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Presentation from Kenshoo's Will Martin-Gill, SVP of Product and Fiona Gill, VP Global Client Excellence, sharing the latest product roadmap as delivered at Kenshoo's Global Client Summit, K8, on September 9th, 2013.

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K8 - Kenshoo Product Updates

  1. 1. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 1 Kenshoo Product Updates Will Martin-Gill – SVP Product, Kenshoo Fiona Gill – VP Global Client Services, Kenshoo
  2. 2. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 2 CLIENT SERVICES UPDATE
  3. 3. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 3 In 2013, we re-organized client services to better serve you… Agency | Direct Distinction Be a blackbelt! CLIENT SERVICE Partnership, strategy and support 18 global offices Simplify the Onboard EDUCATION Kenshoo certification, learning management system and some custom solutions ADOPTION Onboarding and seamless introduction to Kenshoo GLOBAL COORDINATION Director peer set to establish consistent global experience
  4. 4. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 4 LAUNCHED IN 2013
  5. 5. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 5 Your feedback in 2012… …our actions in 2013 Best in class PLA Support PLA's are going to be a significant part of marketing. How can you help me optimize? I can’t optimize for product margin. I convert across different channels and need to use both an external report and a pixel. I want bulksheets to be easier use. I need an automated way to allocate Facebook campaign budgets throughout the day. Flexible Portfolios: Bid to Custom Metrics Omni Channel Conversions Still working… Budget Allocation
  6. 6. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 6 Plus many more launches in 2013 Kenshoo Places & City Grid Enhanced Campaigns ActiveCluster & Keyword Models • Facebook Exchange support • Keyword suggestion reports • Negative suggestion reports • Profile and Campaign Settings report • Bing call extensions • Bing Location Extensions • Unified campaigns Y! Japan core functionality • KPO Health report • GDN Placements report • Google Analytics integration for SEO/SEM reports • Social audience libraries • Downstream Mobile App Tracking • Geo-targeting reports • Enhanced campaign core functionality • Bing sitelinks • Bing Radius Support • A/B Statistical Significance report • Upgraded Google sitelinks
  7. 7. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 7 ATTRIBUTION
  8. 8. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 8 Marketer 1: Infront of your ticket Booth Marketer 2: Across town in Union Square The challenge in attribution…
  9. 9. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 9 No one model is right for everyone SOCIAL SEARCH RETARGETING DISPLAY EMAIL PRODUCT LISTING ADS
  10. 10. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 10 Kenshoo SmartPathTM: Going from Maze to Model Cheap DVD Players Great Prices electronics.com Keyword 3Keyword 1 Top DVD Players Great Prices electronics.com Best DVD Players Great Prices electronics.com Keyword 2 Research/Awareness 40% Consideration 10% 12% Intent to Purchase/Convert 38% Cheap DVD Players Shop now at Electronics.com
  11. 11. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 11 SmartPath™ is unique in its approach Display (FBX) Search Facebook Twitter E-mail Bidding + Management Bidding + Management Bidding + Management TRADITIONALATTRIBUTION SOLUTIONS Reporting Reporting Reporting Reporting Reporting Bidding + Management
  12. 12. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 12 Drs. Foster & Smith Improve ROI through Dynamic Attribution with Kenshoo SmartPath™ SmartPath illuminated vast reinvestment opportunity among channels
  13. 13. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 13| 13| 13 Whitefence: Kenshoo SmartPath + Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer Deliver 28% Increase in Revenue by Bidding toTrue Keyword Value • ROI lift of 17% • Spend increased 9% • Fully automated optimization
  14. 14. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 14 SEARCH-SOCIAL SYNERGY
  15. 15. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 15 Demand Driven Campaigns P R O B L E M S O L U T I O N Trending hot Most competitiveHighest ROI
  16. 16. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 16 DemandDriven Campaigns ExtendYourReachandDriveAdditionalSaleswithNativeFacebook&FBXAds Native Facebook Ads Extend reach to find new customers Top Performing Products Wilson One BLX Clicks: 108,110 CVR: 4.32% ROI: $8.75 Babolat AeroPro Clicks: 248,461 CVR: 5.65% ROI: $6.92 Facebook Exchange (FBX) Ads Retarget website visitors that didn’t convert
  17. 17. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 17 Create High-Performing Direct Response Facebook Campaigns in a Few Simple Steps Open Kenshoo Social ad creation flow, select option to build ads based on inventory 1 Native Facebook Ads
  18. 18. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 18 Create High-Performing Direct Response Facebook Campaigns in a Few Simple Steps Select product category and brands, # of products and filter on performance criteria 2 Native Facebook Ads
  19. 19. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 19 Create High-Performing Direct Response Facebook Campaigns in a Few Simple Steps Select product category and brands, # of products and filter on performance criteria Native Facebook Ads 2
  20. 20. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 20 Create High-Performing Direct Response Facebook Campaigns in a Few Simple Steps Select product category and brands, # of products and filter on performance criteria Native Facebook Ads 2
  21. 21. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 21 Create High-Performing Direct Response Facebook Campaigns in a Few Simple Steps Define dynamic parameters for ad headline and body copy, swap images if desired Native Facebook Ads 3
  22. 22. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 22 Create High-Performing Direct Response Facebook Campaigns in a Few Simple Steps Target your most valuable customers or extend reach into new audiences with Facebook’s extensive targeting capabilities. Mobile & Desktop News Feed Ex: iOS devices, Ipads & iPhones, on WiFi Country, State, City, Zip Languages Spoken Ex. United States, California, 94103, 94110 , 94114 Precise & Broad Interests Ex: Electronics, Investing, Travel 3rd Party Data Sources Acxiom, Datalogix, Epsilon Ex: Women’s Fashion Buyers, Home & Garden Buyers Custom & Lookalike Audiences Ex: Repeat Customers & Those Similar Age, Gender, Relationship Status Ex: Women, 18-35, Single Native Facebook Ads 4
  23. 23. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 23 In addition:Automate High-Impact Product Campaigns on Facebook Exchange (FBX) News Feed Right Column Facebook Exchange
  24. 24. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 24 Case Study: MajorApparel Retailer 96.5% higher CTR 21% lower CPC 106% more sales 220% higher CVR 356% higher ROI 4x time savings Vs. non-demand driven campaigns 1 2 3 Goal: Increase performance and efficiency Drive demand & revenue while decreasing time spent creating and managing campaigns. Connect to advertiser inventory system Identify trending and high performing products by revenue and reviews Create native Facebook campaigns Quickly build product-specific campaigns based on performance signals and drive demand
  25. 25. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 25| 25Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information How do you know the value of a user for Real Time Bidding? Facebook Exchange
  26. 26. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 26 Value of a user Facebook Exchange
  27. 27. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 27 Different signals act as proxy for user value Search ad click for “tennis racket” View several product pages Exit site Visit Facebook Visit Shopping Cart PLA Click Facebook Exchange $1.75 CPM
  28. 28. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 28 Kenshoo layers on additional data from search Exit site Visit Facebook Visit Shopping Cart View several product pages PLA Click Search ad click for “tennis racket” Conv Rate: 1.3% Bid: $1.34 Avg Order Value: $23 Conv Rate: 3.7% Bid: $2.76 Avg Order Value: $55 Facebook Exchange $1.75 CPM
  29. 29. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 29 To find a more accurate value of the customer . . . Exit site Visit Facebook Visit Shopping Cart View several product pages Search ad click for “tennis racket” Conv Rate: 1.3% Bid: $1.34 Avg Order Value: $23 Facebook Exchange $2.50 CPM PLA Click Conv Rate: 3.7% Bid: $2.76 Avg Order Value: $55
  30. 30. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 30 This is only the beginning... User insights and targeting More cross-channel opportunities to optimize Cross-channel media planning
  31. 31. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 31 FORECASTINGAND BUDGET MANAGEMENT
  32. 32. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 32| 32Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information If I knew how investment alternatives would pay out, I could boost performance.
  33. 33. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 33| 33Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information Manual forecasting is a resource drain, and we can only do it once a quarter. But our opportunities change daily!
  34. 34. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 34| 34Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information I need to spend a fixed budget in a set budget cycle. That can be tough in a fluid market.
  35. 35. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 35| 35Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information Welcome to Kenshoo Halogen.
  36. 36. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 36| 36Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information Halogen hal·o·gen [hal-uh-juh n] noun 1: any of the highly reactive electronegative elements 2: a bright light produced by filament 3: a revolutionary digital marketing technology solution
  37. 37. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 37 • Know the impact of budget decisions before you make them • Preview revenue, ROI, and marginal ROI at various spend levels with an interactive graph Informed Planning • Gain insight into your portfolio’s future performance with Halogen Technology • Understand expected return at a set spend level • Uncover additional opportunity Advanced Forecasting KENSHOO BUDGET CENTER
  38. 38. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 38 • Stay informed to daily performance • Respond to market changes with actionable alerts Active Monitoring • Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer partners with Budget Center to execute towards a budget goal • Spend budget efficiently within a defined frame time Automated Execution KENSHOO BUDGET CENTER
  39. 39. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 39| 39Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential Information KENSHOO HALOGEN TECHNOLOGYTM Patent-Pending Predictive Analytics Technology Intelligentmachine-learning and algorithmic modeling Insightand visibility into future advertising performance Accuratepredictions for financial performance of digital marketing Forecastcost of specific goals (ROI or Revenue) Executeprecise budgets to reach planned scenario goals
  40. 40. | Kenshoo: Proprietary and Confidential 40 Will.Martin-Gill@Kenshoo.com Fiona.Gill@Kenshoo.com