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Presentation week 4 Presentation week 4 Presentation Transcript

  • Gold Digger
  • Theme of GD • • Action-Platform game genre • • • Exploration Ancient themed (Mummies / Ghost / Stone Warriors / Pyramid Temple / Relic gold etc.) Player = Underground Explorer To gather as much gold as you can as you progress further down
  • Craft Design - Floor Plan • • • Randomly Generated map Player transverse from top to bottom Trap falls slowly after a certain time
  • Craft Design - Game View • Focused on the player’s location • Follow where the player is moving
  • Craft Design - Character ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Single Player Default of 3 lifes Basic Movement - Run / Jump Buy upgrades from the store
  • Game Mechanics • Randomly generated level design • Randomly generated monster spawn • Randomly generated gold coins collectables • Randomly generated Shop location • Dodging/fighting skills without having the need to lose a health bar • Quickness of escaping traps
  • Victory/Defeat Conditions Victory ❖ Entering the golden door to find treasures and gold ❖ Getting pass the level by reaching the end of the bottom map (Level-Victory) Defeat ❖ Player loses all the health ❖ Caught in traps ❖ Clearance over the time limit
  • Puzzles to Include • Item Use • Pattern Recognition • Spatial Reasoning • Exploration
  • Puzzles - Item Use Inventory: Switch Key
  • Puzzles - Pattern Recognition E.G. In boss fights (Boss’ pattern of attack): Blocks for 3 seconds Attack thrice in a swift motion Attack twice in a swift motion Blocks for 2 seconds
  • Puzzles - Spatial Reasoning
  • Puzzles - Exploration
  • Challenges • • • Upgrades lost if all lifelines are lost • • • Vision of the game is limited Solve puzzles to clear the level (using items / shifting of items) Deduction of every life if killed / unable to complete the level within time limit Boss fights with certain “unknown” patterns Randomly generated levels
  • Rewards • Gain Gold for every level cleared / boss defeated • Limited vision gets broader after every 7 successful levels • Random chance of dropping extra life for boss fights • Achievements for certain clearance during gameplay
  • Bonus • Extra life is gained if cleared within a specific timing and without losing a health bar • If boss is killed without losing a health bar, extra achievements, gold and extra life is gained • If game is cleared without killing any enemies & losing health, extra gold is gained & achievements
  • Motivation • To allow players to gain the achievements o able to show off to their friends (through social media) • Challenge themselves o o test how far can they complete the game put their skills to the test • To be able to upgrade the player to more “God-like”