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Stcc tech comm handout 2012 05-17


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Cost Effective Alternatives to Business Productivity Products - Open Source products for email, calendars, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office

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Stcc tech comm handout 2012 05-17

  1. 1. STCC Technology Committee May 17, 2012 Cost Effective Alternatives to Business Productivity Products Open Sources Alternatives - work-alike for Outlook and Office, not look-alike - will all run on Windows and Mac. You dont have to have Linux. Email - look how you can do everything with Thunderbird: - compose and send - receive and read email - folders (remote and local) - great searching/filtering - multiple accounts/personalities - works with any IMAP email server so same messages visible in Thunderbird, on web, and on mobile devices Calendar - look how the calendar is integrated into Thunderbird - Normal calendar functions - Shared calendars work (demo with Arts & Candys calendars) - Google Calendar backend for this demo. Could also be a Microsoft Exchange Server or any of several other possibilities - works with pretty much any backend so same calendars visible in Thunderbird, on web, and on mobile devices OpenOffice & LibreOffice - why 2 names - mention file formats - export to PDF Quick look at the programs - Word Processor - Spreadsheet - Drawing - Presentation Open Source Design Applications - Gimp - Inkscape - Scribus Gimp - Photo Editing Application - Alternative for Photoshop - Resolution Example Inkscape - Vector Based Program - Alternative for Adobe Illustrator - Will open and edit PDF files - Scribus - Frame Based Design Layout Application - Alternative to Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign - Export to PDF -
  2. 2. STCC Technology Committee May 17, 2012 Comparison Function Familiar Program Alternative (Low-Cost or Free if no cost is specified) Email & Calendar Microsoft Thunderbird with Lightning plug-in (linked to Google Included in Outlook Calendar) Microsoft Word Processing Microsoft Office LibreOffice/Open Office - Writer Word Professional Spreadsheets Microsoft $ 349.99 LibreOffice/Open Office – Calc Excel 1 user, 1PC Presentation Microsoft $ LibreOffice/Open Office - Impress 499.99 Powerpoint 1 user, 2 PCs Desktop Microsoft $ Scribus 139.99 each Publishing Publisher individually Database Microsoft LibreOffice/Open Office - Base Access $ Desktop Adobe 699 Scribus Publishing InDesign (Advanced) $ Image Processing Adobe 699 Gimp (Photos) Photoshop $ Image Processing Adobe 599 Inkscape (Graphics) Illustrator Other Products $ Microsoft Visio 249.99 LibreOffice/Open Office – Draw (Basic diagrams/sketches) Microsoft Math Input Panel Included in LibreOffice/Open Office – Math (Equation Editor) Windows 7 Microsoft Snipping Tool Included in Snagit (Windows only) Windows 7 $ Microsoft OneNote 79.99 zNotes / WikidPad Other costs associated -Retraining – learning curve similar to switching from Office 2003 to Office 2007 -Support –narrower field of Tech help to choose from in person, however, the online communities and forums are very helpful & supportive (and often free advice) -Main Cost Savings –do it yourself approach What is Open Source? Open source is collective power in action. The power of a worldwide community of highly skilled experts that build, share and improve the very latest software together - then make it available to everyone. The open-source community is thriving and today boasts some of the best brains in the business. The aim has not changed: free systems and software should be available to everybody, wherever they are. Why are there two options for Open Source Office alternatives? OpenOffice / LibreOffice Before it was bought by Oracle in 2010, Sun Microsystem’s OpenOffice was the widely accepted and most commonly used alternative to Microsoft Office. After the purchase, many of the developers left the OpenOffice community, pooled their efforts and formed the Document Foundation to provide structure and leadership to the continued development of the open source alternative and released LibreOffice, which is now the more commonly accepted and used alternative.
  3. 3. STCC Technology Committee May 17, 2012 Sources: Open Sources Alternatives – find open source alternatives to programs you pay for LibreOffice vs OpenOffice vs Microsoft Video LibreOffice OpenOffice Scribus Gimp Inkscape Microsoft Office Pricing Adobe Product Pricing Upcoming Events After Hours – Sponsored by the TechComm Subcommittee Companies Thursday, May 24th from 5 - 7 pm at Uncle Joes Bar & Grill, 204 N. Main St. in Historic St. Charles. Come mix and mingle & bring your Tech Qs for these experts at the May Business After Hours, sponsored by the STCC Technology Committee. Stop by for some of Uncle Joes great food & beverage & enjoy some great conversations out on their awesome deck! For more information or to make reservations, simply call the Chamber office at 636-946-0633 Linux Install Party - Wednesday, May 30, 3:00-5:00pm at the Spencer Rd. library MUST RSVP to Art Zemon, -Include your name, email, phone, processor architecture (32-bit, 64-bit, don’t know) -Attendees should have available and are expected to bring: 1. A laptop with a CDROM drive 2. Power supply 3. Extension cord or power strip (if possible) Next Month’s TechComm: (June 21) Open Source Programs / Sites for Online Collaboration –  Google Docs & Applications/Drive  Dropbox = online file sharing  QuickBooks (the one reason Art uses Windows)  Adobe pdf alternatives Car Tech  Ken’s experience with a Chevy Volt