and you’re snapping pictures of buildings, trees, trains, neighborhoods, golf courses, and most anything else that you spy while your pilot delivers you safely through Atlanta airspace on what is an absolutely splendid ride! The wind pushes and prods at your face, you’re really happy to be wearing goggles and you may even enjoy a little warmth from the engine if the winds are in a favorable direction. Take a light jacket, just in case it is a little chilly up in the sky. Relax and enjoy the adventurous trip back in time above the skyline of Atlanta.
  16. 16. Are you still a little nervous about flying? The seating of the aircraft is directly above one wing and below the other. This puts the passenger directly on the center of gravity. That means when the plane is turning, you won’t feel it very much at all. The biplane itself is an aircraft that doesn’t fly anywhere near light speed! The ride is smooth and not extremely fast. It could be characterized as a slow stroll through the atmosphere compared to the modern jets flown today. Even to those who are timid to fly, a biplane ride offers scenic views from a relatively low altitude at a reasonable speed. Make sure you take your camera! Taking a biplane ride is a great way to see the city from another angle, experience the old days of aviation, feel the wind in your hair, and become a little more Indiana Jones like in your own storytelling! Take flight in a biplane! Make sure you stick your hand up while you’re in the air to feel the wind speed without the shielding of the aircraft. Take too many pictures; it’s easier to delete than it is to regret. Go when it’s warm outside. Look for coupons online. Don’t worry about the weather. Pilots know more than meteorologists (actually, sightseeing pilots just deal with a smaller area of atmosphere with more definite time frames to forecast) and will let you know if the ride will have to be postponed! Finally, once you’re back on the ground, chill on the patio of the 57 th and enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine, or even a fresh meal from the kitchen, watch the air traffic come and go, and talk to your cronies about your recent adventure in the skies of Atlanta with the wind in your hair and bogies on your six!
  17. 17. of year, The Tennessee Valley offers the visitor a wonderfully one of a kind experience! Throughout the year, the City of Chattanooga hosts, sponsors and supports loads of entertainment opportunities for locals and visitors. In the last thirty years, the modus operandi of the city seems to be maintaining an interactive community of residents and visitors. The downtown area, in particular, seems focused on parking cars and walking, biking or shuttling around. The city offers a free electric shuttle between the Tennessee Aquarium and Chattanooga Choo-Choo and in these fifteen blocks, there are an abundance of ways to spend a day. By: Kevin Martin On the western end of the eastern time zone, nestled between Lookout, Signal, and Raccoon Mountains, and sidled up to the twisting Tennessee River, Chattanooga offers a natural splendor that is seldom found elsewhere. In the changing seasons of spring and autumn, all the colors of the spectrum surround and engulf the Scenic City. Any time
  18. 18. The city intertwines two free weekly outdoor musical performances, with the Nightfall Series on Fridays and Riverfront Nights on Saturdays, plus the Three Sisters Bluegrass Festival, and the nearly infamous Riverbend Festival (a 9 night affair that takes over the riverfront each June), as well as, Wine Over Water, the Southern Brewers Festival, the Chattanooga Market on Sundays, Head of the Hooch Rowing Regatta, and so many other things that there may not be room to list them all! A city that was once known to have some of the worst air quality in the country just three decades ago is now becoming a front runner as one of the greenest cities in all the land. Chattanooga has taken tremendous strides towards being a clean, ecoconscious city. In 1992 they added some of the first electric shuttles, used day in and out, in the country. The city government has recognized their own environmentally friendly businesses.
  19. 19. Then, in 2012, Chattanooga became one of the first midsized southern towns to add a bike share program; allowing anyone to rent a bicycle from multiple locations around the downtown area and return it, at their leisure, to any of the rental locations. Ultimately, modern day Chattanooga has become a Tree City USA City and continues to improve its air quality each year. Being a river city comes with many ways to experience the water. The Chattanooga Ducks offer an amphibious ride through downtown and right out into the river. The Southern Belle Riverboat takes daily excursions and offers dinner, sunset, and fall color cruises. L2 Boards offers paddle boarding, rentals, and lessons. Looking for a little more speed in water travel? Fret not, as the catamaran River Gorge Explorer smoothly moves swiftly around Moccasin Bend.
  20. 20. For those not so aqua-prone, hop on a bike and head up river on the Tennessee River Walk, which stretches from the Chickamauga Dam to Ross’ Landing downtown, or span the river itself on the Walnut Street Bridge, the longest pedestrian bridge in the country. Set up shop for a picnic, riverside, at Coolidge Park. Ride the elevator to the 3rd Deck Burger Bar, a restaurant/bar that sits over the water and from the outside appears to be an old paddlewheel boat. Or, make the trip uphill to the Bluff View Art District and catch a bird’s eye view of the river from the bluff overlooking the gorge below. Family vacation? Ready…Set…Go! Directly across Riverfront Parkway from Ross’ Landing sits the glass pyramid topped Tennessee Aquarium. The world’s largest freshwater aquarium has a deeply impressive saltwater aquarium just next door. Even the grounds of the aquarium are fun to explore! The IMAX Theater submerses the viewer into a 3D environment for a movie while The Majestic projects current blockbusters on their screens. Ice cream choices are abundant! Sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame up Power Alley to AT&T Park, home of the Dodgers affiliated Chattanooga Lookouts. A great souvenir from Chattanooga is a Lookouts hat adorned with Looie the Lookouts famous eyes! The Creative Discovery Museum offers hours of interactive entertainment for the entire family.
  21. 21. The Vaudeville Murder Mystery Dinner Theater kills nightly with food, comedy, and fun! On the north side of the river, located in Coolidge Park is a carousel. And, all of this is in a four block radius! A shuttle ride through the town will end at the Chattanooga ChooChoo, where a gargantuan model train runs multiple trains and trolleys with sounds, lights, and the general layout of the Tennessee Valley. The Station House Restaurant hosts a staff of crooners who will entertain throughout the evening in grand fashion. Stay at the Choo-Choo overnight in an old, yet updated Pullman car! Not in the immediate downtown vicinity but a short drive away are the staples of tourism in the ‘Nooga. The Incline Railway’s mile long track reaches a grade of 72.7% as it carries passengers up and down the face of Lookout Mountain. At the top, spectacular views of the city and the valley await. Point Park is a 10 minute walk from the top of the Incline and offers a blend of Civil War history and beautiful views of the river, city, and valley. The Incline makes four round trips each hour so there will be plenty of opportunities to get back down the mountain. Ruby Falls, America’s highest underground waterfall, at 145 feet and located 1120 feet beneath the surface is a special attraction.
  22. 22. Rock City, atop Lookout Mountain, is a natural, 14 acre garden of rocks and colorful foliage. Stroll through the Enchanted Garden and find fat man’s squeeze, lover’s leap, the thousand ton balanced rock, and of course See Seven States! Then, meander into Fairyland Caverns, where fairy tales come to life. Raccoon Mountain Caverns offers some of the prettiest formations of any cave in the south and is just minutes west of downtown. Sir Gooney’s Family Fun Center is a great place for crazy puttputt, go-carts, batting cages and video games. Lake Winnepesaukah, locally referred to as Lake Winnie, is Chattanooga’s Amusement park, and is a great stop for an afternoon of fun. And, in the summer of 2013, they added the Soak Ya Water Park, the city’s only water park! And the kicker is that all of these attractions are located within 20
  23. 23. Anyone who knows anything knows that there is nothing like the great outdoors! This golfer’s paradise is the home to over 15 golf courses, many of which are open to the public; some have even been designed by famous names in the world of golfing. If flying high is a better speed, check out Lookout Mountain flight Park and take a tandem hang glide into Lookout Valley. If an engine is a must, check out Aviation Specialists for scenic flights over the city. For those intent on action, but not so sure about soaring to great heights, zip along the Ruby Falls Zip line experience; a 700 foot long roundtrip zip! They also have a 40 foot rock climbing wall with varying degrees of difficulty in the climbs. New to Chattanooga in the fall of 2013 is High Point Climbing and Fitness, home of the largest indoor rock climbing facility in the U.S. The Ocoee River just up the road in Cleveland, Tennessee was home to the summer Olympics in 1996 and offers some of the best rafting in the entire southeast. On Saturdays in the fall, head to the south end of the city to Finley Stadium for college football starring the Chattanooga Mocs of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Spend an afternoon in the Chickamauga National Battlefield, site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and home to several hiking trails. And, when it comes to hiking, Lookout, Signal and Aetna Mountains have extensive trail networks.
  24. 24. Or, for a more peaceful afternoon, grab a line and a lure and head to the shores of Lake Chickamauga, where the Tennessee River was dammed in the late 1930’s. If the weather is right, rent a canoe and float down the peaceful Sequatchie River, just 30 minutes north of downtown. Wanna learn a little culture? The Hunter Museum of Art is waiting! Or, if it’s time to dive right into Chattanooga, head for the MoonPie General Store. Chattanooga has been the home of the MoonPie for a hundred years. Once full on sweet treats, head for the International Towing and Recovery Museum. Chattanooga is a town that loves live music. The music festivals alone speak volumes about ‘Nooga’s musical connection. But, there are many places around the city to check out a live show almost any night of the week! Track 29 is located at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and is responsible for bringing mostly regional and national acts to the stage. Rhythm & Brews, JJ’s Bohemia, The Honest Pint, and Raw are just a handful of the places entertaining with live music; and they’re all located downtown! The Pulse is the local music rag that gives show times and artists each week.
  25. 25. The Tivoli Theater, the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium, and the UTC McKenzie Arena all host larger shows such as Disney on Ice, Monster Trucks, nationally recognized musicians & comedians, and Barnum & Bailey circus. Even the Chattanooga Market features live music each Sunday. The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is a vibrant, growing, and ecoconscious city that is using tourism and green companies to create a healthy, entertaining, and fruitful environment that is a great place to visit or live. Chattanooga is a must add on Exploreplaces to visit. lists of southeast Tennessee, the city of Chattanooga and its surrounding communities, and everything that the Scenic City has to offer!
  26. 26. The south is home to a couple of first class NCAA conferences. While all NCAA sports offer excitement, football rules the south. One of them is the Atlantic Coast Conference, known as the ACC, while the most supported is the Southeastern Conference, known as the SEC. Both conferences are heavily supported by fans and put forth national champions in a variety of sports throughout the year. The ACC has several schools in the southeast. These include Clemson Tigers in South Carolina, Duke Blue Devils, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, and North Carolina State Wolf pack and the University of North Carolina Tar heels in North Carolina, the University of Miami Hurricanes and Florida State University Seminoles in Florida, and Georgia Institute of Technology Yellow jackets in Georgia. The SEC may seem like it is given more credence here. The simple truth is that this is Indulge Southeast not Indulge Atlantic Coast, so there will definitely be more coverage. The schools of the SEC are the Gators of the University of Florida, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn University Tigers/War Eagle in Alabama, the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Vanderbilt University Commodores in Tennessee, Mississippi State University Bulldogs and the University of Mississippi Rebels in the Magnolia state of Mississippi, the Gamecocks of the University of South Carolina, the University of Kentucky Wildcats, the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, the University of Missouri Tigers, Texas Agricultural & Mechanical University Aggies, and Louisiana State University’s Tigers round out the list. Each issue will feature articles about the happenings in the world of college sports. The goal at Indulge isn’t to tell you the score after the game but to give you enough of a heads up that you are at the game itself! So, pick your colors, grab your stadium cushions, and get ready to tailgate!
  27. 27. Holiday turkey and dressing got you feeling like you are the one who was stuffed instead of that bird? Did you binge from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day and now it’s time to pay the piper? Perhaps this is just the year that you have decided to turn over that proverbial leaf and burn off the belly fat. Trotting off to the gym for nine combined days of working out over the twelve month period of your contract may seem smart in January but by June it is another bill that you’re paying for no reason at all! Here is the cheap, popularly trending way to lose the excess pounds gained from the holiday season. The 5K. 5K stands for 5 Kilometers and 5 kilometers is the metric systems way of saying 3.1 miles. 3.1 miles sounds like forever to someone who hasn’t run very often. Here’s the good news; most 5k’s are done either to raise awareness and some money for disease or people who need help or for the sheer collective fun of having a run! They are abundant and that gives options for finding a good time to sign up. That means flexibility for nervous novices. The wonderful reality is that anyone can train for, and participate in a 5K, with relative simplicity and very little startup costs. Put on running shoes & maybe some clothes, stretch out and limber up, and start running. Really, even just start walking! Surprisingly, it doesn’t take but a few months for a person of average build to work up to being able to make a 5K run. A half hour a day of practicing, building up speed and lowering your total time will lead to the exciting fulfillment of completing a race. On race day, expect a few die-hard runners who are just getting in a “jog” before that marathon they have in a week. Expect a bundle of “average” runners who are there for fun exercise and have nothing but personal goals as far as time is concerned.
  28. 28. Also, expect to see some people who are nowhere near being in shape enough to run a complete 5K. These people are either avid supporters of the cause or friends of those people. A few will finish in less than twenty minutes and a majority somewhere near the half hour mark. Those who choose to walk most or all of it will finish around the forty-five minute timeframe. Aspirations can range from finishing first to just finishing. Those who just want a finish in 2014 may try to be under twenty-five minutes in 2015. That’s the beauty of the 5K. It can serve as a practice warm up for a half marathon or even a full one or it can be a few hours of cardiodriven fun with friends who are happy just to have a number still pinned on their shirt when they show up at the ice cream shop after the event! Regardless, a 5K is a healthier way to spend a day than many other options. The pressure of the race is subjective and people can participate without even thinking of it as a race! The trend lately has been Color 5K’s. Participants end up painted as handfuls of rainbows of color fill the air in a colorful explosion that covers participants. Other times, the races are through the mud, over obstacles, or trying to run from zombies. Regardless of your preferred event, get out there, help a worthy cause of your choice, and burn off those extra holiday calories!
  29. 29. The cool spring afternoons may bring rain but there is always shelter at the market. The heat of the summertime is fought away by giant ceiling fans within the pavilion. Even cool fall afternoons can still be enjoyed with a light jacket or fifteen minutes of standing near the kettle corn tent! Shade outside the pavilion is not abundant but it is available for those seeking refuge from the goings on within. Generally speaking, there is no bad weather at market gatherings, which happen each week, regardless of Mother Nature’s mood swings. The Chattanooga Chili Cook-Off, Beast Feast BBQ Festival, the Cast Iron Cook-Off; with themes like these there is a guarantee of good food at the market. Local chefs and cooks gather to showcase their food or spices or sauces. The result is a lucky one for visitors to the market who get a chance to find their favorites in Chattanooga without spending the money for an entire dinner in order to experiment. There are always a variety of food choices that will suit taste buds from carnivores to vegetarians. Hot dogs (even veggie ones), burgers, BBQ, pizza, veggie sandwiches, and tapas are just a few of the many choices of food to eat on Sundays in Chattanooga. And, of course, there must be dessert! Grab some freshly made gelato for flavors that will rock your taste buds and sweeten the end of any meal. Not all of the food at the Chattanooga Market is prepared and served at the location. Artisan breads, seasonal fruits and vegetables, honey, and spices are all available for the consumer to take home to prepare their own fresh meals. Everything from goat’s cheese to beef jerky to cake is ready for the taking as the visitor meanders amongst the tents of local purveyors.
  30. 30. For those who want to get even closer to and more involved with nature, farmers sell blueberry bushes, apple trees, and the like for the shopper to take home, plant, nurse, and harvest all themselves. These are permanent ways for visitors to the market to have the freshest of the fresh right outside their own backdoor. Obviously, as any southerner knows, there can’t be a gathering without music! Each week offers a different sound. There is a big band market, bluegrass market, classic rock market, and several other options to appease the eardrums of shoppers in the pavilion. Artists set up their photos, Dance to a swing beat or eat a barbeque sandwich while listening to an acoustic guitarist paintings, sculptures, Cash. The belt out some Johnny and other music is as diverse as the theme each Sunday. pieces of art for natives and visitors to peruse and purchase. As Sabrina says, “[The market] adds to the tourist experience and gives everyone a chance to buy local.” Many of the items are based on, in, or around Chattanooga. This offers Official Logo of the Chattanooga Market the unique perspective of local artists and gives the visitor a Beer is an integral part ofthat can at the First Tennessee Pavilion; some weeks, even different kind of souvenir Sunday’s more so than others. Themantle or be taken home, put on a Chattanooga Brewing Company sets up every week to quench the thirst of marketa lifelong While there is always a selection of flavors each Sunday, wall, and serve as shoppers. there is a of a Chattanooga in the autumn that stands out above and beyond the rest for reminder particular market visit. suds lovers. It’s Oktoberfest. Any beer connoisseur will want to migrate to the pavilion on
  31. 31. true Oktoberfest experience. AbiNormal’s is one of many vendors who don’t make traditional art or food. These unique artists bring a different twist to the market. There are several tents devoted to candles, bookmarks, pot holders, soaps, lotions, and more. Many organic, natural options are ripe for the picking to enhance the home or bath; even if it’s a hotel room for the week! Chattanooga’s market is not only a great place to get local food, fruits, art, and vegetables; it serves a place for people to learn about the local culture of the Chattanooga area. Visitors to the area can learn a great deal about what Chattanooga is really based upon. They can gain a sense of what the people of Chattanooga are like, since there are plenty of chances to interact and mingle. It is plain to see, based on some of the market themes, what fruit or veggie is in season in the Tennessee Valley. As mentioned, there are More important than the theme, flavors, many Sunday markets based on the ripe fruit or vegetable of the moment of the year. Be scents, these events! the demand the early to and sounds ofThe market isinevitably caps the supply and the freshest of the fresh general camaraderie a vendors, hours is usually gone within of couple of locals, from the start time, and sometimes even quicker and that! thanguests gathering and supporting local growers and artists. It is an opportunity not only for shoppers to buy the freshest of everything local, it is an occasion for the providers to let people become familiar with their passion; whether it be the cultivating of local veggies, the hours of creativity poured into a painting, or a scented candle for
  32. 32. The market in Chattanooga is the collective action of locals to bring everyone a flair for the best of what Chattanooga and the surrounding areas produce and have to offer. This not only spurs collaboration and interaction, it helps support the local economy of growers and makers and, at least partially, sustains continued viability. For some vendors, the Chattanooga Market is responsible for at least one day of the week’s income. Exposure, income, and consistency can be expected by vendors associated with the Sunday market. Honestly, the average visitor has a fifty-fifty shot at caring or not about the particulars of the market. The truth is simply, shoppers at The Chattanooga Market arrive seeking the freshest and most creative of Chattanooga and that’s exactly what they get! Every Sunday has its own special and memorable appeal to offer a fresh, unique perspective on every trip. The Chattanooga Market is a standout example of a grassroots movement and the type of place the entire city of
  33. 33. For those who just can’t get enough, the Chattanooga Market holds the Ringgold Market on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The schedule fairly mimics that of the downtown market but is not covered by a pavilion and takes up the main street in the quaint, historic downtown of Ringgold, Georgia. A smaller, scaled down version of Sunday’s Market, the Ringgold Market offers goods from local farmers and craftspeople, as well. Nestled in the northwest corner of Information about the Chattanooga Market, its schedules, and events is readily available at Georgia, the Ringgold Market Weekly about themes and activities are listed, as well as all twenty acts, cook-offs, Chattanooga on musicalminutes south of and fruit or veggie themes. When visiting Chattanooga, it is nearly Interstate 75 at exit 348. essential to head downtown on a Sunday morning and dive straight into Chattanooga’s pulse-The Chattanooga Market.