Kevin abdulrahman two types of people


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Kevin abdulrahman two types of people

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Kevin abdulrahman two types of people

  1. 1. Two Types of People When in Dubai, a friend offered me always gotten a unanimous yes.a couple of tickets to go and watch the And here’s the kicker. The playersrugby sevens games. Not to be one get paid to let go of an opportunity for a great Imagine that, you get paid to dotime, I graciously accepted his offer something you love. And in playing,and went along. you become great at what you do, The atmosphere was amazing. and therefore are able to commandThe stadium was packed with people a premium. Whatever you’re into, Iwho were having fun, socialising and assure you that you will find this to bewatching the games. There was some true of any winner in any field of life.great talent on the field and hats off to It doesn’t take much to realise whothe kiwis who came out on top with a is better off, a spectator or a player inmagnificent performance. life? Spectators simply go from one But as we were watching different frustration in life to the next. Playersteams play for the title, I couldn’t help are winners simply because they havebut notice the two types of people that chosen to play.existed. I notice this every time I go to I believe that you have something ina sporting event, and actually, in the By Kevin Abdulrahman you that when coupled with a decisionreal world--in every aspect of life. to play, can result in you becoming There is always a group that great--and with that you get the benefitsrepresents the majority, and then that every player receives. I will statethere is the other that represents the the obvious here by saying somethingminority. The majority of people at you already know: The world that youthe rugby sevens event were the spectators. The minority consisted of are living in, these very days that you might take for granted, willthose individuals who were centerfield. Those who were in the game, never be repeated. These days are numbered and you will never knowthe participants--the players. This context is applicable to every aspect when your time is up. So if you already know this to be the case, thenof life--a small group of players in a sea of spectators. why not live? Why not play? Why remain a spectator? The spectators pay to watch the game. They pay for their food and Would you rather continue to be a spectator in your personal anddrinks. They sit on the sidelines and, just as in life, their voices are left professional life or would you like to be a contributing player? I sayunheard. They re-enact moves but it’s of no value when they are not in this because even if you feel you are a player, I know that you knowthe game. They go through life from one frustration to another. that there are aspects of your life where you are being a spectator. I Now that’s in a rugby game. But just as in any game, everyday believe that you can raise the bar and take the game of your life to thespectators pay with an expensive currency called life. And they sadly next the ultimate price, living a life of frustration and never really Just think of what aspects of life in which you can be more of atapping into their full potential. Spectators represent the majority of player.people, teams and organisations in life. The people that are passive, The real winners in life are those who play. They know that timethose who are watching things go by, at times wondering what ever doesn’t wait for anyone, and that life is for the living. When so manyhappened. They are reactive in life, often reflecting back with great people remain spectators and live a life of mere existence, thoseregret. winning are the ones who have chosen to play. They are the ones who What about the players? Well first of all, they are having fun. And will experience the many lows and many highs of life.I am sure that you will agree that the fun they have is on a completely I can assure you, that not one player will ever look back in life anddifferent level compared to a spectator. They are experiencing things say, ‘gee whiz, I really wish I could have been a spectator more often.firsthand, the real thing. They are in the middle of it all. They are I wish I stood at the sidelines and played less.’ Not one player will evermaking it happen. They get hurt, they experience every blow, they say that. But, every single spectator will always wish that they playedmake mistakes, go through many defeats and failures but along with more in life. My last question to you is, How much is being a spectatorthose experiences they have the pleasure of winning. costing you in your life? Be honest with yourself. And is it worth it? You can get out there and find out. I hope that you choose to be a player in every aspect of your life However, I will share with you the answer I got from my experience from this point on. Because there is more in you. Life is for the living.when I have asked any player (and I have asked thousands)--I’ve Get out there and play. Have a Winning Month. Kevin Abdulrahman, a British Yemeni, is an International Author of THE BOOK on Winning The Game Of Life. Contact Kevin Abdulrahman by jumping on or email his team at info@MeetWithKevin.com94 YEMEN TODAY JANUARY 2010