Unit: Education and Career Topic : School life


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Unit: Education and Career Topic : School life

  2. 2. Have you every done theactivities like you see in the VDO?
  3. 3. farew disciplinfond of ell e vocabulary shiftedbid to cricke “D” t Day
  4. 4. fond of
  5. 5. farewel l
  6. 6. disciplin e
  7. 7. bid
  8. 8. cricket
  9. 9. “D” Day
  10. 10. shifted to
  11. 11. having a strong liking, inclination,cricket or affection: fond of ballet develop children’s behavior by instruction and practice; especiallyfond of to teach self-controldisciplin the underside of something e sports an outdoor game played with bats, a ball, and wickets by “D” Day two teams of 11 players each. shifted the day on which the Allied forces invaded France during World War II tofarewel June 6, 1994 to move or transfer from one place l or position to another
  12. 12. Present Perfect has/hav PastS + e + participle Example - You have seenseen that movie many - You have not that movie many tim times.
  13. 13. USE 1 Unspecified Time Before Now With Non-Continuous Verbs and non-continuous uses of Mixed Verbs, we use the Present Perfect to show that something started in the past and has continued up until now. "For five minutes," "for two weeks," and "since Tuesday" are all durations which can be used with the Present Perfect.
  14. 14. USE 1 Unspecified Time Before Now Example - I have seen that movie twenty times. - I think I have met him once before. - People have not traveled to Mars.
  15. 15. USE 2 Duration From the Past UntilNow (Non-Continuous Verbs) We use the Present Perfect to say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now. The exact time is not important. You CANNOT use the Present Perfect with specific time expressions such as: yesterday, one year ago, last week, when I was a child, when I lived in Japan, at that moment, that day, one day, etc. We CAN use the Present Perfect with unspecific expressions such as: ever, never, once, many times, several times, before, so far, already, yet, etc.
  16. 16. USE 2 Duration From theBefore NowUSE 1 Unspecified Time Past UntilNow (Non-Continuous Verbs) Example - I have had a cold for two weeks. - She has been in England for six months. - Mary has loved chocolate since she was a little girl.
  17. 17. Write sentences in present perfect simple.1. they / ask / a question They have asked a question. 2. he / speak / English He has spoken English. 3. Annie / not / forget / her homework Annie has not forgotten her homework.
  18. 18. The first day I went to school was “D” day for me School life started when I joined the school in June 1990. For me, the school meant play, play, and more play. Instead of sitting in the classroom and learning something, I used to roam around the garden doing a gardeners job. Two years passed and I was in U.K.G. when we shifted to a new school that was an old building with a big playground. In class I was scared of one of my subject teachers because she used to beat us very often. I was so scared and didnt want to go to school anymore.
  19. 19. The first day I went to school was “D” day for me All these years of my school life, I have made many friends and they have helped me a lot in my academics. Many a time I used to fight with my friends. But, then I think that everything is fair in friendship. In my school life I am gifted with excellent class teachers and subject teachers. They always help me to cope with my notes whenever I was absent or fell ill. When I was in class six, I was very good in my academics as well as in extracurricular activities. Then I put my feet on the 7th step of learning.
  20. 20. The first day I went to school was “D” day for me Growing and learning had been a great fun. Every year we were taken to different places on our school picnics. I was never able to go on to these excursion tours but I enjoyed every word of the stories told by my friends. When I was in class eight I won a couple of prizes in drawing and in interschool competitions. We were also given many projects as class assignments that helped all of us to know more about the subject. I was very fond of cricket (now in football). My friends and I played cricket in the school campus after the school got over. At the same time we all used to get lots of scolding from our principal.
  21. 21. The first day I went to school was “D” day for me As I reached class nine I realized that I should concentrate on my studies as the next year I was going to write my Board exams. The most memorable day in my life was the day when we bid farewell to our seniors on Feb. 16, 2002. Well, now I am in class ten and all set to write my Boards in March 2003. Whenever I recollect all these incidents of school life. I feel very happy and I think in everybodys school life there are many ups and downs that mould ones life. School is a place where all of us learn to care and share. "School" is just not a place, but it is a large dome made up of discipline, knowledge, love and affection. I think in everybodys success, school plays a key role. I can describe my school in "Three Ss, they are: Small, Sweet and Simple. My school was the best, is the best and will be the best.
  22. 22. Find you partners and choose five words.After, make the short story with under the topic“My perfect school when I was ten grades”Remark: Try to make sentence from the words to composethe story that are relation.
  23. 23. Make a group of 3. Look at the picture. Try tothink what do you understand by the term “School.”What do you think should be its limitation?Remark: - Write the name of school under the picture. - White your meaning of school by your opinion. - Write the meaning in the blank.