In Harpers Canada Kevin Galalaes Plea That Prime Minister Stephen Harper Resigns


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Evidence that the UK and its allies are conducting a policy of assimilation without regard for the rule of law or the rights and freedoms of their citizens.

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In Harpers Canada Kevin Galalaes Plea That Prime Minister Stephen Harper Resigns

  1. 1. 18 June 2012.Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen HarperParliament House, OttawaCanadaPrime Minister Harper,Within the short time that you have been at the helm of the country, you have annihilated everyright and liberty enshrined in the Canadian Charter and have advanced a hidden agenda that isantidemocratic, divisive, destabilizing and perverse and that has no relevance to Canada, beingentirely a British imposition that your government has adopted in secret and without theknowledge or consent of the Canadian people.You have achieved this by committing Canada to the British conceived counter-radicalizationstrategy; a strategy born out of fear and hatred after the London subway attack in 2005 and thatsubsequently hardened into anger and vengeance after prominent British Muslims drafted apublic letter to Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in 2006. An embassy cable released byWikileaks1 offers insight into how the counter-radicalization policy acquired punitive andideological overtones: “Frustrated by the bruising that their community has taken after 24 UK-born Muslims were arrested in connection with the recently-thwarted air terrorist plot… Prominent British Muslim leaders sent an open letter to PM Tony Blair August 12 stating that his policy on Iraq and the Middle East offers "ammunition to extremists" and puts British lives "at increased risk." Appearing as a full page advertisement in newspapers August 13, the letter was signed by three of the four Muslim MPs, three of the five Muslim members of the House of Lords, and 38 Muslim organizations. HMG reacted sharply to the letter. That said, the Muslim community is not the only element in Britain blaming HMGs foreign policy for inciting radical elements; the left in particular but even the mainstream press has expressed the belief, reportedly wide-spread, that homegrown terrorism is an "inevitable" response to the UKs involvement in Iraq and reluctance to call for an "immediate ceasefire" in the Middle East.”Within months of this conflagration, the UK government adopted a revised strategy forpreventing violent extremism and began controlling the public message to ensure that neither themedia nor academia diverge from the UK foreign policy message despite the fact that 90% of theBritish public adamantly opposed the invasion of Iraq and that the vast majority of Britonsdisagree with the way Palestinians are treated in their own country, not to say anything about the1 US Embassy cable, sent 14 August 2006, 1
  2. 2. bank bailout and other corporate abuses. Such expressions however were deemed radical by thenewly redesigned CONTEST policy, which is the name the UK gave to its “strategic response tothe threat from international terrorism”.As a slap in the face of all British Muslims, the government assigned the post of ‘independentreviewer of the terrorism legislation’ to a British Jew, Lord Carlisle.2 Not surprisingly, this hasadded insult to injury to Britain’s Muslims who have clearly and rightfully identified the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and HMG’s lopsided support of Israel as the primary source of Muslimfrustration leading to extremism. The embassy cable from August 2006 clearly reveals the riftbetween the Muslim community and the British government, as well as the mistrust BritishMuslims feel towards the government’s counter-radicalization program because it ignores theirviews and recommendations. Labour MP Sadiq Khan said the community feels "let down" by HMG efforts to date, particularly the "Preventing Extremism Together" task forces, which the Home Office created after the 7/7 attacks. Very few of the 64 measures recommended by Muslim leaders on the task force have been implemented, Khan said, creating an "air of despondency" and leading the community to believe that the entire exercise was just a publicity stunt.In 2009, following renewed Israeli incursions into Gaza and the use of disproportionate force,leading Muslim counter-extremism advisers have signed a joint letter to Gordon Brown to warnthat Israeli actions in Gaza are shattering the British governments efforts to fight religiousextremism at home.3 Despite the letter and the general public’s uproar, the British Governmentchanged neither its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict nor its pro-Israeli propaganda orits counter-terrorism strategy. These foreign policy positions offend the British mainstream asmuch as they offend the Canadian mainstream.Nevertheless, before long, the British Muslim and the British mainstream viewpoints (which areone and the same but in clear contradiction to the government’s position) were drowned by thePrevent strand of the CONTEST policy, whose stated task is to purportedly defend Britain’s“shared values” and “community cohesion”, the so-called “mainstream”, so as to prevent theradicalization of vulnerable individuals. And in deference to British foreign policy objectives2 That Lord Carlisle accepted the position knowing the offence it would cause Britain’s Muslims shows a completelack of judgment on his part that should have immediately disqualified him from holding the office. Of course,causing offence was the government’s intention, which is why a British Jew was given the position in the first place.And this demonstrates that the true intent of the government’s counter-radicalisation policy was never to prevent theradicalization of vulnerable individuals but to inflame the animosity the general public felt towards Muslims afterthe 7/7 attack and then use those negative feelings to gag the will and voice of the people with their own prejudices.3 “We are witnessing a time of great danger”, The Guardian, 8 January 2009: 2
  3. 3. your administration, Prime Minister Harper, adopted the ideological approach of the Britishgovernment as Canada’s position; a position that offends over 90% of Canadians.To get away with this your government has adopted Britain’s method of manufacturing consentand stifling criticism, namely the counter-radicalization deception, to stoke racist sentimentsamong the general populace so the government can divert the public’s rage from its ownantidemocratic actions and from policies that are subservient to foreign and corporate interests.In the UK, the media was subdued through D-Notices and, more importantly, by self-imposedcensorship to refrain from publishing any opinions that run counter to the government’s officialforeign and domestic policy line. The media has dutifully complied lest it should be accused bythe government of encouraging radicals. By twisting any criticism of government policy into anact of radicalism worthy only of Islamic fundamentalists, the British government has stifled thegreater bulk of legitimate political dissent in the once free press. Gradually, all criticism ofgovernment policies became discredited as dangerous acts of radicalism that any good Britonshould refrain from. Racism and discrimination have become the criteria by which news areselected or discarded. In an environment hypersensitive to populist Islamophobic opinions, themedia has learned to filter news that could offend the public’s prejudices and therefore affectsales. An economic element was thus added to the political barriers to freedom of expression inand by the press. Even so, the complete silence of the media on the covert and illegal aspects ofthe counter-radicalization agenda and its many victims can only be explained by latent racismwithin the ranks of Britain’s journalists, which equals that of the population at large.The manufacturing of consent in universities, just as in the media, has also become part andparcel of the British government’s strategy to control the message and shape public opinion. Butdenying the people and especially students the right to express their honest opinions could not beachieved through legal means so illegal means were duly adopted with the secret collaboration ofuniversity chancellors and select academics willing to betray their students’ trust and to pervertthe sanctity of the academic environment where free speech and freedom of conscience are bylaw to be encouraged and defended not curtailed and controlled. In fact, the EuropeanConvention and other international covenants unequivocally demand that freedom of expression“shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas withoutinterference by public authority and regardless of frontiers”.To bypass the law, a covert program of surveillance and censorship (SAC) was introduced inBritish universities in 2007. I was the first to expose it in 2009 when I published The GreatSecret and became an instant enemy of Britain’s government and its intelligence community.44 “The Great Secret: Surveillance and Censorship in Britain and the EU”, 25 October 2010, available at: and at 3
  4. 4. SAC works by circumventing, ignoring or blatantly violating both national and internationallaws. Government agents operating from within and outside the country – should the course beoffered virtually - are assigned to specific universities where they enroll in programs and coursesas regular students, paying tuition fees out of pocket. This allows universities to play innocentshould anyone cry foul and to avoid legal repercussions for violating privacy rules, dataprotection laws, expressional rights, freedom of conscience, education law and the trust of theirstudents. Once embedded, the spies masquerade as legitimate students while secretlycollaborating with the course tutors.The embedded SAC agents gather information on students, test their allegiance to the system,assist the course tutors in deflecting and diverting the discussions away from subjects thegovernment deems taboo when the opinions expressed by students run counter to Britain’sforeign or domestic policies, manipulate and coerce students into toeing the politically correctline, manufacture consent and, should that fail, provoke students to commit netiquette breachesor simply create an environment so harassing as to cause targeted students to quit their studies oftheir own accord.The overall effect is to brainwash the young and the impressionable to hold biased views in linewith the British government’s foreign and domestic policies and to squash dissenting opinionsthat challenge the status quo before they reach a larger audience.Whether deliberate or accidental, the government of the UK imposes positions that are contraryto reason, factually incorrect, and antithetical to the values, background and experience offoreign and even domestic students, positions that fly in the face of academic freedom, violatefree speech and cause the retreat of reason, endemic dishonesty, and the corruption of publicdebate; enchaining intellectual discourse and political analysis to preconceived notions derivedfrom a toxic mix of political correctness, manufactured consent and hidden agendas.As a result, entrenched discrimination towards foreigners who do not share British values, andtowards natives who do not accept received wisdom and collective denial, and who do not showunquestioned respect for British institutions and policies, is the order of the day in Britishuniversities that collaborate with the government on SAC and allow government agents to definethe terms and parameters of intellectual debate.Data release by Universities UK, the umbrella organization representing Britain’s highereducation institutions (HEI), reveals that 2/3 of Britain’s HEIs assist the government in spyingon and censoring students.5Unbeknown to me, I became a victim of SAC in 2009, while attending an online politicalphilosophy course at Oxford from my home in Canada. A few months later, I suffered the same5 “Freedom of Speech on Campus: rights and responsibilities in UK universities”, online at: 4
  5. 5. indignity of being thrown out of school on trumped up charges at Leicester University, six weeksinto my first course in a two-year Master’s program in International Relations and Global Order.Offended by the underhanded and dishonest ways in which my rights were violated, I took mycase from one adjudication body to another until I reached the European Court of Human Rights,but at every judicial level I encountered the same perversion of the law and refusal to accept thatany violations of my rights had occurred despite clear evidence to the contrary.This judicial corruption and the media’s refusal to publish my story and findings about the covertspy program I had uncovered only committed me to the struggle of seeing to it that not only I butall other students thus violated will receive the compensation they deserve for having their livesruined. In order to achieve this goal I went to France in April 2011 to engage in a hunger strikeat the Council of Europe, but despite my public suffering during 30 days of hunger and the sixarticles I published during that time I was ignored by Europe’s technocrats and politicians, by thepress and by the NGO community.This unified front of silent witness to gross violations of our expressional rights convinced methat the Western world is engaged in a war of civilizations against the Islamic world and thatHuntington’s dire warning of civilizational rifts has become the reality of the day; for if this iswhat happens in universities, God only knows what happens elsewhere. It also pointed me to thelegislative axel that keeps the wheel of racism turning, the British initiated Resolution 1624passed by the UN Security Council in 20056. Under the guise of countering radicalism, the UKhas handed the world’s tyrannies the global legislation they needed to legitimize the brutal attackon any and all political or social dissent by merely stating that radicals are involved. It did this inorder to pave the way for its own unlawful acts at home.Not surprisingly, this global free ticket to repress and imprison anyone in the name of counteringradicalization has caused the demise of democracy throughout the world and the annihilation ofhuman rights and civil liberties even in the previously liberal democracies of the West. Incountries without the rule of law, like Turkey under President Erdogan, the counter-radicalization policy is used as an excuse to imprison students, journalists and countless otherinnocent people in troves.7Incidentally, Turkey is Britain’s partner-in-crime in annihilating the powers of the EuropeanCourt of Human Rights, and this is no coincidence. Turkey is the most violent and repeatoffender of the European Convention in the east of Europe and the UK in the west. The UK and6 Resolution 1624 (2005): Turkey and human rights: Home thoughts from abroad: . In Turkeythe right to free speech is being lost: 5
  6. 6. Turkey have finished gang raping the European Court at Brighton, a month ago, after a failedattempt at Izmir last year, and have thus robbed Europe and the world of a court of last resortwhere individuals violated by state parties could seek justice. To do maximum harm is how theUK chose to use its six months presidency of the European Union.I have predicted this outcome in 2009 in my article The Great Secret. What I did not foresee isthe speed at which democracy and the rule of law have collapsed throughout the West or theviolent and extrajudicial attack that was planned in Canada and whose victim I was to become assoon as I stopped my hunger strike and returned home on 13 May 2011.Your government’s attempt to label me as “delusional”, Prime Minister Harper, after alteringmy medical records8 and manufacturing a false hospital discharge9 are well documented, as arethe many false arrests and malicious and politically motivated prosecutions I have been subjectedto by corrupt police constables and equally corrupt Crown prosecutors, lawyers and judges10 inorder to saddle me with a criminal record and thus curtail my freedom of movement, bankruptme and destroy my credibility11. What exposes you and your government as the most criminaland immoral administration in Canada’s short political history is the harm you have done to mychildren and the manner in which you used them as collateral damage and have shattered theirworld to achieve the hidden political objective of silencing me.Since you are a Prime Minister blinded by Crown loyalty, devoid of any respect for themulticultural nature of Canada, contemptuous of the Canadian people’s wish to see justice donein the Middle East, bent on imprisoning Canadians for being poor and helpless with your fascistcrime bill (Bill C-10), and adamantly opposed to the humane and rational redistribution ofwealth and labour I publicly advocate12, you have chosen to set yourself above the law and abovemajority opinion in order to punish me for the courage and sincerity with which I defended the8 “A Conspiracy of Racists and Crown Loyalists: The Kingston Hillbillies”, 18 December 2011, online at: andalso at “Doctors for Sale: How Canada Uses Psychiatry for Political Purposes”, 5 September 2011, online at: and at “Response to David Sinnett”, 23 October 2011, online at: “Kevin Galalae’s Response to the Investigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada into the Misconduct ofCriminal Attorney David Sinnett”, 21 May 2012, online at: “OM Principles” in English, online at: “OM Principles” in French, online at: 6
  7. 7. people’s fundamental rights, the world’s economic security, and students’ freedom of speech andconscience.Conscious of the fact that the counter-radicalization policy you have secretly committed Canadato is antithetical to the interests of democracy, illegal, un-Canadian and pathetically deferential tothe British monarchy, and that your government could not openly punish me for exposing it, youdelegated the institutions of state to use unlawful and criminal methods to discredit and destroyme in retaliation for taking centre stage against a policy that has become crucial to theentrenchment of autocracy and racism. Moreover, you have done this in response to Britishrequests that I be silenced and to admonitions that you better control your citizens and that I bestopped before I expose more subversive British policies to EU cohesiveness, to the rule of law,and to the authority of the European Court of Human Rights, all of which are acts of geopoliticalMachiavellianism the British government would rather the world and especially continentalEurope remain unaware of.The attack that you and likeminded Crown loyalists in the city of Kingston have unleashed onme represents the most vicious and surreptitious act of structural violence in modern history andis unparalleled in its violations and violence in any and all liberal democracies13. To achieve thisyou have empowered the Attorney General of Ontario, John Gerretsen, and the former Speaker-of-the-House-of-Commons, Peter Milliken, to corrupt the judiciary and the police who have inturn manipulated public servants and doctors to perjure themselves and to betray the HippocraticOath, as well as their consciences. More egregiously, you have allowed the authorities to usemy wife’s mental and emotional feebleness to charge me with crimes I did not commit, and touse my children as pawns and hostages to force me to abandon my conscience and human rightswork in return for my children.The crimes you are directly and indirectly responsible for make those of President Nixon duringthe Watergate scandal pale by comparison and will certainly lead to your downfall and disgraceand eventually to your imprisonment.Clearly I have become a real threat to the status quo because the evidence I have presented is tooconvincing to be disproved by government propaganda or by personal attacks on my intellect,mental health, and qualities as a father and husband.I have spent the last three years of my life proving that what in 2005 was sold to the world ascounter-radicalization, by 2009 had morphed into a counter-resistance ploy to quell any backlashagainst the spread of corporate capitalism and Western interests to places where they are neitherwelcomed or beneficial nor fit the character and needs of the people. And of course Islam,13 “Petition to the UN”, 7
  8. 8. which frowns upon profit taking and lending at interest, is the only remaining impediment to theworld’s enslavement to Judeo-Christian corporate capitalist greed.I have shown that those who want to graduate from Western universities and have a place insociety are forced to espouse only the economic and political ideas that suit the enforcers of theNew World Order, which is necessary to create false consensus so as to ensure that the interestsand policies of the global nexus of power behind the New World Order meet with no opposition.In the process of imposing this narrow western worldview of the 1% on the 99%, all identities,national or otherwise, are raised off the face of the earth and the intelligentsia’s loyalty andallegiance is locked in step with the interests of the elites and not those of the people.I have also shown that any New World Order directive has multiple facets – one for publicconsumption, one for allied support and the cooperation of civil society, and one for deepinterests – in order to deceive the people into working against their own best interests and thatcounter-radicalization is one such directive; one that preys on people’s prejudices and fears. Theresult is a worsening of the lines of division between religions and cultures and universalmistrust between people and towards their governments. The only “consensus” reached is at thetop, between the elites, and it is at the expense of democracy itself and solely for the economicprofit of the few.I have shown that the counter-radicalization policy is a British deception that embodiesimperialist aspirations to control the world from the top down by corrupting, bullying andindoctrinating the young and by perverting the institutions of civil society. That it has poisonedthe world and that monarchies are not to be trusted because they embody aristocratic conceitsthat are by their very nature anti-democratic and will always try to usurp the principle of equalitybetween men.I have shown that the freedom of the press, the impartiality of NGOs, and the independence ofthe judiciary – from the lowest national courts to the highest international courts – have beenannihilated and that for all intents and purposes we now live without the rule of law and fully atthe mercy of global tyranny because the counter-radicalization excuse gives governments of allcolors and orientations the tools and the cover necessary to destroy their people’s democraticaspirations and to kill legitimate dissent without fear of being called to account.Civil society has been placed in a straightjacket and the media, the courts and NGOs watchimpotently as freedom and democracy throughout the world have been reduced to mere shadowsof their former selves.What the West’s policies of surveillance, censorship and control are primarily trying to achieveis not our safety from terrorist attacks and extremist influences, which is merely an excuse, butthe preservation of a global system of greed and inequality that is obsolete and immoral and thatcan only be sustained through lies and deception and through the scapegoating of others for itsabuses and failures. 8
  9. 9. These are inconvenient truths that fly in the face of the global propaganda we are surroundedwith and that in the meantime no one believes anymore but is nevertheless being force-fed to usin a never-ending stream.The fact that you, Prime Minister, have succeeded in manipulating the system, perverting therule of law, and corrupting the judiciary to commit serious crimes speaks volumes about theweakness of Canada’s civil, democratic and legal institutions and reveals structural and systemicflaws that beg to be remedied if Canada is to survive as a nation and if it can call itself ademocracy once again. As it stands, Canada is well on its way to being a dictatorship and canonly be described as a failed and illusory democracy.LACK OF LEADERSHIPThe primary flaw revealed is Canada’s lack of leadership. Canada has never outgrown thementality of a colony and has yet to be self-determined; its foreign policy having always beendictated by the UK and its economic policy determined by the US. Canada, with very fewexceptions, has not elected leaders to office, but only messengers. Our leaders have alwayseither parroted British or American positions and you, Prime Minister, are yet anothersubservient messenger of British interests and policies.What you fail to realize is that Canada’s population is no longer overwhelmingly British, but amulticultural tapestry and that Britain’s interests and policies are as a result often antithetical tothose of Canada and offend the values and norms of Canadians. Britain’s counter-radicalizationagenda is a case in point, as it seeks to defend Britain’s “shared values” and “communitycohesion”, values that are understood to be those of the Church of England and cohesion that isunderstood to be the racial bond of British Caucasians. Never mind that the British policyignores the fact that immigrants now account for 10% of the British populace and that allreligions and ethnicities on earth have substantial diasporas on British soil, Britain’smulticulturalism pales by comparison to that of Canada, which is a nation of immigrants.Canada’s cohesion rests on mutual respect and equal rights for every Canadian, regardless ofbackground, culture, creed or color. Canada is a nation that prides itself on peaceful and equalcoexistence, not on the artificial and forced imposition of British bigotry and prejudices on non-British people. Canadians have struggled long and hard to establish this as the core of ournational identity, and have succeeded despite constant British sabotage, and you have destroyedCanada’s hard-won achievement.In adopting the British counter-radicalization policy – which is clearly discriminatory anddivisive, not to mention illegal and immoral – without the knowledge and consent of theCanadian people you have betrayed not only the trust of Canadians but also the values on whichCanada stands. However admirable your Crown loyalism may have been to past generations of 9
  10. 10. British-stock Canadians, it is utterly inappropriate to the multi-religious, multi-colored, andmulti-cultural Canada of today. Of course, you and your administration are aware of this, whichis why you have gone behind the backs of Canadians.Your government is as a result vulgar and perverse; vulgar because it embodies the ugly biasesand prejudices of a minority of white and ignorant Canadians and perverse because in order to doso while preserving the façade of a liberal and enlightened nation you covertly suspended therule of law along with equality under the law, silenced the press and rendered all rights andprivileges enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms conditional on your secretdeals and undeclared prejudices.I have warned you in 2009 – when I sent you my passport to inform you that I no longer want theCanadian citizenship because I am ashamed of your leadership and decisions and chastised youfor knowingly and secretly committing Canada to policies that are illegal and immoral – that youhave overstepped your rights by making political decisions without the people’s knowledge andconsent and that you must pull out of the counter-radicalization coalition. You did not and haveinstead instigated an extrajudicial attack on me to make sure that Canadians do not find out aboutyour deception and betrayal. As a result of your petty, despotic and criminal actions, I wrote toyou on 22 January 2012 to inform you that I “no longer recognize the legitimacy of yourGovernment, or subject myself to more kangaroo courts and their predetermined legal outcomes,and [that] I will lead the Canadian people to indict you for crimes against the constitution andfor setting yourselves above the law.”14I will conclude the subject of lack of leadership, by pointing out the irony that your government,which is incapable of accomplishing the simple task of balancing its books, should deem itselfcapable of predicting a man’s actions before they occur and of knowing his thoughts before theyguide his actions; which are the stated goals of the counter-radicalization agenda. If bureaucratsand politicians were capable of such wizardry they could certainly be trusted to balance thenation’s books, eliminate unemployment, and feed the 25% of Canada’s children who live inpoverty and do not have enough to eat. Alas everyone knows that bureaucrats are by and largean incapable lot derelict in their basic duties and that politicians are first and foremost interestedin lining their own pockets and serving their own interests. For why else would our country,which sits on unimaginable natural wealth, be in such a mess?It is becoming increasingly clear that Canada has nothing left to learn from the UK and thatCanada’s membership in the Commonwealth of Nations must come to an end if Canada is to beself-determined and free of Britain’s destructive influence. The time has come for Canada tobecome a Republic and break all connections to the British Crown. The norms and values ofCanadians, which embody the world, are no longer compatible to those of Britain, which14 “Letter to the Canadian Government”, 22 January 2012, online at: 10
  11. 11. embody the ossified and antiquated institution of the monarchy and the blue blooded andmoneyed elites that surround it.WEAK INSTITUTIONSIn Harper’s Canada criticizing the government or its allies will result in the confiscation of yourchildren and property and, astonishingly, civil society and the media will watch in silence as thecourts, the police and the law are used as instruments of injustice.The evidence I have presented to the international courts15 show that Canada has no viableseparation between the three branches of government – the executive, the legislative and thejudiciary – and that therefore Canada can no longer be considered a democracy. It shows alsothat the Canadian media is a willing accessory to constitutional crimes, structural violence andinstitutional racism.The Canadian system is a fraud from top to bottom and nothing in it functions as it should.In Harper’s Canada an executive order trumps the rule of law and sets in motion a chain ofillegalities that will stop at nothing because there is nothing and no one to stop it. In Harper’sCanada judges can order the police to beat defendants in court if they try to speak, they can denyhabeas corpus and the presumption of innocence, and they have no compulsion about doctoringcourt transcripts and holding kangaroo courts whose outcomes are dictated by political orders.In Harper’s Canada lawyers are ordered to pass on evidence about their clients to the Crown, tocollaborate with Crown prosecutors in withholding exonerating evidence, and to deny their ownclients access to the Crown Disclosure. In Harper’s Canada doctors and psychologists workingfor the government are obligated to issue false discharge summaries and medical reports andfamily doctors are coopted to falsify medical records as a favour to the government. In Harper’sCanada children are objects to be used and abused as pawns and as hostages if politicalobjectives are at stake. In Harper’s Canada the police carry out false arrests, access privateproperty without a warrant, confiscate and steal intellectual property, deny a defendant access toa lawyer, and steal property and evidence from police custody. In Harper’s Canada vulnerablewomen are manipulated to turn against their husbands and to put their prejudices before the loveof their children. In Harper’s Canada the secret service, the Canadian Security and IntelligenceService (CSIS), is used to conduct illegal surveillance, to open phony investigations to preventthe release of files through the Freedom of Information Act, to destroy electronic and physicalevidence and to hide its criminal acts while innocent Canadians are convicted for CSIS’ crimes.In Harper’s Canada the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUP) is used to cover up the15 “Petition to the UN by Kevin Galalae”, 11
  12. 12. government’s crime scenes and to keep the judiciary corrupt and corruptible, while the CanadianCivil Liberties Association (CCLA) and the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ)watch its back to make sure no one sees what is happening.16 In Harper’s Canada those whoabandon their consciences are rewarded and those who do not have their careers destroyed. InHarper’s Canada good men hide like cowards.These acts of executive lawlessness and judicial corruption bear of course the imprint of HerMajesty’s Government. Following Britain’s example Harper’s Canada uses the law as a cover topursue political attacks and objectives that cannot be pursued either legally or openly becausethey represent blatant attacks on our fundamental rights that would expose our country for whatit is, a fraudulent democracy.The weakness of the Canadian political system, like England’s, comes best to the fore in thecross-party collaboration and the lack of opposition to policies that offend the masses but onwhich the establishment depends to keep the status quo alive and well so it can continue to stallthe country’s evolution towards a more egalitarian and just society; a society that benefits the99% not the 1%. For though I have appealed to the leaders of each of Canada’s major politicalparties and asked them to defend our sovereignty and to condemn the destruction of ourfundamental rights in the name of countering radicalization, I have been completely ignored.More than this, once I became a threat to the status quo, the Conservative Party, which sits inpower in Ottawa, collaborated with the Liberal Party, which controls the Province of Ontario, tomake possible their extrajudicial attack on me and my family. The Conservative and Liberalparties are thus fully and equally complicit in serious constitutional crimes, while Canada’s otherparties remain silent.Her Majesty’s Government is dragging the world towards immorality and lawlessness to justifyracist policies, imperialist greed and British cultural supremacy as surely as Europe’s fascists didin the 1930s. The only difference is the lower level of cruelty employed, at least so far. Themost frightening parallel is the ease with which civil society, the judiciary and the press haveabandoned their duties and succumbed to the status of accessories to constitutional crimes,structural violence and institutional racism.As in Hitler’s Germany so in Harper’s Canada the good men and women have hung their headsin shame, shut their mouths and sold their consciences because they are petrified of what thegovernment can and will do to them if they stand up for truth and justice. The abdication of theirdignity and freedom shows that Canadians are besotted with such fear and cynicism that theyhave lost all hope in themselves and in their leadership.16 “Kevin Galalae’s Response to the Investigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada into the Misconduct ofCriminal Attorney David Sinnett”, 21 May 2012, online at: 12
  13. 13. That is your legacy, Prime Minister. That is what history will remember you for. And this hashappened because you have tied Canada to the British chain.To undo Prime Minister Harper’s damage and the cumulative effects of political apathy and lackof true sovereignty, Canadians will have to adopt drastic reform measures to rethink thecountry’s entire system. 1. To address the lack of leadership and political engagement, Canada needs to broaden political participation and stimulate interest in self-determination and public service as a right and responsibility of citizenship. It can do so by making voting compulsory, outlawing public office for more than one term on the provincial and one on the federal level, and legislating that Parliament and the Senate must represent a cross section of society by profession, gender and race17. Canadians will never become interested in politics so long as the political realm is monopolized by career politicians and lawyers. Political office must be a real possibility and a duty for every able Canadian. The revolving door between politics and big business must also be closed shut and individuals who have served their one term in public office can only continue to be involved in politics in advisory and unpaid roles. That is the only way government and governance can be returned to the people. 2. To address the abysmal lack of courage and independence in the Canadian media, journalists must be bound by law to publish and broadcast cases of structural violence, institutional discrimination, systemic abuse and economic exploitation, all of which have become taboo subjects that are suppressed either by corporate interests or by political and bureaucratic interests. The Canadian media is utterly subservient to corporate and political interests and does not give the Canadian public the duty of care it has to act as a counterforce to political power and economic interests, as the fourth estate it was designed to be. A Good Samaritan law must come into effect to force journalists to speak truth to power or else lose their licences and even face prison terms for collusion, complicity and tacit suppression of information that affects the public good and exposes individuals to victimhood, but to also defend them from loss of jobs in retaliation for speaking truth to power. Media owners who interfere with editorial independence will have their newspaper, radio or TV stations confiscated and the ownership transferred to the employees and the community they serve. The stranglehold of corporate censorship of the media will thus be loosened. 3. To address the feebleness of Canada’s NGOs, legislation must be put in place to ensure that any non-profit organization receiving donations from the Canadian public and/or funds and support from the government in whatever form has a duty of care to defend the rights and liberties of Canadians first and foremost. Canadian NGOs are very good at17 Religion cannot be a criterion for public office as the separation of church and state must be strictly adhered to. 13
  14. 14. standing up for victims in the developing world but are nowhere to be found when it is time to stand up for victims at home or in the developed world. This is completely unacceptable and Canada’s NGOs should be severely punished in the future for such self- serving double-standard. Failing to serve Canadians should automatically result in the loss of their licenses to collect donations and to act as non-profit organizations.These simple measures will ensure that the Canadian system is biased towards truth and justicenot against it, as is currently the case.POOR LAWS AND A SELF-SERVING JUDICIARYCanada’s laws are a disgrace and their application a tragedy. The legal system itself is adecaying corpse in whose desiccated veins flows only greed and hypocrisy. Its primary functionis to serve the economic interests of lawyers and politicians and the bureaucracies built aroundthe industry of incarceration. How any self-respecting man or woman could work in this systemis beyond my comprehension. The notion that justice is possible at $300 to $400 an hour whenthe vast majority of Canadians earn between $10 and $30 per hour is clearly a grand delusionthan only a deeply flawed society can justify. That is why at a time of decreasing crime theprison population is growing and the government has just instituted the most draconian criminallaws in our country’s history (Bill C-10).Under your leadership, Prime Minister Harper, an already deeply flawed system needed only anudge in the wrong direction to become a full-fledged instrument of injustice. Laws passed tokeep lawyers overfed, like the domestic abuse legislation and divorce law that eschews automaticjoint custody of children, are now used in select cases to mask politically motivated attacks, as inmy case, and economically motivated society-wide theft, as in the case of tens of thousands ofCanadians who rot in prison and who are being bankrupted by the parasitical social class thatcontrols the law.Without executive direction and in the absence of independent oversight, lawyers have turned thelaw into a tool of extortion and are holding every branch of the economy at ransom, treating theirclients as their personal banks. Their power is unchecked because as a group they havemonopolized the executive, judiciary and legislative branches of government. They are thereforethe Mandarins of our times and in full control of the institutions of state. Lawyers are in the onlyprofession that has no oversight and is not accountable to anyone other than their brethren. Notsurprisingly the countries that have inherited the common law system of justice from the British,and which rely on precedent and tradition set by Britain’s legal history, have become hopelesslyrigid and dangerously litigious.Lawyers have excluded themselves from the free-market law of supply and demand, even thoughthey are the main defendants of the free-market forces that regulate the value of goods and 14
  15. 15. services in a competitive environment. The excess of lawyers in a free market system wouldmean that lawyers should be relatively cheap, but because lawyers artificially defend theireconomic interests and turf they are dictating their own pay scales and consequently the price oflawyers and their true value is totally devoid of any connection to the market.18In my short encounter with Canada’s legal system I have yet to meet a single lawyer who isworth $50 let alone $400 an hour and more often than not a reasonably intelligent person isbetter off defending himself/herself than entrusting his/her rights and property to the negligentand greedy ways of the Canadian legal class.The Canadian “justice” system has the ability to ruin a man’s life in a fortnight but lacks themeans to restore it through compensation for judicial negligence or corruption even a decadelater. To add insult to injury, lawyers are paid to ruin a man’s life and then paid again ten timesmore to correct their own mistakes and crimes. As an example of the system’s fraudulence, onehas only 30 days to appeal a conviction but the courts have 90 days to provide court transcripts,without which filing an appeal is impossible. Only a professional class of social deviants couldjustify such legal paradoxes.The judiciary under Harper’s leadership has become an instrument of injustice and the law isused to bully Canadians into submission. Canadians feel beaten by the system, which has put usall in a straightjacket. We scream and kick and complain but no one in our government islistening and no politician cares, because they are all lawyers and are too busy looking after theirown and their brethren’s interests.Canada’s domestic laws are not only a reflection of deep-seated Anglo-Saxon class-bias andprejudices, they are also the result of the fact that Canada’s system is controlled and dictated bylawyers who put their interests first and who by virtue of the stranglehold they have on allbranches of government are arrogantly abusing their power and authority for naked andunashamed self-interest and class-interest. Canada’s lawyers represent the most dangerous andentrenched criminal organization in the country, an organization that holds the entire country atransom.A glut of lawyers at a time of decreasing crime rates and economic hardship should meanincreasing competition and decreasing hourly wages for lawyers. To offset this trend, the layerswho control the legislative branch of government pass laws that artificially create more workand new income streams for lawyers in practice, laws that criminalize formerly acceptedbehavior or that increase punishment, force police to automatically lay charges and take awaytheir discretionary powers, and prolong prison sentences and probation conditions; all of whichvastly increase the crime rates and fill the prisons with dire effects on families, the fabric of18 There are over 120,000 lawyers in Canada, though statistics are conspicuously lacking. By comparison there areonly 70,000 physicians. By all accounts Canada suffers from a glut of lawyers yet their median income in 2005 was$126,632. 15
  16. 16. society and the common good. This is the origin of the “tough on crime” dogma, which hasbecome the legal paradigm of all Anglo-Saxon nations that are also operating according to theBritish common law system. This is also the true motivation of Harper’s crime bill, which is anaffront to all Canadians and an unprecedented assault on our rights and liberties.What Canada needs in order to reform its abysmal laws and judiciary is less England and moreFrance. Better yet, Canada ought to adopt the many laudable features of the Canadian aboriginaljustice tradition, which is far more humane and honourable and does not depend on money.Until such day, I suggest six urgent reform measures that will allow Canadians to take controlover their justice system rather than continue to ape that of England as a poor and provincialcopy: 1. Restricting through legislation the number of lawyers in government at all three levels (executive, judicial and legislative branches) to a proportion that is not far above the numbers of lawyers relative to the general population. Therefore, if lawyers account for roughly 0.5 % of the population, then only a maximum of 10% of government should be lawyers19. If Canada is to be a representative democracy than our government must be composed of a cross-section of Canada’s population. Until such time Canada will never achieve democracy and lawyers will continue to usurp the nation’s interests for their own. 2. The fees lawyers charge must be restricted to reflect the incomes of Canadians. Justice cannot be subverted by the rapacious and greedy ways of lawyers. Legislation should be passed to force lawyers to charge clients no more than triple the client’s hourly income and to accept clients as they come in without selecting the wealthy and discarding the poor. If a client earns $10 an hour a lawyer cannot charge that client more than $30 an hour for his services. If a client earns $50 an hour he/she cannot be charged more than $150 an hour by his/her lawyer. This will ensure that justice is equally accessible to everyone, is not dependent on wealth and is affordable, and that it is rooted in the economic abilities of the nation.20 The profit motive will be taken out of the equation of justice and the administration of justice will be able to breathe freely and to concentrate on serving justice not profit. This will also ensure that the right people pursue a career in the law and that the legal system has a symbiotic and not a parasitical relationship to the society at large. As it is the law has become the refuge of crooks and scoundrels.19 I grant that lawyers are needed in government in a larger proportion than any other profession by virtue of theirskills, which is why 10% is an appropriate compromise. The number of lawyers currently in Canada’s three levelsof government is unknown but well in excess of 70%.20 Legal Aid is underfunded, susceptible to state interference, and is not working. Furthermore, it does not establisha level playing field. 16
  17. 17. 3. To ensure that lawyers and the judiciary are subjected to true democratic oversight the people must have recourse to an ad hoc judicial body that is controlled by the people and not by lawyers and the government and that can be constituted locally to hear one case and one case only. Lawyers cannot stand in judgement over lawyers no more than criminals should stand in judgment of criminals. The People’s Protection Court21 must therefore be given the authority to correct judicial abuse, corruption and negligence and to award victims proper compensation and exoneration. As it is, the system destroys and impedes any victim who seeks redress for institutional and systemic mistakes committed by the system. That is why Canada’s judiciary has become utterly unaccountable and totally self-serving and abusive. Compensation awarded by The People’s Protection Court or existing higher courts must be paid not from the public trough but from the incomes of the lawyers, judges and public servants who are directly and indirectly responsible for the damage caused to the victim. The Canadian taxpayer should not be liable for judicial incompetence, greed, negligence and corruption. This will ensure that self-interest is put to work for justice not against it. Lawyers and judges will be far more circumspect with the law and with the powers they have once this is the case. 4. The government has no business in our bedrooms or in our families. Couples wishing to separate must be referred to mediation not to courts. Equal and shared child custody rights must be automatic as in the EU. Parents cannot be arbitrarily separated from their children by flawed authorities and institutions that have their own economic interest at heart. 5. Given the lawlessness and injustice with which the Canadian judiciary has turned large numbers of innocent Canadians into criminals it is necessary to grant a general amnesty to all Canadians serving time for non-violent crimes and to wipe their records clean through pardons so that Canada can start a new life and begin healing after 50 years of judicial abuse. During this time of empty prisons the Canadian government should convert the great majority of prisons into healing and detoxification centres and Canada must pursue of policy of minimal incarceration so that the current rates are brought down to the level of nations that are most kind with their citizens. Instead of gearing Canada to reach America’s incarceration rate (at 740 prisoners per 100,000 being the highest in the world and nearly as high as that of the Soviet Union under Stalin, at 823), Canada should aim to reach India’s level of civilized behaviour (at 21 prisoners per 100,000).22 6. No law student should graduate without first spending 30 days in prison, half of which in solitary confinement, so they can know and appreciate the power and responsibility21 “The People’s Protection Court”, online at: Canada’s incarceration rate stands at 107 per 100,000 citizens as of 2006. 17
  18. 18. society is about to entrust them with. No lawyer or judge now in practice should continue unless spending a week in prison every five years, lest they should forget the awesome responsibility and power they wield over our lives and so that they may use that power compassionately. Crown prosecutors must spend a week in prison (and in solitary confinement to ensure their security) every two years as a reminder not to abuse their power by calling for outrageously long sentences, as is currently the case.I am certain that the Canadian public will welcome these laws and that once they are adoptedthey will change Canada’s legal landscape for the better and will propel Canada’s justice systeminto the 21st century as a model for the world to follow. That is so because the system will bebiased towards justice and the common good, as it should be, and not towards injustice and classinterest, as currently is the case. These new laws will give the system the structure necessary tobe self-correcting and accountable before not after mistakes and abuses occur.BRITISH INFLUENCEThe British system treats citizens as subjects not free men. To exclude the underprivileged fromthe political process and thus keep the elites entrenched, prisoners are not allowed to vote23,peerages carry the personal right to sit and vote in the House of Lords, and the vast majority ofkey positions in civil service and the three branches of government are held by the members ofthe upper class24.Worse of all, the British system treats children without regard for their needs and sensibilitiesand throughout its history has used children to achieve political and economic objectives.Britain has a long and dark history of child abuse, from the exploitation of children in theVictorian era and in the dismal factories of the Industrial Revolution to the wholesale abductionof native children from their parents throughout Canada and elsewhere to be culturally purged,psychologically destroyed, and ideologically brainwashed into accepting Anglo-Saxonsupremacy over their own culture.The policies of assimilation propagated by the British Empire have caused more suffering,destroyed or crippled more cultures and sown more division over the course of history than thoseof any other nation, Nazi Germany included.23 The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has recently ordered the UK to grant prisoners the right to vote,which is a constitutionally protected right. Cognisant of the fact that this will change the elitist landscape of Britishpolitics, the government has refused to comply and has instead intensified its assault on the European Court ofHuman Rights to ensure that it annihilates its power and jurisdiction. The UK has succeeded to achieve just that inBrighton.24 A study done by the Oxford University student newspaper in 2010 reckoned that nearly 90% of all key positionsin the UK are held by members of the upper class. That study disappeared from the record a month later. 18
  19. 19. The counter-radicalisation policy now propagated from the UK is in the same tradition as theGradual Civilization Act of 1857 and the Gradual Enfranchisement Act of 1869, which havejustified cultural genocide on Canada’s native population and have turned the residential schoolsystem that forcibly removed 150,000 native children from their parents into de factoconcentration camps where children were sterilized, sexually abused, beaten, tortured andmurdered by the finest representatives of Christian society, the clergy, which killed half of thesehelpless children. The same policy was applied in Australia on the aboriginal population, inSouth Africa on the Boer women and children and in just about every other place where theBritish have robbed and pillaged and have “civilized the savages”.Like its predecessors, the Prevent strand of Britain’s counter-radicalisation policy is aimed atchildren and the young, assumes the inherent superiority of British ways and commits culturalgenocide, this time on British Muslims. Judging by the cruelty of Britain’s Christians and thearrogance with which they have soiled history one could easily argue that it is Britain’s Muslimswho need to do the civilizing and the native Brits who need to be civilized.How could this happen? How could Britain, given its abysmal record and nasty history, dare toinfect the world once again with its conceits and its culture of abuse and perversion? Part of theexplanation can be found in the way the British upper class treats its children, or rather in theway it mistreats its children, by locking them up in boarding schools from an early age andcausing them “profound developmental damage” since “early rupture with home has a lastinginfluence on developmental patterns”.25 The wider social impact of the British upper classmanner of raising their offspring through abandonment in institutions is that power is transferredfrom one generation of repressed and traumatised individuals unable to connect emotionally withothers onto another generation of equally repressed and traumatized individuals. Britain iscaught in a vicious psychological cycle. Not surprisingly the political and social decisionsBritain’s elites make are illustrative of a social class in which practices of the most callousinhumanity are accepted as the natural order of events and even more importantly as the properEnglish way. Not surprisingly the British upper class has little in common with the commonBritons. Not surprisingly the policies and declarations emanating from the British Governmentrarely reflect the will or the interests of the people. Not surprisingly the elites who make up theBritish government need a pretext to control and manipulate public opinion and to manufactureconsent, which is what the counter-radicalization policy is. Not surprisingly, the Prevent strandof CONTEST is not looking for social cohesion but for social suppression; the suppression of thewill and sentiments of the majority to the will and interests of the elite minority that controls andalways has controlled the British government.25 Dr. Joy Schaverien, “Boarding School Syndrome: Broken Attachments a Hidden Trauma”, British Journal ofPsychotherapy, 28 March 2011. 19
  20. 20. The same elite conceits and need for social suppression animates the Harper government andconsequently the rift between the policies adopted by his administration and the norms andvalues of Canadians is growing wider by the day. Not surprisingly he has abrogated parliamenttwice, reneged Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, adopted a wholly unholy pro-Israeliposition, cut social services, increased military spending, pushed his fascist crime bill (Bill C-10)down the throats of Canadians, and covertly committed Canada to the British counter-radicalization policy which flies in the face of everything Canadian.Not surprisingly, the Conservative Party of Canada now and in the past has masked the social illscreated through their rapacious and self-serving policies through a tough on crime stance. This isall the more criminal given that in the past 20 years Canada’s conservative elite has sold ournation’s resources to foreign interests and has exported our jobs to the developing world withoutmaking any social provisions for the hardship that was to inevitably ensue. So after firstimpoverishing us to enrich themselves, this shameless group of men are now criminalizing ourpoverty, for that is the objective of Prime Minister Harper’s crime bill. I think it is fair to saythat they have asked for severe punishment and we, Canadians, are about to teach them a lessonthey will never forget by giving them a taste of their own medicine and indicting and convictingthem with the full harshness of Bill C-10, their own creation. I have provided more thansufficient evidence through my case alone to put Prime Minister Harper and Justice MinisterNicholson behind bars for a very long time.But their treachery goes even further for it does not stop with their attack on us adults it extendsto an attack on our children and families.In the same fashion they have attacked us economically, they are now attacking us through thejudiciary by using our children to exploit us and to transfer what little wealth we have left intothe pockets of lawyers and judges, in other words in their own pockets. They do this through theso-called zero tolerance domestic violence law and by subjecting family matters and divorceprocedures to legal decisions because Canadian law has been conveniently designed not toautomatically award joint custody rights to parents, but leaves that to the discretion of thejudicial system as their ultimate financial extortion method. This is judicial theft and systemicclass war by the relatively rich on the relatively poor. It is, pure and simple, the newestincarnation of class war.Canada’s laws have no consideration for children and families because we are aping the Englishtradition and the English have never had much kindness for children. Here is but one examplefrom their dismal history: “In 1828 The Lion, published the history of Robert Blincoe, one of eighty pauper-children sent off to a factory at Lowdham. The boys and the girls – they were all about ten years old – were whipped day and night, not only for the slightest fault, but to stimulate their flagging industry. And compared with a factory at Litton where Blincoe was subsequently transferred, conditions at Lowdham were rather humane. At Litton the children scrambled with the pigs for the slops in the 20
  21. 21. trough; they were kicked and punched and sexually abused; and their employer, one Ellice Needham, had the chilling habit of pinching the children’s ears until his nails met through the flesh. The foreman of the plant was even worse. He hung Blincoe up by his wrists over a machine so that his knees were bent and then he piled heavy weights on his shoulders. The child and his co- workers were almost naked in the cold of winter and (seemingly as a purely gratuitous sadistic flourish) their teeth were filed down!”26Today, the British savagery towards children lives on in the current family laws and in theboarding schools, of which the UK has 600. Canadians of British stock embody that savageryand impose it on Canada through laws that are antithetical to the Canadian psyche, a psyche thathas long ago ceased to be of British descent and that is a healthy global hybrid.Anglo-Saxons, in their indifference to children, judge it acceptable to separate children andparents, for they have no regard and no conception that the rest of the world is bound byunbreakable emotional ties between parents and children. Anglo-Saxons think nothing ofcommitting their children from infancy in institutions to be raised and educated by strangers intotal absence of parental love. Much of the rest of the world considers this practice cruel andbarbaric.Anglo-Saxons, at the mercy of their litigious societies, think nothing of separating children andparents for years on end so that lawyers, the profession of the British and Canadian upper classby excellence, can profit from children’s misery. In a sadistic way, they seek comfort from theirown mistreatment as children by mistreating the children of others.And that is the model that Canada follows and that now permeates the judicial and legislativebranches of Canada’s government, which have no connection whatsoever to the norms andvalues of Canadians.No other race has perpetrated or continues to perpetrate more atrocities on children than Anglo-Saxons. The Canadian legal system, based as it is on British common law, has inherited thecallous disregard for children’s rights visible throughout Britain’s history and society. As aresult, Canadians live in a legal system that is not only harsh and cruel but that rationalizes itscruelty under the guise of domestic criminal law which legitimizes interference in family mattersas the state’s responsibility.That in of itself is not a bad thing, but how the Canadian state fulfills its responsibility to protectthe weak is what is troublesome and damaging. For at the slightest sign of aggression or frayednerves – a raised voice, a push, a slap, or a harsh word – the state swoops down on families andseparates its members arbitrarily, without recourse and without regard for the feelings andopinions of husbands and wives.26 Robert Heilbronner, “The Worldly Philosophers”, pp. 85-86, Simon and Schuster, 1963. 21
  22. 22. One parent, usually the father, is arrested, incarcerated, charged with harassment or domesticviolence and upon release on bail thrown out of his own home and given minutes to pick up afew clothes. His ties to his children are broken forever. A parent thus treated is instantly labeleda social outcast, will most likely lose his job and be financially ruined at the time when the legalcosts pile up without end in sight. When he can no longer pay child support his driver’s licenceis then cancelled and he is crippled even further, which then allows the government to label hima deadbeat father. What could have been resolved between husband and wife within minutes atno financial and at little psychological and emotional cost will take the legal system years at acrippling emotional, psychological and financial cost. The family will have been destroyedforever and its wealth transferred to lawyers.By taking away the rights of husbands and wives to forgive and forget, to move on, to patch uptheir differences in privacy and without outside interference, the state, with its blunt legal meansand its patronizing and rigid legal system inherited from England, ends up committing far gravercrimes on families than the minor or major infraction that set it in motion in the first place. Andthe damage, without exception, is irreversible and crippling on families, committing them toeconomic desperation and plunging children into poverty and perpetual emotional conflict.That is the British legacy on Canadian law and the judiciary. Once again, what Canada needs isless England if we are to ever become a civilized nation in the spirit of the world’s great souls,the Mahatmas that we in the West no longer listen to because we conduct our affairs alongRealpolitik cruelties and callous profiteering rather than in accordance to the noble heritage ofEuropean humanism.But that is what happens when a man like you, Prime Minister Harper, a conservative born-againChristian and ideologue blinded by Crown loyalty, takes over the reins of our multiculturalcountry and paints it with a sallow brush dipped in British interests. That is what happens whenCanada’s political class decides to impose British conceits on Canadians.The United Kingdom – flagging as it is in most scientific, industrial, manufacturing andtechnological domains – is relying increasingly more on exporting its treachery andMachiavellianism to the world’s despots, monarchs and hoodlums in positions of power andeven to the impressionable democracies of continental Europe. The UK peddles fraudulentfinancial instruments to gullible buyers, surveillance software to tyrants and autocrats, and anti-democratic policies of censorship and control to innocents worldwide.Lord Carlisle, in his 2011 review of the Prevent strategy, in a display of unsavory arrogance, hasthe gull to demand that the US follows the UK’s lead to curtail freedom of speech on the Internetalong the ideological, unconstitutional and prejudicial lines of Britain’s Prevent strategy. Hewrites: Of course, in order to be fully effective in dealing with extremism on the internet we require the co- operation not only of the internet service providers, but also of the countries from which they 22
  23. 23. operate. International co-operation in this context is vital, especially with the United States, from which a great many offending sites originate. Internet ‘flags of convenience’ should not be permitted to undermine public safety.27The UK wants the right to censor the entire world and the Internet of anything that offendsBritish sensibilities or, more accurately, undermines Britain’s self-awarded right to rape andpillage others. Freedom of speech and conscience, which are rooted in every nation’s culture,history and environment are far more important than British sensibilities and British interests andshould never be subjected to British censorship. I hope President Obama and Secretary of StateClinton told Lord Carlisle to take his policy and stick it where the sun don’t shine, to use ahumble Canadian expression that everyone understands.INFERIORITY COMPLEXBeholden to British political control and to American economic influence, Canada has developeddeeply ingrained inferiority complexes and is unable and unwilling to take the lead on the globalarena on anything. We are a nation of followers despite our unparalleled natural advantages: ageography that protects us from foreign aggression, unequalled natural wealth, and a lowpopulation splurged on vast territories, to name but a few.This self-defeatist feature of the Canadian character became evident to me shortly after Iimmigrated to Canada as a nineteen-year-old lad. Yet Canada has tremendous talent and greathuman resources because Canadians are well-educated, moderate, practical and rational andbecause by virtue of the fact that we come from all corners of the world we embody theknowledge and cultures of mankind. But we Canadians are not using either our talents or ournation’s natural advantages. Instead we have succumbed to a poverty of soul, an inability todream, and a dangerous meekness that have arrested Canada’s development and evolution.You, Prime Minister Harper, embody these inferiority complexes more than any other leaderCanada has ever had and consequently are dragging our country down to the bottom of the packof nations and to the status of an inconsequential country.Complacency and apathy have annihilated our ability and will to fight for our future and for ourchildren. We have become prisoners and victims of the system we have created and haveallowed to decay. And we are squandering our splendid resources and the precious little time wehave left to save our country and the world from certain collapse.Canada needs to be at the forefront of the world’s transition from national to global governanceand needs to help the 99% impose democratic control and oversight on the existing Bretton27 See p. 8 in “Report to the Home Secretary of Independent Oversight of Prevent Review and Strategy”, 2011. 23
  24. 24. Woods institutions, which in the absence of democratic checks and balances serve only theinterests of the 1%. Unless Canada forges relationships with countries that have already imposedthe will of the majority on the minority and works in concord with them to advance democracyto the global governance arena, we do not have a chance in hell of saving our own country letalone the world.To get us there, I have done what our political leaders should have done a long time ago, drafteda vision and a plan for the future of the world in 15 simple principles that everyone cancomprehend and that I have called the OM Principles and which to date are available in 7languages.28It is to suppress the ideas contained in the OM Principles that the censors in the UK and Canadahave expelled me from university and hounded me in the hope of destroying my life before theworld has a chance to know that there is a solution to all our wows. And as any honest personwill see once he or she reads the OM Principles, there is nothing radical or impossible containedtherein. They do however threaten the entrenched moneyed, political and religiousestablishments that are leading mankind to perdition and our planet to certain environmentaldestruction.I ask my fellow Canadians to get behind the OM Principles and show the world what Canada ismade of and that Canadians are not only capable but also willing to lead mankind to a betterfuture.As a first act of geopolitical leadership, I ask my fellow Canadians that we become the firstnation to pull out of Resolution 1624 (2005) and thus restore not only our sovereignty but theworld’s peaceful and equal coexistence. Racist and autocratic policies have no place at theglobal governance level and we Canadians must show courage and determination to safeguardinternational covenants and national prerogatives.28 OM Principles in English, Principles in French, Principles in Italian, Principles in Arabic, Principles in Russian, Principles in Romanian, Principles in Albanian, 24
  25. 25. As my concluding words, I have this to say.You, Prime Minister Harper, and your colleagues in the UK have crucified me under the cover ofdarkness, but I continue to speak without fear from my tear-drenched cross God’s truth and noforce on earth will stop me from it.I ask my fellow Canadians to rise up and speak with one voice that we are a nation which doesnot tolerate criminals at the helm of our country. I ask my fellow Canadians to rise up andspeak with one voice that we want to live in a free, kind and democratic country. I ask myfellow Canadians to rise up and speak with one voice that Stephen Harper must step down andface our judgement for the crimes he has committed.Canadians do not want an incarcerator and a censor in power intent on crushing our son’s anddaughter’s souls and spirits behind bars and their self-worth in universities and schools, but afacilitator capable of lifting our children’s spirits higher than they could go on their own. We donot want a messenger of foreign orders who creates divisions within our multicultural society,but a visionary who can fire up our native abilities and can unite us in common purpose. We donot want a dictator and a lawbreaker who usurps our rights and liberties behind our backs, but anhonorable man of whom Canadians can be proud and in whose hands our freedom anddemocracy are safe. You fail on all accounts.For the sake of our country and to spare Canada the indignity of having to indict and imprison itsPrime Minister, I ask that you resign.Sincerely,Kevin Mugur Galalae 25