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Think big blueprint webinar (gr170312)

  1. 1. The Think Big Blueprint & Telefónica UK ‘s Journeyto Sustainability Leadership
  2. 2. Contents01 Starting a 3 year journey02 Establishing the Blueprint03 What is the Blueprint?04 What next?
  3. 3. 01Starting a 3 year journey;Sustainability within Telefónica UK
  4. 4. 2008 Planning the journey• Launch action lead by a personal ambition of O2’s CEO & Board to be recognized as a sustainability leader by 2012 • It starts with a box of detergent• Establish Sustainability team• Used Forum’s Laggard-Beginner-Performer-Leader-Pioneer model to benchmark O2 Laggard Beginner Performer Leader Pioneer 2008 2012
  5. 5. 2008 Planning the journey• Developed and implemented a Sustainability new sustainability strategy Devices Services Community Inspire our customers to Be recognised as the Inspire young people to choose devices which market leader in services join together to make a help them to lead easier that connect for good positive change to their and sustainable life- and help reduce the community styles (and incentivise impact on the them to retain and environment of O2 and recycle devices) our customers O2 People Inspire our people to lead sustainable life-styles both inside &outside work Sustainability Board House in order Care for the environment by having the most efficient network & operations sponsor: Ronan Dunne Driving agenda at a senior level Sustainability Taskforce Oversee and manage Sustainability/ Community strategy (meets every 6 weeks) • Developed and implemented a new governance structureCR/ Environment Working Community Working Group Group Co-ordinate action plan to deliver targets (every 4 weeks) • Initiated momentum through ‘StarCo-ordinate action plan to deliver targets (every 4 weeks) projects’
  6. 6. 2009 Star projects start delivering• What is a star project ? • High visibility, Bold ambition • A 12 month + time frame • Likely to catalyse significant change• These projects cover our Sustainability Strategy – Devices, Services, Community, O2 People & House in Order, e.g. • Carbon reduction • Greener Devices • Green Work and Travel • Sustainable Procurement• Results • Feb ‘09 – 1st UK operator to be awarded Carbon Trust Standard • Oct ‘09 - Partner Sony-Ericsson in UK GreenHeart launch • Oct ‘09 – O2 Recycle launches online Laggard Beginner Performer Leader Pioneer 2009 2012
  7. 7. 2010 Engaging our people• Engaging our People• Launched Think Big (Jan 2010) • Dedicated intranet site • Call to action – ‘the Big Six’ • Call to action – Big Thinkers & Eco champions• Think Big for Young People • Why do?• Published Tomorrow’s Workspace sustainable products & Reduce Reduce energy water services 1 2 3• Launched Eco- Rating Reduce Support young Reduce travel• Staff awareness reaches 79% by ‘11 impact people waste 4 5 6 Strong Beginner Performer Leader Pioneer Performer 2008 2009 2012 2010
  8. 8. 2011 Embedding in Strategy & Services• O2 Learn Launches UK’s largest Classroom (Nov ‘10)• O2 Health ramps up (Launch Jul ‘10)• O2 in top 5% of CRC rankings• Sustainability embedded in Project CAPEX process• Sustainability embedded in Business Strategy Committee• Think Big embedded in Brand strategy• ChargeMaster and O2 launch Electric Vehicle Charging (Oct ‘11)• O2 launch national cinema campaign on Think Big for Young People• Sustainability team begin TB Blueprint Strong Cusp ofPerformer Leader Pioneer Performer Leader 2009 2012 2010 2011
  9. 9. 02Establishing theBlueprint
  10. 10. Establishing the Blueprint Becoming sustainability leaders• In 2010, Forum for the Future noted that while we’d launched lots of great initiatives, it was difficult to ‘join the dots’.• If we wanted to be a sustainability leader, we needed to deliver a clear narrative in the context of a goal and a purpose• The Board agreed and asked us to develop the plan hand-in-hand with our stakeholders
  11. 11. Establishing the BlueprintOutside in• In the meantime, other companies had also launched, or were launching sustainability plans Plan A since Marks & Spencers set out their Plan A, DOING THE with the ultimate goal of becoming the worlds RIGHT THING most sustainable major retailerOther companies to follow suit include:• Unilever: their Sustainable Living Plan is now considered best in class• IBM: Smarter Planet• Sony: Road to Zero• Co-op: Join The Revolution• Anglian Water: Love Every Drop
  12. 12. What we did• We spent a year talking and listening to a wide range of stakeholders, including:  Specialist sustainability stakeholders  Employees – through surveys, face-to-face interviews, events  Consumers – through focus groups  Corporate customers  A stakeholder event• We then took those insights to the business to start developing our goals and commitments, ensuring that they were in line with our business and brand strategy
  13. 13. 03What is the Think BigBlueprint?
  14. 14. Think Big Blueprint
  15. 15. Think Big Blueprint: Our plan for people and planet•It’s our new 3 year sustainability strategy•It’s owned and been built by you We believe that by thinking big and developing digital innovations we will create new possibilities for people and the planet Think Big for people Think Big for customers Think Big for planet1 million 10 million X 10By 2015, we’ll help 1 By 2015 our products and By 2015, we’ll deliver carbon million young people services will be helping 10 benefits to customers that develop skills for life and million people live in easier are 10 times the impact of lead community projects and more sustainable ways our network across the UK Underpinned by: • 40 tangible, time-bound commitments and • Global policies and processes
  16. 16. Some ‘Hero’ commitments• We will halve the emissions from our network by 2015, relative to data traffic• We will no longer offer a new charger as standard with a new phone• We’ll have established individual sustainability responsibilities within all O2 employees’ roles and link to a reward and recognition programme• We will help 350,000 UK households save over 300,000 tonnes of carbon• We will help over 125,000 business employees work flexibly, and collectively save over 500,000 miles of travel and over 160,000 thousand tonnes of carbon emissions
  17. 17. Some ‘Hero’ commitments• We will save the NHS 1m hours of health-care staff time, £50m of savings that can be reallocated to primary healthcare, and 100,000 tonnes of carbon through our O2 Health services• We will have improved the lives of over 600,000 young people through the development of local community initiatives, inspired and led by young people• We’ll back 5,000 young people to lead community projects across the UK• We’ll support 4,000 young people to gain work skills and experience in order to improve their employability and enterprise potential
  18. 18. Launch; Feb 2012• Launched on Tuesday 7th February• Positive media reaction so far• Positive stakeholder reaction so far• Positive Telefónica reaction so far
  19. 19. New Website You can get all the info and download the Blueprint at
  20. 20. 04What next?
  21. 21. 2012 And Beyond• Delivering on the original ambition; Leadership by 2012• Delivering the Commitments through Directorate’s plans • Personal Objectives underway • Developing tools to better monitor performance on targets • Reviewing KPIs and Governance• Working on sustainable service pipe-line • Delivering innovation • Demonstrating in-built sustainability • Quantifying effect• Supporting Telefónica • Digital • Wayra, • Eco-rating, recycle Strong Cusp of Cusp ofPerformer Leader? Pioneer Performer Leader Leader 2009 2012 2010 2011 2011