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Tech comm presentation 2012 08-16
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Tech comm presentation 2012 08-16


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St. Charles County Chambers of Commerce Technology Committee Tech Toys Series: Tablets & Apps

St. Charles County Chambers of Commerce Technology Committee Tech Toys Series: Tablets & Apps

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Tech Toys Series: Tablets & AppsAugust 16, 2012
  • 2. MissionThe purpose of this meeting is to inform and introducetechnology to Chamber members, not necessarily to givea complete education on the topics discussed.Some of the technologies discussed are quite oftenavailable through Chamber member companies, includingseveral of the volunteers in the subcommittee. Othertopics are presented as classes by the Chambers.If you would like to discuss any of these topics more in-depth, please contact one of the subcommittee membersafter the meeting and we’ll get you in touch with the bestcontact for your interest.
  • 3. Sub-CommitteeChamber Member Companies working together tobring you the information on the technological topicsthat interest you and can benefit your business! Co-Chairman Ken Tucker, Changescape Web Mark Peimann, EPC Computers Andy Kastrup, ProTronics Technologies, Inc. Art Zemon, Hen’s Teeth Network Beth Richter, ProTronics Technologies, Inc. John Coleman, Socket Paul Barthel, Minuteman Press Randy Downs, Independent Consultant
  • 4. Facebook Events
  • 5. Tablets – Android VersionsVersion Codename Distribution1.5 Cupcake 0.2%1.6 Donut 0.5%2.1 Eclair 4.2%2.2 Froyo 15.5%2.3 - 2.3.2 0.3% Gingerbread2.3.3 - 2.3.7 60.3%3.1 0.5% Honeycomb3.2 1.8% Sources4.0 - 4.0.2 Ice Cream 0.1%  Statistics are based on the number of devices that accessed Google Play between July 16-August 14.0.3 - 4.0.4 Sandwich 15.8% Jelly Bean 0.8% Other Links
  • 6. Tablets – Tips & ResourcesTips  Figure out what you want to use it for & how much you want to spend  There will be trade-offs: Do your research & look for tablets that fit in your price rangeResources for research CNet Tablet Comparison (Links to reviews)  at-current-and-upcoming-tablets/ Tablet Comparison (includes Specs, but not features)  Wikipedia Tablet Comparison (includes specs & features) 
  • 7. Tablets – Kindle FireBeth Richter, ProTronics Technologies (Personal Use) Reason for Purchase Highlights  Found a deal ($139 for refurb) & wanted to try $199 Uses (in order of frequency of use) * 7” tablet  Web/Social Media * Amazon Customized  Apps Android 2.3 Gingerbread  eReader * No removable storage Pros  Fast, easy to research on the web  Stress Relief (Apps/Games) Cons  Can’t always access full features of a website  No Camera  No External Storage Overall Opinion  Nice entry into tablet world, but will probably upgrade soon
  • 8. Tablets – Google Nexus 7Ken Tucker, Changescape Web (Business/Personal Use) Reason for Purchase  Never had an Android Device Highlights  Big Google user $199 8GB - $ 249 16GB  Need to have ability for Adobe Flash * 7” tablet  Size * Android 4.1 JellyBean Uses (in order of frequency of use) (Pure Version)  Check Email and Calendar * No removable storage  Google Earth and Google Maps, Google Reader  Social Media  Media Consumption (music, reading)
  • 9. Tablets – Google Nexus 7Ken Tucker, Changescape Web (Business/Personal Use) Pros  Love the Size and Price Highlights $199 8GB - $ 249 16GB  Google Apps/Drive * 7” tablet  Google Play Store * Android 4.1 JellyBean  $25 to Google Play Store (Pure Version)  Google Now * No removable storage Cons  Camera was a pain at first  No 3G or 4G option Overall Opinion  Awesome for the price!
  • 10. Tablets – Acer Iconia 200Paul Barthel, Minuteman Press (Business/Personal Use) Reason for Purchase  Had a good price ($280) with the features I was looking for Uses (in order of frequency of use) Highlights  Kindle app $329 16GB  Stream video * 10” tablet  email and web is much easier than on phone * Android 3.2 Honeycomb Pros with upgrade to 4.0 ICS  access websites without dragging out laptop * Has removable storage  full size usb port  external storage -- Hard drive and micro sd card  larger size makes reading ebooks much easier Cons  a little heavier than smaller tabs  no rear facing camera Overall Opinion  A great tab for the price. Does just about anything an iPad does without the price tag
  • 11. Tablets – Galaxy Tab 2Art Zemon, Hen’s Teeth Network (Business/Personal Use) Reason for Purchase  I wanted a more portable device than the iPad for note- Highlights taking in forums. In particular, I wanted the camera to $ 249 8GB take pictures of the presentation screens and access to Evernote. * 7” tablet * Android 4.0 ICS Uses (in order of frequency of use) * Has removable storage  Evernote with the camera worked great at the forums. ~Better than I hoped.  Google Reader app  New York Times app  Google+ app  Email app  Calendar app  Web surfing  Pandora app
  • 12. Tablets – Galaxy Tab 2Art Zemon, Hen’s Teeth Network (Business/Personal Use) Pros  Easier to hold in my hand than the iPad Highlights  Synchronizes email + calendar + contacts with my $ 249 8GB work email + my personal email + my GMail accounts * 7” tablet  Fantastic battery life * Android 4.0 ICS  Everything "just works" * Has removable storage  Not locked into Apples walled garden Cons  Does not run Foreflight (iOS-only app)  The Samsung-provided Polaris Office program is too slow to handle searching through huge PDF files Overall Opinion  I love the Galaxy Tab 7. Since bringing it home, I have not used my iPad 2 for anything.
  • 13. Upcoming Tablets Microsoft Surface Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga (Hybrid) ASUS Memo 370T 10" Tablets Acer Iconia Tab A210 Android 4.0 7" Tablets Acer Iconia Tab W510 Windows 8 Acer Iconia Tab A110 Android 4.0 Amazon Tablet 10-inch Android Asus Memo 370T Android 4.0 Asus Tablet 600 Windows RT RIM Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE BlackBerry Tablet OS Casio VX Android 4.0 ViewSonic E70 Android 4.0 Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 ViewSonic E72 Android 4.0 Fujitsu Bacura Android 4.0 ZTE V66 (Verizon) Honeycomb Fujitsu Volume Android 4.0 Lenovo IdeaTab S2 Android 4.0 Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 Android 4.0 Other Sizes (11-13, 22) Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Windows 8 Asus Taichi Windows 8 Microsoft Surface Win 8 Pro Windows 8 Pro Acer Iconia Tab W700 Windows 8 Microsoft Surface Win RT Windows RT Asus Tablet 810 Windows 8 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.0 Acer Aspire S7 Windows 8 Sony Vaio U (9.4”) Android 4.0 Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Gingerbread Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Windows 8 Viewsonic Touch and Android 4.0 / Vizio Tablet VTAB 3010 Unannounced ConnectTablet (22”) Windows 8 ZTE PF 100 Android 4.0 ZTE V96 Android 4.0
  • 14. AppsOffice Productivity King Office (Free) – basic functionality  Smart Office (9.99) MS Office Compatible  Transfer Software Data Cable – Transfers files from phone or tablet to PC  Dropbox  2GB Cloud Storage w/ sync (can add space for free by referring others)  SugarSync  5GB Cloud storage  Kindle Fire App 
  • 15. AppsMobile Security LookOut Mobile Security ($2.99/Month or $29.99/Yr)   Offers remote wipe  Scans websites and links, blocks phishing and malware sitesBrowsers Dolphin Browser   Sonar: Use voice to search internet and on social networks  Gestures: Create personal gesture to access websites Google Chrome  Consumption Flipboard   Read social media and news feeds like a magazine  Great way to consume information
  • 16. August 16, 2012 Tech Toys: Tablets & AppsPresented by: Mark Peimann Andy Kastrup Ken Tucker Art Zemon Beth Richter John Coleman Paul Barthel Randy Downs Independent Consultant Please fill out your survey & drop it in the box before you leave