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Kevin abdulrahman lifestyle magazine

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Kevin abdulrahman lifestyle magazine

  1. 1. We cannot remove the emotions from a human being. What do your books bring that We cannot find in exclusive so hoW does the mind functions With the emotions? other books? You are right. As much as many like to think that they are logical, I will I am glad you asked this question. This is one of the first questions suggest that we are all emotional beings who act based on emotions that I was asked by my publisher (after being rejected by a hundred and then justify our actions with logic. others) and initially by distributors in different parts of the world. They all would ask, ‘Tell us what is different about your books Kevin?’ It’s not to say that Winners and successful people don’t have emotions. They aren’t emotionless or have hearts of steal. They Now the answer to that is simple, but not short. You see, in the world too have dreams, they have fears, they experience happiness and that we live in today, there is no lack of information. If you want to have experienced anger. They have the same set of emotions as know something, you can get on Google and find out about what you you and I; however what they have been able to train themselves want. The issue we have is not a lack of information, but a lack in the to do is control rather than fall prey to their emotions. When application of information. This comes from inspiration and helping most people are driven by their emotions, successful people from people believe that it’s possible. all walks of life have learned to drive their emotions. They are not dictated by their emotions but have (with practice and train- I’m also someone where individuals from different ethnicities find it ing) come to control their emotions in a way that will serve their easy to connect with because of my Middle Eastern origin and being purpose. raised in the west. I make for only a handful of professionals on an international level who represent the driving force of today and the hoW destructive can fear become in our lives? power house of tomorrow (Generations X and Y). I am someone who This is what Fear stands for F E A R- False Expectations Appearing has had the life experience, who has walked the walk, who has failed Real. (plenty of times- most recently having lost everything in the financial crisis), who has had to look his fears in the eye and face them (Not We are really only born with two fears, the fear of falling and that just someone who has read a lot of theory and decided to rewrite it of loud noises. This means that every other fear you have in you is in his own words a book on the subject). That’s what people want something that has been developed as a result of your upbringing today. and surrounding. When I share the information with my audience whether I am speak- There are many fears that hold people back from being the best ing, coaching or having them read what I write, they relate to what Kevin Abdulrahman, that they can be. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of what other is being said. They connect, and therefore allow the information to people think, fear of ridicule, you name it, there is a fear for every- actually go in their mind, and more importantly into their heart. The thing. This isn’t something I want to dwell on, but the reality is that inspiration comes from them thinking, ‘if that guy can do it, so can I’. we all have some sort of fear to face. What the fear is depends on the time and situation you are in. I want to focus on a particular So coming back to your question, what readers will find in my book is fear that stops people from even starting most things. It is the honest and straight up truths about how things are, and the realityThe Recognised Authority in Mind Nutrition fear of failure. Most people fear what would happen if they fail as seen and lived by winners. Nothing is sugar coated, and frankly in before having even started on their task. I have experienced this some segments, what I say may come across as harsh, and I hope fear many times myself, and it’s something I see many struggle that it does, because I want to make sure my readers understand with. the magnitude of who they really are, and what they can really do with their lives.KEvIN AbduLRAHMAN IS THE MAN INSpIRING MILLIoNS THRouGH HIS TALKS, TRAININGS, ARTIcLES ANd booKS. KEvIN Ab- Letting this emotion of Fear control your life will result in you doingduLRAHMAN’S booKS ARE AvAILAbLE oN AMAZoN.coM ANd THE booK SToRES ARouNd THE WoRLd. the all so familiar Nothing, and will leave you frustrated in your day My motto is to you help you Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Going.THE booK oN WHAT EvER You’RE INTo IS A GuIdE To pERSoNAL ANd pRoFESSIoNAL EXcELLENcE REAd bY pEopLE ALL ovER to day life- which is not exactly the most ideal way of living, is it?THE WoRLd oN HoW To TAKE THEIR LIFE To THE NEXT LEvEL. IT’S A booK THAT IS uSEd bY MANY oF THE Top LEAdERS INdIFFERENT INduSTRIES AS pART oF THEIR TEAM coRE TRAINING ANd dEvELopMENT.THIS EXcLuSIvE TALK WITH KEvIN REvEALS A cHARISMATIc AppEAL ANd A STRoNG SKILL oF coNvINcING pEopLE To AppLY hoW do you think you can help your readers?WHAT cAN HELp THEM THRouGH THEIR pATH. As well as my books, I conduct keynotes, workshops, seminars and trainings, when groups or organisers contact my team and request for me to conduct them for their audience to nourish their minds to attain A Winning Mind, develop Leadership fromWhat is mind nutrition? Hence I refer to the process of Self Improvement as Mind Nutrition, Within, Increase productivity and take their results to The NextThe term Mind Nutrition is something I thought of one day whilst and now more than ever- it’s needed. Now more than ever, many Level.sitting in a café after having spoken to a string of successful people are waking up to realising that indeed, there’s a need for it.who came from different walks of life. As I was reflecting over what Everything I talk or write about has to do with your inner world. Imade such ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, I found a What kinds of struggles With mind nutrition have believe that change starts from the inside, and you need to seekcommon thread- they all possessed A Winning Mind. I then thought you had personally? in before you seek out.about how we go about maintaining ours cars by ensuring there is When I was younger, I always knew there was a different world; aenough water, oil and fuel in it, maintain our homes to ensure it’s world where a small percentage of people lived life on their accord. All in all, my intention is to ensure that I help my audience throughliveable, maintain our clothes to make them last longer and maintain They were happy, had everything they wanted, did everything they all mediums get inspired, get informed and get going to lead theirour bodies by eating throughout the day. wanted, and gave what they felt like giving. It was a completely differ- life by putting their best foot forward and to ensure that they are ent picture from what I was surrounded by- a life limited by 80 hours happy with their lives on a day to day basis.Think of a seed that you plant. In order for the seed to germinate work weeks, seeing my parents work their guts off trying to put foodand turn into a fruit bearing tree, you need to ensure it is sown on on the table for their family – and yet their kids missed seeing them. I call this winning everyday, even when you are working towards afertile soil, regularly given water and nutrients along with the right goal- you need to be happy everyday, because winning is not in theamount of sunshine. This provides the seed with everything it needs Life is a game and growing up, most people around me didn’t really destination, but more so in the journey. And it’s not the fruit youto grow and become a tree that bears tasty fruit. understand the rules of the game. As a result, I was oblivious to it as pick at the end of the journey itself, but more so the fruit (person) well. I didn’t have role models for what I wanted to be. I didn’t have you become as a result of that journey.The most prized of all assets, the jewel of your crown, and the seed a coach or mentor to show me the ropes. I had to go about it theto your greatness is your Mind. And your mind requires constant long and hard way. I also coach individuals one on one (in person or over the phone)nourishment. Not just any nourishment, but powerful nourishment. and the great thing is that all over the world my books are acces- Through all my struggles and passion of making a difference in sible to the majority of people and it enables them to receive theWhen it comes to your mind, the same process applies, only the the world we are living in, I’m making the information accessible to message I share with ease from them to read over, reflect and seed is much more powerful in what it will produce. That those who are serious about wanting to achieve excellence in their apply into their own life.28 seed is your mind, and when your mind grows, the world that you live in becomes your Tasty Fruit. life and be the best that they can be through my trainings, talks, programmes, books and one on one coaching that I do. lifestyleMAGAZINE 29