Tribal Intelligence® A Study of Community Behavior


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Advertising and marketing refer extensively to demographics, personas and other statistical and individualistic buyer types. Tribal intelligence connects those individuals into experiential groups, tribes that come together through shared hearts and minds.

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Tribal Intelligence® A Study of Community Behavior

  1. 1. ®presentedbyKevinMasi|ExhibitorGroup
  2. 2. pTribal Intelligence |Today’s marketplaceis increasingly crowdedin all product and servicecategories. Marketing andadvertising media havealso increased dramatically2
  3. 3. pTribal Intelligence |Companies want to GROWtheir brands and to profit3
  4. 4. pTribal Intelligence |However,many companies are overlyproduct-focused in their marketing4
  5. 5. pTribal Intelligence |Companies can createaudience-relevant marketingby understanding people’sPRIMALMOTIVATIONS5
  6. 6. pTribal Intelligence |Tribal Intelligence createscustomer insight, enablingcompanies to developBAD-ASSBRANDS6
  7. 7. pTribal Intelligence |Urban dictionary:Adjective. Having extremely favorable qualitiesAdjective. Pertaining to a person or thingthat is rugged, strong, and/or ready to show thesequalitiesI have a bad-ass car with a kickin soundsystem and bitchin rims.The armored tank is a bad-ass militaryvehicle that can roll over just aboutanything.7
  8. 8. pTribal Intelligence |WILSON JACK:If you think there’s a longer ball,You don’t know JackJack shot to the top,becoming Wilson’s #1 selling golf ball,amid hundreds of competing products8
  9. 9. pTribal Intelligence |= =Companies are myopically focusedon their products, putting them in aprecarious place9
  10. 10. pTribal Intelligence |Improvements in technologyand production capabilityare generating hugenumbers of high-quality,low-priced products10
  11. 11. pTribal Intelligence |HOUSING DEVELOPMENTSare springing up likemushrooms in all of thecountry’s biggest markets11
  12. 12. pTribal Intelligence |We are doing businessin a LEVEL 3 marketplace.LEVEL1 = Ford’s model ‘T’ era, wheredemand exceeded supplyLEVEL 2 = post-war automobilemanufacturers began addingfeatures and improvementsHarry Beckwith, Selling the Invisible12
  13. 13. pTribal Intelligence |LEVEL 3MarketplaceTo stay competitive, companies mustsurprise and delight their customerbeyond whatthe customercan think to ask13Harry Beckwith, Selling the Invisible
  14. 14. pTribal Intelligence |SATISFACTIONis no longer enough14
  15. 15. pTribal Intelligence | 15We live in anenvironment ofMARKETINGOVERLOAD
  16. 16. pTribal Intelligence |We are exposed to some3000-5000marketing impressions a day16
  17. 17. pTribal Intelligence |with moremedia choicesthan everOnline and offline, traditionaland non-traditional17
  18. 18. pTribal Intelligence |We live lifeat a hurriedpace...even kids18
  19. 19. pTribal Intelligence |MARKETINGMYOPIAis a term describing a companywith overly product-focusedmarketing19Theodore Levitt, Marketing Myopia
  20. 20. pTribal Intelligence |A product-focused marketingstrategy emphasizes functionsand features—but now theseare looking more and more likeeveryone else’s product20B U Y
  21. 21. pTribal Intelligence |Why?As companies mature,they evolve fromentrepreneurial(market orientation)to an operational focus(product orientation)21
  22. 22. pTribal Intelligence |Why?From entrepreneurialto operational focus22Company Focus1: Entrepreneurial Phase2: Growth Phase3: Success PhaseCUSTOMERSTHE COMPANY
  23. 23. pTribal Intelligence |Condominiumsfrom $199,000all granite kitchens • in the heart of uptowncondo shoppers are marketed towith features, priceand location23
  24. 24. pTribal Intelligence |To marketfor growth,businessesmust understandpeople’s primaldesire to connectwith their owntribes24
  25. 25. pTribal Intelligence |“Getting” people requires asensitivity for the increasingnumber of special interesttribes.25
  26. 26. pTribal Intelligence |PEOPLE don’t functionindependently. We relate totribes of like-hearted individuals26
  27. 27. pTribal Intelligence |We buy, wear and do thingsthat connect us to our tribesand distinguish usfrom others27
  28. 28. pTribal Intelligence |To understand people,understand what’simportant to them.Successful brand marketing is based on anunderstanding of what’s in it for the customer(WIIFM)28
  29. 29. pTribal Intelligence |• New ways of talking to men• Rose Cameron, Leo Burnett Worldwide29RetrosexualMetrosexual PatriachPower Seeker
  30. 30. pTribal Intelligence |An individual’s primal needsare centered around how sherelates to her tribe:To belongTo be seenTo be heard30
  31. 31. pTribal Intelligence |It’s not just ‘them’ — it’s us, too31
  32. 32. pTribal Intelligence |THE SOCIOLOGYOF TRIBES32
  33. 33. pTribal Intelligence |Tribal Intelligence is theunderstanding of people’semotional needs and socialinteractions33
  34. 34. pTribal Intelligence |Insight comesfrom understandingwhy individuals needto belong to specificsocial groups34
  35. 35. pTribal Intelligence | 35Belonging: styles ofcommunication and change
  36. 36. pTribal Intelligence |Individuals belong to many Tribesat any given time36
  37. 37. pTribal Intelligence | 37Tribes areSOCIALNETWORKS
  38. 38. pTribal Intelligence |Tribes haveDOMINANTINFLUENCERSthat attract and affect members38
  39. 39. pTribal Intelligence |Tribes are shapedby the strength of the bondsbetween members39
  40. 40. pTribal Intelligence |The frequency and style ofcommunication varies fromTribe to Tribe40
  41. 41. pTribal Intelligence |COMMUNICATIONSTYLE41suggests access points wheremarketers can reach the tribe
  42. 42. pTribal Intelligence |Tribes changeFLUIDLYandCONTINUOUSLY42Tribal membership changes whenlife and social needs change
  43. 43. pTribal Intelligence |WHAT WAS IN,43GOES OUT
  44. 44. pTribal Intelligence |POPULARPEOPLEFADE44
  45. 45. pTribal Intelligence |What was important,becomes irrelevant45
  46. 46. pTribal Intelligence |focus your brandon the audience tribe46ToGRABATTENTION,
  47. 47. pTribal Intelligence |Gather data from all theavailable sources,QUANTITATIVEand QUALITATIVE47and
  48. 48. pTribal Intelligence |Don’t neglectINTERVIEWSwith theSALES TEAM48
  49. 49. pTribal Intelligence |Research cantell us whathappenedin the past.(caution: it can be apostponement of action)49
  50. 50. pTribal Intelligence | 50Findings mustbe presentedin
  51. 51. pTribal Intelligence |The half-page positioningstatements are gone51
  52. 52. pTribal Intelligence |Statistical audience profilesare too complicated andimpersonal to bepowerful or persuasiveaverage HH income: $50kwomen age 18-36careersfamiliespressed for timewho is this person?52
  53. 53. pTribal Intelligence |Malcolm Gladwell, BlinkTHIN-SLICEthe massive amounts of data53
  54. 54. pTribal Intelligence |WATCH& LISTENfor central clues54
  55. 55. pTribal Intelligence |IDENTIFYthe key ideasIn the eyes of the customer, what makes us:distinctmeaningfullastingauthentic55
  56. 56. pTribal Intelligence |WHY FOCUS?Brands must meanonly one thingin the mind ofthe customerAl Ries, 22 immutable laws of branding56
  57. 57. pTribal Intelligence |Generatecreativethemes57
  58. 58. pTribal Intelligence |WOW, INSPIRE & DELIGHTGreenExchange.comand the LOHAS tribe58
  59. 59. pTribal Intelligence |Develop a TRIBAL NARRATIVEcarry Tribal Intelligence practicesthroughout your company59
  60. 60. pTribal Intelligence |Get everyoneinto the same conversationabout your customerand the market you serve60
  61. 61. pTribal Intelligence |USG Framing“A Framing Alternative”focus on relevance — the builder’s priorities61
  62. 62. pTribal Intelligence |Stayaheadof yourcustomer62
  63. 63. pTribal Intelligence | 63If You Think There’s a Longer Ball,You Don’t Know Jack®
  64. 64. pTribal Intelligence |TRIBALINTELLIGENCEthe way you go to marketproduct developmentHR policyincentive paystrategic partnerships64can affect theway your wholeorganization works
  65. 65. pTribal Intelligence |Will you create a powerful brand,overcoming the stagnationof product samenessand marketing myopia?65
  66. 66. pTribal Intelligence |Competition, marketingoverload, and marketingwith too much productemphasis puts yourbusiness at risk66
  67. 67. pTribal Intelligence |Tribal Intelligence providescritical customer insightto guide powerful marketing67
  68. 68. pTribal Intelligence | 68Tribal Intelligence will spark aromance with your customer
  69. 69. pTribal Intelligence |TRIBALINTELLIGENCEwill re-energize your growth,connecting you with yourcustomers in deep,lasting ways69
  70. 70. pTribal Intelligence |THANK YOU70