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2013 BMW M5 Brochure KY | Louisville BMW Dealer
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2013 BMW M5 Brochure KY | Louisville BMW Dealer


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Check out the 2013 BMW M5 brochure provided by Sam Swope BMW in Louisville, KY. To learn more about our current sales and incentives give us a call at 502-499-5080.

Check out the 2013 BMW M5 brochure provided by Sam Swope BMW in Louisville, KY. To learn more about our current sales and incentives give us a call at 502-499-5080.

Published in: Automotive, Sports

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  • 1. #.8.񂌡5)&#.8.񂌡 6/506$)"#-&5IF6MUJNBUF%SJWJOH.BDIJOFnSam Swope BMWI-64 & S. Hurstboune ParkwayLouisville, KY 40299Phone: 502-499-5080
  • 3. Contents04 05The BMW MINSPIRING POWER,INCREDIBLY EXECUTED.TechnologyPOWER MEETSEFFICIENCY.EquipmentM POWER YOURPERSONALIZATION.  InteriorFor the M , every suit is a strong one.  ExteriorDesign in the name of performance.  PerformanceYou’re in for an amazing drive.  ComfortA personalized experience.  Business jetM insights from Maximilian Ahme,BMW M project engineer.  M TwinPower Turbo V- engineM Power performance with optimumeffi ciency.  M DCT with Drivelogic andActive M DifferentialPerfection at the limit.  Chassis and brakesFrom the racetrack to the road.    years of BMW M  BMW ConnectedDriveConvenience, infotainment and safetytechnologies meet in one suite.  Exterior and upholstery colors  Headliner colors and interior trims  Recommended color combinations  Equipment features and options bmwusa.comOverviewTHE BMW MAT A GLANCE.  BMW M School  Build Your Own  Technical data  BMW ServicesExclusive offers for BMW customers.EditorialA    -HPDOUBLE AGENT.Equipment of model shown: BMW M SedanEngine: M TwinPower Turbo V- engineNominal output:    hpWheels: M Double Spoke (Style    M)   " forged light alloy wheelsExterior color: Monte Carlo Blue MetallicUpholstery: M Multi-contour front seats in Silverstone II Extended Merino Leather,including Alcantara Anthracite headlinerInterior trim: Aluminum TraceFor information on vehicle specifi cations, please see pages   -  .A lightning-quick track all-star – or a boardroom baron with a seriouscompetitive streak? Heir to BMW’s high-performance heritage, theM raises as many questions as it answers. It’s time to take a businessmeeting – and the BMW M definitely means business.From its    -hp M-tuned TwinPower Turbo V- engine, to thebespoke luxury of its spacious interior, to the meticulously designedand integrated M “specifics” – such as signature M gills and exclusivepaint choices – the M straddles the line between high-performancesuperstar and sublime luxury vehicle.Put any question of identity crisis out of your mind: like all M vehicles,the M performs exactly as intended without compromises, whetherdelivering you to the office or from the stress and confines of dailydriving. Seem impossible? It’s no coincidence. After all, magic alsostarts with the letter “M.”
  • 4. Interior06 07PERFORMANCE THATS PERFECTLY MATCHED TO ANY OCCASION.Talk about making great fi rst impressions. At aglance, the elegant contours, aggressive stylingand distinctive details of this powerhouse hintat the glory and elegance of its race-inspiredheritage. But take the wheel and set foot on theaccelerator pedal, and you’ll quickly know forsure the true personality of this M masterpiece.And with ample, luxurious space for fi ve, all whostep inside fi nd the M the most persuasive andexhilarating conference room ever created.European image shown.FOR THE M ,EVERY SUIT ISA STRONG ONE.
  • 5. Exterior08 09SHOW THEM WHAT YOU STAND FOR. SOMETIMES ALL IT TAKES IS ONE LOOK TO FALL IN LOVE.Onlookers may not be able to take in every detail of the BMW M as it goes by in a blur of Monte Carlo Blue Metallic paint. It may be necessary toslow down in order to show off the forged   -inch M Double Spoke alloy wheels, the three large air intakes at the front apron, the elegantly fl aredwheel arches and the large high-performance compound brakes. However, the BMW M is that rare vehicle that looks just as stunning at highspeed at it does standing still. The visual feast continues with a smorgasbord of M-exclusive cues, with aerodynamic M exterior mirrors, signatureM gills, M rear spoiler and quad tailpipes all contributing to the dynamic, aggressive look of the BMW M .Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi cations.Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.”
  • 6. Exterior 1110INSPIRING POWER,INCREDIBLY EXECUTED.Engineered to leave the competition in the dust,the BMW M delivers all the goods associatedwith M vehicles – and then some. Its masterfulM TwinPower Turbo V- yields an unexpecteddividend:   percent more power on tap than itspredecessor, yet a level of effi ciency that’s nearly  percent greater.This is achieved through cutting-edge enginetechnologies like Valvetronic, BMW’s throttlelessintake technology. This potent combination oflean muscle and intelligent fuel consumptionleads to a singular driving experience. One thatwe’ve proudly branded with the letter M.ALL IN THE NAMEOF PERFORMANCE.
  • 7. SET YOUR OWN PACE. YOU’RE IN CONTROL. AND IN FOR AN AMAZING DRIVE.The myriad technologies and features inside the cabin of the M letyou take your high-performance lifestyle with you. Get comfortable inthe customized M Multi-contour seats, upholstered in plush ExtendedMerino Leather. Take hold of the specialized M Leather steeringwheel, and you’re ready to launch.At a glance, the M-customized Head-up Display shows you exactlywhat you need to know: mph, rpm, fuel levels. Select your M Drivesettings via two easy-access programmable buttons. Steeringwheel-mounted paddle shifters, available with the M Double ClutchTransmission, send you from gear to gear with sporting ease. Anda wealth of ConnectedDrive features keep you connected to yourcalendar, contacts and more.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi cations.Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.”
  • 8. Performance14 15PASSION AND POWER COME ALIVE.Lithe, graceful and domineering on everyroadway, the BMW M moves unlike any othervehicle. That’s no small feat. For every excitingmile, the M relies on some of BMW’s mostforward-thinking, track-tested engineering. Inaddition to the groundbreaking M-tuned V-engine, the M ’s custom M Car suspension,extensive lightweight construction andadvanced high-torque  -speed M DoubleClutch Transmission work together to producetruly staggering numbers:    hp,    lb-ft oftorque, a     -rpm redline, and an exhilarating -  time of just  . seconds.It’s not just the innovative hardware thatpropels the M forward. Advanced enginemapping and suspension technology alsocontribute to its competitive spirit. There’sActive M Differential – an electronicallycontrolled multi-plate limited slip differentialthat maximizes traction along with sportyresponsiveness and handling. Two M Drivebuttons located on the steering wheel letyou select from among three driving modes(COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+), automaticallyrecalibrating performance parameters, suchas throttle response and suspension stiffness,to provide the ideal “fi t” for the driver.Taken together, these impressive drivingtechnologies go hand-in-hand with the M ’sinnovative componentry to deliver incredibleperformance, every time.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi cations.Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.” BMW AG preliminary test results. See page   for detailed technical data.BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts.EVERY MILE, AN ADVENTURE.EVERY ROAD, A REVELATION.
  • 9. A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, DESIGNED AROUND YOUR TASTES.Prestige wears many outfi ts – yet few are asfi tting as the BMW M . Designed to comfort,support and inspire, the interior delivers a sym-phony of stylish elements. From the AnthraciteAlcantara headliner to the M-exclusive door-sillfi nishers, every inch speaks to its racing heritage.Rich trims and accents, such as Aluminum Traceand Dark Wood, please the eye. And for theultimate in personalized luxury, there is a wholeworld of specialized paints, trims, headliners,upholstery colors and more available. Howeveryou choose to build your M Sedan, it’s a driveyou’ll want to experience over and over again.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi cations.Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.”WHEN IT COMES TO CHOICES,THE SKY’S THE LIMIT.
  • 11. POWER MEETS EFFICIENCY.Engine20 21The numbers speak for themselves:    horsepower. A     -rpmredline.  . seconds from  -  . The high-revving M TwinPower TurboV- in the BMW M makes a singularly forceful statement when itcomes to performance and acceleration.Fully leveraging innovative BMW technology – Double-VANOS contin-uously variable camshaft timing, High Precision Direct Injection, andValvetronic individual intake valve control that eliminates the need for aless-effi cient throttle plate – the M generates an enormous    lb-ftof torque. This is available across a wide engine speed range, withemphatic forward thrust on tap from just over idle right through to highrevs. A double turbocharger, combined with two large intercoolers tocool the engine and intake air, fully exploit the superb pulling powerof this high-performance powerplant.The M ’s V- also sets benchmarks when it comes to the performance-to-fuel consumption ratio. BMW Effi cientDynamics features include theenergy-saving Auto Start-Stop function that turns off the engine whilestopped and then restarts it automatically when you take your foot off thebrake. Brake Energy Regeneration recovers energy output from the car’sbraking and then recycles it to help power the vehicle. The result is nearlyone-third less fuel consumption than its predecessor – exceptionallygood highway fuel mileage for an ultra-high-power car.And then there’s the specially tuned M exhaust: an irresistible siren songfor driving enthusiasts everywhere. BMW AG preliminary test results with  -speed M DCT. See page   for detailed technical data.BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts. Preliminary – EU test cycle results.High torque is available across an extremely broad range of engine speeds –from     rpm (a little more than idle) all the way to     rpm. You experiencepower that responds fast and long across a wide range of acceleration startingpoints, for greater driving enjoyment.M TwinScroll turbocharging for faster throttle response.Turbochargers recycle exhaust pressure to drive a turbine that feeds high-pressure air to the engine. It’s a clever and effective technology with onedrawback: it takes time under acceleration to build exhaust pressure tospin the turbo. BMW M TwinScroll Turbo technology slashes this “turbolag” by timing the exhaust pulses. Exhaust fl ows into the turbos from eachof two cylinder paths with a    -degree fi ring interval. This minimizesinterference between exhaust pulses, optimizing energy transfer. Whatyou feel is incredibly crisp throttle response.562514466418370322274226178059055051047043039035031027000 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000Engine speed (rpm)Torque (lb-ft)Output (hp)Torque(lb-ft)Output(hp)
  • 12. The extraordinary power of the BMW M requires the application ofintelligent transmission and drivetrain systems for maximum effi ciency –and driving fun. The racing-derived  -speed M Double ClutchTransmission (M DCT) with Drivelogic can be personalized by the driverto match a wide range of preferences, from comfort to extreme sport.This dynamic transmission can operate in either fully automatic orautomated manual mode. In the manual mode, you shift like a GrandPrix driver by fl icking paddles just behind the steering wheel with yourfi ngertips. Without taking your hands off the wheel – and with your footfi rmly on the accelerator – you can quickly select one of seven gears,and the transmission does the rest. Whether changing gears up ordown, the experience is exciting and rewarding.Here’s how it works. M Double Clutch Transmission is based on notone, but two partial transmissions housed inside the same gear case.One transmission contains gears  ,  ,  and  ; the other, gears  ,  and  .Now here’s the genius of it: say you’re accelerating hard in gear  in onetransmission. Before the shift to gear  is made, this next gear is alreadyengaged and ready to go. To make the shift, M DCT doesn’t push gears.Rather, it selects one of two clutches to instantly engage the next gearin the other transmission. Changing clutches, instead of physicallyPERFECTION AT THE LIMIT.moving gears, is blindingly fast – and it can be executed with yourright foot fl at to the fl oor. To further improve acceleration, appropriatelyconfi gured Drivelogic programs boost torque to a higher degree.Combined with the close ratio gaps between the seven gears, theseprograms help you feel each gear shift with an ever-increasing surgeforward.The M Double Clutch Transmission also automates a time-tested race-driving principle to improve vehicle dynamics when slowing for a corner:precisely matching engine rpm to the next-lowest gear during the shift.M DCT automates this function, precisely matching engine rpm tobraking force to prevent sudden lurching when shifting down. Anotheraspect of Drivelogic gives you a choice of six drive programs – three inmanual mode and three in automatic. Each offers a broad spectrum,from full-on sporting to smooth and effortless.The transmission also offers another technology taken directly fromracecars: Launch Control. This provides the BMW M with the just theright amount of power to the rear wheels for the best acceleration froma standing start to top speed. What you get is the power to apply powerlike never before.Active M Differential optimizes traction for greater control.This differential, the fi nal gear unit connecting the transmission to thedrive wheels, is electronically controlled and communicates with theDynamic Stability Control (DSC) system to ensure intelligent applicationof engine torque in every driving situation, including high-speedcornering and variable road surfaces.
  • 13. ENGINEERED TO GO AROUND THE TRACK.OR JUST AROUND THE CORNER.Chassis and brakes24 25The BMW M Sedan doesn’t conform to traditional rules. Instead,it is born of the free-spirited and innovative engineering philosophyof BMW M. This ensures a driving experience that can be confi guredfor the track or even an easy drive to the supermarket.The precision-built M high-performance chassis you see on the facingpage has been redeveloped from scratch and tuned to perfection onthe famous and demanding Northern Loop of Germany’s Nürburgring,the Nordschleife. You begin to experience the effect of M when yousettle into the cockpit and see the M Drive buttons on the steeringwheel. These buttons connect you to pre-programmed confi gurationsfor either a sporty or a comfortable drive. One of these is M DynamicMode, which helps you push the performance envelope of the Mby raising the threshold of when Dynamic Stability Control intervenes.This works in concert with the Active M Differential that improvestraction on even the most demanding corners. As a result, you canexplore the limits with more confi dence.Also adding to your enjoyment is Dynamic Damping Control. Thisfeature allows you to adjust the shock absorbers to your preferencein one of three modes: COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+. It’s one moreway the racing souls of BMW M engineers put a smile on your facewith every drive.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi cations.Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.”
  • 14. A LEGEND HITS 40.BMWM.Motorsport vision: Bob Lutz, Sales Director of BMW AG,and his eight staffers establish BMW Motorsport GmbH.The fi rst M. With the BMW M1, BMW takes motorsportto the street – and the track: with the support of racing legendsBernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley, the car celebrates its premierein the Procar Series. The BMW M1, of which only 460 are built,is every collector’s dream today.As BMW’s fi rst high-powered sports sedan, the BMW M5combines exceptional performance with superb comfort. Electricwindows, central locking and a powerful six-cylinder engine: theBMW M5 features the most innovative technologies of its day.And, for a long time, it is made by hand.197219781984M: The mostpowerful letter inthe world. Since 1972.Innovation, aesthetics and apassionate commitment to motor racingare the foundations on which BMW M has beencrafting thrilling vehicles for more than 40 years. Fromthe pioneering concept exploring the limits of contemporaryengineering, to the successful participant in numerous internationalmotorsport events, to the elegant, athletic production model with addeddriving enjoyment – trust BMW M to deliver memorable performance. Theletter M will continue to represent a unique combination of advanced technology andimpressive power, for a BMW driving experience that can otherwise only be found on theworld’s racetracks.BMW Motorsport GmbH changes its nameto BMW M GmbH – and ever since, that letter hasstood for maximum performance, innovationand driving enjoyment. It is also the home ofBMW Individual, which offers customers exclusiveautomobile compositions tailored to their wishes.1993Exploring new terrain: The BMW X5 M andthe BMW X6 M take M Power off-road. They are thefi rst M models to feature the intelligent BMW xDriveall-wheel-drive system, with an M-specifi c set-upthat maximizes dynamic performance.2009An eye on the future: the BMW M6 setsstandards for advanced technology. Innovationslike the high-revving M TwinPower Turbo V-8 engineor ultra-lightweight materials such as CFRPdemonstrate what the future will look like – both inmotor racing and on the road.2012The BMW M3 takes the motorsport world bystorm: Touring Car World and European Championin 1987, German Touring Car Champion in 1989.Demand for the high-performance sports modelis so high that 5,000 are built in one year.1986
  • 15. Every day, our world is becoming increasingly networked. Many BMW drivers, however, are betterconnected with than most, obtaining information on the road, communicating by phone or email andalways updated on the latest events. BMW ConnectedDrive encompasses all these services, includingtraffi c features which enable the networking of BMW cars and their occupants with the outside world.Enhanced mobile networking. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a visionary Roadster with adesign that amazes at fi rst sight. Its dynamic, fl owing lines draw the eye from the distinctive front end,over the long hood and then to an extraordinary synthesis of exterior and interior. Three levels in theinterior each symbolize an area of BMW ConnectedDrive – Convenience, Infotainment and Safety.Accompanying the functions and controls, information is highlighted by different colored fi ber-opticlights, as well as by rhythm, motion and texture. More on this concept vehicle and further researchprojects can be found in the BMW Future Lab. ConnectedDriveIn touch with your world.BMW ConnectedDrive28 29BMW CONNECTED DRIVE: CONVENIENCE, INFOTAINMENTAND SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES MEET IN ONE SUITE.With BMW ConnectedDrive you stay in touch, no matter where you go. Its advanced communications and entertainment features create a networkbetween driver, vehicle and environment, at any time and wherever you are. The following pages present special highlights in the areas of convenience,infotainment and safety. For a comprehensive overview, see These BMW ConnectedDrive innovations offer service-oriented functions, so you can always relax in your BMW.Speed Limit Info shows the currently applicable speed limit in theinstrument cluster as well as in the Head-up Display (if so equipped).A special camera captures the speed limit posted on signs; a controlunit then processes this information together with data from the on-boardNavigation system. Other components, such as the vehicle’s rain sensor,are also used, so the system can even factor in variable speed limits forthe driver in, for example, wet conditions.Top-, Side- and Rear-view Cameras around the vehicle show thesurroundings on the Control Display, for enhanced visibility. The Top-viewCamera provides a bird’s-eye view of the road alongside the doors.These images, taken by cameras positioned in the exterior mirrors, helpguide you when maneuvering in tight spaces. Side-view Cameras inthe front bumpers show traffic approaching the front of the vehicle fromthe sides, such as when exiting a garage. The Rear-view Camera,located behind the BMW badge on the trunk lid, shows the area behindthe vehicle. Working with Park Distance Control, interactive guidelinesindicate if the vehicle can fit in a parking space, and display parkingtrajectories and turn angles.Lane Departure Warning feature.This feature senses when your vehicle is crossing over road lanemarkings or is changing lanes without signaling, and warns you bysending a mild vibration through the steering wheel. The systemcan be turned on and off via a button near the steering wheel. If youactivate your directional signal – meaning that you intend to change lanes –no warning is given.Full-color BMW Head-up Display.The BMW Head-up Display uses a multi-color TFT display to projectimportant travel information, such as current speed and Check Controldata, on the windshield directly in your line of vision in full color. Directionalarrows from the Navigation system can also be displayed.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi ca-tions. Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.”
  • 16. BMW ConnectedDrive30 31STAY TOTALLY IN TOUCHWHEREVER YOU GO – WITHBMW CONNECTED DRIVE.Whether you’re far from home or just in the next town, BMW Assist™offers convenience and peace of mind. There are new ConnectedDrivefeatures that extend BMW’s leadership in wireless communications.Marvel at an extensive array of new Mobile Offi ce functions. Get a visualimage of your callers. With BMW Assist, you enjoy all this – and more.Part of BMW Apps, Pandora Radio is an innovative streaming audioservice that delivers personalized music selections right to your BMW.Create new stations and tailor your listening experience by rating songswith either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Even while listening, youcan stay in touch: your BMW can still receive calls through Bluetooth®without missing a beat.Enjoy the instant gratifi cation of music on-demand in your BMW, thanksto MOG® – another part of BMW Apps. Browse, search and play any of  million songs in the MOG music library. Subscribing to MOG’s Primoservice allows you to take advantage of the seamless integration of MOG’smobile app. Requires BMW Apps option and an iPhone.Get the latest information on BMW standard and optional features, packages and technical specifi ca-tions. Visit, select the BMW model of your choice, and click on “Features & Specs.”BMW Apps lets you access Social Networks, music PlugIn and VideoPlayback through your iPhone,® and see them on the Display screen.Tune in to Web radio and search for stations from around the globeby name, location or genre.You can also store your favorite stations,fi nd similar stations, display station information, and change the qualityof the audio.Your favorite entries are stored on your iPhone, so you cantake them with you from one vehicle to another.Please note: • A broadband data link is required. The costs for this (e.g., data roaming) are regulatedby the customer agreement with the mobile phone service provider.• Not all features available while vehicle is in motion; see dealer for details.• Web radio audio quality depends on the bit rate of the station, and data receptiondepends on your cell service. Data transfer comes over the iPhone.BMW Connected App, a suite of integrated web-connected features,can read aloud your Facebook® and Twitter™ feeds, and lets you sendprewritten tweets with a single click. Wiki Local, a geographically basedfeature, fi nds and reads aloud Wikipedia® articles relevant to the place youselect – while Wiki Tourguide takes you through a list of articles aboutnearby points of interest, prioritized by distance from your vehicle’s currentlocation. The Last Mile Navigation and Vehicle Finder, also includedin the BMW Connected App suite, provides walking directions to yourdestination after you’ve parked – and directions back to your car later.Please note: Local information may not be available in all areas.When you select PlugIn from the BMW Apps menu, the iPhone exportsa typical iPod® look and control to your BMW through the video connec-tion. You can then search for your favorite music by playlist, artist, album,song, genre or composer, just as you would on your iPhone.Please note: The BMW Connected App must be installed on your iPhone for the PlugIn to connect.BMW ConnectedDrive Colors and materials Equipment features and optionsBMW Online allows online access to up-to-date fuel prices and gasstation locations; the latest weather forecasts, advisories and warnings;Dow Jones, S&P    and NASDAQ indices; and the powerful reach ofthe Google Maps database – all delivered on the Control Display insideyour vehicle. Access news headlines and have them read aloud via Text-to-speech technology. “Send to Mail” pinpoints your current location andplanned destination, and allows you to send the information to any smart-phone or email account. Then it’s just a quick hyperlink to Google Mapsfor your friends and family to see where you are and where you’re going.Use the time you spend in your vehicle even more effectively with BMW’sMobile Offi ce feature. For example, text messages and emails can betransferred from your Bluetooth paired phone directly to the vehicle’siDrive Display and can be read back to you using Text-to-speech func-tionality and the vehicle’s audio system. Thanks to Bluetooth audiostreaming, you can enjoy wireless playback of your music fi les; yourpersonal audio library can even be accessed via the iDrive Controller. Not all mobile phones are compatible with Mobile Offi ce, and some compatible phones supporta limited number of Mobile Offi ce functions. For the complete list of compatible mobile phonesand the details regarding which Mobile Offi ce functions are supported by each phone, please allows you to send business locations and street addressesto your BMW from Google Maps.™ Destinations and phone numberscan be accessed and exported to your Navigation system for immediateroute guidance.Enhanced functions for the iPod and USB adapter add to the easeand pleasure of using your iPod or iPhone. Want to know which CD thatsong comes from? The album cover is shown on your Display screen.Don’t purchase additional cables – your iPod or iPhone’s original USBcable connects to your BMW’s USB port. Another rare feature: withBMW Assist and Bluetooth audio streaming, you can wirelessly playmusic through the BMW audio system from any Bluetooth compatiblemusic player or mobile phone, from anywhere in your vehicle. In fact,the audio library appears on the Display screen, where you can use theiDrive Controller knob to make your selection.BMW Assist gives you peace of mind knowing that a friendly responsespecialist is there to help you   / , at the touch of a button. The SafetyPlan includes Automatic Collision Notifi cation, Emergency Request(SOS), TeleService, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Door Unlock, StolenVehicle Recovery, Customer Relations and MyInfo. The ConveniencePlan adds personalized Directions, Traffi c and Weather reports, BMWOnline and Concierge services for restaurant and hotel recommendations,with the destination address and phone number sent to your BMW.Make up to four operator-assisted calls per year with Critical Callingif your mobile phone is not available or its battery is discharged.BMW M School/Build Your Own Technical data BMW Services
  • 17. Exterior colors | Upholstery colors and materials32 33BMW ConnectedDrive Colors and materials Equipment features and optionsThe following pages show available colors and materials for the BMW M5. Use these samples to compare paint, upholstery, trim colors and combinations.Please note that these samples are printed representations; they are not exact reproductions. To see the actual colors, visit your authorized BMW center.They will be happy to show you original samples and assist you with special requests.A  Silverstone MetallicB  Monte Carlo Blue MetallicA  Imperial Blue MetallicA  Mojave MetallicB  Singapore Gray MetallicS  Azurite Black Metallic   Black Sapphire Metallic   Alpine White (Non-metallic)X  Citrin Black MetallicA  Space Gray MetallicX  Amazonite Silver Metallic X  Champagne Quartz MetallicX  Moonstone MetallicExterior colors.BMW IndividualB  Sakhir Orange MetallicBMW M School/Build Your Own Technical data BMW ServicesLeather upholstery: Leather on all seating surfaces; other components may beLeather or Leatherette. BMW Extended Merino Leather upholstery includesfront and rear seats including headrests, inserts in door trims, center consoleincluding armrests, and the lower part of the instrument panel.For details on the availability of standard and optional exterior paints and upholsterymaterials and colors, please visit Black Extended Merino Leather LKDA Sakhir Orange Extended Merino LeatherZAP Silk Gray Extended Merino LeatherX SW Black Full Merino LeatherZAC Platinum Extended Merino LeatherX A Silverstone II Full Merino LeatherZAP Champagne Extended Merino LeatherX DA Sakhir Orange Full Merino LeatherZAWT Cohiba Brown Extended Merino LeatherLKA Silverstone II Extended Merino LeatherZAP Graphite Extended Merino LeatherUpholstery colors.BMW Individual
  • 18. Headline colors and interior trims | Recommended color combinations34 35BMW ConnectedDrive Colors and materials Equipment features and options L Aluminum TraceXE Dark Red Sycamore Wood XE Honey Brown Satin Walnut WoodXE Piano Finish Black CE Fineline Anthracite Wood BN Dark Ash Grain WoodBMW IndividualBMW IndividualXD Platinum AlcantaraXD Champagne AlcantaraXD Silk Gray AlcantaraInterior trim.Headliners.   Anthracite AlcantaraBMW M School/Build Your Own Technical data BMW ServicesRecommended color combinations.BMW upholstery colors BMW Individual upholstery colorsInterior materials Extended Merino Leather Full Merino Leather BMW Individual Extended Merino LeatherUpholstery colorsBlackSilverstoneIISakhirOrangeBlackSilverstoneIISakhirOrangeGraphiteSilkGrayPlatinumChampagneCohibaBrownInterior colorsBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBMW exterior colorsAlpine White (Non-metallic) • • • • • • • • • • •Black Sapphire Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Mojave Metallic • • • • • • • •Silverstone Metallic • • • • • •Space Gray Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Imperial Blue Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Monte Carlo Blue Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Sakhir Orange Metallic • • • • • • • • •Singapore Gray Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •BMW Individual exterior colorsCitrin Black Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Azurite Black Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Moonstone Metallic • • • • • • • • • • •Amazonite Silver Metallic • • • • • • • • •Champagne Quartz Metallic • • • • • • • •BMW interior trimsAluminum Trace • • • • • • • • • • •Dark Ash Grain Wood • • • • • • • • • •Fineline Anthracite Wood • • • • • • • • • • •BMW Individual interior trimsDark Red Sycamore Wood • • • • • • • • • • •Honey Brown Satin Walnut Wood • • • • • • • • • • •Piano Finish Black • • • • • • • • • • •• Recommended color combinationLeather upholstery: Leather on all seating surfaces; other componentsmay be Leather or Leatherette.BMW Extended Merino Leather upholstery includes front and rear seatsincluding headrests, inserts in door trims, center console includingarmrests, and the lower part of the instrument panel.For details on the availability of standard and optional exterior paints andupholstery materials and colors, please visit
  • 19. Equipment features and options36 37BMW ConnectedDrive Colors and materials Equipment features and optionsEquipment features and options.Gear shift lever for the  -speedM Double Clutch Transmission withDrivelogic includes M logo andillumination. -speed manual gearbox (notshown) is designed for optimumtransmission of the M ’s formidableengine power throughout the revrange. The heavy-duty clutchexpertly dissipates heat for smoothshifts during heavy use.Bang & Olufsen® High-EndSurround Sound Systemwith Dirac Dimensions™ signalprocessing creates an open and livelysoundscape and excellent acoustics.This is achieved via   loudspeakers,including an automatically extendingcenter speaker. This speaker includesa midrange function and AcousticLens technology for consistent soundquality at any seating position. Choosebetween two settings: Studio forextremely clear, studio-quality sound,or Expanded for a wider soundexperience. The light feature of allloudspeaker frames completes aperfect audio-visual experience.BMW M School/Build Your Own Technical data BMW ServicesExtended instrument clusterfeatures Black Panel Display withpermanently illuminated whitesurrounds for speedometer andtachometer plus fuel level and oiltemperature displays.Door-sill fi nishers with aluminuminserts and M lettering make a powerfulstatement the moment you get in.Double Spoke (Style    M)   x front,   x   rear light alloy wheelswith    /  front,    /  rear run-fl atperformance tires.Wheel and tire specifi cations are subject tochange. Get the latest information on BMWstandard and optional features, packages andtechnical specifi cations. Visit,select the BMW model of your choice, andclick on “Features & Specs.”1 Run-flat tires do not come equipped with aspare tire and wheel.2 Driving over rough or damaged road surfaces,as well as debris, curbs and other obstacles,can cause serious damage to wheels, tiresand suspension parts. This is more likely tooccur with low-profile tires, which provide lesscushioning between the wheel and the road.Be careful to avoid road hazards and reduceyour speed, especially if your vehicle isequipped with low-profile tires. Performancetires are not recommended for driving in iceand snow conditions.
  • 20. MSchool,locatedattheBMWPerformanceCenterinSpartanburg,SC,teachesyouwhathigh-performancedrivingisallabout.Howtoslalom.Howtodrift.HowtopushanUltimateDrivingMachine ® tothelimits.Withconfidence.You’lllearnundertheexpertguidanceofprofessionaldrivinginstructors,whilehavingthetimeofyourlife.GetyourfillofaggressivehandlingtechniquesandadvancedbrakingskillsinyourchoiceofOne-DayorTwo-DayMSchools.Onceyougraduate,treatyourselftotwofulldaysofAdvancedMSchool.OurprofessionalinstructorswillteachyouthingsinBMWsthatseemtodefyphysics.We’lltakeyoutoVirginiaInternationalRaceway,whereyou’llcorner,brake,accelerateandthendoitallagain.InBMWMCars.Learnhighlytechnicaldrivingtechniquesandhowtocontrolpower.Expectlotsofspeed.It’sintense.It’sAdvancedM–andit’snotforeveryone.TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL:BMW M SCHOOL.FbCRAFT YOUR OWN BMW – AT BMWUSA.COM/BYO.At BMW, we want you to create your own Ultimate Driving Machine.® That’s why BMW offers one of the widest model rangesof any luxury automotive manufacturer. And each BMW model offers its own universe of personalizing possibilities.It’s easy to get the latest information on your favorite BMW model. Simply visit and click on the BMW modelof your choice. Select “Features & Specs” to see all the standard features and available options and packages, as well astechnical specifi cations.Then create the exact BMW model that fulfi lls your needs by clicking on “Build Your Own” – or just visit you’ll be able to select from among the many interior and exterior colors and trims, personalizing options and value-addedpackages. Build a BMW model that refl ects your style, then view it in    ° detail. At the press of a button, see payment andfi nancing options, get a same-day quote, download a product brochure and even schedule a test drive. BMW makes it easierthan ever to make your ultimate driving dreams come true, at M School/Build Your Own Technical data BMW Services
  • 21. Technical data40 41BMW ConnectedDrive Colors and materials Equipment features and optionsM SedanWeightUnladen weight lbs     (    )Weight distribution, front / rear %   . /  . (  . /  . )EngineType / cylinders / valves per cylinder MTwinPowerTurbo V- / Displacement cc    Bore / stroke inch  . /  .Nominal output / rpm hp    /     -   Maximum torque / rpm lb-ft    /     -   Compression ratio :   .TransmissionGear ratios –  -speed manualI / II / III :  .  /  .  /  . IV / V / VI / R :  .  /  .  /  .  /  . Final drive ratio :  . Gear ratios –  -speed M Double ClutchTransmissionI / II / III / IV :  .  /  .  /  .  /  . V / VI / VII / R :  .  /  .  /  .  /  . Final drive ratio :  . PerformanceTop speed mph   Acceleration  -  mph sec  . ( . )Fuel consumptionCity / highway mpg TBD (TBD)Tank capacity, approximate gal   .Tires, wheels and brakesRun-flat performance tire dimensions front    /  rear    /  Wheel dimensions – material front   x  . forged alloyrear   x   . forged alloyBrake diameter, front / rear – type inch   . /   . – ventilated disc Top speed limited electronically. BMW AG preliminary test results. Actual acceleration results may vary, depending on specification of vehicle; road and environmental conditions; testing procedures and driving style. Theseresults should be used for comparison only and verification should not be attempted on public roads. BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts. EPA-estimated fi gures are for comparison purposes only. Fuel economy fi gures not available at time of printing. Please go to for the most up-to-date fuel consumption information.Your actual mileage will vary, depending on speed, driving habits, trip length and driving conditions; actual mileage may be lower. Driving over rough or damaged road surfaces, as well as debris, curbs and other obstacles, can cause serious damage to wheels, tires and suspension parts. This is more likely to occur with low-profile tires, which provide less cushioning between the wheel and the road. Be careful to avoid road hazards and reduce your speed, especially if your vehicle is equipped with low-profile tires.Performance tires are not recommended for driving in ice and snow conditions. Please note: M5 models are not equipped with a spare tire and wheel. They include M Mobility System, whichoffers lifetime BMW Roadside Assistance for tire assistance. Wheel and tire specifications are subject to change.Figures in ( ) apply to vehicles with  -speed M Double Clutch Transmission.BMW M School/Build Your Own Technical data BMW Services158221191627146714671891151814859929732964836 11104910..  .    .   .  ....  .  .  .  .All dimensions are shown in inches.U.S. Importer: BMW of North America, LLC, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677. All illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest productinformation available at the time of printing. BMW reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in colors, materials, equipment, specifications andmodels. BMW may, subject to legal requirements, determine the Model Year designation of its vehicles. The Model Year designation on any particular model may belonger or shorter than 12 months. Some vehicles pictured may contain non-U.S. equipment. Some models may be shown with optional equipment. While BMW NAmakes all reasonable efforts to provide accurate information in this brochure, there is no guarantee or warranty of accuracy. Furthermore, we do not assume any liabilityfor the accuracy or completeness of information presented. This brochure shall not be used or relied upon as a substitute for information that is available from yourBMW center. Further information can be obtained from your authorized BMW center or©2012 BMW of North America, LLCNot to be reproduced wholly or in part without written permission of BMW NA. The BMW name, logo,model names and SAV are registered trademarks.The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by BMW is under license. iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.Other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.
  • 22. BMW ConnectedDrive Colors and materials Equipment features and optionsWe believe that a premium ownership experience should feature performanceand luxury, as well as safety and convenience. We believe you should be able todrive a BMW to its potential, while enjoying peace of mind and reduced cost ofownership. That’s the idea behind BMW Ultimate Service®: a suite of com-prehensive programs and services that are included in every new BMW vehicle.BMW Ultimate Service starts with the New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty,providing you with coverage for the first four years or   ,   miles, whichevercomes first. Additionally, you have   -year, unlimited-mileage warranty protec-tion against corrosion and rust perforation. The BMW Maintenance Programand BMW Assist,™ as well as BMW Roadside Assistance come standard.BMW Maintenance Program isone of the most comprehensivemaintenance programs in its class.We cover all factory-recommendedmaintenance during the New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty coverageperiod. This includes scheduled oilservices and inspections. Also coveredis the replacement of items that aresubject to normal wear and tear, suchas brake pads, wiper blade insertsand engine drive belts. And, thanksto BMW’s advanced engineering,most owners enjoy a well-balancedmaintenance schedule, with flexibleroutine service intervals that can saveyou time. When your vehicle requiresattention, your authorized BMWcenter ensures that it receives onlygenuine BMW parts – your assuranceof exacting quality standards.For more details on BMW UltimateService and the BMW MaintenanceProgram, visit your authorized BMWcenter or log on to Assist Safety Plan is afour-year program that lets you enjoypeace of mind knowing that a friendlyresponse specialist is there to helpyou,   / , at just the push of a button.The Safety Plan includes AutomaticCollision Notification, EmergencyRequest, Enhanced Roadside Assis-tance, Door Unlock, Stolen VehicleRecovery and Customer Relations.Included in the BMW Assist Safety Plan,MyInfo allows you to send businesslocations and street addresses withtheir associated phone numbers fromthe Google Maps™ website directlyto your BMW. The destination canbe sent to your Navigation systemfor turn-by-turn directions. With theBMW Navigation system and yourmobile phone linked to your BMWvia Bluetooth® technology, BMW’sMobile Office feature transfers textmessages and emails to your iDriveDisplay screen and reads them aloudto you. A Calendar and To-do Listcan also appear on your Displayscreen while en route. Running late?Click on the phone number in theCalendar to call your appointment.For a list of tested mobile phones,visit the ultimate in coverage, add theoptional BMW Assist ConveniencePlan. You’ll enjoy unlimited accessto personalized Directions, Trafficand Weather reports, as well as ourConcierge feature, which can senda destination address and phonenumber, such as a restaurant or hotel,right to your BMW. You can make upto four operator-assisted calls per yearwith Critical Calling if your cell phoneis not available, or if its battery is dis-charged. BMW Online allows accessto up-to-date fuel prices and thelatest weather forecasts, as well asBloomberg’s stock indices and thepowerful reach of the Google Mapsdatabase – delivered to the iDriveDisplay right inside your vehicle.BMW’s unique TeleService, includedin the BMW Assist Safety Plan, con-tinually monitors specifi c parts that aresubject to wear and tear – includingthe engine oil, micro-fi lter, spark plugs,brake linings and various fl uids – aswell as services that require attentionat regular intervals, such as vehicleservice inspections. This data is auto-matically transmitted to your authorizedBMW center, which will then call youto schedule a service appointment.You don’t have to keep track of whenyour vehicle requires routine mainte-nance. An added benefi t: any neededmaintenance service parts will alreadybe on hand, so your BMW is servicedand returned to you as quickly aspossible. And because they use onlyOriginal BMW Parts, you can rely onexpert fi t and long-lasting BMW quality.For more details on TeleService, Roadside Assistance isprovided free of charge for the firstfour years – with no mileage limit. Call -   -   - BMW (    ) for friendlyon-the-road help,   / , anywhere inthe United States, Canada and PuertoRico. This includes everything fromflat-tire changes, emergency gasolineand lock-out service, to towing, alter-native transportation and even trip-interruption benefits. This service alsoprovides valuable trip-routing advice.THE MOST EXCITING PLACE IN AMERICATO DRIVE A BMW M VEHICLE.The BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, SC.Just beyond the foothills of the Carolinas’ Blue Ridge Mountains liesthe $  million BMW Performance Center. This sprawling, moderncomplex houses the world-famous BMW Performance Driving School,as well as the Zentrum Museum, BMW Boutique, BMW DeliveryCenter, and a Corporate Conference Center. Nearby is BMW’s onlymanufacturing facility in the U.S., where models, such as the SAV,® arebuilt for export worldwide. It’s a unique place where BMW enthusiastscan spend days – or, in the surrounding area, an entire vacation.GOING BEYOND ENGINEERING:THE HIGH-PERFORMANCEBMW OWNERSHIP EXPERIENCE.#.8.4DIPPM#VJME:PVS0XO 5FDIOJDBMEBUB #.84FSWJDFT𶅉 4FFZPVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFSGPSEFUBJMTPOUIFTFMJNJUFEXBSSBOUJFT𶅐 5IF#.8.BJOUFOBODF1SPHSBNDPWFSTGBDUPSZSFDPNNFOEFENBJOUFOBODFTFSWJDFTBTEFUFSNJOFECZUIF4FSWJDF*OUFSWBM*OEJDBUPSGPSBMMOFXFMJHJCMF.:𶅐 𶅘 𶅘 𶅒 BOEMBUFS#.8WFIJDMFT4QFDJGJDBEEJUJPOBMJUFNTUIBUOFFESFQMBDFNFOUEVFUPOPSNBMXFBSBOEUFBSBSFBMTPDPWFSFE5IFNBJOUFOBODFDPWFSBHFQFSJPEJTGPSUIFGJSTU𶅒 ZFBSTPS𶅓 𶅘 𶅘 𶅘 𶅘 NJMFTXIJDIFWFSDPNFTGJSTU&YDMVTJPOTGSPNDPWFSBHFJODMVEFHBTPMJOFHBTPMJOFBEEJUJWFTXJOETIJFMEXBTIFSGMVJEBOEBEEJUJWFTCBUUFSZUJSFTXIFFMTXIFFMBMJHONFOUBOEUJSFCBMBODJOH"MMXPSLNVTUCFQFSGPSNFECZBOBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFS4FFUIF4FSWJDFBOE8BSSBOUZ*OGPSNBUJPOCPPLMFUGPSTQFDJGJDUFSNTDPOEJUJPOTBOEMJNJUBUJPOTVSUIFSJOGPSNBUJPODBOBMTPCFPCUBJOFEGSPNZPVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFS𶅑 #.8"TTJTUXJUI𶅒 ZFBSTPG4BGFUZ1MBOTFSWJDFTJTTUBOEBSEJOUIF#.8.𶅓 *OPSEFSUPSFDFJWF#.8"TTJTUTFSWJDFTBTVCTDSJCFSBHSFFNFOUNVTUCFDPNQMFUFEBOEUSBOTGFSSFEUPUIF#.8"TTJTU3FTQPOTF$FOUFS(14BOEVOEFSMZJOHXJSFMFTTTFSWJDFTNVTUCFBWBJMBCMFBOEGVODUJPOJOHWFIJDMFJHOJUJPONVTUCFUVSOFEPO FYDFQUGPS%PPS6OMPDLBOE4UPMFO7FIJDMF3FDPWFSZCBUUFSZDIBSHFEBOEDPOOFDUFEBOEWFIJDMFѳTFMFDUSJDBMTZTUFNPQFSBUJPOBMTFSWJDFTNBZCFMJNJUFEUPDFSUBJOHFPHSBQIJDBSFBT$BMMUPMMGSFF񂌗 񂌤 񂌤 񂌤 񂌙 񂌙 񂌙 񂌢 񂌗 񂌗 񂌤 HPUPCNXBTTJTUDPNPSWJTJUZPVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFSGPSBEEJUJPOBMQSPHSBNEFUBJMT4FSWJDFTBSFTVCKFDUUPUIFUFSNTBOEDPOEJUJPOTPGZPVSTVCTDSJCFSBHSFFNFOU𶅒 /PUBMMNPCJMFQIPOFTBSFDPNQBUJCMFXJUI.PCJMF0GGJDFBOETPNFDPNQBUJCMFQIPOFTTVQQPSUBMJNJUFEOVNCFSPG.PCJMF0GGJDFGVODUJPOTPSUIFDPNQMFUFMJTUPGDPNQBUJCMFNPCJMFQIPOFTBOEUIFEFUBJMTSFHBSEJOHXIJDI.PCJMF0GGJDFGVODUJPOTBSFTVQQPSUFECZFBDIQIPOFQMFBTFWJTJUCNXVTBDPNCMVFUPPUI𶅓 3FRVJSFT#.8"TTJTU4BGFUZ1MBOTVCTDSJQUJPO4FSWJDFTBSFTVCKFDUUPUIFUFSNTBOEDPOEJUJPOTPGZPVSTVCTDSJCFSBHSFFNFOU1MFBTFHPUPCNXBTTJTUDPNGPSBEEJUJPOBMEFUBJMTPOUIFPQUJPOBM$POWFOJFODF1MBO𶅔 4VCKFDUUPDSFEJUBQQSPWBMBOEPUIFSUFSNTBOEDPOEJUJPOT𶅕 /PUBMMNPEFMTBWBJMBCMFGPS#.8&VSPQFBO%FMJWFSZ1SPHSBN1MFBTFHPUPCNXVTBDPNPSWJTJUZPVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFSGPSEFUBJMT#.87JSUVBM$FOUFS*GZPVHFUUIFTVEEFOVSHFUPTIPQGPSB#.8CVUZPVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFSJTDMPTFEUIFSFѳTHPPEOFXTѭUIF#.87JSUVBM$FOUFSJTPQFO𶅐 𶅒 IPVSTBEBZ-PHPOUPCNXVTBDPNCZPBOEDIPPTFUIFNPEFMUIBUJOUFSFTUTZPV$POGJHVSFUIF#.8PGZPVSESFBNTBOETFFXIBUUIFNPOUIMZQBZNFOUTXPVMECF:PVDBOFWFOTFOEUIFTQFDJGJDBUJPOTUPZPVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFSBQQMZGPSGJOBODJOHPSSFRVFTUBUFTUESJWFѭBMMPOMJOF#.8JOBODJBM4FSWJDFT"SSBOHJOHUPCVZPSMFBTFB#.8JTFBTJFSUIBOZPVNBZUIJOL:PVSBVUIPSJ[FE#.8DFOUFSPGGFSTMFBTJOHBOEGJOBODJOHUPTVJUZPVSQFSTPOBMOFFETUISPVHI#.8JOBODJBM4FSWJDFT𶅔 4UBSUUIFQSPDFTTBUPVSXFCTJUFXIFSFZPVDBOCVJMEZPVSѶESFBNWFIJDMFѷHFUBOFTUJNBUFPOBNPOUIMZMFBTFPSGJOBODJOHQBZNFOUTVCNJUBDSFEJUBQQMJDBUJPOUP#.8JOBODJBM4FSWJDFTѭBOEHFUBQQSPWBMѭBMMPOMJOF𶅔 5PGJOEPVUIPX#.8JOBODJBM4FSWJDFTDBOIFMQQVUZPVCFIJOEUIFXIFFMPGZPVSGBWPSJUF#.8NPEFMMPHPOUPCNXVTBDPNGTPSDBMMUPMMGSFF񂌗 񂌤 񂌦 񂌦 񂌡 񂌣 񂌤 񂌡 񂌦 񂌦 񂌦 #.8.BHB[JOF"GBTDJOBUJOHWJFXPGUIFMBUFTUFWFOUTBOEQSPEVDUTJOUIFXPSMEPG#.8JODMVEJOHUSBWFMSFWJFXTQFSTPOBMJUZQSPGJMFTBOEUIFMBUFTU#.8UFDIOPMPHJFT4FOUUPOFXPXOFSTBOEMFTTFFTUXPUJNFTBZFBSZPVDBOBMTPSFBEBSUJDMFTGSPN#.8.BHB[JOFPOUIF#.8XFCTJUFBUCNXVTBDPNVOEFSUIFѶ.FEJB(BMMFSZ-JCSBSZѷIFBEJOHGPVOEJOUIFѶ&YQFSJFODFѷTFDUJPO#.88FMU5IF#.88FMU Ѷ#.88PSMEѷEFMJWFSZBOECSBOEFYQFSJFODFDFOUFSJO.VOJDIJTCPMEQSPPGPG#.8ѳTQBTTJPOGPSEFTJHO8IFOZPVUBLFBEWBOUBHFPGUIF#.8&VSPQFBO%FMJWFSZ1SPHSBN𶅕 UIJTJTXIFSFZPVXJMMNFFUZPVSOFX#.8ѭJOBQFSTPOBMJ[FEQSPDFTTUIBUJTIJHIMZESBNBUJDBOEUPUBMMZVOGPSHFUUBCMF :PVNJHIUBMTPSFBMJ[FTVCTUBOUJBMTBWJOHTUIBUKVTUNBZQBZGPSZPVSUSJQ8IJMFZPVѳSFUIFSFNBSWFMBUUIFIJTUPSJD#.8TJOUIF.VTFVNMFBSOBCPVUPVSFOHJOFFSTѳOFXFTUJOOPWBUJPOTJOUIF5FDIOPMPHZBOE%FTJHO"UFMJFSBOEUBLFBUPVSPGUIFQMBOUUPFYQFSJFODFGJSTUIBOEUIFTUBUFPGUIFBSUNFUIPETVTFEUPDSFBUFB#.85IFODPNFTUIFVOJRVFFYQFSJFODFPGESJWJOHZPVSOFX#.8POUIFSPBETJUXBTEFTJHOFEGPS5PMFBSONPSFWJTJUCNXVTBDPNFVSPQFBOEFMJWFSZ#.81FSGPSNBODF%SJWJOH4DIPPM8IFUIFSZPVѳWFCFFOESJWJOHGPSEFDBEFTPSKVTUHPUZPVSMFBSOFSѳTQFSNJUXFDBOIFMQUBLFZPVSESJWJOHTLJMMTUPUIFOFYUMFWFM#FIJOEUIFXIFFMPGPVSOFX#.8TBOEVOEFSUIFFYQFSUHVJEBODFPGQSPGFTTJPOBMESJWJOHJOTUSVDUPSTZPVѳMMIPOFZPVSESJWJOHTLJMMTPOBWFSTBUJMFESJWJOHDPVSTFѭ𶅉 𶅕 NJMFTPGBTQIBMUUIBUDBOCFDPO𶉁 HVSFEJOBNVMUJUVEFPGXBZT*O0OFBOE5XP%BZ4DIPPMTZPVDBOUBDLMFUIFTLJEQBETMBMPNDPVSTFBOEXBUFSXBMMT5IF#.81FSGPSNBODF%SJWJOH4DIPPMJTBCPVUDPOUSPMBOEQVTIJOHB#.8UPJUTMJNJUTѭBOEZPVST#.81FSGPSNBODF$FOUFS%FMJWFSZ:PVѳMMBMXBZTSFNFNCFSUIFGVOPGUBLJOHEFMJWFSZPGZPVSOFX#.8ѭXJUI#.81FSGPSNBODF$FOUFS%FMJWFSZ"GUFSFOKPZJOHEJOOFSBOEBOPWFSOJHIUTUBZBUB𶉁 STUDMBTTIPUFMXFѳMMUBLFZPVBOEZPVSDPNQBOJPOUPUIF1FSGPSNBODF$FOUFSXIFSFB1SPEVDU4QFDJBMJTUXJMMHJWFZPVBOJOEFQUIJOUSPEVDUJPOUPZPVSOFX#.85IFOBUUIF1FSGPSNBODF%SJWJOH4DIPPMZPVѳMMHFUUJQTGSPNBQSPGFTTJPOBMESJWJOHJOTUSVDUPSBTZPVFYQMPSFUIFEZOBNJDDBQBCJMJUJFTPGBTJNJMBSNPEFM*UѳTFYDJUJOHJUѳTFOMJHIUFOJOHѭBOEJUѳTBMMDPNQMJNFOUTPG#.8XJUIZPVSOFXWFIJDMF5PMFBSONPSFBCPVUUIF#.81FSGPSNBODF$FOUFSDBMM񂌗 񂌤 񂌤 񂌤 񂌙 񂌠 񂌡 񂌠 񂌘 񂌢 񂌥 PSWJTJU񂍐 CNXVTBDPNQFSGPSNBODFDFOUFS