What Are Backlinks - 2009


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What Are Backlinks - 2009

  1. 1. Backlinksby: Kevin Barnes - Traffic Geyser2009
  2. 2. What you will learnWhat are backlinks?The Importance of backlinksBacklink structureCommon problems with building backlinks
  3. 3. What are backlinks?Backlinks are inbound links that are directedtowards your website or other onlineproperties. link Web Page Web Page Web Page 1 Web Page 1 2 2
  4. 4. The importance ofbacklinksBacklinks are important and are a majorbuilding block to SEO because some searchengines, especially Google, will give morecredit to websites that have a good numberof quality backlinks, and consider thosewebsites more relevant than others in theirSERP’s for a search query.The number of backlinks is an indication onthe popularity or importance of that website.
  5. 5. The importance ofbacklinksSearch engines calculate the relevance of awebsite based on keywords.If there are no inbound links going to a site,the search engines will do their best todecide and rank the site for a keyword theydeem relevant.
  6. 6. The importance ofbacklinksLet’s look at an example: Dog Dog Click Click Care Care Here Here Dog Dog Training Training Dog Dog Dog Dog Care Care Care Care
  7. 7. The importance ofbacklinksThink of each one way inbound link as a vote.Every time you get a relevant one way linkyour site your sites authority increases.It’s harder to influence the search enginewith external backlinks from other websites.
  8. 8. The importance ofbacklinksFocus on getting QUALITY inbound links.Just getting inbound link is not goodenough. It’s the quality of the inbound linkthat matters...
  9. 9. Backlink StructureWhat makes a quality link?• Search Engines consider the content ofthe sites to determine to quality of the link. When inbound links coming from othersites have content related to your site, thoselinks are considered more relevant to yoursite.• The higher the relevance of the inboundlinks, the greater the quality.
  10. 10. Backlink Structure Example of what you don’t want... Poor quality link Your Site Your Site Off Site Off Site Dog Training Dog Training Car Racing Car Racing
  11. 11. Backlink Structure Example of what you do want... Good quality link Your Site Your Site Off Site Off Site Dog Training Dog Training Pet Training Pet Training
  12. 12. Backlink StructureAnchor Text: The contextual content that ishyper linked on a webpage.
  13. 13. Backlink StructureHow to make the anchor text using HTML <a href="http://Domain.com">Wikipedia</a>
  14. 14. <a href=”get.adobe.com/reader/">Click Here</a>
  15. 15. Backlink Structure You want backlinks pointing to yourwebsites that are using the keywords thatyou are wanting to rank in the SERP’s for. Having your Keywords in your Domain URLcan be very helpful, but its not the end of theworld. http://www.Keyword.com/
  16. 16. Common Problems with building backlinksNofollow linksBuilding links too fastLink ExchangesTo many forum linksLow PageRank links
  17. 17. Common Problems with building backlinks Nofollow linksNofollow links are links that have therel=”nofollow” tag within the url code.example:<a rel=”nofollow”href=”http://www.URL.com/”>Keyword</a>
  18. 18. Common Problems with building backlinks Nofollow linksMake sure that the links your getting are notall nofollow links. This will make rankingwebsite for your keywords harder.You want to focus on getting dofollow links.These are links that do not have the nofollowtag.
  19. 19. Common Problems with building backlinks Building backlinks too fastThis may flag the search engines that your(spamming) and your site can get slapped inthe rankings.You site can get black listed...
  20. 20. Common Problems with building backlinks Link ExchangesAre sites that link to you if you place a linkback to there site. ...may be easy to get butthey will cost you.This was popular in the 90’s and can beconsidered spam today.
  21. 21. Common Problems with building backlinks Too many forum linksHaving links in your forum signature can looklike spam.Don’t put a lot of links in your forumsignature. Try to stick to having just one.
  22. 22. Common Problems with building backlinks Low PageRank LinksPageRank was developed by Google and ison a scale from 0 -10. Ten being the highestquality score.Focus on getting links that have high PR.These links have more authority and getindexed by the search engines more often.