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Group Discussion or Group Communication Presentation

Group Discussion or Group Communication Presentation



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Group discussion Group discussion Presentation Transcript

  • Group Discussion Presented By : Pattani Ketaki A. Enroll.No.:130210107039
  • What is Group Discussion ? • It refers to the situation where a particular number of people meet face to face and through free oral interaction, originate, share and discuss ideas to arrive at a decision or solution to a problem.
  • Group Discussion • Group Discussion is more a technique than a conventional test. • Thus , it is an exchange of ideas among the individuals of a group on a specific topic usually for decision making & problem solving.
  • Group Discussion Hence, the ‘Group Discussion’ is the term that suggests a group of eight to ten people normally. Therefore, it is a modern way of accessing a person’s strengths.
  • Group Discussion judges: Leader-ship Skills Communica tion Skills Persuasive Skills Inter- personal Skills
  • What skills are judged in group discussion? How good you are at communication with others. How you behave and interact with group. Your listening skill. How you put forward your views. Your leadership and decision making skills. Your analysis skill and subject knowledge. Problem solving and critical thinking skill. Your attitude and confidence.
  • Prerequisites or requirements Effective knowledge related to the topic. Planning and preparation about presentation. Co-operation Listening Skills Being calm and humble. Confidence Proper body language and appearance.
  • What to do in Group Discussion? Sitting comfortably Organizing ideas Speaking at the earliest Maintaining Eye Contact Taking notes Concluding yourself effectively
  • What not to do in Group Discussion? WhileSpeaking • Don’t be in a hurry • Don’t be silent • Don’t throw all ideas at one shot Seethatyou • Don’t speak with over confidence • Don’t get over others ideas Duringyourtalk • Don’t use slang • Don’t get emotional • Don’t indulge in ill conversation
  • Benefits of Group Discussion Academic and general knowledge increases. Develops ‘Leadership Skills’ . Enhances the ‘Language Skills’ . Develops ‘Team Work’ . Thinking develops in a new direction. One can understand one’s own strengths and weakness. Work is divided.
  • Guided By: Prof. Chetan Trivedi GEC, Bhavnagar