Modern World History
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Modern World History



Well teacher, here you go.

Well teacher, here you go.



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Modern World History Modern World History Presentation Transcript

  • The unemployment benefits in place were overwhelmed by the amount of bankrupted citizens
  • Many businesses were forced to close down because no one could afford to buy there products so they hired less so less people had money. It was a economic spiral in the wrong direction
  • People lost there homes and jobs in an economic spiral
  • Children were raised in squalor in the worst event ever recorded in US history.
  • The amount of people who owned homes dropped in the great depression!
  • During the great depression people were suffering financially as well as seen here in this chart
  • Americans went to war at an earlier and earlier age
  • Propaganda was used to encourage men to enlist for there country
  • We needed supplies and women to work in our factories. We used any method possible to get our goals across. Even *gulp* advertisements!
  • We needed money so we asked our citizens to help support there government for the common good
  • Fire! He’s got no pants!
  • World war one was a tactical war that showed leaders true colors.
  • German tanks were far superior to any thing used by the allies.
  • Axis planes were better than ours. The planes we used used fragile wood and were crushed by the metal planes of the axis
  • London was bombed time and time again in a effort by Germany to cause a surrender and a loss of faith in there government
  • Japan attacked pearl harbor in an attempt to gain a quick foothold to America. They were pushed back by the brave and loyal American soldiers
  • This man was the mastermind behind a near world conquering army. He is the cause of millions of lost lives both axis and allies. He was an early version of the “Evil Genius” character you see in comic books or movies except this man was real
  • People rejoiced over the victory over Germany
  • America ended the Japanese resistance with two atom bombs on there homeland
  • The biggest defeat over the Germans and possibly the reason for there losing the war was the battle of the Russian city Stalingrad where heavily outgunned Russians defeated the Germans