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Social networking   text mining - analytics in km 13.dec.2011
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Social networking text mining - analytics in km 13.dec.2011


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Discussion points for the use of social software, social networking, text mining, and analytics to enable knowledge management processes.

Discussion points for the use of social software, social networking, text mining, and analytics to enable knowledge management processes.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • Hello, I am ______________ with HCL Introduction of presenter Title and brief backgroundThank you for this opportunity to present the iCOnnect solutionBefore we get started I want to check the time for this meeting: We have ______ allowed (1 hours) for this presentation. With iCOnnect we offer a social software solution that provides business value across the organizationWe consider this innovation as the NOW GENERATION OF CONNECTING with PeopleiCOnnect is a services delivery framework and a technology integration platformWithin the services delivery framework we provide:Leading practices for implementation, integration, and supportSocial listening and analyticsKnowledge management communitiesText mininingSocial softwareIntegration with Data warehouse (DW) Business Intelligence BI, and AnalyticsWe also support the implementation of best-of-breed software-as-a-service solutions (common in the social media and social analytics)Within the Technology Integration Platform we:Have a system that we are going to show you today which is a cloud-based / multi-tenant / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)Enable internal and external Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to utilize crowd sourcing and tap into the knowledge across SMEs quickly.Identify and surface ideas and innovationOur technology is designed for rapid delivery across the enterpriseiCOnnect delivery framework and technology is about connecting peopleto growyour business
  • Our presentation today will:Outline the problem concerning social software use across the enterpriseProvide an example of how we see the NOW Generation of ConnectingWe will show you the high-level framework of the iCOnnect solution andDemonstrate the cloud-based application using a real-world scenarioAfter the presentation we will leave time to go over next steps.We will take questions at any time, we have scheduled time after the demonstrationWe have also prepared additional information in this presentation should detailed questions arise.Does this meet with your expectations for today’s presentation?Are there any questions or comments?
  • The problemThere is generally no strategic direction related to social softwareProcesses, technologies, and one-off solutions are not integratedDifficult to capture the “mind-share” across subject matter expertsThe Impact to business:Insights take too long to discover and deliverPeople working in silos are not sharing insightsLoss of critical analytics needed for informed decisionsNo holistic view of social media content or analysisIn summary: The enterprise has:Islands of solutions (Counts the tweets for today, we know the hits on our web site or new widget)Islands of analytics (Report the number of on-time deliveries, count the late-deliveries, listen to the social buzz about, logistics or customer services)The content and data involved is not integrated so it is difficult to get an overall perspective for decision making ( Have you heard the phrase, “Data rich and information poor”? With social software there is even more data)So different directions across business functions and projects is creating the conditions where we loose the “soft-knowledge” or “know-how” needed for ideation and innovation.
  • Organizations are looking for solutions that:Connect people across secure social networks where they can quickly find solutions, share ideas, and drive innovationOperate within a well governed environment where IP is protected, workflow processes are defined and sources securedUtilize automated text-mining and analytics to gather, process, analyze and deliverOur view of this NOW Generation of Connecting the enterprise stakeholders with shared solutions includes knowledge management as part of the process and workflowIn this vision we connect executives, vendors, subject matter experts, and analysts across the organizationThe framework and technologies work together to integrate structured data and unstructured contentEmpowered individuals collaborate as a global team in a secure, governed environment producing results quickly across the enterprise with far less effort and cost
  • The enterprise is shifting today due to:The introduction of communities both internal and externalThe high-degree of analytics used in process and pushing informationThe larger volumes of unstructured content being processesThe combination is creating the “Social Enterprise” were organization are shifting from:Defined report and structured role-base applications to the Personalized and Actionable WorkspaceThis transformation is enabled by the availability of analytics as well as community based collaboration.To stay competitive organizations are utilizing the tools and techniques to integrated the structured data with unstructured content to:Move from static to dynamic deliveryEnable knowledge sharing across secure collaborative networks
  • Uses monitoring tools to research in Social Media and reports insights for various Communities based on Business Lines of PfizerMultiple media types and domainsAnalyze trends on Pfizer productsSurfaces issues or queries Monitors Competition Provides comparative informationUses the inputs from Analysts reports information posted in Communities in 2MySi and services the membersSME provides feedback to the analysts in terms of – Relevancy of informationAccuracy of informationAddition information requiredEvaluates the feedback provided by the SMEs on the information and analysis provided by AnalystsTracks the activity of SMEs and Analysts using embedded analyticsProvides specific direction to analyst team for continuing research and analysis that is more accurate and useful for SMEs effectiveness
  • HCL view is to tap into the stream of conversations internal and external and publish relevant findings, insights, and report across communitiesFor social to be adopted it must be fast, fun, and friendly This is why we developed the Corporate Listening office to include the community and deploy social software across your organization.Some of the key principals we use are:User Generated Applications means the business users configure and deploy communities quickly.Crowd sourcing means you gather the knowledge across groups promptlyText mining and analytics is embedded as part of the application’s automated processes required to publish relevant content across the organizationiCOnnect is used by internal and external customersTo Gather, Process, Analyze and Deliver actionable insights across the enterpriseUsers achieve results quickly with far less cost and effortTapping into this content enable you to crate value across the enterprise and:Be better informed about trends affecting fund performance and opportunities to investImprove Knowledge Sharing across the analysts communityImprove the traffic by drawing people from other social sitesIncrease cross/up sell Improve your overall customer satisfaction
  • This diagram is a high-level view of the iCOnnect cloud-based applicationWe believe that to secure rapid adoption across the enterprise, social software must be Fast, Fun, and Friendly Also, large global organizations are actually a community of communitiesYou host a variety of people with varying personal and professional interests in your products and services.We created iCOnnect to provide you with the ability to launch communities where people work in groups on projects.Based on their role they have secure access to search subjects and interact with other community membersPeople work within secure social networking communities and crowd source work to team membersThe author creates the subjectThe reviewers give feedback to the author about the subjectEmbedded text mining and analytics enable these ideas to surface quickly based on the subject, action, events, or rolesEvaluators review the feedbackAs people work inside of iCOnnect, the system builds meta-data enabling the workflow by granting access to content and functions.The concept of a “Reputation Builder” is used as the system tracks who is contributing, as an author, providing feedback, or reviewing feedback as an SME.
  • A member’s unique community landing pageSearching subjects or documentsPosting messagesMonitoring a discussion across community membersCharts and analysis of discussionsMicro-surveys for authors, reviews, and evaluatorsPosting a commentClosing a discussionRetaining knowledge
  • This is one example of a story flow that we have created for non-standard shipping rates.The Global Executive surfaces an issue related to excessive shipping chargesThe Brazil Logistics Executive is the author of the focus subject and begins global collaboration to improve shipping costsTheBrazil Logistics Manager, Brazil Dispatcher, and India Logistics Analyst provide comments and suggestions as reviewersNow we will take you to our 2MySi site and demonstrate the story flow.
  • Demonstration:(Have dashboard open – do not show landing page)I’m logged in as the USA Global ExecutiveThis is a member’s unique community landing page dashboard1. (expand all communities)He has access to the community Global One, the Group Global Channel Services and 2 projects: Account Relations & Logistics A member views their communities/workgroups/project’s activities They are color coded indicating activity: (You do not need to mention all the colors – just a few)Green indicates active within 3 hoursBlue – activity within past 24 hoursOrange – past three daysYellow – past 7 daysBlack – past 14 daysGrey – more than 14 days since any activity The system automatically sets the context of the community page at any level showing active members, themes, activities, etc. 2. (click on search icon)User can search any content where their role has been granted access – subjects & attachments3. (click on message board icon)User can view and reply to messages from any team member where access has been granted
  • 1. (click on Logistics)User can view the activity in the Logistics projectFeedback for a subjectNew subject createdAttachment added2. (click on Members)User can view all the members of the selected project3. (expand the profile of Logistics Executive Brazil)The Logistics Executive in Brazil raised the issue of excessive non-standard rates being charged by some vendorsThe co-authors are:Logistics Analyst India4. (expand profile)Logistics Dispatcher Brazil 5. (expand profile)Logistics Manager Brazil6. (expand profile)The user can drill down by clicking on the number of posts to view recent member activity7. (click on Logistics Executive Brazil’s picture)Clicking on a member’s picture opens a theme cloud which consists of the most popular words associated with that user within the project. 8. Close theme cloud 
  • 1. (click on Activity tab)Now we are going to take a look at an issue raised in logistics about non-standard shipping rates:2. (click on Shipping in the word cloud)I am clicking on the word ‘shipping’ in the theme cloud to surface all subjects related to shipping3. ( select the topic Non-standard Shipping Rates Survey)iCOnnect enables the author and team members to share comments and suggestionstext mining and analytics assists the author in developing ideas and solutionsThe author publishes micro-surveys to gather formal feedback from the global community members.Surveys can Range from one or two questions to complex formsCapture quantitative and qualitative information andCapturesocial media content, photos, videos, etc. as attachmentsThe Global Executive Manager has created a Survey inquiring on the teams use of non-standard shipping.Logistics Analyst in India responds to the survey saying that she has non-standard rates that are unjustified and that the vendor is unwilling to renegotiate.LogisticsDispatcher in Brazil responds stating that he has non-standard rates that are unjustified, but he is able to renegotiate with the vendor.Logistics Manager in Brazil answers the survey showing that he is being charged standard rates currently.4. (Scroll down to show review feedback).The Logistics executive in Brazil reviews the feedback and identifies next steps for the India analyst to find resources willing to negotiate shipping rates. This internal collaboration can replace 100s of emailsThe difficult to find documents on share drivesThe unsecured groupwareAnd you retain the knowledge in a secure online application
  • The story flow is completeThe Brazil Manager’s key findings indicate that all shipping rates are standard The Brazil Dispatcher’s key findings show that rates are non-standard and unjustified The India Analyst’s key findings indicate non-standard rates that are justified4. Evaluators’ insights are routed to all the team members to collectively brainstorm and identify the action items:No action required from the Brazil manager or India Analyst Action is required from the Brazil Dispatcher to contact the vendor and renegotiate their rates5. Using iCOnnect the global team achieves results quicklyTogether they reduce shipping costs by 10% utilizing a global audit
  • Brining these technologies together is creating exciting new capabilities to our customers.The integration of BI – Analytics – Social Intelligence create the ability to link complex events across channels.In this example we show the technical landscape of social selling.We see Sources are created across the social web and combined/mashed/ aggregated Using the architecture we showed on the previous slide we combine the unstructured content with structured data to create into “Enriched content”Adding this metadata enable us to publish “Good News” about your products and services via:Smart micro-apps / widgets / gadgetsPush “Good News” to communities, blogs, and forums we identify with our Social AnalyticsSince we have enriched the content with metadata we:Retrieve additional usage informationProvide links back to your micro-site, products, and promotions,Enable connections to other people who are influencersThe cycle of Gather, Process, Analyze, Delivery the feeds the next cycle of Create, Distribute, Publish of the Good News that connect people.
  • Thank you for viewing our iCOnnect solutionsCONNECT WITH PEOPLE is our businessWe welcome the opportunity to meet with you
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social SoftwareSocial Intelligence: Social Media Listing and Response center. Delivering business value across the organization Social Networks Knowledge Networks Text mining - Analytics Dynamic Continuous Defined Processes Action Measure Retain Self-service InsightsConnecting People   Sharing Knowledge1
    • 2. Table of Contents 1 Cover 2 Table of contents 3-5 Social Networking 6,7 Linking to KM processes 8 The problem with email and share drive 9 Silos of technology 10 -15 Applying social software and networking to KM communities 16-24 KM example using a global supply chain group 25-28 Example of a browser add-on for crowd sourcing 29 High level capabilities comparison social software vs. group ware 30 Technical view of the ecosystem 31 Thank you2
    • 3. People love being social Mobile  Interactive  Social  Media Anywhere @ work @ home Anytime @ play People are socializing across channels with theirphones, TVs, browsers, tablets, cameras, watches, toys
    • 4. • Surpasses 750 million users • 900 million objects that • Bandwidth = entire internet in 2000• 175 million users attract people (pages, • 3 Billion video views per• 90 million with no groups, events, and day • 200,000 uploads per day community pages) followers • 300 million accounts • 30 billion pieces of content • 6% educational content • Average users has 80 • 7 % from Europe connections • 10.7 million - • 10,000 - FourSquare • 25 million user GroupOn • 100 million – • 8.8 million – • Google’s network ! LinkedIn LivingSocial
    • 5. THE REST OF THETHE WEB 2.0+ IS EVEN WEB REST OF THE 2.0+ BIGGER ! IS EVENExternal Internal & BIGGER !Blogs, forums, specialty sites, specialized Blogs, forums, specialty sites, specializedengines search search engines, interactive sites, pop-up ads, and more!Interactive shopping sites, pop-up ads, and more
    • 6. Social Software is changing the dynamics Apply Individual & Professional Interests Publish Test & Learn Relationships Validate source Analytics Categorize & Prioritize Documents Learn & Gather Processes 6
    • 7. Design for today’s digitally delivery “rapid” cycles: Creating repeatable processes to gather, process, analyze, deliver KM contentThe example below uses a typical product innovation lifecycle Strategy Categorize & Validate Learn & Gather Test & Learn Publish Apply Improve Plan & Budget Prioritize Sources Social software enabled collaboration, text mining, analytics, and crowd sourcingCrowd survey External Social Media Crowd priority External Internal Networks Internal & External• Assessment • Supplier • Strategic objectives • Supplier Products and Services • Forums• Strategy • Partner • Lifecycle analysis • Partner Global LOBs • Blogs• Plan • Forums Channels Management • Communities• Budget • Blogs Member Groups Market Scan • Communities • Organizational depts. • SME competitions Member groups Market Scan • Industry Forms • Products and Services • Competitor Analysis • Products and Services • CompetitionsOrganizational • Global LOBs • Emerging trends • Operations • Competitor AnalysisStakeholders Internal Networks • Channels Management • Global LOBs• Executive • Voice of Customer • Channels Management• Operations • SME Forms• Finance • Blogs• Manufacturing • Competitions• Marketing • Polling• HR • Research• Channels• Communication Market Scan • Industry trends • Competitor Analysis Go/No Go toll gates used to inform the team at each stage. Uniform metrics enable the team to measure feasibility and performance for each idea7 Align with in-flight initiatives as well as introducing future-state innovations
    • 8. How we work today: The Problem with email and share drives1 Problem + 10 people = 200 emails & 50 calls Communication via Problem / EMAIL AND PHONE Team is Issue informed Meeting times set Individuals respond to group emails Correspondence until problem is resolved People are overwhelmed by disconnected group emails and calls resulting in lost ideas, ineffective use of time, and hidden costs
    • 9. How organization see social network: Silos of activities and results Limited or no alignment across social software initiatives Islands of Islands of Knowledge Management solutions • Blogs, forums Analytics • Share drives • Communities • Email Marketing • Voice of the customer Corporate Communication Business Intelligence • Marketing Analytics Social media listening and analytics • ERP reporting Community Strategy • CRM reporting • Sales reporting Customer Services • Voice to Text • Text mining chat • Call center management Little / no Soft- integration Knowledge with social Lost Duplicate costs and efforts content 9
    • 10. How Social Network shares enterprise connections based on interests1 Problem + 10 people = 0 emails and 5 calls Focus Social Networking based area communications Team is informed automatically Ideas are Crowd sourcing the communication cycle shared Problem / dynamically Resolution Individuals Review & Team view and Approval collaboration respond in real-time Text mining analytics Brainstorming, ideation, and knowledge sharing Secure social networking community connects people No email, single source of reference, saving time and costs 10
    • 11. Communities of practices as a social network act as multi-functionalglobal teams to  Learn, Prioritize, Validate, Publish, and Apply Secure social networking communities  Search, publish, share, apply C-Level LOB Executives Sales Executives Marketing Research Enable Governed • Ideation Shared Solutions • Processes Legal Operations • Innovation Knowledge management • Sources • Retained IP • Services Suppliers Manufacturing Account Logistics Relations Vendors Text mining & Analytics  Gather, Process, Analyze 11
    • 12. Transformation to the social enterprise Personalized The Social Enterprise Social Networking Surfacing Actionable Ideation Unstructured Workspace
    • 13. Social networking with text mining and analyticsConnecting people to quickly discover solutions Dashboards Social Network Community 1 Community members Community 2 Topic 2 Global Topic Owner SME / Evaluator Topic 3 ManagerRequest for topic researchMonitor progress Topic Owner Evaluates the feedback Topic 4 • Manage group • Tracks the activity using• Crowd sourcing with “nano-survey” • Define survey embedded analytics • Monitors topics • Provides direction and• Analyze trends• Surfaces issues • Relevancy guidance to participants• Monitors • Accuracy• Comparative information Requests and coordination 13
    • 14. Types of integration used on Social Networking Learn & Gather Categorize & Prioritize Validate / Test Publish / Apply Unstructured Content Text Mining & Analytics Automated – Manual Improvement Social Network Internal Crowd Sourcing content • “The glue” Listening • Analysts 360 o Community Posts o Content Enterprise Text mining and analytics o Collaboration o Publication o Analytics • Cloud-based Social Media Listening and Analytics • SaaS External Combining of social networking, text mining and analytic14
    • 15. Tapping social networking content with text mining and analytics Produces results quickly and with far less effort Business Gather & Process Analyze & Deliver value Internal Content Actionable • Communities of Practice Enable • Emails Intelligence Knowledge • Surveys Enriched Sharing • Chat Social Internal • Contact / Call Center Content • Knowledge Officers Increase • Online Feedback • Executives Traffic from • Smart Widgets • Sales & Marketing • Customer data Social Media • Product Management Data Warehouse • Micro-site • Corporate Communications ETL – Data Quality Increase • Partner sites • Operations  Unstructured Up-sell • Customer Services  Semi-structured External Content • Human Resources Cross-Sell  Structured • Social Networks • Blog Services Improve • Forums • Text Mining External Competitive • News • Taxonomy • Communities Intelligence • Facebook • Sales and Marketing • Ontology • Twiter • Recruiting Improve • Analytics • YouTube • Social Media • Enriched metadata marketing • Social Software analysis • Advertizing Syndication
    • 16. FAST  FUN  FRIENDLY a global ideation and innovation solution Global Communities Dashboard FAST  FUN  FRIENDLY Secure role-based access to people and content Member ‘s INSIGHTs INTO ACTIONs Self-service Crowd sourcing the communication cycle Reputation Builder Author Scoring & Analytics Easy access Review Charts Feedback Feedback Graphs Community Navigator Text mining analytics
    • 17. Examples of social networking applications Connect the global community to identify non-standard shipping rates Reduce the cost basis for non-standard shipping rates17
    • 18. Social networks link people to topics, posts, and conversations One view = many connections 1 2&3 4 1 Role and background 2 Personalized tag cloud of all the user’s content 3 Drill-anywhere to view posts and collaboration 4 View number of contributions Click to view all active posts and collaboration 18
    • 19. Cross-functional story flow: Non-Standard Rates Internal/External Collaboration with Secure - Social Network - Embedded Analytics Focus Subject Author Reviewer Global Executive Brazil surfaces issue Logistics related to Manager excessive shipping charges Brazil Logistics Dispatcher Brazil Logistics Global Ideation, Innovation to find solutions Executive India Logistics Analyst Key Findings Action Items Results
    • 20. Scenario 1 Storyboard: Non-standard rates slide 1 2 3 1 No. Description 1 Access to all communities, workgroups, forums 2 Search any content 3 View the community message board 20
    • 21. Scenario 1 Storyboard: Non-standard rates slide 2 2 3 1 4 No. Description 1 The users set context by selecting a community, workgroup, or project 2 All content is displayed based on the context including content and members 3 Global participants profiles display with location, and background, number of posts 4 Click on the members picture and a “Smart Theme” cloud appears with key words related the member’s posts. • Size and position show relevance • Click any word to drill to the topic 21
    • 22. Scenario 1 Storyboard: Non-standard rates slide 3 1 2 3 4 No. Description 1 View a summary of posts, feedback, with the time of posting and member who posted 2 “Smart Theme” cloud links all the activity and posting with key words based on relevance 3 Click on the them cloud words to see all post related to the key word 4 Drill down to the post to view all “conversations”, the comments, feedback, and evaluation from all members who are participating. 22
    • 23. Dashboard view of topics, survey, and activities 2 4 1 No. Description 3 1 Listing of topics within a selected category 2 Participants in the topic forums 3 Spotlight chart showing activity & survey results 4 Daily feedback and activity chart23
    • 24. Cross-functional story flow: Non-Standard Rates Internal/External Collaboration with Secure - Social Network - Embedded Analytics Focus Subject Author Reviewers Global Executive surfaces issue Brazil Logistics No action Rates are standard related to Manager required excessive shipping charges Rates are non- Contact vendor Brazil Logistics standard and and renegotiate Dispatcher unjustified rates Brazil Logistics Executive Reduce shipping costs by 10% utilizing a global audit Rates are non- India standard and No action Logistics Analyst justified required Key Findings Action Items Results
    • 25. Enable contributors throughout your organizationEmployees are using the internet every day.ID trends to changing markets, news, and key topics on a near-real-time basisTap employees expertise via browser-based crowd sourcing  Capture the source, authors, sentiment  Contributor’s insights and comments  Sentiment and special tags  Start a conversation and gather ideas about the post25
    • 26. Must use FAST – FUN – FRIENDLY applications Access to all your communities Interactive personalize dashboards Data range search Stats Quick Search Top contributors “Reputation Builder”
    • 27. Text mining enable “SMART CLOUDS” Data search Content dictionary based Themes Contributors’ Tags  Size and position of the word show relevance  One-click to list all the content connect to the word
    • 28. Drill anywhere to read posts, identify sentiment,and share ideas Click the bar to filter based on sentiment One click on a theme or tag cloud  Displays all the relevant content  Contributor  Date  Links to conversations
    • 29. Simple comparison of social software to group ware Components and capabilities Social Group Ware & Shared Software Drives1 Business user configuration without programming P E Limited2 Business user defined social networking community, workgroup, and projects with role based security to data and functions P E Customization3 Flexible architecture from low cost public cloud-based to private cloud or enterprise P E Limited4 Embedded text mining and analytics P E Limited5 Embedded metadata and categorization P E Limited6 Multi-tenant software-as-a-service options for B2B or B2C deployment P E Customization Open architecture for content integration with 3rd party providers7 P E Limited8 Available to install on multiple operating systems P E Limited9 Open standards P E Limited10 Ready for rapid deployment from day one of the project P E Limited11 Role-based security and privileges to data and functions P P Configuration12 Ability to process internal and external content P P Configuration
    • 30. Ecosystem for integration of knowledge sources Create Enriched Aggregate Distribute Publish Sources Enriched Unstructured Content Crowd • Community Retrieve • Workgroup Enterprise • Knowledge base • Project Transform o Research Social Media o Product & services offering • External o Community connections • Syndicate Consolidate Web Metrics o Much more  Marketing Refresh Deliver Analyze Process Gather Sources Actionable Trends DW Integration Text mining Crowd Web Insights Patterns Enrich Content Analytics Metrics Enterprise Events Exceptions Social Marketing Metadata
    • 31. Thank you Ken Martin +1 469 258 8522 Practice Director – Social Intelligence BI 2.0 Practice HCL Technologies31