September-October 2002 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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September-October 2002 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. The Roadrunner Bimonthly Publication of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club — Sept./Oct. 2002 WRITE AND PLEASE WRITE RIGHT NOW!WE NEED TO DO ALL WE CAN TO PERSUADE CONGRESS AND THE STATE TO PASS G O O DENVIRONMENTAL LAWS AND/OR PROTECT OLD ONES. MORE AND MORE CITIZENS A R EREALIZING THAT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT IS BEING RAVAGED IN THE NAME O FSECURITY PROTECTION AND ECONOMIC STIMULUS. Everything from stifling public input toattempting to include drilling on monument lands is in the works. Remember this is election year.Remind your congressmen that you are a voter! SPEAK UP NOW!First and foremost, Most urgent! Item 1. WRITE TO LOCAL SUPERVISORS RE:WILDERNESS DESIGNATIONS. SEE PAGE 2 for full story. *Next, WRITE TO SEN DIANE FEINSTEIN (One Post Street, Ste 2450, San Francisco, CA 94104Fax: 415.393.0710. *Ask her to support the Boxer Wilderness Bill; *Urge her to support upholding all of our country’s environmental laws that help safeguardour forests, water, and wildlife; *Urge her to strongly oppose any fire-related riders or legislation that would suspendenvironmental laws or citizen involvement; *Urge her to focus on effective projects such as mechanical removal of small fuels aroundhomes, major roads, and communities for real protection of lives and property— not plandestructive logging projects in the back country where the best strategy is to use fire itself toreduce catastrophic fire risks; *Remind her that commercial logging is NOT a solution for forest protection and can actuallymake the fire hazard greater. Above points of comment written by Carla Cloer.Item 2 Endangered Species Act threatened: Write to congresspersons to do all they can to oppose HR4840, which poses a serious threat to the Endangered Species Act. The bill has numerous flaws. It wouldseek to limit the ability of scientists to use the best available data to conserve endangered species. It wouldadd independent scientific review requirements and extend deadlines in ways that could be used to delayand hamstring species protection. It fails to ensure that reviewers are independent and come from qualifiedscientific bodies. It attempts to drastically limit the ability of citizens to petition for species preservation.And (surprise! surprise!) the bill seeks to give special rights to industry. The Endangered Species Act is astrong, effective, and flexible science-based “safety net” for the many species hovering on the brink ofextinction. Help to save it!Item 3 Roadless Areas: Roadless Area Protection Act (HR 4865) was introduced into the House byDemocrat Jay Inslee (Washington ) and Republican Sherwood Boehlert (New York.) There were already178 co-sponsors at that time, June 5, 2002. Over 58.5 million acres of National Forest Land would beprotected from new roads and commercial logging. Fire prevention thinning would be allowed. The Clinton administration had approved this as a Rule. Bush is trying to whack it bit by bit byproposing to allow timber sales in presently roadless areas, particularly the Alaska’s Tongass NationalForest. Public supports the Rule but it seems that everyone has to keep putting the pressure on again andagain and again. Urge your Representative to sign up as a sponsor and/or others to support this bill.Item 4 Oil Drilling: The Senate seems to have begun serious work on an energy bill and it has come upagain: drilling the ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge). Reminder of the figures will help you tell the story: Quoting a National Resource Defense Councilrelease: US uses 25 % of world’s oil. US controls only 3% of world’s oil, ANWR drilling not likely toproduce 2 % of US needs and would take at least 10 years to get crude to refineries.Alternative: Conservation. Remind congressmen that raising average gas mileage for all new cars, includingSUV’s to 40 mpg would save more than 4 million barrels per day, more than the amount we now importfrom Persian Gulf. Added benefit: save car owners $2000 in course of cars’ lifetimes.Nervous about writing? You don’t know just how to say what you want to say? Call Art Unger, the old pro,who will be happy to help you with sample letters, ideas, etc. 661.323.5569 or
  2. 2. 2 THE ROADRUNNER 2 SUPERVISORS TO RECONSIDER KERN have had many meetings with multiple use supporters PLANNING RECOMMENDATION FOR in order to redraw boundaries allowing existing NEGATIVE RESPONSE RE: PROPOSED biking and ORV use to continue. Maps have been WILDERNESS DESIGNATIONS IN available (at the expense of the CWC) upon request, COUNTY. and available on their website all along. Address On Tuesday July 30 the Kern County Board of your letters to Supervisor Barbara Patrick, SupervisorSupervisors met to decide, among other things, Pete Parra and Supervisor Steve Perez, 1115 Truxtunwhether to accept the County Planning Department’s Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301; and Supervisor Jonrecommendation to oppose the Boxer wilderness bill Mcquiston, 7050 Lake Isabella Boulevard, Lakewhich is set to come before Congress soon. The anti- Isabella, CA 93240. Please hurry to get letters inwilderness proposal had been placed in the “ c o n - asap. By Ann Williamssent” agenda, meaning that it was regarded as of ELECTIONS, SPRAWL, MORE TO BE DIS-such little consequence that it did not merit public CUSSED AT CALIFORNIA NEVADA REGION-comment. Many local people felt otherwise and AL CONSERVATION COMMITTEE MEETINGshowed up to request that comments be allowed. The HELD SEPT 14TH, 15TH, AT SLO.Board did hear comments from thirteen supporters One never knows what can be included at theseof the bill and four opposed. The people who oppose meetings. Everything has been, from heated discus-the bill complained of being unable to get maps of sions on topics of concern to watching deer grazingthe proposed Bright Star addition, of being locked on the grounds of the camp. You can always be sureout of popular areas on each side of the river, and of that there will be whole hearted participation by allbeing ignored by Tom Bohegian, aide to Sen Boxer. who attend and those who attend come from all overThey say that the Bright Star area, southeast of Lake the state and for good reason.Isabella, already has ORV trails. County Planning has This group that convenes quarterly deals with thecomplained that with a wild and scenic designation, conservation issues of the two states in its title.the Kern River below the dam would be in federal Decisions made here affect the programs andhands and forever closed to the development of water campaigns that will be initiated and followed in bothprojects. states in the coming months and years. After the comments Supervisor Jon McQuiston It is an opportunity to listen, learn and speak upreiterated the problems he perceives with the bill. He when issues are discussed. It is a very democraticsees more economic advantage in logging, mining assembly that works to do all it can be it to supportand ORV use than can be derived from wilderness propositions or develop guidelines in support ofstatus. He said also that l) public comment on the bill Sierra Club goals in various areas of concern.came too late for fair solicitation of negative com- All are invited to this great chance to join forcesment, 2) aerial imaging shows existing roads, which with others who care! The workshops and assemblyconfuses the issue, 3.) 1 of 8 acres of California is will be at Rancho El Chorro, San Luis Obispo. much more do we need? 4) better stay overnight is $20; to eat (Saturday night andwatershed management could result in 10% more Sunday breakfast) is $10. Check with your groups ifwater yield, impossible under wilderness designation, you need financial help in order to attend.5) his office has not received letters favoring the Put the dates on your calendars now, and let Loripassage of the bill. Supervisor Barbara Patrick said Ives, the registrar, know as soon as possible that youthat the board needs to meet with supporters of the wish to attend. TN 909.624.5522, fax 909.624.7983,bill for more information on the questions. Super- e-mail ivesico@earthlink.netvisor Parra suggested that Tom Bohegian meet with PS. There is a wonderful State Park just down theSupervisors, and that better maps are needed. Super- road, Montaña de Oro. There is birding, the ocean,visor Perez said there has been a lack of public input and now its fine natural history museum has re-to the supervisors. opened. Come early, stay late to enjoy it too. As a result of the presence and statements of somany supporters of the Wilderness proposals THE Update on Valley AirVOTE ON WHAT WILL BE THE POSITION OF Where do we stand now?KERN COUNTY WAS POSTPONED TO SEP- Despite objections from several environmentalTEMBER 10. organizations, including your local chapter, the San Please write letters in support of Barbara Boxer’s Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control Districtbill to provide Wilderness protection for Bright Star, voted to raise the classification of the valley’s airand Wild and Scenic Status for the Kern River below quality condition from severe to extreme. The resultIsabella Dam. You might mention that members of is that, after years of not producing any real progressthe California Wilderness Coalition have been for attainment of cleaner air, the only thing that hasworking on this for several years, and in the process
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER 3been accomplished is that the deadline has been ex- factory, and several of those draft proposals wouldtended to 2010. If the past is precedent nothing more log and remove more trees than if the Monumentwill really happen except the likelihood of valley air had never been created. We fear that this recent firepollution increasing and increasing. will be used to justify many destructive logging pro- Industry and agriculture fought for this extension jects under the guise of reducing the threat of fire.with the overused arguments that the high costs of Background information on Sequoia National Forestcompliance will force them out of business and they and the Giant Sequoia National Monument can beare not to blame for the pollution; others are. One found at Kern Kaweah Chapter website. Please bewonders if the thought has occurred to these groups prepared to send in comments on the Draft Plan asthat perhaps the Bush administration’s “clean air soon as it available.plan” will reduce the requirements for clean air, thus As of August 13, you will be relieved to hear thatreducing “burdens” of industry and agriculture? fire damages to the Monument have been minimal. In the meantime, the number of asthma cases rises No grove of Giant Sequoias has burned. Of thein the valley. To quote from an Earthjustice letter in 116,000 acres involved thus far, about 16,000 acresregards to the air pollution problem: “Asthma is the were in the Monument. It will be some time beforeleading cause of hospital admissions of young we can get into the burn area to see if this firechildren in California. Fresno County has a 16 cleaned up the forest in a good way, reducing smallpercent childhood asthma prevalence rate, highest in fuels and creating a mosaic of openings, or if itthe state. ... Because of the poor air quality in the burned unnaturally hot. Firefighters have done aValley, infants and children are being treated at good job of stopping the fire wherever it hasunprecedented rates with high dosages of steroids threatened communities.just to maintain normal lifestyles.” And continuing, For information on Draft, Fire, just use your“We are all paying with higher health insurance search engine, putting in the words Sequoia Nationalpremiums and taxes. Each emergency room visit for Forest. By Carlaa child suffering from a severe asthma attack costs an Cloeraverage of $6300. ... $350 million annually with athird of that bill being paid for by the taxpayer- Forest Fires:financed State MediCal program.” Beyond the Heat and Hype A surprise to many is the fact that agricultural The following information which hopefully will help us allactivities in this state have been exempt from air speak the truth about fires and environmentalists is credited t opollution regulations. This exemption was passed Sierra Club, Marderosian & Lockhart .decades ago and is contrary to the federal Clean Air True or False?Act. It appears likely that this exemption will be 1. Logging helps reduce the risk of forest fires.canceled in this legislative cycle. The Earthjustice False. The Forest Service has concluded inlawyers predict that the result will be that large several studies that logging greatly increases the riskagricultural enterprises will comply with the new and severity of fires.ruling, dragging smaller enterprises along with them. 2. Fire suppression won’t prevent the most catas- On 7/16 the federal EPA disapproved of the trophic fires.Valley’s plan to attain PM (particulate matter) 10 True. Decades of fire suppression, cattlestandards. The Clean Air Act has three levels for PM grazing, and logging have resulted in a build-up of10: attainment, moderate non-attainment and serious flammable brush that can easily catch fire.non-attainment (us). EPA said that by 12.31.02 the 3. Prescribed burns save money in the long run.Valley must present a plan that uses Best Available True. Prescribed burns are far cheaper andControl Measures and will decrease emissions 5% a more effective than fighting large wildfires later.year until we reach attainment. If not there will be 4. Forest fires pose a major threat to homes and“sanctions” (loss of federal highway money?) in communities.2003 and a Federal Implementation Plan in 2004. False. Homes and communities can take num-The latter prospect may induce more action on the erous precautions to reduce the threat of forest firespart of the participants on the Air Pollution Board as by removing flammable materials within the 100 tofederal plans are anathema to many. 200 foot zone from structures, using flame resistant Sequoia Monument Draft Plan Out materials for roof and siding, and removing some Soon. Be ready to comment! trees in the zone. 5. Fires are devastating to fish and wildlife habitat. The Draft Plan for the Giant Sequoia National False. Forest fires provide habitat, food andMonument is due to be released in the next few nutrients to plants, fish and wildlife living in theweeks. In our opinion, none of the previously forest.released “Working Draft Alternatives” were satis-
  4. 4. 4 THE ROADRUNNER 46. Areas with roads experience more numerous and Non-Sierra Club Events of Interestmore intense fires than unroaded areas. Oct 4-5 Spirit Wind POWWOW. Native American True. dancers, drums, vendors, food, fry bread. Sweet Iron7. Salvage logging after forest fires actually speeds Quarter House Ranch, located on Tejon Ranchhabitat recovery. Corporation Lands. Frazier Park. Free. Call 661.245. False. Trees downed by forest fires provide 2741. Take Lebec off-ramp, follow signs to entrance.habitat for wildlife and soil nutrients needed to help Oct 19-20 (sat-sun) California Native Plant Society’skeep forests healthy. annual Native Plant Sale. California Living Museum,8. Commercial logging in general is good for forest 10500 Alfred Harrel Hwy, Bksf. Saturday: 8 to 9health. AM, members only; general public 9 AM to 4 PM, False. Commercial logging results in the cut- Sunday 9 AM to Noonting of large trees, allowing small trees and under-brush to grow up in their place. The latter type of Sept. 27-30 (fri-mon) Turkey Vulture Festival.growth makes the fuel that allows the forest fires to Weldon. Field trips, Booths/Exhibits/Children’s Ac-start and become catastrophic. In addition, roads cut tivities at the Kern River Preserve. Call to allow logging are one of the greatest causes of 3044 for more informationerosion which can lead to sedimentation of waterwaysand destructive disturbance of soil. The Reference Room9. Environmentalists are responsible for large forest There are items of interest related to environmental concernsfires. that we can’t print in the Roadrunner because they are too long or False. Environmentalists for years have sup- they are copyrighted and we can’t pay for permission to reprintported thinning of forests (cutting underbrush and or—well, we will just tell you why these are topics and sources worth looking into and where to find them! We welcome yourtrees of small diameter) and prescribed burns to suggestions for future columns too!control fires. Lack of funding for the Forest Serviceis a major cause for this not happening. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ENERGY CRISIS10. Environmentalists have caused Forest Service to Art Unger suggests:cut back on fuel-reduction programs. Remember when we were told the electricity crisis False. In a report last year, the General Ac- was caused by a “perfect storm,” like it was somecounting Office found that only 20 of 1,671 fuel- kind of unpreventable natural disaster? And all thosereduction projects had been appealed by outside who blamed environmental regulations for sup-interests. None of the projects had been litigated. In posedly strangling construction of power plants? Forshort, there were no lawsuits as a result of the 20 a copy of a 6/17 LA times article telling what reallyprojects appealed. happened, go to LA Times on the web. Then go to HOLIDAYS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. ARCHIVES and type in this title, “Paper Trail Points HERE IS WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KEEP To Roots of Energy Crisis” and there you will have, UP TO DATE! Cost only $10 in great detail, the truth of what went on. If the web is not available to you, try your library or call Art for The new 2003 Sierra Club calendars, the Wil- further help ideas. 661.323.5569.derness Calendar and the Engagement Calendar will PRIVATIZATION OF WATER IS NEXT.soon be here. These calendars, well-known forspectacular photos of the wild places we love to visit, Privatization of water—see how the word energy hasalways make a perfect gift for young and older. been replaced? And if the process is allowed to go A great new feature this year, these calendars are ahead without real understanding of what is hap-being offered at only $10 each. Now there is a real pening and what could happen, we all will be literallydeal for you. This is less than the stores sell them for, high and dry. The Cadiz project being considered byand the added benefit is that the profits go to the LA Metropolitan Water Dept is a primary example ofChapter to help support the conservation efforts in some of the aspects that the future might hold inthis area. It is an opportunity for you to save dollars regard to water supply. A good starting place isand just think, you can do your gift shopping for the which is presenting a lot of backgroundcoming season via the phone. What more can you information and opinions on this topic. Just so youask for? know, this is a Ralph Nader website. Order your calendars early so you won’t be CALIFORNIA CONNECTED. This is a lively PBSdisappointed. There will be only a limited amount TV series that deals with California-centered topics. Itavailable at this price. Make your call now: has already covered water topics such as the SaltonTehachapi: Georgette Theotig, 661.822.4371. Por- Sea/San Diego dilemma, the Owens Valley Restora-terville: Pam Clark, 559.784.4643. tion as well as Algodones Dunes and off-roaders. Kern-Kaweah—A Coalition Partner
  5. 5. THE ROADRUNNER 5 with Western Outdoor Clubs shadowed depression, and four pairs of eyes saw, poised over a tight coil, a beautiful triangular head Kern-Kaweah Chapter recently voted to become a and a darting, black forked tongue. Then, like a packmember of the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs. of green flatlanders we started to argue: “That’s notFounded in l932, the FWOC is dedicated to the a rattler; it doesn’t have any diamonds.” “Yes itpromotion of proper use, enjoyment and protection is—look at that head,” until the snake got sick of usof America’s wilderness and outdoor recreation and put an end to the debate. ZZZIIINNNGGG!!!resources. Many of the member clubs add a large went his rattle, and up the side of the hollow he shot.component of service as part of their mission: trail Four shrieks in four registers, and four pairs of legsbuilding, maintenance and the like. Every summer dancing like crazy down the trail, including minethe FWOC gathers to discuss management issues, gain which aren’t supposed to be able to do that anyinformation from a variety of speakers and to vote more. It’s amazing how such a moment focuses theon resolutions that will guide the work of the mind and brings the body right into sync with it.organization locally and nationally. The FWOC’s Two weeks ago three of us hiked to Mosquitocurrent president is Mike McCloskey, former exec- Lake out of Mineral King Valley. Half way to theutive director of the Sierra Club. Resolutions dealt lake the trail traverses upward through a wholewith issues such as the Sierra Nevada Framework, a mountainside of brilliant flowers. Only two milesnew proposed ski area on Mt. Hood, and charter from the valley floor we seemed to be in one of thoseforests, to name but a few. professional travel photos of Switzerland in early By “Bugs” summer. We are not stoic, so when we come toFontaine something like that we are inclined to shout. Some- MIDGEBUZZINGS one said, “That knee brace makes you thirty years Mine was a mountain-loving family, and most of old again.” Well, not quite. We all know Jim Clark,our vacations when I was a child were spent camping who climbed Sawtooth Peak in his late 70’s, andin the Sierra. But it didn’t occur to me to put on a Ruby Jenkins, who celebrated her 75th birthdaybackpack and hike deep into the wilderness until I backpacking out of Mineral King to Florence Lakewas nearly forty. Still, I had twenty-five years of that in a thunderstorm and climbed Florence Peak theluxury before putting the pack down for good. next day. But I’ll settle for what I can do, and very Now deep wilderness experiences are behind me, thankful I am, too. Stay tuned. By Ann Williamsat least as I enjoyed them all those years. Age and a New Sierra Club Campaign totrick knee have put me out of that venue. But thereare, thank goodness, many trails in wilderness areas encourage gas conservationwhich may be walked in a single day with only a Take this with you if car-buying!light pack containing water, first aid supplies and a The Sierra Club this summer announced thelunch. Since last spring I have taken several such launch of a three-year campaign to urge the “Bighikes, and I look forward to many more. I’m slow, Three” automakers to improve the fuel economy ofbut I get there, and I come back with beautiful their vehicles.images that comfort me through the awful rounds of The Sierra Clubs campaign will urge consumersdaily world news and the “thousand natural shocks to ask auto dealers for a “Freedom Option Pack-the flesh is heir to” even in the best of times. age,” a set of fuel-saving components which could In June, six of us hiked to Hooker Meadow to be added to most standard models, and which, takencelebrate a birthday. It was a hot pull of three and a together, could put the fleets of the Big Three on thehalf miles to the meadow’s edge before we came to a road to 40 miles per gallon.lovely stretch of trail that would take us through Three main technologies that can be requested arestands of lupine and along a stream to a particularly as follows: continuously variable automatic transmis-beautiful aspen grove. There we celebrated with sions that help boost fuel economy through betterbrownies and one candle (not lighted, of gear ratios; variable-valve-control enhancing enginecourse—who would strike a match in this performance by controlling the mix of fuel and airunprecedented season of fire except in a campsite more precisely, and an integrated starter-generator,designated for stoves?) Two of our party continued also called "idle off", that saves fuel because it stopswith full packs to Beck Meadow where they would engines from using up as much as 15% of their gasspend a couple of days. The rest of us went back the while idling in traffic. These can be installed if askedway we came, commenting about the dry condition for and will help get us on the way to freedom fromof the woods and a lack of water in the little stream foreign oil, freedom from high gas prices, and free-bed we were following. I led the way, and when I did dom from air pollution.see a bit of dampness in a small hollow, I calledattention to it. Four heads bent to peer into the
  6. 6. 6 THE ROADRUNNER 6 Kern Kaweah Mineral King Group Meets in Visalia. GROUP Call Harold Wood, Chair. 559.739.8527 email: Social walks will begin the fall season for the NEWS Mineral King group. All ages, members and non- members are invited so it can be a family affair as well as an opportunity to meet folks from all over theKern Kaweah Chapter Ex-Com usually meets area. Special feature will be lighting on the CollegeSaturday afternoons once a month, Beale Library, of the Sequoias track so that the walks can continueBakersfield, 12 noon. Call to make sure of place and all year around. No need to call. Just come to thetime. Paul Gipe, Chair. 661.324.1923. Call your College of the Sequoias.local group to get specific information on ex-commeeting times and places. Ex-com meetings are opento all Sierra Club members. Owens Peak Group Meets in Ridgecrest.Buena Vista Group Call Dennis Burge, Chair. 760.375.7967 email: dennis93555@yahoo.comMeets at Bakersfield, Beale Library. Thanks to the conservation chair of this groupCall Elaine White, Chair. 661.833.3795 Kern Kaweah Chapter members were alerted to the Picking up trash along their adopted part of the scoping meetings for Surprise Canyon, a favoritehighway has been hard work but fun. More vol- spot to visit for many. Consequently a good groupunteers will make it even more fun so come on and from Ridgecrest and Bakersfield attended and werejoin us. Call Elaine for details of when where and able to make comments to encourage protection ofwhat to bring. the area from wheeled intrusions. Heres a chance to help with the planning for thenext six months. Oct 2, 7 to 8:30 Call above numberfor directions. COMING UP! CEQA WORKSHOP?Condor Group Please let us know if you are interested!Meets at Pine Mountain Club. What is CEQA? The initials stand for CaliforniaCall Ches Arthur, Chair. 661.242.0423. email: Environmental Quality Act.. The purpose of this is to provide some protections for the lands from Much time and effort was put in by members of unregulated development that could harm the naturalthe Conservation Committee preparing comments on and human environment. This is a set of rules thatTejon Ranchs proposal to develop another ware- people dealing with the land they own must follow inhousing/industrial development on I-5. order to develop the land. The annual peak to peak hike attracted 16 people. This workshop is designed to acquaint its partici-With weather delightfully cool, the group zipped pants with the ins and outs of this set of rules andacross the up and down terrain from Cerro Noroeste how they might apply to local situations of concernto Mt. Pinos. such as air pollution and sprawl. Possible dates? The first Saturday in December, the 7th, or early March/April? Cost? $25 to 30 dol-Kaweah Group lars. Scholarships may be available. Please call MaryMeets in Porterville. Ann Lockhart, 661.242.0432, as soon as possible,Call Theresa Stump, Chair, 559.781.0594, if inter- indicating intention to attend and dates preferred, orested in hikes or other activities. requesting further information.Saturday, October 26, Pacific Crest Trail. Join us todo maintenance work at Cameron Ridge. Meet inTehachapi. Rain will cancel. Call Georgette Theotig661.822.4371 for details. Remember California Nevada Regional Conservation Committee state-wide meeting at San Luis Obispo, September 14th/15th. See page 2 for details.
  7. 7. THE ROADRUNNER 7Calendar Corner Oct 2 (wed) Buena Vista Planning Meeting 7 PM to 8:30. At the home of Doug and Elaine White. Plan- Everyone is welcome, Sierra Club members and non-members, to join in any of the outdoor activities listed below. ning calendar for the next six months. Call for direc-Requirements: persons participating be in condition, equipped tions or to give your input. 661.833.3795appropriately for the activity, and prepared to sign a Sierra Club Oct 5 (sat) Meet Mt. Pinos Dist Ranger Tomrelease from liability. Unprepared for the prospective hike? The Kuekes. Potluck, 6 PM. Speaker, 7 PM. Bring yourleader will have to ask the hiker not to participate. Good hiking shoes, plenty of water, are a must; sunscreen, own place settings, a dish to share. (Not you, Tom.hats, sunglasses, and jackets suggested. You are our guest!) Pool Pavilion Room, PMC The leader has full responsibility for the hike, and his/her Clubhouse. Condor Group.directions must be followed. Oct 10 (thur) Mineral King Dinner Social 6 PM. Please inform the leader ahead of time that you are intending Borders Books Coffee House, participate. Feel free to consult with the leader as to yourfitness to go on the hike. Oct 11-14 (Fri-Mon) Joint CNRCC Desert & Desert Pks Sect, Angeles Chp. Help restore cabin and climb WEEKLY two peaks. Potlucks, Saturday & Sunday. IndicateVisalia Weekly Walks (wed) 5:30 PM. Begin carpooling information (4WD needed, extra spaceSeptember 4th. Meet at College of the Sequoias may be available). SASE, H&W phones, e-mail toTrack, Woodland Dr. entrance, Walks 30-45 min. reserve. Asst Ldr: Jim Kilberg, 310.215.0092,COS track is lighted for darktime walks. All ages and welcome. More social than rigorous. For Oct. 12 (sat) Day Hike at Tehachapi Mt. Park.further info: 559.739.8527. Meet at park at 10 AM. Bring water, snacks andBakersfield Conditioning Hikes: (thurs) 7 PM. comfortable hiking shoes. Call 661.833.3795 Buena4-5 miles Corner of highways 178 & 184. Vista Group.661.872.2432 or 861.1186. (KK Chapt.) Oct 18-20 (fri-sun) Mineral King Three Day SPECIFICS Weekend to Mono Lake. Call Neil at 559.798.0343 for complete details.Sept 12 (thur) - Mineral King Dinner Social, 6 PM. Oct 19 (sat) Aspen Grove Tour 7:30 AM Ridge-Kings Buffet, Mooney Blvd, Visalia. crest Cinema parking lot.. Visit Kern Plateau, 8500ft,Sept-14-15 (sat-sun) Kern River Valley Excursion ~2500 gain, ~10 mi RT. Leisurely hike to viewHikes, vulture, other migratory birdwatching, Your golden colored aspens. Locations will depend onchoice: camp overnite or return to PMC. 7:45 AM. climate, seasonal variations, possible current firePMC tennis courts. 661.242.0423. Condor Group. limits. Hooker, Jackass, McConnell, and AlbanitaSept 14-15 (sat-sun) CNRCC (California-Nevada Meadows may be included. Easy/moderate due toRegional Conservation Committee) will meet at length. Call Dennis 760.375.7967 or Jim 760.375.SLO for all-state, all-regional meeting. (Note date 8161 for more info.change from Sept. 7-8.) Details: p. 2. Oct 21 (mon) Sea Kayaking, Rain Forests, andSept 16 (mon) Ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dennis Bush Country in Australia. Jean Bennet will showBurge will show slides of his Feb. ascent of Mt. slides touching on bush reserves, rivers, waterfalls,Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak at 19,340’, and ending with one-week kayaking trip around Hin-visit to Tanzanian game parks. Maturango Museum, chinbrook Island, a world heritage park. Maturango100 E. Las Flores; 7:30 PM. Call Dennis for more Museum, 100 E. Las Flores; 7:30 PM. Call Dennisinfo. 760.375.7967. Owens Pk. Group. for more info. 760.375.7967.Sept 21 (sat) 7 AM. Glass Mtn (north side of Long Oct 26 (sat) Windwolves Hike, Possible ExcursionValley Caldera, 11,123 ft, 3600 ft gain, 6.8 mi RT) combination. 8 AM. Hikers, PMC Clubhouse. CallFeatures black obsidian and rare red obsidian. Mod- 661.242.1076 for complete details. Condor Group.erate/strenuous hike due to alt. gain. Meet Ridgecrest Oct 28 (sat) Mineral King Potluck. 6 PM. Visalia.Cinema parking lot. More Info? 760.375.7967 or All members welcome. For details call 739.8527 to760.375.8161. Owens Pk. Group. attend.Sept. 28 (sat) 9 AM Turkey Vulture Festival at Kern Nov 23 (sat) Pleito Canyon. Visit one of the areasPreserve. Return by 6 PM. Watch migrating birds and proposed for Wilderness Designation. 8 AM, PMChike at preserve. Lunch at restaurant in Kernville. Clubhouse. Call 661.242.1076 for complete details.Call 661.833.3795 for carpooling, mtg place. Buena Condor Group.Vista Group.Sept 28 (sat) Piedra Blanca National RecreationTrail. 8 AM Pine Mt. Clubhouse. Call Dale 661. Its Worth It! Changes Occur!242.1076. Condor Group. You might be disappointed if you don’t call to makeSept 30 (mon) Mineral King Ex Com Meeting - Call sure the activity you planned to attend is still559.739.8527 to attend. scheduled.
  8. 8. 8 THE ROADRUNNER WONDERFUL GIFTS ANY TIME!Activities, alerts, plus six additional numbers of Ann William’s Midgebuzzings. Write Ann Williams, 3112 LINDEN AVE, 2003 SIERRA CLUB CALENDARS BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93560, if you need copy. SEE PAGE 4 FOR DETAILS. General Publication Information Deadline OCT 1st for next issue 2002 Basic Roster of Kern Kaweah Chapter *Want to submit an article? and Groups, Bakersfield, CA 93385 650 words max., shorter is better. *General questions about outings? Executive Committee 6 6 1 . 3 2 4 . 1 9 2 3 Call Theresa Stump, 559-781-0594 Paul Gipe, Chair; Vice Chair, Harry Love; Ara Marderosian, Secretary, Larry Wailes, treasurer; Lorraine Unger, Membership ****Want to sign up to receive ALERTS?**** Regional Delegates, Sub-Committee Chairs HarrySend to WE NEED MORE OF YOU! Love, Ara Marderosian, RCC, Lorraine Unger, SC Council; Theresa Stump, Outings; Carla Cloer, Chair, Sequoia Task Force; *Submission after deadline? we will try. Mary Ann Lockhart, Roadrunner. *Web questions? Buena Vista Group (Bakersfield) 661.833.3795 Elaine White, Chair; Glenn Shellcross, Vice Chair; Kevin Smith, MANY THANKS To ANN WILLIAMS, MICHELLE Secretary; Karen Smith, Treasurer. HOFFMAN, & HAROLD WOOD FOR HELP WITH Condor Group (Pine Mtn Club, Frazier Park area) THE ROADRUNNER 661.242.0423. Ches Arthur, Chair; Dale Chitwood, Vice-Chair. Candy Posson, Secretary, Marta Bigler,Treas. Not a member of Sierra Club? Not a member of Kern Kaweah Group (Porterville) 559.781.0594 Kaweah Chapter? Want this newsletter? Send $5 to Theresa Stump, Chair; Dianne Jetter, Vice Chair; Boyd Leavitt, L. Unger, 2815 La Cresta Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93305 Treasurer. Mineral King (Visalia) 559.739.8527 Harold Wood, Chair; Mary Moy, Vice-Chair; Cynthia Koval, Secretary; JanetRoadrunnerAddresses: o r Wood,Treasurer.Editor, Roadrunner, P.O. Box GG, Frazier Park, Owens Peak Group (Ridgecrest) 760.375.7967CA 93222 Dennis Burge, Chair; Steve Smith, Vice-Chair; Jean Bennett, Secretary; Dolph Amster, Treasurer. Take Action Numbers. Call, Write!Federal Govt. Numbers: White House Comment Line: 202.456.1111 Important Notice George W. Bush’s e-mail - Deadline for Nov.–Dec. issue is Address - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500 OCTOBER 1st.US Capitol Switchboard - 202-224-3121. in order to have that edition in readers’ handsSen Barbara Boxer: 312 N Spring St., LA 90012-213.894.5000 before November 5th. Thanks!Sen Diane Feinstein:11111 Sta. Monica Blvd. S.915, LA 90025Dir. Gale Norton, c/o Tom Fulton, Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, NW, WashingtonDir. Ann Venneman. U.S. Dept of Ag, 14th & Independence Ave. SW, Washington, D.C. 20250. phone: 202.720.2791California numbers: Gov. Davis: 1-916-445-2841 Calif. Legislative Switchboard(receptionist will help you ID your Senator and Assemblymember if you are unsure): 916-322-9900.Yes, I want to join the Sierra Club. Check enclosed.Name.......................................................................City.....................................State.............. Zip.........Check one:Introductory $25........Regular $39....... Joint $47.........Any of the following $24:Senior..... Student....... Limited Income.........F94QW 0600-1 Send to Sierra Club,P O Box 52968, Boulder, CO, 80322