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AproGreen Tech Media Kit

  1. 1. Let’s green today for a greener tomorrow“Greening the Impossible” - doing what others thought impossible
  2. 2. Who We Are Dedicated team of experts providing solid waste management solutions to recycle, compost, and earn carbon credits from waste collected in addition to organization assistance in devising a profitable business that can attract commercial investment and provides employment opportunities environmental gain and carbon offsets.
  3. 3. Our Motto ReThink ReDuceReCover ReCycle ReVive ReUse RePair
  4. 4. Our Aim To show communities, schools, organisations and government how to recycle and up-cycle. Bringing people together to share more, to learn new skills, and to build stronger communities that actively care for each other and the planet. Inspire, educate and enable people to be litter free, waste minimum and live maximum.
  5. 5. What we Plan to Do Help people waste less. Transform the way we live so that we – and future generations – can enjoy life without costing the earth. Eliminate the idea of waste by creating collection and solution systems for anything that today must be sent to a landfill
  6. 6. What We Offer Solid Waste Management Apro Consultancy Re-cycling GreenTech Up-Cycling
  7. 7. What We OfferSolid Waste Management Provides solid waste management solutions to recycle, compost, and earn carbon credits from waste collected Employment opportunities environmental gain and carbon offsets Devise ways for better treatment and disposal of the waste/waste handling.
  8. 8. What We OfferRecycle / Up-cycle Recycle / Up-cycle1. Tetra paks 4. Gutka2. Eatable(chips) packets 5. Mineral water bottles3. Carry bags 6. Soft drink bottles. etc. 7.Glass Beer Bottles
  9. 9. What We OfferUp-cycle Eliminate Environmental Problems Using Waste Process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.
  10. 10. What We OfferConsultancy Green Housing Green Festivals Green Schools Green Workplaces
  11. 11. What We OfferGreening SchoolsThere is a tremendous opportunity — a grand teachable momentfor children to learn about :  Ecological sustainability  Environmental health,  Nutrition  Personal responsibility,  Leadership through their hands–on participation in making their own schools healthier, more efficient, sustainable, and pleasant centers for learning.
  12. 12. What We OfferGreening Schools – Greening Schools – Our Aim Our Aim  Strive to be toxic free  Eco-friendly school supplies  Use energy efficiently  Use recycled goods for craft supplies  Use resources sustainably  Reuse paper  Create a green healthy space  Engage in environmental conservation practices
  13. 13. Solar LED Pole KioskWhat is Solar Energy ? Solar energy generated via solar panels (also known as Photovoltaic Solar or PV solar) is one of the most sustainable ways we have of generating energy and electricity today Solar panels are a proven, time tested, highly evolved technology and are ready for use.Solar panels are made of silicon. When they are hit by sunlight, the electrons of the silicon flow through wires that are built into the panels, which creates the electricity.
  14. 14. Solar LED Pole KioskSome hard-hitting Facts The daily average solar energy incident over India varies from 4 to 7 kWh/m2 with about 1500–2000 sunshine hours per year (depending upon location), which is far more than current total energy consumption. For example, assuming the efficiency of PV modules were as low as 10%, this would still be a thousand times greater than the domestic electricity demand projected for 2015. Usage of 11,000kWh of electricity, results in the emission of 23,122lbs per year of CO2 from burning coal.
  15. 15. Solar LED Pole KioskHow it works Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the suns energy and make it useable. Solar energy is lauded as an inexhaustible fuel source that is pollution and often noise free. The technology is also versatile. Solar systems work even when it’s cloudy. Naturally, cloud cover reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the panels, but the system will produce some electricity and/or heat on all but the most overcast days.
  16. 16. Solar LED Pole KioskFlourescent Tubes vs LED Flourescent Tubes vs LED They contain absolutely no  Recycling of LED tubes is mercury possible Do not emit UV radiation and  Emit less Carbon dioxide are truly energy saving, lasting at least four times as  Have a longer life long as fluorescent tubes  No poisonous substances in Less power consumption LED tubes
  17. 17. Solar LED Pole Kiosk LED Light Advantages  LED Light Advantages Directional  Natural Colours – Colour rendering depends on The light comes out at an Phosphor mix angle of 120⁰  Instant starts Light colour spectrum is easily adjusted through the  Operates in cold Phosphor mix temperatures – below 40⁰C
  18. 18. Solar LED Pole KioskSolar LED lighting systems The Solar LED pole kiosks are sustainable off grid renewable energy in nature. Our LED kiosk contain 4 one feet LED tubes powered by 20W Solar PV panel. Solar kiosks also include 4 (3.6V) Li-on battery and are incased in a aluminum body for better heat dispersion. Each 1feet LED tube has a light output of 390 lumens therefore the total output of the Apro GreenTech Solar LED Kiosk is 390 * 4 = 1560 Lumens with a back up time of 6-7 hours.
  19. 19. Solar LED Pole Kiosk Our solar panels have a warranty period of 25 years. Our LED lights have lifetime of 50000hrs or 6250 days if used 24hrs a day. Our solar powered pole kiosks use 20W of power which is 1/4 the usage of traditional tubes lighting up the pole kiosks at this time. We at Apro GreenTech are proud that our off grid solar led pole kiosks operate at 1/4 the power and cost of traditional pole kiosks in place. Apro GreenTech PV Solar has one of the shortest Energy Payback period (2-4 years) among all renewable technologies.
  20. 20. Solar LED Pole KioskSolar LED lighting systems Solar LED lighting systems Energy saving: Compared  Long Lifetime: 50000hrs to with the conventional 80000hrs, 10 times longer fluorescent tube light, the than the conventional power consumption saving fluorescent tube light. rate is over 60% under the  High Luminous Efficacy: same illumination. using the high luminous efficacy and high reliability Eco-friendly: No UV or IR SMD light source. radiation, no mercury or  Easy to install: totally other harmful materials. matching with the fixture of the conventional fluorescent tube light.
  21. 21. Solar LED Pole Kiosk
  22. 22. Waste to Energy Our Waste to Energy project will be registered with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for earning carbon credits. Most wastes that are generated find their way into landfills and water bodies. These are disposed off without proper treatment and hence emerge as sources of green house gases As the only commercially viable alternative to waste incineration, Advanced Thermal Conversion Technology (ATCT) employs Pyrolysis which:  Super heats and thermally degrades carbon-based materials(except nuclear) in the absence of oxygen producing Synthetic gas  Gasification is also a component used to extract energy, a more efficient and reliable method than mass burning - producing higher yields of energy under ultra low emissions.  Excess heat is generated through these processes; which is recaptured, reutilized or repurposed in the form of hot water / steam  produces economically favorable by-products, the majority of which is biochar, a nitrogen rich organic fertilizer.
  23. 23. Waste to Energy
  24. 24. Our MottoAgricultural Municipal Cooking OilsWaste / Plant Solid Waste / Grease Stock Sewage / Paper / Energy Can be Sludge Cardboard Generated from Medical / Word / Bio- Rubber / Plastic hazardous Tires Waste
  25. 25. Waste to Energy Gasification / Pyrolysis Various Methods Anaerobic Combustion / Digestion/ Incineration Bio – methanation
  26. 26. Waste to EnergyCustomer Benefits Reduce dependency on foreign oil and other fossil fuels Reduce and stabilize energy expense Reduce and stabilize waste expense Working towards zero landfill Reduce carbon footprint and emissions
  27. 27. Thank YouContact Us - Apro GreenTech Pvt. Ltd. Abhijit Sirkar Rohan Sirkar Managing Director Joint Director abhijitsirkar@in.com rohansirkar@yahoo.com # 09930717875 # 09899159430 www.aprogreentech.in