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Women's Psychology Project
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Women's Psychology Project



Community service for a psychology project summed up nicely.

Community service for a psychology project summed up nicely.



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Women's Psychology Project Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Pay It Forward: Donations to the Houston Area Women’s Center
    • Ashlee Bexar
    • Kennady Cosby
    • Laura Sicignano
  • 2. Why We Chose This Project
    • The group agreed that the women and children of this shelter are always in need of contributions, whether it be with time, donations, or any other form of support. This shelter aids women who have experienced domestic and sexual violence, and it may serve as the only route for them to turn their lives around for the better.
  • 3. The Houston Area Women’s Center
    • Serves as a not for profit organization
    • Provides support for victims of social and domestic violence
    • Teaches prevention education
    • Believes in equal access to social, legal, economic, and political rights
    • Aims toward individual self-determination for all
  • 4. Relating to the Class
    • According to the text, when it comes to healing after sexual assault, “one of the factors most strongly related to positive change was social support”. (p.469) This shelter provides social support for these women, so by donating time and goods to the shelter, we as a group are indirectly providing the women with social support.
  • 5. “ 1 in 3 Texas women reports being abused…”
    • United Way is another organization that has similar goals as the Women’s Center
    • They address more than the needs of abused women, but this statistic they provide shows how necessary places like the Women’s Center are, especially considering some women never report abuse
  • 6. The Urgency of Domestic Violence, Explained Further
    • “Women are more likely to be attacked in their own houses with people they live with…”
    • “Many women put up with domestic violence for years…”
    • These and other facts can be found at Healthy Roads Media
  • 7. Emotional Abuse
    • The article provides women with the knowledge they need to identify and get out of an abusive relationship. This is a very prevalent issue, even in this day and age. I found this article about Emotional Abuse very informative because it explains everything. It asks every question that needs to be asked and doesn’t leave any question left unanswered.
    • http://www.womanabuseprevention.com/html/emotional_abuse.html
  • 8. With all this in mind… Group Community Service
    • Research the needs of the women’s center
    • Shop for appropriate donations
    • Donate goods
    • Volunteer time at the center, if possible
  • 9. More Specifically…
    • Ashlee purchased and donated multiple items of baby powder, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, and deodorant.
    • Kennady purchased and donated Sam’s bulk items of baby wipes, crackers, juice boxes, and snack packs
    • Laura donated toiletries and provided two hours service of office work
  • 10. Overall Benefits to Center
    • Laura’s time commitment gave a few hours that would otherwise potentially go unserved
    • Volunteers make nonprofits like this come together
    • Additionally, donations, whether small or large, cover needs that would otherwise go unmet
    • Food and toiletries are necessary for the members to survive
  • 11. Donations and volunteers make this home for the women possible
  • 12. In Ashlee’s eyes…
    • This was my first time donating to the Houston Women’s Center. I thought this project was important because I had to look into the area’s where women have the most suffrage and the shelters that help them. Before I had talked about donating or volunteering, But with no schedule day to donate so I always put It off. Finally, the day came when I would be making the donation. I decided it would be better to buy multiples of different items. I was constantly worried if I had bought enough or gotten things the women really needed. When I walked in the door the woman at the desk was so nice and just happy I had made a donation. Now that I know where the Houston Women’s Center is, I will definitely be donating more.
  • 13. In Kennady’s eyes…
    • This was my first visit to the Women’s Center, and I could not believe I had never before noticed it’s existence. I had passed by it numerous times without realizing what was there! In any case, I almost felt nervous walking up the steps to donate, thinking they may find me guilty for not having donated before now or for wasting their time with anything less than an abundant donation. Of course I was wrong, though, and the lady at the front desk was very appreciative. I felt the need to give more ASAP, and felt thrilled to have “discovered” (thanks to Laura) this place to take donations. These women are struggling with something they cannot help, and absolutely deserve the support the center provides. In the future, instead of donating to a general drop-off for clothes and food, I would much prefer to donate to this center. They have been around since 1976, so they are obviously doing things right. I look forward to donating there more and perhaps volunteering in the future.
  • 14. In Laura’s eyes…
    • Although I knew about the shelter, this was my first time actually going there. I realized the importance of taking and interest in the lives of these women, so I decided to make a donation and volunteer my time. I donated a variety of toiletries that I knew were needed, and also assisted the women in the office. They were so grateful, and glad that I was able and willing to make a contribution. I would definitely like to help out again in the future.
  • 15. In the future…
    • Ideally, there will be more donations and volunteer work. Between the three of us, we can only give so much in so little time. Hopefully, we will all return to contribute in the future and encourage others to do so as well.
    • Thank you presently for your time!