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Kevin abdulrahman results

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Kevin abdulrahman results

  1. 1. Opinion Getting to the Next Level If your life is stuck on a plateau, and you can’t seem to make it to the next level, Kevin Abdulrahman shows you how to take back control of your life and career by learning from others. What’s it all about? ever materialise on what they talk about I am working as hard as I can. I have and, hence, I deal only with those people been making twenty calls a day. I have in my day-to-day activities. Kevin Abdulrahman been working out for the last three years. - attaining a winning mind “Results, results, results - results are all that matter.” results could mean achieving a certain ranking in your business organisation. Or I buy flowers for my partner every month, it could mean attaining certain financial but our relationship is far from passionate. success or hitting certain targets at work. I have conducted four hundred To help you master the weapon presentations for my business and have of being results orientated, you must not had a single sale yet. I can’t seem to understand the concept of living life cross to the next level in my sport. by design, as opposed to living life by default. The masses are living every day of their lives by default, with no plan Results are all that matter. whatsoever, hoping that things will stack Have you seen or experienced these up in their favour. unfair situations? When you live life by design (in other A person working and trying hard words when you plan), you have the to achieve a certain sales target, while results in mind and can move ahead, another colleague cruises by with, constantly tweaking every step on the way seemingly, a lot less effort. if need be. Two students studying for their exams, one studying a lot more than the other, yet the one who seemingly studied less gets Three quick tips to steer you toward the better grades. achieving results. It seems unfair. I used to say that. But Do what other successful people in that is the reality. What makes these so- your area of interest are doing. You cannot called underdogs win? spend your time in cooking classes if you They do the right things to get the results. want to be a top badminton player. They do the smart things that matter. Spend time to learn and become great Everything in life has a formula. Get the at whatever you are choosing to excel in. formula right and you get the right result. Most people give up after a week or so of Results, results, results - results are all trying things out. Successful people never that matter. stop learning in order to be the very best If any of the results in your life need Ask yourself: they can be, so long as they know they are • Do I want to be mediocre or successful? changing, then you must review what you • Do I want to be forgotten or on the right track. are doing. As the famous saying goes, ‘If remembered? Look at the results you are achieving. you keep on doing what you have always • Do I want to live a full life or one where I If your results match your vision, continue done, then you will keep on getting what constantly ask myself, “Could I have with the actions you’re taking. If they don’t you have always gotten.’ done that?” match, then ask yourself, ‘what changes A very successful person advised me need to be made?’ Then take action ■ to be a ‘results-based person.’ Since then, I have taken on being results orientated. Results are also what I coach Excerpt taken from Winning The Game Today, talk is cheap to me. Anyone can people on! Of Life by Kevin Abdulrahman. For further talk and a lot of people do a lot of talking. You must develop and master the details: I have found that only a few people will weapon of being results orientated. Your or info@MeetWithKevin.com76 | Bahrain Confidential | August 09