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  • 1. Just Can’t Ever Get Enough
    Our insatiable appetite for technology
    Image by JakubKrechowicz
  • 2. In the past, broadband internet was considered a luxury that not every household had
    Photo by frhuynh
  • 3. Now, most households view broadband internet as much as a necessity as phone or TV
  • 4. In the last 10 years, the number of people using internet worldwide has increased by 444.8%
    Taken from Nielsen Online
    Photo taken by Angela
  • 5. The question is,
    what exactly are people
    consuming on the internet?
    Photo by Karli Ingersoll
  • 6. The rise of social networks have obviously played a large role in this…
  • 7. And people still
    get a lot of their news
    from online sources…
  • 8. What people really love though, are VIDEOS
    Photo by Aldo Gonzalez
  • 9. Video sites ( are not new to the internet scene, but streaming sites that allow users to view TV shows or movies off the internet have become explosively popular.
    •, one of the first ‘official’ streaming sites launched, boasts 30 million monthly users (when asked on October 2010). That’s a lot of people watching TV shows and movies online.
    • 10. However, Netflix is leading the forefront of ‘on-demand’ delivery of content via the internet.
    • 11. In a recent study, Netflix accounts for a staggering 29.7% of all downloading network traffic in North America during peak hours.
  • The biggest draw of streaming TV and movies is the flexibility of being able to watch what you want, when you want.
    Photo by fauxto_digit
  • 12. In a world where we can have everything right now and whenever we want it, being able to stream resonates with that lifestyle.
  • 13. This is not surprising, with the internet we have a flood amount of content at our fingertips and we have been accustomed to never being bored.
    Photo by Raman Pfaff
  • 14. The evolution of mobile devices has enabled that full-time immersion that people want
    Photo by Nobuyuki Hayashi
  • 15. As of Jan. 22, 2011, the iTunes App Store surpassed over 10 billion apps downloaded
    Photo by Lee Bennett
  • 16. That does not even include all the Android users and Blackberry users…
  • 17. Will our consumption be ever satisfied?
    Or will technology be forever racing to catch up?
  • 18. All images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement, and sourced from and