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Professional Secretary TrainingRole of professional secretary in business competitive environment-MBT Consultant TRAINING

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Professional Secretary Training

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL SECRETARYBasic Training<br />Role of Professional Secretaryin Business Competitive Environment<br />By :Kanaidi, SE., M.Si <br /><br />
  2. 2. Business Competitive Environment <br />External<br />Environmental <br />Factors<br />Social<br />Demographic<br />Economic<br />Technologic<br />Political and Legal<br />External Marketing Environment<br />Competitive<br />
  3. 3. Chapter 2 Version 3e<br />3<br />External Marketing Environment<br />Ever-Changing<br />Marketplace<br />External Environment is not controllable<br />Social<br />Change<br />Demographics<br />Economic<br />Conditions<br />Product<br />Distribution<br />Promotion<br />Price<br />Competition<br />Target Market<br />Political & <br />Legal Factors<br />Technology<br />Environmental<br />Scanning<br />4P/7P<br />Target Market ;<br />A defined group most likely to buy a firm’s product.<br />
  4. 4. Business Competitive Environment <br />Potential<br />New Entrants<br />Intra-Industry <br />Rivalry<br />Strategic Business Unit<br />Bargaining<br /> Power<br /> of Suppliers<br />Bargaining<br />Power <br />of Buyers<br />Substitute <br />Products<br /> and Services<br />Porter Competitive Model<br />Source: Michael E. Porter<br />“Forces Governing Competition in Industry<br />Harvard Business Review, Mar.-Apr. 1979<br />
  5. 5. There are many different types of secretary, in many different jobs, each one is task to do many different things. <br />They are like a personal assistant who will ensure that the person they are working for keeps a tight schedule, appointments, meetings, some run errands, book hotels, typing and much, much more.<br />Many types of secretary<br />
  6. 6. The secretaries often do more of the running of organizations than the others.<br />The secretaries interface between all the departments, customers, vendors and information flow so that the leader can use their time effectively<br />A good secretary can make an organization a success and a poor one can increase the risk of failure<br />A secretary's role therefore is to keep the process flow of information, meetings, contacts and feedback loop intact at all times.<br />Understandthat :<br />
  7. 7. Secretarial & Administrative Role> Responsibilities> Skills> Qualities <br />Developing A Professional Image> Professional Appearance>Timekeeping & Punctuality> Introduction To Office Ethics <br />Managing Stress> Identifying Stress> Stress Busting Techniques <br />Role of Professional Secretary<br />
  8. 8. Communication> The Impact Of Body Language, Words, & Tone Of Voice> Active Listening> Questioning For Clarity <br />How To Improve Written Business Communication <br />Telephone Skills> How To Deal With Callers Professionally> Telephone Etiquette> 'Do's & Do Nots' Of Answering The Telephone <br />Saying 'No' Constructively <br />How To Handle Your Boss<br />Role of Professional Secretary ….<br />
  9. 9. Top 10 Qualities of a Great Secretary<br />1. Organized and detail oriented.<br />2. Puts the boss's and company's "best foot forward" since he/she will most likely come in contact with clients before the boss does.<br />3. Always answers the phone and greets visitors with a smile on his/her face and in his/her voice.<br />4. Has up-to-date skills and the ability to learn new skills and procedures with ease.<br />5. Knows when to keep his/her mouth shut and when not to. Doesn't quibble over the small stuff.<br />6. Listens well and presents solutions rather than dwell on problems.<br />7. Presents a professional appearance and attitude at all times. Doesn't bring personal problems to work.<br />8. Follows through quickly and efficiently with all tasks.<br />9. Terrific spelling and grammar skills, and knows how to interpret the boss's hieroglyphics!<br />10. Remembers the pressures the boss is under and doesn't bother the boss with every little problem.<br />
  10. 10. Terorganisir dan detail oriented.<br />Menempatkan bos dan "kaki ke depan terbaik" perusahaan karena ia kemungkinan besar akan bertemu dengan klien sebelum bos tidak.<br />Selalu menjawab telepon dan menyapa pengunjung dengan senyum di / wajahnya dan di / suara.<br />Memiliki up-to-date keterampilan dan kemampuan untuk mempelajari keterampilan baru dan prosedur dengan mudah.<br />Tahu kapan untuk menjaga / menutup mulutbos dan kapan tidak. Tidak berdalih atas hal-hal kecil.<br />Mendengarkan baik dan menyajikan solusi daripada memikirkan masalah.<br />Menyajikan penampilan profesional dan sikap setiap saat. Tidak membawa masalah pribadi ketempatkerja.<br />Mengikutidgncepat dan efisien tentangsemua tugas.<br />Milikiketerampilan yg hebatdalamejaan dan tata bahasa, dan tahu bagaimana menafsirkan hieroglif bos!<br />Mengingat tekanan bos berada di bawah dan tidak mengganggu bos dengan setiap masalah kecil.<br />
  11. 11. Correspondence(Communication)<br />Since the secretary is the key communication link, constant and efficient communication is vital.<br /><ul><li>The secretary is the officer in charge of responding to all requests and inquiries.</li></li></ul><li>Top The tools of Professional Secretary<br /><ul><li>Language :
  12. 12. It is the raw materials.
  13. 13. Both writing and speaking are essential.
  14. 14. Letters represent the company.
  15. 15. Individual reach a top management position by good speaking.
  16. 16. The secretary’s responsibility mainly is to check details of grammer, speling, and puntuation.</li></li></ul><li>Top The tools of Professional Secretary ….<br /><ul><li>Professional reading :
  17. 17. By reading trade journals for each area of economy and for each profession.
  18. 18. Develop skimming system by the table of contents as a guide.
  19. 19. Reading magazines such as “The Secretary”, Fortune”, and “Business Week”, etc.</li></li></ul><li>Top The tools of Professional Secretary ….<br /><ul><li>A Professional Manner:
  20. 20. Uniform clothing.
  21. 21. Following the lead of executive in office style.
  22. 22. Secretary can be moved upward with the boss.
  23. 23. The professional does not spend company time on personal phone calls, in clock watching, or in being late.</li></li></ul><li> The Secretary RequirementsExamples :<br />Excellent working knowledge of Windows application<br />A high level of accuracy is required with a good typing speed in copy and audio, preferably 55-60 words per minute <br />Able to display initiative, proactivity, professionalism and confidence <br />Experience of electronic diary management<br />Needs to be articulate and able to demonstrate discretion <br />Ability to exercise appropriate level of judgement<br />Excellent and professional telephone skills <br />Ability to prioritise workload and work under pressure with a flexible approach<br />