Journal 4 to 5


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Journal 4 to 5

  1. 1. Social Psychology Name: Kevin Lee Hee Xian FNBE 04/13 Journal 4 - 5
  2. 2. Social psychology - Journal 4 The examination for social psychology contains 50 questions. All the questions asked in the exam are multiple choice questions. Studying for the exam is tough because there are a lot of chapters to memorize. There are a total of 3 chapters coming out in the examination. In each chapter, there are many parts of note to memorize. For the first chapter of social psychology, I studied about the independent and interdependent type of people. I also studied about how self-serving bias works. The last topic in the chapter which was about positive thinking was read too. The second chapter studied for the examination was vision. In the vision chapter, structure of the eye was studied briefly because it was leant during secondary school. Disorders among the vision were skipped. The effect of colours was studied thoroughly because it is easier to understand and it is a situation that can be found everyday. Next, the reversible figure, intentional blindness, assembling forms, and many more were studied for the examination. Thirdly, the components and theories of the chapter attitudes were studied. Other than that, the operant conditioning and observational behavior was studied for the test too.
  3. 3. Social psychology – Journal 5 In the new chapter of social psychology, conformity and group behavior talks about the attitude and behavior of society in a group or individual situation. In this chapter, there are experiments done to show the result of how people change and react towards a situation or to fit into a group. Conformity is a type of social influence which people tend to fit into a group of people. Conformity has two types of response which is physical presence or group pressure. From the slides, the experiment shows that people tend to follow the actions in a group rather than doing it individually by themselves. Other than that, the behavior of people in a group which is the influence by other people towards the individualism has the example of the bystander effect. In the video given in the slide is an example of society reacting towards seeing a scene of kidnapping on the street. Shocking to see that people just walks passes by although they see the scene of a man kidnapping a girl in front of their eyes. After repeating the scene over and over again, finally a few people go to the rescue to help the girl being kidnapped. In the end of the video, the experimenter says that every people have their way to approach to help. Most of the passerby’s say that they think other strangers behind or beside them will help the girl.