G snap security-solution


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Solaris security solutions

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G snap security-solution

  1. 1. gSNAP Primer Kevin Mayo –Chief Architect – Global Government ●Sun Microsystems, Inc. ●
  2. 2. Introduction – What is gSNAP? • (government) Secure Network Access Platform • Reference Architecture for secure collaboration at the desktop ■ “70% solution” developed specifically for govt customers • Competitive advantage for Sun in specific markets ■ Sun unique products and technology ■ CSO technical engagements ■ Complimentary partner products and integration Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  3. 3. How We Use IT is Also Changing Dynamic Coalition and Interoperability Formation Standards Best of Class Threat of Global Security Terrorism Access Anytime Technology As Major Anywhere Element of Operations Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  4. 4. gSNAP Market Drivers • Government agencies have increasing need to collaborate ■ Within agency ■ With other agencies ■ With trusted partners (suppliers, research centres) ■ With agencies of other nations • Government users have increasing need to access information from anywhere, anytime • Security and privacy are key requirements • Sources of information are increasingly diverse Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  5. 5. gSNAP Market Positioning • Government agencies with collaboration needs ■ Defence (NATO) ■ Public security/ public safety (Interpol) ■ Emergency response (central, provincial, city) ■ Public health (CDC, WHO) ■ Government research centres and universities Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  6. 6. Government System Requirements • Trusted computing environment • Single Virtual Switch to Multiple Networks ■ ■ Single desktop with connections to multiple security domains implemented as physically separated networks (without enabling intra-domain routing) End-users have controlled access to domains based on security level, compartmentalization • Secure Inter-Domain Data Transfer ■ Automated and manual auditing based on pre-defined policies and procedures • Remote Access Protocol Options ■ Tarantella, Citrix, RDP, X Windows or Browser. Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  7. 7. Changing the Game— Single Multi-Tiered Secure Communications SINGLE-POINT FOR INFO ASSURANCE Secure Domain A, Apps 1,2,3 Secure Domain B, Apps 4,5,6 Secure Domain C, Apps 7,8,9 Secure Domain D, Apps 10,11 Secure Domains A to Z On ONE Terminal With data assurance across security domains Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  8. 8. Desktop Consolidation: Ultra-Thin Client Front-End Before: After: To ensure a high level of security physically isolated clients were deployed often resulting in up to 10 different Desktops in a single office Full Session Mobility enabled by a single stateless Sun Ray TM frontend and protected by a Trusted Solaris TM based back-end Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  9. 9. The Sun Solution: Secure Network Access Platform User Community A Switch User Community B Switch Switch User Community C User Community D Switch Switch Trusted Solaris ● Sun Ray Session ● Server ● Switch Switch Switch ● ● ● ● ● 24/7 remote management Sun Ray stateless Clients Java Card identity Network attached storage for audit logs Sun Jumpstart Software for automated site replication Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only • Highly scalable • Multi-network consolidation • Ultra secure • Identity/Role-based access • Audit ability • Session mobility
  10. 10. Secure Network Access Platform for Government Solution 3rd Party Security Extensions TCS, TNE, AC Tech, Cryptek, Tenix, RSA, Maxim, etc. Integration to Legacy Systems Tarantella, Citrix, RDP, Thinsoft Java Ultra-Thin Client Environment SunRay 1G, 170; Sun Ray Session Server, Trusted CDE, Java Cards Government Accredited Trusted Operating Env Trusted Solaris Certified EAL4 (B1): CAPP, LSPP, RBPP Sun Solaris Enterprise StorEdge ™ 9 RAS Compute Platform Consulting, Training, and Support Services Sun Servers Sun Open Work Practice, Workshop, POC, Architecture and Implementation + Training and Support Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  11. 11. Trusted Solaris Direction Trusted Solaris BSM Solaris Solaris 2.3 Trusted Networking Trusted Desktop RBAC Trusted Solaris layered on Solaris Process Attributes Device Allocation Virtualization Privilege Policy Solaris 8/9 Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only Solaris 10
  12. 12. Secure Foundation of Dramatic Improvements Solaris 10 Security Digital Certificates Everywhere Secure Execution User Rights Management Process Rights Management Cryptographic Framework IPFilter Kerberos Single Sign On Easily Activated Security Profiles Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  13. 13. Multi-Level Labeled Security Trusted Extensions Adds labeled security to Solaris 10 Multi-level networking, printing Multi-level CDE GUI Leverages User & Process RM Uses Containers Compatible with all Solaris apps Target of CAPP, RBACPP, LSPP @ EAL 4+ Available 1HCY2006 Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  14. 14. Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only
  15. 15. Based on Best Practices From Innovative Customer Solutions: DTW—DODIIS Trusted Workstation ● Proven solution developed at Joint Intelligence Center Pacific—JICPAC ● Mandated by DIA as standard secure desktop access solution for DODIIS community Coalition Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only DEA INS Circa 2000 seats deployed, multi-year program managed by JEDI Sun Network Access Platform Solution military Intelligence ● Government Control Center
  16. 16. DTW Components JEDI JUMPSTART IMAGE: Trusted Solaris 8 (12/02) SunRay Software 2.0 w/Failover Groups JMDI (JEDI) Extensions Jumpstart support - Streamlined User & Host management Audit Management - Authorized application Mgmt. TCS software ● ● ● SunRay thin Clients with 24” Flat-Panel monitors Load Balanced Sun Servers Windows 2003 servers connected via RDP Sun Confidential: Internal or Partner Use Only