Zsaaie Sessie: Mobiele applicaties


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Op 23 september 2010 vond de eerste Zsaaie Sessie plaats: bijeenkomsten waarbij ondernemers specifiek ingaan op trends en ontwikkelingen in hun vakgebied. De eerste sessie had als onderwerp Mobiele Applicaties. U bekijkt hier de presentatie van Marcel Roorda, CTO Service2Media

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Zsaaie Sessie: Mobiele applicaties

  1. 1. Service2Media Zsaaie Sessie Marcel Roorda 23/9/2010
  2. 2. Agenda » Introduction Service2Media » Changing customer behavior » What does mobile add? » Some customer cases » A business case example » Questions
  3. 3. About Service2Media » We make: Mobile App Experiences. Across all Devices. Future Proof! » Development and maintenance of mobile applications characterized by user friendliness in a complex value chain » Specialized in apps that touch the core-business of our customers » Powered by our unique Mobile Application Lifecycle Platform » Customers include major global brands » Created in 2005 by senior management of LogicaCMG » Offices in London, Amersfoort, Enschede, Abu Dhabi, Madrid and California » Serving over 70 customers internationally » More than 85 employees
  4. 4. Customers include major global brands...
  5. 5. New technology has lead to changed customer behaviour A journey to the way they think and act
  6. 6. “We used to refer to new technology as being always on. But the truth is that is the consumers now that are always on.” Mark Curtis, Fjord
  7. 7. For this generation » The internet has always been there » My mobile phone is the most important device » Music and Films is something I get from the net - for free! » Newspapers are something you wrap on fish
  8. 8. They want to be in control “An iPod, a Sony, a laptop, a CD burner, that kind of thing, allows me to do what I want with my own entertainment, whatever that entertainment may be” Frans,31 Rotterdam
  9. 9. They are looking for personalisation “I look for ways to express who I am…all the different parts of me…through my clothes, my hair, my flat…” Amelie, 29 Amsterdam
  10. 10. They expect things now “People are less patient. Because they carry a cell phone, they think they can get what they want immediately. If we want to know about something, we can get an answer on the spot” Akihisa Fujita
  11. 11. They know more “When I go to a shop I don’t need assistance of a salesman/woman because I know more then them” John hammerside
  12. 12. In Conclusion: Always on means ..... Less planning in advance Relationship to TIME Higher pacing Less patient Connect more often, with more people the consumer is Relationship to OTHERS always on Control over real contacts Interaction with social network Relationship to CONSUMPTION Permanent access to information
  13. 13. Consumers expect that we communicate different with them What consumers want.. So Communication should.. » Consumers want to be in control » Be permission based » They seek personalisation » Bring relevant content » They want it now! » Be creative & entertained » They expect to be listened to » Be interactive and enable » They look for entertainment dialogue » They seek self-expression that » Smartly personalised can be shared » Enable self expression
  14. 14. What does mobile add?
  15. 15. Mobile is Ever-present & Personal! There are 1,4 billion pc’s and already 4,7 billion mobile phones Mass market, direct, interactive, always on…
  16. 16. Mobile internet offers more then desktop internet Morgan Stanley: Mobile Internet market will be twice the size of desktop internet TRANSACTIONS PERSONAL MOBILITY LOCATION
  17. 17. In a nutshell: - Many B2C and B2E companies view mobile as a strategic channel and want to offer their services as mobile applications, but face the high barrier of a fragmented mobile device market - In fact, the uncertainty around the mobile market dynamics and the cost of development, maintenance and app lifecycle management are often delaying decisions and progress on the mobile services roll-out. - Service2Media’s Mobile Application Lifecycle Platform offers quality user experience and maximum device reach against affordable cost- of-ownership
  18. 18. Mobile apps are becoming mainstream Mobile Devices are tailored for mobile data: » High resolution screens » Apps are accessible on the home screen » Most mobile internet phones are sold with flat fee or affordable data rates » 3G offers acceptable service performance » Phones features, such as camera and GPS, add relevance and usefulness » Touch navigation makes apps easy-to-use Application stores: • Apple – iPhone App Store • Google – Android Market » allow easy discovery and download • Blackberry - Blackberry App World » facilitate payments • Nokia - Ovi Store • Microsoft - Windows Marketplace » ensure security (approval process ) • Vodafone - Vodafone app manager
  19. 19. The mobile application market » Today there are 4.7 billion mobile phones – There are 45 million iPhones. – Apple App Store offers 200.000 apps – Forrester predicts that there are 300.000 apps by the end of 2010. – And Apple only covers less then 1% of the market. Just imagine.. » Other brands will catch up very quickly: – Android Market: 35.000 apps already – Ovi Store (Nokia): 1,7 million downloads per day and growing 100% per month – BlackBerry App World: Over 10.000 apps ―Two decades after its birth, the World Wide Web is in decline, as simpler, Sleeker services — think apps — are less about the searching and more about the getting.‖ Chris Anderson, Chief Editor Wired
  20. 20. Tablets (iPad) rapidly growing segment BlackPad.. Nine days after the release of the iPad, the Apple App Store for iPad contained 3,670 applications
  21. 21. Mobile apps downloads: fragmentation to stay Source: Morgan Stanley 2010
  22. 22. The issues… » Overcoming device fragmentation: Apps on different operating systems are written in different programming languages » Native development of these apps leads to unmanageable maintenance and time-to-market Or the challenge... Mass reach across device types
  23. 23. How to combine the best of three worlds in a fragmented mobile device market? Maximum Reach High Quality Reduced Cost User Experience
  24. 24. M2Active - Mobile Application Lifecycle Platform harmonizing: the mobile industries hunger for device and os lifecycle innovation with ... ... the corporate worlds hunger for mobile application lifecycle stability
  25. 25. M2Active - Mobile Application Lifecycle Platform » 3 critical issues solved by 1 platform: 1. Maximum device reach 2. Quality user experience 3. Low total cost of ownership over full application lifecycle
  26. 26. Devices, distribution and updates: Supporting the mobile application lifecycle » Extensive device database, continuously updated » Over 1000 handsets in house, new devices purchased or received via partners pre-market » Device/OS partners: SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Microsoft » Dedicated test team to test device compliancy » Distribution via app stores and Service2Media’s download service » Automatic upgrade procedures » Statistics across all mobile device types
  27. 27. M2Active quarantees » Future-proof investment – portability to existing and emerging mobile devices and OS’s, all supported from a single backend » High quality user experience – maximum use of device capabilities via advanced UI patterns, controls and graphics » Fast to market – multiplatform applications from a single-source » Maximum reach – both browser and application paradigms » Proven services - enabling services (such as maps, payments, location and content management) and off-the-shelve objects » Resource savings – full run-time environment, saving development and maintainance resources for mobile services » Security –trusted by customers that guarantee security and privacy, including retail banks, mobile operators and social networks » Availability – built to provide the highest levels of availability and performance
  28. 28. Some customer cases
  29. 29. Reference apps by sector Media applications: » Telegraaf – several mobile applications and mobile site for the largest newspaper in The Netherlands (iPhone, J2ME, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, iPad) » ADMC - The National and Al Ittihad (first Arabic app) – several mobile applications » CNN Cities – several mobile applications, mobile site and web site (delivery Q3 2010) for international deployment » BuienRadar – mobile weather applications and mobile widgets, for the market leading Dutch provider of online weather services » Reed Elsevier – Scopus and Science Direct- iPhone apps Financial Services applications: » Rabobank CashMS Mobile Payments – several mobile applications for mobile cash services with support for iPhone, Windows, Android, J2ME » Rabobank Mobile Banking- several mobile applications for a feature-rich mobile banking services for consumers with support for iPhone, Windows, Android, J2ME » Interpolis (insurance) - damage claim (customer self service application)– iPhone » Univé (insurance) - loyalty – several mobile applications and mobile site
  30. 30. Reference apps by sector - continued Travel applications: » Dutch Rail (NS) Travel Planner –mobile applicationsand mobile site designed to provide travelers with real-time travel information and travel advice; delivered on iPhone, Windows, J2ME, BlackBerry Entertainment applications: » Formula 1 – worldwide official Formula 1 app (live timings) – several mobile applications and mobile site, including distribution and visualization of life race data; delivered for iPhone, J2ME, BlackBerry and Android » Sidaro Golf – cross device mobile application, mobile site and website; support for all mainstream mobile platforms Social network applications: » Hyves (social network)– iPhone and J2ME mobile application for the largest Dutch social community with over 10 million members. » Royal KPN (mobile operator) – WhereIsWho location based app – mobile application on J2ME, mobile site and web site » Relatieplanet (dating) – several mobile applications, including iPhone and J2ME » SonyEricsson – Hyves plugin on Android phones
  31. 31. Reference apps by sector - continued City guides: » Heineken – Amsterdam City Guide – several mobile applications, including J2ME and BB » ilocal (TomTom) – local search – mobile applications, mobile site » Vocento: Bilbao City guide – mobile applications Government: » Abu Dhabi Health Authority: Breast Cancer Awareness app – iPhone app Other: » Microsoft – Several Windows 6.X apps and mobile portal » LG – Android Top 10 mobile app store (across Europe) » Vodafone – several Vodafone360 widgets. » UPC Broadband, Liberty Global (cable operator) – EPG with remote bookings – iPhone app and mobile site (5 countries)
  32. 32. De Telegraaf » De Telegraaf is largest Dutch newspaper and media company » Growing array of online assets (news, dating, etc) » Service2media Telegraaf partner for mobile » Integrated Telegraaf content to mobile browser, Java devices, iPhone, Windows Mobile » Real newspaper experience on the mobile phone » Available on all mobile platforms including iPad
  33. 33. Dutch Railways Travel planner » Public transport planner with advanced user experience » Location based: nearest station automatically prompted » Predictive text input: no need to type, only select » Notifications in case of delay or abnormalities » End-to-end planning, including directory services » Available on all mobile platforms
  34. 34. Interpolis – Insurance company » Car damage applications » Electronic damage form entering, including live pictures » Business case is cost saving in the back office of the insurance company – Higher quality of input – No retyping of damage forms » Developed for all major mobile platforms
  35. 35. Reed Elsevier » Mobile Application Partner for Key Propositions: – Scopus – Science Direct – JACC, Journal of the American College of Cardiology (iPad)
  36. 36. Rabobank – Mobile Banking » Multiple mobile applications: – Mobile Banking – Mobile Virtual Wallet – Split Bill Payment » Available on iPhone, Windows, Java and Android
  37. 37. Liberty Global – Managing your PVR » For UPC we have developed the mobile application for managing your PVR (EPG, remote record) » Developed for all platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows (6 countries)
  38. 38. Questions