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The latest in electric/data infrastructure

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Cheetah Power Point

  1. 1. Cheetah USA Product Education & Training
  2. 2. Cheetah Bottom Line! “Real” Labor Saving Results • The competition can never say this! • Electrician Endorsements Credibility/Adoption • Cheetah Challenge Contractors Program
  3. 3. Cheetah Intellectual Advantage Cheetah Speed System Cheetah Speed Box Speed Anchors Wide Plastic Dielectric Yoke Screwless Snap-on Wall Plate
  4. 4. Cheetah How it Works Cheetah Speed System Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 40% to 50% Faster Installation on Trim Visit to watch Online Training Videos
  5. 5. Cheetah System vs. Device Cheetah Speed System Devices Forced to compete at commodity lowest price ($) All products have basically the same features No differentiation or loyalty System Clearly differentiates - no one can compete or undercut Creates loyalty based upon labor saving results Does not require commodity pricing to compete Cuts out competition = IP/Patents Guaranteed trim = Boxes pull the device and wallplates
  6. 6. Cheetah Pricing Strategy We WANT to be more expensive than commodity screw devices We are a SYSTEM – Not a Device Compare “Total Home Costs” vs. Device Prices Compare “pennies” to “dollars” Labor Savings ALWAYS wins Don’t get caught up in device penny-pinching Florida (Carlon and Cooper Dumping Ground) Example: Electrician (JK Electric) 2700 sq ft Home (Cooper and Carlon) $22.00 more for Cheetah!
  7. 7. Cheetah REAL SAVINGS Visit to access Labor Saving Calculator
  8. 8. Cheetah High Quality Standards Cheetah Speed Boxes High strength thermoplastic resin Reinforced nail sleeves Footplate included 1-4 gang boxes 2 hour fire rated (wall) Do not break Cheetah Speed Devices High strength thermoplastic resin 1 year warranty on all devices Yoke does not break or bend Screwless Wallplates High strength thermoplastic resin Matte Finish = Style, and no glare or fingerprints Dishwasher tested
  9. 9. Cheetah What Makes Us Unique! Cheetah Speed Boxes
  10. 10. Cheetah What Makes Us Unique! Cheetah Speed Devices Pre-assembled Devices with Speed Anchors Pre-centered w/ 6/32 Screws Full Range of Adjustment (crooked box/depth) Dielectric Strap – safety and durability Frequently Asked Questions? How to service once installed? Standard Device in backstab/wrap? Mud in the Box Hole?
  11. 11. Cheetah What Makes Us Unique! Screwless Wall Plates Polycarbonate Unbreakable Matte Finish Easy to paint, wall paper, clean Dishwasher Safe Wide Dielectric Safety Strap hides… wires/terminals to make removal of wallplates safe.
  12. 12. Cheetah What Makes Us Unique! Cheetah “Enabled” Solutions Case Study: Bubble Covers Normal Install: 10+ Minutes Cheetah Install: 1 minute Contractors WILLING to Pay More for labor and automation. Margins = 80+ % Bubble covers pre-assembled with Cheetah speed anchors and device (GFCI or Receptacle)
  13. 13. Cheetah What Makes Us Unique! Cheetah “Enabled” Solutions Case Study: Dryer/Range Receptacle Normal Install: 4+ Minutes Cheetah Install: 45 Seconds Dryer/Range receptacles pre-assembled with Cheetah speed anchors and stainless steel wall plate.
  14. 14. Cheetah What Makes Us Unique! Cheetah Safety Cheetah Patented Wide Dielectric Safety Strap All Cheetah Devices certified to UL Standards 3mm gap on each side Screws are enclosed inside speed anchor slot and cannot Dielectric Voltage Test become energized. - 4500 volts directly applied to yoke Used to adjust device or remove - No breakdown - Plastic cannot device. become energized. - Safe to remove wallplates to paint. Old New Contractors LOVE the safety of Cheetah Wide Dielectric Straps
  15. 15. Cheetah UL Standards All Products Tested to UL Standards UL20, UL489, UL514D, UL514D, etc. 12+ National Recognized Testing Labs Intertek Lab - Recognized world-wide leader ETL List Mark growing worldwide Absolutely no difference between UL Lab and Intertek Lab testing to UL standards. NO denial of use because of ETL.
  16. 16. Cheetah The Winning Strategy
  17. 17. Cheetah Contractor Program Free Boxes – 1st Time Project (1 gang only) Any Size Project - Contractor or Wholesaler Run through Distributor to create local support Track Labor Savings Results Strategy Lower Risk of Entry. Win EVERY Project in the Market Try it = Like it! See Results for themselves. Contractor educated…will use on next project!
  18. 18. Cheetah Distributor Strategy Already receiving Contractor Bids Contractor Program helps them win bids Differentiation advantage over competition Stock not required on 1st project Distributor and Contractor: See it – Believe it Creates Demand & Pull Distributor realizes full margins IF they do not undercut. UPSELL – commercial, higher margin products.
  19. 19. Cheetah Cheetah-Enabled? + + = Standard Metal Yoke Add 2 Speed Anchors Universal Adapter Ring 40%-50% Faster Installation Device
  20. 20. Cheetah Commercial Solutions P-rings – 4” Square Metal Box Adapters 1 Gang (1/2” & 5/8” depth) 2 Gang (1/2” & 5/8” depth) 1 & 2 Gang (1” depth) - April 2009 P-rings - 3 & 4 Gang Metal Box Adapters 3 Gang (1/2” & 5/8” depth) - April 2009 4 Gang (1/2” & 5/8” depth) - April 2009 “Cheetah-enable” Leviton Commercial Grade Products 20 Amp Switches 20 Amp Receptacles 240 Volt Simplex Receptacles
  21. 21. Cheetah Datacom Solutions Can be installed in non-Cheetah datacom boxes Installation Note: When using non-Cheetah datacom boxes, the Cheetah speed anchor system will need to be removed
  22. 22. Cheetah Datacom Products Screwless Datacom Products Jack Inserts (1-6 ports) Plug-in Jacks (Cat5e, Cat3, Coax) Wallplate - 6P4C telephone (White, Ivory, Light Almond) - SCTE F-Connector (White, Ivory, Light Almond) - Telephone/Coax (White, Ivory, Light Almond) Decora® Compatible Wallplate - 6P4C telephone (White, Ivory, Light Almond) - SCTE F-Connector (White, Ivory, Light Almond) - Telephone/Coax (White, Ivory, Light Almond) Decora® Compatible HDMI wallplate (with Keystone openings) Jack Insert family offers Wallplate Telephone/Coax Designer Telephone Wallplate HDMI Wallplate with Keystone openings 1 to 6 keystone options
  23. 23. Cheetah Questions? Online Installation Videos Product Information & Specs Leviton/Cheetah Contractors Guide Electronic & Hard Copy FAQs
  24. 24. Cheetah