How To Master the Content Beast


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For many small businesses, managing content for websites, social media, and email is a painful chore. However, there is an easier way. Learn how to conceive and structure your efforts to make your like easier, and boost engagement.

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  • How To Master the Content Beast

    1. 1. How To Master The Content Beast Web/Social/Email: There's an Easier Way! Presented at 2013 Natural Products Association Seatte, WA 360-544-4088
    2. 2. Assumptions ● You have a website ● You have at least one social network that your business participates in ● You actively collect email addresses on your site IF NONE OF THOSE ARE TRUE, GET GOIN'! ● I recommend Wordpress websites ● I recommend Mailchimp (free/paid) or aWeber (paid) for email 360-544-4088
    3. 3. How Can We Make This Easier? 360-544-4088
    4. 4. The Quick-n-Dirty ● Be clear about who you are and who you serve ● Link your communications to revenue/actions ● Be strategic ● Plan it all out ● Make it a habit ● Batch process 360-544-4088
    5. 5. Have Clear Business Goals ● Know what problem(s) you're solving ● Know your mission and vision ● Be passionate ● Have clear revenue goals ● Know how you're supposed to get there 360-544-4088
    6. 6. Develop Customer Personas ● What is a persona? ● Personas identify customer demographics, motivators, characteristics, and goals ● Jennifer is a 38 year old stay at home mom with 2 kids. She wants her family to be healthy. She reads online news sites and parenting "mommy blogs," uses Facebook every day, and is concerned about health threats to her family. She signs petitions to effect change, and shares health information with her social network. While Jennifer shops at big box stores, she buys from our nutrition store because of our personalized advice and knowledgeable staff. She likes to feel 360-544-4088
    7. 7. Personas Help You Target Content ● Personas help you to be clear ● Personas help you to be relevant ● Personas help you to add value ● Focus on LIKELY TARGETS ● Resource: e-Quick-Guide-to-Developing-Customer-Personas 360-544-4088
    8. 8. Think As A Magazine Publisher ● Your entire area of business focus is your magazine ● Web, social, email - they are the manifestations of your magazine ● A magazine has editorial departments - what might yours be? ● Which departments drive revenue? ● What is your voice? Your passion? Your mission/vision 360-544-4088
    9. 9. The Magazine 360-544-4088
    10. 10. What Goes Into Your Magazine? ● Think in Terms of Departments ● Example: Mother Earth News – Latest News – Green Gazette – “Sustainability” persona – Real Food – “Food” persona – Crop at a Glance – “Gardener/Grower” persona – Homestead Know How - “Self-suffciency” persona – Ask the Experts - “Advice-seeker” persona 360-544-4088 – Readers Tips – Community engagement
    11. 11. What Goes Into Your Magazine? ● Magazines use editorial calendars to plan more than a year in advance ● Use editorial calendars as a marketing tool – Start with business objectives – Develop strategies – Develop stories to support the strategies 360-544-4088
    12. 12. What Goes Into Your Magazine ● Develop an editorial calendar for the magazine – Outline: – Other versions: 360-544-4088
    13. 13. What Goes Into Your Magazine? ● Set one major theme per month – ● Build out 1-2 (or more) stories/ideas per week for the theme Always have a desired action in mind – ex: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month ● real world: contest, giveaways, fun run ● story ideas: stories of survival, primers on breast cancer, stories of support, nutrients to support BC health, foods that support BC health, fitness tips, supplement tips, etc Remember those personas ● 360-544-4088
    14. 14. What Goes Into Your Magazine? ● In general, always orient your magazine towards real world goals,events, objectives – – National trends, issues – ● Seasons, holidays, sales Events What problems do your customers have? Solve them! 360-544-4088
    15. 15. What Goes Into Your Magazine? ● Don't talk about yourself – Instead, provide context, utility and value – Showcase your customers - your vendors, your issues, your community – Don't waste people's time 360-544-4088
    16. 16. What Goes Into Your Magazine ● Need ideas? – Ask your customers what they want to learn about – Ask your customers what they want to learn about – Ask your customers what they want to learn about – What are your competitors doing/not doing? – Copy your peers (Really!) – Read the news - build off of those issues – Use seasonality 360-544-4088
    17. 17. Plan Ahead ● Develop an editorial calendar for the magazine – Outline: – Other versions: 360-544-4088
    18. 18. How To Get It All Done ● Take a day, or half a day each month to plan it all out – Start with your goals – Look for opportunities – Always try to drive an action 360-544-4088
    19. 19. How To Get It All Done ● Have a dedicated time EVERY day for marketing including digital – – ● Use that to write, or engage, or listen Have a goal each day Batch process – – ● Pre-write/schedule your status updates Pre-write/schedule your blog posts Empower your staff 360-544-4088
    20. 20. How To Get It All Done ● Use 'hub and spokes' to decide which content goes where – Your website is your hub - everything you produce should live there – Count on the fact that anyone at anytime will have some sort of question. Just go ahead and answer all of them on your website. 360-544-4088
    21. 21. Facebook Twitter Yelp WEBSITE Special Event YouTube Email 360-544-4088
    22. 22. How To Get It All Done ● Social media and email are spokes that go around and feed the hub – Let each of them play to their strengths – Social media: Great for sharing and getting feedback – Email: Great for informing and driving action 360-544-4088
    23. 23. Final Thoughts ● You're now a media mogul! Break out the champagne ● Have fun - if it's not fun, something ELSE is going on that you should evaluate ● Be disciplined - don't go down the rabbit hole - spend your time on goal-achieving tasks ● Keep emails brief and optimized for mobile ● Don't expect miracles - be consistent Above all, be useful - customers will forgive a LOT if 360-544-4088 ●