Lectures Available From Kevin Brown


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Lectures available from Kevin Brown historian, writer, archivist, museum curator,experienced speaker and lecturer

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Lectures Available From Kevin Brown

  1. 1. Lectures available from Kevin Brown
  2. 2. Kevin Brown is Trust Archivist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust andAlexander Fleming Laboratory Museum Curator at St Mary’s Hospital in Londonwhere he set up the Archives Service and Museum. He is former Chairman ofthe London Museums of Health and Medicine. He has written a number ofbooks on the history of health and medicine and is an experienced speaker.This is a selection of talks he has given.
  3. 3. Kevin Brown has lectured widely in Britain and abroad,including:*Rutgers University* US Department of Agriculture National Center for Agricultural Research* Johns Hopkins University Medical School* University of Rome* Royal College of Nursing History of Nursing Forum * Hunterian Museum at Royal College of Surgeons* Royal Society 350th Anniversary event•International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery(ISMICS) annual conference• National Army Museum* Hellenic Medical Society and Eteria Ellinon Epistimon* Royal Pharmaceutical Society* British Society for History of Pharmacy* School of Pharmacy (University of London)* University of Brighton and Sussex Medical School* National Tartan Day Washington DC* Archives et Bibliothèques de Belgique• History of Plastics Society• Society of General Microbiology,* University of Liverpool* Ehrlich II Conference Nuremberg* Sankey Clinico-Pathological Society
  4. 4. After dinnerspeaking
  5. 5. Andrew Moyer Lecturer, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, Peoria, Illinois The first historian to deliver this scientific lecture. 2001
  6. 6. Kevin Brown unveiling memorial at Fleming’s birthplace, Lochfield Farm, Darvel, 2009
  7. 7. Unveiling of memorial at Fleming’s birthplace, Lochfield Farm, Darvel, 2009
  8. 8. To arrange a lecture or discuss a tailor-made one either telephone Kevin Brown on 020 331 26528 / 0778 990 5748; or email Kevin.Brown@imperial.nhs.uk penicillin.man@gmail.comA selection of popular lecture titles follows
  9. 9. ‘Would you ever have thought such a thing possible?’: Alexander Fleming and the FRS Kevin Brownhttp://royalsociety.org/rscience/ (click on Episode 13, May 2010, Giantsof Science. ) http://www.rcseng.ac.uk/museums/events/audio-video-and-transcripts(click on Fleming Museum logo to hear talk)
  10. 10. The Mould thatChanged theWorld: AlexanderFleming andPenicillinKevin Brown
  11. 11. A Great Scot:AlexanderFleming andScotlandKevin Brown
  12. 12. Alexander Fleming,Penicillin and Greece Kevin Brown
  13. 13. Aspects ofHospital andNursingHistoryKevin Brown
  14. 14. The Apprentice Barber-Surgeon to FRCS: Why is a Surgeon a Mr and not a Dr? Kevin Brown
  15. 15. PlaguePestilence PanicKevin Brown
  16. 16. The Fight AgainstInfectionKevin Brown
  17. 17. A Night WithVenus, ALifetime ofMercuryKevin Brown
  18. 18. ‘DUrable,REliant,EXcellent’Kevin Brown
  19. 19. Nursing Bad Blood: Nurse Eunice Riversand the Tuskegee Experiment Kevin Brown
  20. 20. More than "Geduld, Geschick, Geldund Gluck": Paul Ehrlich, Almroth Wright and Alexander Fleming Kevin Brown
  21. 21. The Doctor’s Dilemma: A Play for Today? Kevin BrownGeorge BernardShaw and hisinspiration, SirAlmroth Wright
  22. 22. Dr Zammit andthe MalteseGoats: theConquest ofMediterraneanFever Kevin Brown
  23. 23. ‘All That Wheezes’:Asthma through the Ages Kevin Brown
  24. 24. War and Medicine:How to Stay Fighting Fit in two World Wars Kevin Brown
  25. 25. ‘Virile BodiesBrought toNothing Morethan Slugs onthe Ground’:the FightAgainstInfection inthe GreatWar’ Kevin Brown
  26. 26. Medicine in the Blitz Kevin Brown
  27. 27. The National Health Service: A Retrospective Kevin Brown
  28. 28. Pioneer Surgeon and Social Reformer:Joseph Toynbee and his Legacy Kevin Brown
  29. 29. The true teacherof our age:GiuseppeMazzini and hisLondon circle.Kevin Brown
  30. 30. Italians into theWorld: the EmigrantExperience Kevin Brown
  31. 31. The Health ofthe Seaman:Medicine at SeaKevin Brown
  32. 32. ‘It is Easier for an Officer to Keep MenHealthy than for a Physician to Cure them’: Medicine at Sea in the Age of Nelson Kevin Brown
  33. 33. Doctors at Sea: Health and Fitness on Liners on Ocean Voyages Kevin Brown
  34. 34. Unintended ConsequencesWhat Connects theBacteriologistRobert Koch,Marshal Tito’sHoliday Resort &James Bond’sItalian TailorLicensed to Kill? Kevin Brown
  35. 35. Medical and NursingBiographies: ABiographer’s view Kevin Brown
  36. 36. Kevin Brown It Shouldn’t Happen to an Archivist: Tales from the Front Line
  37. 37. “If It’s Old and Dusty, It Belongs in the Archives” Kevin Brown
  38. 38. To arrange a lecture or discuss atailor-made oneeither telephone Kevin Brown on020 331 26528 / 0778 990 5748;or emailKevin.Brown@imperial.nhs.ukpenicillin.man@gmail.com
  39. 39. ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN0750931523 0750931531 0750940417 978075094549 Books by Kevin Brown ISBN 1848320639
  40. 40. LATEST Out NowISBN1848320639 Seaforth Publishing US Edition published by US Naval Institute Press, ISBN 159114809X