Stcc tech comm handout 2012 09-20


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Stcc tech comm handout 2012 09-20

  1. 1. STCC Technology Committee September 20, 2012Back In January… Telecommuting Tech Remote Computing Video Conferencing -Windows Remote Desktop -Google Hangouts -LogMeIn -Microsoft Live Messenger VoIP Other/Combination Options -RingCentral -Skype -MagicJack -Microsoft Lync -Vonage -Coworking Space/ Temporary Office Relocation -Google VoiceRemote Computing Options (A Closer Look)Three types of Remote Access Web-Enabled Applications Uses a Web Browser Ex) Outlook Web Access, Sugar CRM Remote Access Connect your home computer or laptop to the office via a secure, private network Ex) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Remote Control Control your office computer from home Ex) Remote Desktop Connection, LogMeIn, VNCWeb Enabled Applications How do users connect to work functions? Internet Browser to a Web Interface (webpage/website) How does it work? Applications run on the “web server”, not on your computer Accessed via any web browser from any location Secure (SSL encryption, centralized security management) Information is shared by all authorized employees What types of work functions can be done this way?Anything! Email CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Company “memory” (imagine your own mini-Wikipedia) Project ManagementRemote Access How do users connect to work functions? Private Connection How does it work? User connects to a remote network that allows file sharing, file transfer, printing Files are opened using the programs on the computer that the user is physically using Uses Virtual Private Networking (VPN) (configured by IT Professional) Hardware based connection (Router or firewall appliance) Software based connection (Server-side endpoint)
  2. 2. STCC Technology Committee September 20, 2012Remote Control How do users connect to work functions? Remote Desktop How does it work? User connects to a remote computer that extends the display, keyboard & mouse functions to the user’s computer What types of work functions can be done this way? Anything that a user does while at the office Generally, not good for graphics-intensive programs Great for limited bandwidth connections Commonly used for Tech Support Two types In-House (No third party connection) - requires static IP with port map in router Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Hosted (Connect to a third party) LogMeIn GoToMyPC GoToAssist – Tech SupportOther Considerations Security as secure as password Cost Factors depends on selected options (starts at free) Resources (who to talk to) IT Professionals In-house or outside resources (this Technology Committee) Timeliness of Implementation one month to configure & test Just enough time before the Blanchette Bridge closureTech Tip of the Month Yahoo Users – Unsubscriber Application by OtherInboxAsk the Geeks Submit a question / comment / suggestion to the SubCommittee Members What topics would you like to see TechComm cover? What would you like to get out of attending TechComm?Upcoming Meetings: October 18th – Social Media Update November 15th – Tech Toys December – no meeting