7 marketing inflection points


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Forecasts for 2013: 7 game-changing megatrends shaping the agenda for marketing leaders.

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7 marketing inflection points

  1. 1. 7 Marketing Inflection PointsShaping things to comeKevin Masi, Co-founder & President / Future BuilderTorque ltd.kmasi@torquelaunch.com@MaseratiTorqueTorquelaunch.com/Marketing-Inflection
  2. 2. MarketplaceProliferation2ProductsCommuncationChannelsSales channels
  3. 3. 1: Social Media
  4. 4. Facebook• Facebook will go public for $5 billion• Biggest Internet IPO seen• Worth more than General Motors,the New York Times Company,& Sprint Nextel combined• Approaching 1 billion users4
  5. 5. Pinterest• 11 million unique visitors as of January 2012• In less than 1 year, Pinterest is #5 Social Network,beating out LinkedIn and Google+5
  6. 6. 2: Mobile
  7. 7. Mobile Forecast 2012• Ad revenue est $11.6 billion, up 85.4% over 2011• 125 million Americans will access social networks viamobile handsets- Ad revenue for social networks est $412.7 million• Revenue from consumer apps est $26.1 billion,up 30.7%*• Mobile wallet, Mobile financial services, m-banking• Access to data & connection wherever you isBehavior-changing7Marketing Mistake #10:Under-Appreciating theSpeed of MobileTorque post*Forecast fromStrategy Analytics
  8. 8. Mobile local search volume will surpasscomputer local search by 20168*Forecast: Mobile localsearch volume is surgingBIA/Kelsey
  9. 9. 3: Inbound Marketing
  10. 10. The Inbound Marketing ExplosionContent marketing, Nurture Marketing, Search & Social Media Marketing10
  11. 11. 4: Business ModelingDriving Marketing through operations and any other area of business that makes theoffering relevant, distinct and valued
  12. 12. Business modeling is now the domain of marketingBusiness Model GenerationUnbundling • Long tail • Multi-sided platforms • Free • Open business models12
  13. 13. Value analysis: Blue Ocean Strategy13flexibility number ofcontentthreadsSingle viewLowHightrafficdriversease of use trackabilityeditorialfocusContexTVCompetingservices
  14. 14. Blue Ocean GridEliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create14
  15. 15. 5: Big Data
  16. 16. Splunk IPO April 19, 2012Gained 109% day 1 market value $3 billion“Your IT infrastructure generates massive amounts of data.Machine data - generated by websites, applications, servers,networks, mobile devices, etc.Splunk turns your machine data into valuable insights bymonitoring and analyzing everything from customerclickstreams and transactions to network activity to call records.”16
  17. 17. Big Data: Consumer Behavior AnalyticsHow Companies Learn Your SecretsNew York Times with Dan Hill• Target monitors enormous amounts of consumerpurchase data• Brand habits can be changed during major life events• Consumers pick up new behaviors- pregnant women load up on unscented skin care products, largepackages of cotton balls and zink supplements)- Target sends promotional mailers for baby products (along withother products so as not to spook them!)“Mathematicians are suddenly sexy.”17
  18. 18. 5: Users, not Customers
  19. 19. Users, not Customers: Aaron ShapiroWho really determines the success of your business• Engage all audiences: customers and profit will follow• User-centric marketing- Useful, valuable content- Tapping digital channels: owned, earned & social media- Touchpoints throughout the organization19Beauty, Function orSatisfaction. WhatAre You GivingYour Users?Torque post
  20. 20. 6: Crowd Sourcing(As well as open sourcing and the cloud)
  21. 21. Product innovation• Launched in 2001 as a program in which at least half ofthe innovation comes from external crowd sourcing• Olay® Regenerist• Oral-B® Pulsonic® Toothbrush• Febreze® Candles™• Pringles® Stix• Bounce Lint & Freshness Roller• Mr. Clean® Now so much more than a household cleaner21
  22. 22. Crowd Spring• Logo design- 110+ average entries- 114,269 creatives- Custom design- Projects start at $269• Company Naming- 100 names or money back- Projects start at $269• Small websites- Sites with 5 pages or less- Design only (no coding)- Projects start at $72922
  23. 23. Fiverr.comThe worlds largest marketplace for small services,starting at $5. Buy. Sell. Have fun.• Burger King TV spot: The Stunner is Back• Torque 20th Birthday• Birthday Beatbox• Tales from Beyond23
  24. 24. The New Rules of Innovation:Need, Speed and Greed• Open innovation• Prize incentives- Ansari XPrise: $10mm prize to fly a reusableaircraft 100 km into space twice- Virgin Galactic24
  25. 25. 7: Affiliate and PerformanceMarketing
  26. 26. Unlimited Sales ChannelsClickBank.com- Digital marketplace+ affiliate network,featuring over70,000 products.26
  27. 27. Tying it all TogetherTorque post• Integrate technology, brands andcontent media to reach many userswith valuable content through theirchannels or choice.27
  28. 28. Torque• Branding and marketing company• Celebrating 20 years in 2012• Building engaging brand experiencesfor all user Tribes, through digitalcontent, platforms and programs• Serving companies facing toughcompetition28TechnologyHealthcareConsumer productsReal estate, building products