Kevin abdulrahman winners dislike the things you do too


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Kevin abdulrahman winners dislike the things you do too

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Kevin abdulrahman winners dislike the things you do too

  1. 1. Leadership column column a) Tough. If you really want have more pleasure associated with as a great reminder whenever I am staring down something, then you will do what their end reward than the pain of the barrel of challenges I face to get to any of my ever needs to be done to get there. doing the tasks. They see themselves goals. He said, ‘Kevin, you are not alone. I love my Winning is simple. Nobody said it living their dreams and reaching sleep just as much as you do, and a few years back, was easy. their goals and that everything else you would have never seen me get up any earlier than 7 am. But my dream is to get to the Olympics b) Reassess what you want. in between is simply a process. It’s just something they have to do. and I will do whatever I need to do to get there. The chances are your goal is not something you really really really I remember talking with a friend When I hear the alarm at 4:50 am, I don’t hear an want. Because if it is, you will not who was training for the Olympics. He annoying noise. I hear that I am another day closer put so much weight on the pain would get up at 5 am and go running to living my dream. That’s how I get out of bed of the tasks but more so on the in the cold weather as part of his prepa- without thinking twice about it.’ pleasure of the end reward. ration to ensure he was extremely fit Understand that all good things require work, just I will suggest the same for you. for the big day. I asked him how he got as implementing these truths that you are reading in Take your pick from the above two himself out of bed in the cold morning your life. You are not alone, winners do it too. choices because winners dislike the and go running with such ease. Winners love to do what you do and dislike the tasks that you do to. They simply What he said has stayed with me tasks you dislike too. But if there is a goal to achieve within a time frame, they will do whatever it takes to get there. Winners practice and develop a much higher association of pleasure to achieving their goals compared to the pain of doing the tasks. Winners also dislike Winners have learned to pick things that ignite them so that they can go through the tasks they dislike along the way. Find something that will ignite you. MJ’s boss and my friend who was training for the Olympics understood what they wanted from their life. They were willing to do the things they disliked for the rewards they seeked - because it the things you do was merely the process to get there. No pain no gain. And to make it even more precise - No smart pain, no gain. Kevin AbdulrAhmAn chalks Have a Winning “Self Disciplined” Month. OUT neW laWs fOr Winning. I was speaking with a lady (will call had a great family, was successful in his down to two words, Self Discipline’. her MJ for the purpose of this article) a professional life and more importantly And with that, her boss winked in few days ago. MJ is in her late twenties. he seemed like a happy guy all the time. his charming ways and picked up on She is petite, 5ft 2”, tanned with straight He seemed to have it all. a few almonds from the bowl on the hair that drops past her shoulders. She When I quizzed MJ if she had taken the table heading into his board meeting is a professional in the corporate world time to speak with her boss about what fighting (with a smile) another day at with a fortune 500 company, a hard helped him achieve the all round success the office. worker and very ambitious. I know he had, she quickly replied, ‘yes I did’ - For MJ, these two words resonated this to be true, because she has been my nodding at a million miles an hour. with her because she we had already client for some time now. I asked him, “What one thing would talked about the reality for winners in Whilst we chatted in our last coaching you say has helped you achieve all the our previous sessions. session, she was in awe of an inspira- success that you have? What one thing has We talked about how Winners tional figure in her working place. Her got you to the point where you are happy have dislikes, just like we all do. They eyes would sparkle and her face was in your day to day life?” however find out what they want, and Kevin Abdulrahman is the International Author of a series of flooded with a big smile when she was Before sharing her bosses’ reply, she then do what ever it takes to get there. winning books, an Inspirational Keynote Speaker and an In I have had so many people tell me Demand Mind Nutrition Expert. Kevin’s articles are regularly telling me about her new inspirational quickly mentioned that she had hoped to published in magazines, reports, newsletters and newspapers, figure - a role model that she worked receive a good deal of information on what that they want to achieve great things in constantly being used as resources all over the world. Kevin with - her boss. he did to get to where he was. life. The only problem is that the tasks helps winning organizations, universities, sports teams and She spoke about how at his age (in his ‘Instead what I got was two they have to accomplish to get there is individuals create breakthrough results. You can get Kevin something they dislike doing. I usually Abdulrahman’s books and request for him to speak/train your 50’s) he had an extremely good physique words’, she said. group by going on and had taken good care of himself. He Her boss had said, ‘MJ, for me it comes have two things to say.34 april 2010 april 2010 35