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Fm Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Presenting the new technology… Fish Remembrance (FM) 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 2. Purpose… To store and record data of large fish, such as length, type of species, and an estimation of weight. 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 3. Why You Want This… Having the option to save and name any fish to your GPS using FM, you can then share that data with friends so they can be aware if a beast is near… well only if you like. Lets say you see the fish that could potentially be that world record, or it’s just a giant, not only can you brag to your friends what was beneath you… but you will know the next time your in it’s presence. Having that fish already in your FM the next time it swims near you, you will be ready. Or any large fish for that matter. 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 4. How it Works…
    • Using under water sonar, data is recorded on particular, and independent characteristics of fish.
    • By recording information on size, scares/wounds, variations of fins, disguisable marks… each fish has their own unique tag. For future encounters.
    By doing so fish are remembered on future fishing Trips. 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 5. Comparison with like technologies 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance Technology We are speaking about Like Technologies Sonar Fish Finders, Depth Sounders Transferable Memory chip Chart chips for GPS Advanced Sonar capability cartography and navigational power New form of GPS Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin Advanced Echo Sounding Fish Finders Greater Electrical Impulse Fish Finders
  • 6. Development Environment
    • By using a technique called chuming, waters will filled with a variety of ground up fish to attract other species of fish.
    • From there fish will be caught and placed into a holding net where the boat holding the device will be tested.
    11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 7. Execution Environment 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 8. Sample - Demo By adding this chip (well having it added) your GPS/Fish Finder will have FM capability for the price of around $400.00 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 9. 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 10. Similar businesses … 11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance http://www.rbbi.com/wizard/wizfish/wizfish.htm http://www.trails.com/guide_6844_fish-finder-technology-review.html http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Newest-Developments-in-Fish-Finder-Technology&id=4574159 www.best fishfinder .com http://www.dhgate.com/2010-new-portable-fish-finder-(lcd-%2B/p-ff8080812801afd501281bf20ff603ae.html
  • 11. Some Competition… Or Partners…
    • http://g.factoryoutletstore.com/cat/1639/Garmin-
    • Mahttp://www.lowrance.com/rine.html
    • http://www.humminbird.com/
    11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance
  • 12. Conclusion
    • Putting an end to the term “ Fish Story” by backing it up with proof
    • Possibly uncovering new or more information pertaining fish
    • Fun with friends or family comparing fish sizes
    • More exciting fish trips… knowing what lurks beneath you
    • . Knowing when the fish you saw a different day is back
    11/7/2010 Kenny Wynne, Fish Remembrance