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SMART Board Collaboration Tools

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  • - SMART’s software is designed to support many displays within a meeting room. - Multiple displays have become common in many business applications, due to the ability to have a variety of data sources visible simultaneously. To run an effective session, it is necessary to be able to freely move information around a meeting room while standing at an interactive display. These additional displays can be interactive or passive, allowing organizations to leverage their existing meeting room technology. SMART’s collaboration software will share up to three screens simultaneously, giving remote participants the ability to view and interact with any of the three shared screens, creating a more collaborative environment.
  • Many companies are using videoconferencing to enhance collaboration and interact with remote colleagues. Integrating interactive technology into a VC equipped room improves the ability to collaborate effectively with information and documents, essentially turning a traditional meeting into a collaborative, working session where everyone can collaborate. This can increase the utilization of existing videoconference investment by broadening the applications for which it is used.By adding a second camera, remote participants can also see the presenter interacting with the SMART Board. The VC display can also double as a passive, secondary data display. This could potentially be converted to an interactive display with SMART’s Interactive Frame.
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    1. 1. Solving Business Challenges withInteractive Collaboration Technology
    2. 2. Business ChallengesDistributed Teams Responding to Crises Better Decisions FasterHigh Cost of Travel Lost Time Ineffective Meetings
    3. 3. A new series of SMART Interactive DisplaysIndustry leadingInteractive Displays SMART Interactive Displays: 885ix and 8070iInspires extraordinary collaboration Revolutionary, fully integrated, easy-to-use whiteboard and flat panel display systems for every workspace • DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology with objectTransforms the way people work awareness and superior touch performance • Multitouch • Dual-user supportDesigned to complement corporateenvironments Touch. Write. Interact
    4. 4. SMART Board 8070i for BusinessSMART’s DViT technology• Four cameras system• Superior Multitouch experience Professional grade display with boardroom appeal • 1080p high definition • Superior touch performance and accuracy Specification • Hardened glass • 70” diagonal • Widescreen • 16:9 aspect ratio SMART Meeting Pro™ • Interactive whiteboard SMART GoWire™ software for business • Auto-launch SMART Meeting Pro SMART Meeting Pro™ • Laptop support Premium • Optional software upgrade New integrated Pen Tray design Magnetic pens • Two generic pens and an eraser • Magnetic pens attach to display • Four color buttons 70" Professional grade HD flat panel with integrated multitouch
    5. 5. SMART Board 885ix System for Business SMART UX60 projectorSMART DViT™ technology • Integrated ultra-short-throw• 4 camera optical solution • HD ready (720p)• Superior multitouch experience Hardened steel backboard • Projection friendly • Dry-erase and magnet compatible Specification • 87” diagonal • Widescreen •16:10 aspect ratio SMART Meeting Pro™ • Interactive whiteboard software for business New Pen Tray design SMART Meeting Pro™ • Dual user Premium • Color selector • Optional software upgrade • Integrated controls SMART GoWire™ Pen Tray expansion slots • Auto-launch SMART • Left wing for control module Meeting Pro • Right wing for extension module • Laptop support
    6. 6. SMART Podium™ Interactive DisplayFeatures• A large workspace with widescreen 22” display• A high definition solution with multiple scaling options to support 16:10 and 4:3 ratios• Turns desktops into meeting spaces• Allows users to present and ink on large screens
    7. 7. SMART Meeting Pro Premium: Key ComponentsEnhanced Digital Whiteboarding Integrated Data Conferencing Client Write. Save. Distribute. Text Recognition Connect. Share. Collaborate *Bridgit Server required London New York Ink-Aware App. Support Multi-Display Management Capture Digital Notes in Native Application Display Organizer, Multi-Screen Sharing 3rd Party SMART Ink-Aware Apps *Up to 16 Displays Supported
    8. 8. SMART Bridgit Server SoftwareSMART Bridgit collaboration server software is cost-effective, highly secure,scalable, and a multi-functional (data, voice and video) whiteboarding collaborationsolution. Phoenix Denver San Francisco Connect Interact Present Collaborate Road Warrior
    9. 9. The SMART Collaboration Technologies Solution SMART Collaboration Systems • Designed specifically for multi-site collaboration • Focus is on “working” real-time with data • Promotes active multi-user engagement • All participants can annotate simultaneously • Write and capture digital ink in business applications • Cost-effective for all meeting spaces Video Conferencing Web Conferencing
    10. 10. Common Use Cases• In-Room Collaboration• Remote Collaboration• Multi-display Collaboration• Collaboration – with Video Conferencing
    11. 11. In-Room CollaborationWhiteboarding, brainstormingRun applicationsAnnotate over documents, applicationsInsert as text or image to application file Email Save, distribute USB Network
    12. 12. Remote CollaborationRemote whiteboarding,brainstorming Simultaneous multi-point collaboration Everyone participates in-room or remoteRemote collaboration withdocuments, applications
    13. 13. Multi-display Collaboration Share and collaborate on multiple Multi-display brainstorming screens simultaneously Incremental margin $ based on corporate IWB Growth - Corporate 2008 - 2010 solution sales 40,000 30,000 +38% Traditional margin 20,000 +75% $ based on IWB unit sales to 10,000 Education - 2008 2009 2010 All Othe r SM ART Multiple content sources Join and collaborate from anywhere IWB Growth - Corporate 2008 - 201040,00030,000 +38%20,000 +75%10,000 - 2008 2009 2010 IWB Growth - Corporate 2008 - 2010 All Other SMART 40,000 30,000 +38% 20,000 +75% 10,000 - 2008 2009 2010 All Other SMART Remote participants/groups collaborate with any of the shared displays
    14. 14. Collaboration – with Videoconferencing Remote presenter view1. Video Only2. Video with data – broadcast only Incremental margin $3. Enhanced data collaboration based on corporate solution sales – with multi-point annotation IWB Growth - Corporate 2008 - 2010 40,000 30,000 Traditional margin $ based on +38% IWB unit sales to Education 20,000 +75% 10,000 - 2008 2009 2010 All Other SMART IWB Growth - Corporate 2008 - 2010 40,000 30,000 +38% 20,000 +75% 10,000 - 2008 2009 2010 All Othe r SMART IWB Growth - Corporate 2008 - 2010 40,000 30,000 +38% 20,000 +75% 10,000 - 2008 2009 2010 All Othe r SM ART