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ASOS Advocacy Program Social Proposal
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ASOS Advocacy Program Social Proposal


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Published in: Social Media, Technology

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  • 2. BRIEF Design and build a bespoke advocacy program which will allow ASOS to extend its reach beyond its existing channels. Prepare how you would execute such a launch, and how you would evaluate its success
  • 3. •  Create a tired system, to include high level influencers right through to mass brand advocates. •  We want to create meaningful engagements with the brand through advocates and influencers. •  We need a system that is easy to manage e.g. content automatically uploaded; tiered structure so different levels access different types of content / are rewarded differently, not too time consuming or manual. •  We want an agile system so that we can continually evolve the program and list of advocates. WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE
  • 4. CHALLENGES 1.  Crowded marketplace 2.  High influencing bloggers have agents 3.  Varying landscape 4.  Crossover in readership 5.  High influencers want money 6.  Many bloggers have other brand partnerships 7.  Advocates don’t necessarily have blogs 8.  Finding the distinction between a fan and a true advocate
  • 7. WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR •  Those who are part of the current program love feeling part of an ‘exclusive’ club •  They enjoy being part of a community and love meeting new people •  They want to feel valued and receive recognition from the brand so enjoy receiving things which are personal to them •  Relationship building between them and the brand is important. They like to feel they are getting rewarded for showing their brand love, they are savvy about their influence and like to feel there is a value exchange in place •  Many tag ASOS product without talking about the ASOS brand – these may not always be ASOS own brand products •  Some don’t write about ASOS frequently, but they like to highlight competitions and offers to each other and to their readers •  They use different channels of communication, and use them all differently •  ASOS ship to over 190 countries, although current programs are only in the UK •  They enjoy taking part in ASOS challenges
  • 8. BASED ON WHAT WE KNOW How do we create an advocacy program which will allow ASOS to extend its reach beyond its existing channels?
  • 9. WHAT WE NEED TO DO We need to make our advocates feel recognized, appreciated and cherished by ASOS on a personal level, by giving them exclusive assets they can use cross- channel, rewarding them for their advocacy in a way that is personal to them and that reflects the brand love they demonstrate.
  • 10. THE IDEA We want to create an online portal that will deliver information and rewards specific to each advocates interests and needs
  • 11. WHAT WILL THIS LOOK LIKE We will create a hub that will give influencers and advocates their own private access to everything they need for their fashion focused lifestyle that’s specifically tailored to them. The portal will be populated with the latest content from shoots, products, celeb meet and greets, interviews, trends and events using additional assets that have been created at the same time as the content from ASOS’s current activity, as well as links to relate content on the website. The portal will sync with each advocate or influencer’s Google calendar and will be mobile enabled, allowing influencers and advocates to be in the know of the latest news, seen at the best events, and wearing the latest fashion whenever they need. The portal will also feature community building events i.e. a monthly ASOS idea swap whereby advocates and influencers are invited to be part of an ASOS brainstorm, and Google+ hangouts with ASOS HQ experts i.e. buyers, marketers, trend experts all accompanied with a hashtag.
  • 12. HOW WILL THIS WORK Influencers and advocates will be invited to login to the portal and populate a calendar with their up coming posts, shoots, key events, birthdays, weekends away, nights out, lunches, dinners etc. They can also add their dress size, interests and hobbies. If budget allows, they will receive a welcome note and package personal to their calendar Once their diary has been populated, the portal will provide them with the latest content to suit their diary and online behavior. There will also be a Snapchat account especially for portal users which will allow a Snapchat to be sent to specific users letting them know of the latest information to their portal as soon at it becomes available
  • 13. HOW WILL IT LAUNCH ASOS advocates and influencers will be identified via monitoring tools (i.e. Sysomos), and sent an email from an assigned ASOS contact introducing themselves with their login to the portal. If they are already part of AAA they will receive an email from their current contact. While the portal is tested fully, 100 of ASOS’s closest advocates and influencers will be invited to the portal by email by an ASOS contact. Each month thereafter, 100 more advocates and influencers will be selected and sent an invitation to the portal. Visitors to the portal who have not been selected will be asked to fill out an ASOS apply questionnaire, and await an invitation
  • 14. MAKING IT PERSONAL Need How the portal meets their need High Influence High Frequency •  Exclusives •  High Volume of unique content •  Immediacy •  Time poor •  Priority access to events •  Wide variety of different assets (images, exclusives, interviews) •  First access •  Personal ASOS contact High Influence Low Frequency •  Exclusives •  Low volume of unique Content •  Time poor •  Priority access to events •  Low variety of different assets (images, exclusives, interviews) •  Personal ASOS contact Low Influence High Frequency •  High volume of unique content •  Variety of different assets (images, exclusives, interviews)
  • 15. vEVENTS v CONTENT DISTRIBUTION vEXCLUSIVES •  LFW •  Collection launch •  ASOS Academy •  Festival tickets •  Award Parties •  Xmas Party •  Celeb interviews •  Behind the scenes shots •  Trend alerts •  Launches •  Celebrity get the looks •  Quote Banks •  ASOS news •  First access to celebrities •  Involvement at ASOS HQ •  Competition giveaways for readers •  Upcoming launches •  Upcoming events •  ASOS discount codes & gifts MAKING IT PERSONAL
  • 17. WHY THIS WORKS •  Utilizes current activity, and does not require any further organization •  Tiered system which meets the needs of influencers and advocates lifestyle and online behavior •  Personal approach through tailored content for each bloggers diary and event schedule •  Can be expanded and built on to include more tailored and specialist content for learning's in response to engagement and interactions •  Equal value exchange from bloggers who engage via non monetary rewards i.e. first to know, tickets, events •  Scalable- allows creation of further content as budget and resource becomes available based on success, leanings, budget and resource 

  • 18. HOW DO WE MEASURE SUCCESS •  Number of influencers and advocates signed up to the portal •  Number of referrals •  The number of calendar entries and interests filled out •  The number of returning visits to the portal and frequency of use •  The amount of content used from advocates and influencers •  Contact with personal account handler •  Blogger to blogger connections made •  Increase in positive brand sentiment •  Trackable vouchers and promotional codes •  Increase in CTR to ASOS website
  • 19. Thank You