Us relations with north korea


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Us relations with north korea

  1. 1. US Relations With North Korea By Aine Schanche Block B Boz
  2. 2. Background• General Sherman incident• Shinmiyangyo• Trade- 1882• US negotiated in Russo-Japanese War• US Occupation of South Korea• Formation of DPRK
  3. 3. Background• US Occupation of NK• None during Cold War• 1958-1991- point nuclear weapons at NK• U.S.-North Korea Agreed Framework-1994• Ease economic sanctions
  4. 4. Under George Bush• Bush opposed Agreed Framework• administration asserted that N K was developing a uranium enrichment program for nuclear weapons purposes.• US DPRK tensions increased- “Axis of Evil”
  5. 5. Under Bush• 2002-Spanish boarded and detained a shipment of Scud missiles from NK – Spanish did at request of US• NK-Act of Piracy• Goal of Bush Admin.: – Eliminate NK’s nuclear weapon program• 2005-counterfeit money—super notes
  6. 6. Six-Party Talks• 3-Party Talks with China, US, and NK• 6-Party Talks between US, NK, SK, China, Japan, and Russia• First phase 2003• Second Phase 2005- after NK froze for 13 months in retaliation to US freezing them• Third Phase 2007- action-for-action agreement• US unfreezes NK assets• NK agreed to all U.S. nuclear inspection demands• US removed NK from a terrorism blacklist
  7. 7. Towards Normalization• Third 6-Party Talk: – NK agreed to shut down Yongbyon nuclear facility for fuel – Us agree to working towards normalization—process of removing NK from list of state sponsors of terrorism• 2008-US lift restrictions on NK and removes from Terrorist list
  8. 8. Ship Incidents• Mogadishu encounter (2007) – US Navy rescued NK seamen from Somali Pirates• NK torpedo sunk SK warship (2010) – US participate in military exercises with SK
  9. 9. Resurgence of Hostilities• 2008- NK allegedly resumed nuclear activity• NK wants to be off terrorist list• NK barred IAEA inspectors from Yongbyon• SK says NK is making a nuclear warhead• NK- test short range missiles• US- encouraging resumption of 6-Party Talks and remove from list – North Korea agreed to resume disarmament of its nuclear program and once again allow inspectors
  10. 10. Further Strains• 2009 Nuclear Test – US, Russia, China and rest of 6-Party condemn NK actions• Arrest of American Journalists (2009) – arrested on NK border while filming a documentary – NK tried them and sent them to 12 years of hard labor – Clinton talked to Kim and he pardoned journalists
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