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Vistamatic Architectural Brochure


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  • 2. DURABLE TM A D A P TA B L E BEAUTIFULVISTAMATIC® has been providing glazed secure vision panels to architects around the world for over25 years. Each panel is made to specification by a production team with a combined 75 years worthof experience in the glass and glazing industry.VISTAMATIC® is renowned for its commitment to reducing its environmental impact, recentlyannouncing its green strategy to introduce carbon reducing measures into its business practicesto improve both operational performance and reduce potentially harmful emissions to land, waterand air. VISTAMATIC® Glazed Secure Vision Panels are produced with 100% recyclable material,including glass and galvanized steel components and the companys ultimate aim is for 0% carbonbalance to be achieved within 5 years where practical.Typical Applications:HealthcareThe primary role of hospitals is to provide medical support for the communityand provide a safe and secure working environment for patients, medicalprofessionals and visitors, the provision of which should significantly reducethe opportunity for crime or disruption.Vistamatic® glazed secure vision panels are in use in hundreds of hospitalsand medical establishment throughout the world. The rugged though simpledesign offers absolute reliability. The wide range of options, design formatsand product applications mean that architects, designers and doormanufacturers are sure to find a product in our range to suit each project.Standard Vistamatic vision panels are manufactured using 1/4" (6mm)tempered glass. Panels can be manufactured using a variety of glass options,some of which are, Pilkington Pyroshield Safety, Pyroguard C730 clear,Pilkington 3/8" (10mm) Pyrodur and Securiglass 3/4" (19mm) Pyrosec which isideal for security establishments. High specification panels for installation intoX-ray suites or laser surgery units are available to order. Additional securityprotection is available on all Vistamatic models with the application of 3MScotchshield Ultra High Performance Safety and Security Window Film.EducationIn addition to the safety and security benefits that VISTAMATIC® glazed securevision panels bring to schools and colleges, they also permit discreetobservation of the classroom or the examination room where unannouncedentry at inconvenient times could cause unnecessary disruption to pupils.Schools and teaching institutions are compelled to consider the generalsecurity of both staff and pupils and the monitoring of such environments byway of natural surveillance helps to eliminate both the risk and threat of crime.SecurityThe simple design of VISTAMATIC® vision panels makes them ideal forapplications where observation of potentially hostile or dangerous individualsis required. The security sector assumes an even greater role in society in thesetimes of terrorism and violent crime. Depending on the security risk, we areable to substitute our standard range of safety glass, with a choice of highintegrity safety glasses in areas where resistance to manual attack is required.
  • 3. How it works:Each vision panel incorporates three sheets of glass withalternating clear and sandblasted bands.Operated by a proprietary lever mechanism (Patent pendingNo. PCT/GB2010/001871), the center sheet of glass moves up& down, aligning the bands for observation or complete 3/16” ANNEALED GLASS, PER SPECIFICATIONSprivacy.The entire panel assembly is an insulated unit less than 3/4”thick, slender enough to be easily installed in practically any POLISHED CHROME LEVER HANDLEdoor or partition. WOOD FRAME DOOR OR WALL HOUSING PROVIDED BY CONTRACTORFeatures: NOTE: OVERALL PANEL IS 11/16”Comparative Features Electrochromatic GlassVistamatic Vision Panels Vistamatic Panels Blinds & ShadesIntegral Blinds Integral BlindsBlinds & ShadesElectrochromatic GlassMaintenance free Few moving parts X X No complex mechanisms X Only requires cleaning of outer glass X No electrical connection required XCost effective less expensive than integral blinds X X no servicing required X zero energy consumption X X X panels will last indefinitely X Limited lifetime warranty XEase of Installation Can be installed in any practicaly door or partition X less than 3/4" thick XHygenic Panel is completely sealed X X X No exposed crevices, blinds or mechanisms X X Can be cleaned with most disinfectants XFire rated Panels can be fire rated up to 45 minutes X Entire assembly is fire rated – not just the glass X
  • 4. Sizes & Configurations:Each VISTAMATIC® panel is custom sized to orderMinimum size: 6 1/4 x 10"Maximum size: 48" x 48"VISTAMATIC® SuperMax units available for panelsgreater than 24” x 36”VISTAPort is 15 3/4” diameterAll panels are 11/16" thick (standard glazing) Max SuperMax S SuperMax Corner Corner VistaPort™Glazing & Banding Options:Fire-rated up to 45 minutesLead lined for X-rayBullet / blast resistantLaser polymerOptional thicknesses of tempered Sandblasted Sandblasted / Vinyl / opaque Vinyl opaque Logos Logos Patterns translucent translucentOperating HardwareChrome Lever– elbow operatedKnurled KnobLocking mechanismTypical Details: .com 5645 Coral Ridge Drive, #279, Coral Springs, FL, 33076 TM Tel. 866-466-9525 • Fax. 866-861-9135 • VISTAMATIC® is a registered trademark of Vistamatic Limited and Vistamatic LLC • design: