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Kevin abdulrahman certainty

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Kevin abdulrahman certainty

  1. 1. Column Column Certainty- A fallacy different, trying things differ- is a roller coaster. Unless of course ent. Learn to feel uncomfort- you are the designer who designed the able. Make a move, when roller coaster, for the majority of us who most people won’t because haven’t, life will be filled with unex- they are gripped by the fear of pected ups and downs. What’s great is uncertainty. Tomorrow will that if you embrace uncertainty as part always bring with it its uncer- of business and life, it will be like riding tain events. You might as well the same roller coaster a second, third ever, with the advent of accessibility develop the mind of a winner and learn and a fourth time. You will be certain to Kevin Abdulrahman sheds and I’m sure much more. Yet by now, you must know that there is no such more importantly embrace it. Choosing to think otherwise will be akin to will- and technology to almost everyone, the how you can adapt. By starting to think expect the twists and turns, and there- light on the concept of thing. This certainty that is desired by ingly, fighting a battle you can’t and rate of change that is happening in this world is down to months, if not weeks. in a winning way, you will realise that uncertainty brings about with it amaz- fore, dare I say, enjoy the ride. Have a Winning Day. many is a fallacy. won’t win. The escapism that you could certainty and uncertainty We all yearn to know that things will be certain about the current business As a winner and as a leader you must ing opportunities. You may simply need and leads us to explore not only expect but be quick to adapt to stretch your mind. Practice it in both be ok, and yes, it usually will be ok over contracts you may hold, or taking your to an ever changing landscape that you business and life. time, but there will always be an interest- employment for granted is blinding. Yes the world of opportunities ing journey to get there. That journey will you would like to be certain about the live and work in. A leader is always, Expect failures, expect the requirement to change tact, expect for your plan to de- through the unknown. hardly be in a straight forward line. After continuation of your business contracts, understanding and accepting of the fact that change happens, and because of it, velop holes through it, or even having to all, even though we crave for certainty, and yes you would like to know that nothing is certain. come up with a new plan all together, but many of us wouldn’t want too much of it, your weekly pay check will be there, More importantly, you must always what ever you do, enjoy the process. Af- otherwise life will become plain old bor- but those who continue to hope for cer- Life will always throw us challenges. be on the look out for change, so that you ter all this is the business of life. ing. Where would the fun be in that? tainty have always been, currently are, Some we will expect, most we won’t. are at the forefront rather than the tail A lot has happened in the last few The reality as we know (when we de- and will always be disappointed. As humans we have a number of needs. end of it. You can’t continue to work on years. People have enjoyed a boom and cide to be true to ourselves) is that life, Uncertainty is brought in our lives Two of those needs include the need for old thoughts, old beliefs, old platforms have had to encounter a bust. We might will indeed be filled with uncertainty. through change. Change is happening certainty and the need for uncertainty. and old methodologies to compete in not be able to choose what happens to We must be wide awake to accept it, and at such a fast pace. More so now than Although the need for certainty brings the 21st century and beyond. Those us, but we certainly can choose how we about peace of mind, the need for uncer- who embrace and turn change in their deal with it. In the midst of turmoil lies tainty brings about the spark of life. favour will come out as the winners in an opportunity. In the jaws of defeat re- mains a win, waiting to be clenched. We desire the need to have certainty. “We all yearn to know that things will be ok, this competitive global market. Uncertainty indeed brings about dis- You can use the need for certainty to It is something many of us long for, the guarantee that we will know what will and yes, it usually will be ok over time, but comfort. The fear of the unknown, the your advantage. You can train your mind to know that no matter what ever hap- Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He fear of failure, the fear of feeling unable or come up next. We wish to know that everything will be fine, that our busi- there will always be an interesting journey unworthy, the fear of what others might pens, what ever challenges you face, what is an International Author of THE BOOK on Winning The Game Of Life, a Keynote Speaker, Mind Nutrition ness will continue to do well, that we to get there; that journey will hardly be in a think of you or even what you think of ever you may be hit with, you have the Expert, world class Mind Coach to the elite and an in- demand Trainer. Kevin helps organisations, universi- will have the next pay check from our yourself, to name a few. But winners certainty to reach your goals. You can be straight forward line” ties, sports teams and individuals become globally certain that no matter what uncertainty competitive by developing A Winning Mind. employment, that our kids will grow know for certain that they must practice If you want to go to The Next Level, you can contact up to be contributing members of soci- making uncertainty part of their game. you face, you will get to your destination. Kevin Abdulrahman by jumping on http://www.The- We have all heard of the saying, life or email his team at info@ ety, that we will be liked by everyone, Practice uncertainty by doing things MeetWithKevin.com54 August 2009 August 2009 55