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Marketing Matrics_Training (Kanaidi, SE., M.Si)



hubungi : ...

hubungi :
Kanaidi, SE., M.Si (Penulis “Buku PERIKLANAN”, Service Quality and Motivation Trainer, Dosen Marketing Management, Praktisi Bisnis)
email : kana_ati@yahoo.com atau kanaidi@yahoo.com atau kanaidi@poltekpos.ac.id atau kanaidi@posindonesia.co.id
HP. 08122353284
PIN bb : 27CBC148
Facebook : Kanaidi Ken & Kanaidi Ken Part II



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    Marketing Matrics_Training (Kanaidi, SE., M.Si) Marketing Matrics_Training (Kanaidi, SE., M.Si) Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing MetricsBandung, 07-08 Juni 2012 By :Kanaidi, SE., M.Si27-28 Juni 2011 kana_ati@yahoo.com
    • 21986ManajerdiBogor1990ManajerdiPadang1992Wk PincaBanjarmasin1993PincadiSamarinda1995ManajerdiBandung2000ManajerWilayahSumbarRiau2001 -SekarangPembicara/Instruktur&DosenSekarang :DirekturMicroFinance(LKMS)Success Kanaidi, S.E, M.Si
    • What is Marketing?• Marketing adalah proses sosial dari kegiatanseseorang atau lembaga untuk memenuhikebutuhan dan keinginan pasar individu dankelompok akan suatu produk melalui konseppertukaran. (Kotler, 2005)• The Core Concepts :Kebutuhan (needs), Keinginan (wants) danProduk (barang, jasa, dan gagasan), Nilai(value), Biaya (cost), Kepuasan(satisfaction), Pertukaran, Konsep Pasar danPemasaran.
    • MarketsMarketersandProspectsRelationshipandNetworkValueCostSatisfactionProducts(Goods, Services, Idea)NeedsWantsDemandsExchangeandTransactionsThe Core Concepts Marketing(Kotler, 2005)
    • What’s about Marketing Mix?Slide 1-2Figure 1-14PProductPricePromotionPlaceMarketingMixManufacture
    • 7PProcessPeoplePhysical EvidenceProductPricePromotionPricePlaceMarketingMixServicesWhat’s about Marketing Mix?
    • What’s about Promotional Mix?The Promotional MixSlide 1-2Figure 1-1AdvertisingDirectmarketingSalespromotionPublicity/PRPersonalselling
    • The Selling and Marketing Concepts Contrasted(Kotler)EndsSelling andPromotingProductsFactoryProfit through SalesvolumeIntegretedmarketingCustomerneedsTargetmarketProfit throughCustomerSatisfactionMeans(Sarana)FocusStartingpoint(a) Selling Concepts(b) Marketing ConceptsEmpat Pilar sandaran Konsep Pemasaran :(1). Pasar Sasaran, (3). Pemasaran Terintegrasi,(2). Kebutuhan Pelanggan, (4). Profitabilitas.
    • Apakah Metrik itu?• A metric is a measuring system thatquantifies a trend, dynamic or characteristic.In virtually all disciplines, practitioners usemetrics to explain phenomena, diagnosecauses, share findings and project the resultsof future events.• Throughout the worlds of science, businessand government, metrics encourage rigourand objectivity.• They make it possible to compareobservations across regions and timeperiods. They facilitate understanding andcollaboration.
    • Mengapa perlu Metric ?• . . every metric, whether it is used explicitly toinfluence behavior, to evaluate futurestrategies, or simply to take stock, will affectactions and decisions.• If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.• metrics can help a firm maintain a productivefocus on customers and markets.• They can help managers identify thestrengths and weaknesses in both strategiesand execution.
    • Market Share
    • Market Share
    • Contoh Perhitungan MarketShare
    • Pengertian MarketConcentration
    • Contoh Perhitungan MarketConcentration• Dalam mobil mini perkotaan, tiga perusahaan yang merupakan firmconcentration ratio terdiri dari pangsa pasar tiga kompetitor teratas -Zipper, Twister dan A-One
    • Pengertian Penetration
    • Contoh Perhitungan BrandPenetration
    • Contoh Penetration Share
    • Konsep Customer Satisfaction(Kepuasan Pelanggan)C Satisfaction = f(Perfermance/Expectation)CustomerSatisfactionE <PVery Satisfaction/DelightSatisfactionDissatisfaction= 100%> 100%< 100%E = HarapanP = Kinerja/KenyataanKepuasan Pelanggan merupakan fungsi dari kenyataankinerja produk (product’s percieved performance) danharapan pembeli (buyer’s expectations).E =PE >P
    • Customer satisfaction andwillingness torecommend
    • Contoh Survey CustomerSatisfaction
    • Konsep Customer Loyalty(Loyalitas Pelanggan)Inactive orex-customersProses Pengembangan Pelanggan(The Customer Development Process)SuspectsDisqualifiedProspectsRepeatCustomersClients Advocates PartnersFirst TimeCustomersProspects
    • Konsep Customer Loyalty(Loyalitas Pelanggan)Ciri-ciri Pelanggan yang LOYAL :• Rutin Menggunakan Produk X• Selain Produk X juga menggunakan Xa• Berani Merekomendasikan kpda orang lain• Mampu Menolak Tawaran Pesaing(Griffin)
    • Mengevaluasi LoyalitasPelanggan
    • Loyalkah ini ?
    • Ingat !Pareto Principle80%of your growthwill come from20%of yourcustomersΩ Problem Statement Ω Strategic Direction Conclusion SolutionThe 80/20 RULE :
    • Heavy Usage Index
    • Contoh Heavy Usage Index
    • Awareness, attitudes and usage:hierarchy of effects
    • Quality Awareness berfokus PelangganJANGAN MENGECEWAKAN PELANGGANLETAKKAN DIRI KITA PADA POSISI PELANGGANRencanaRisetDesainProdukPengen-dalianMemeliharaPasar1. Identifikasi kualitas yang diinginkanPELANGGAN (PASAR)2. Bangun kualitas yang diinginkanPELANGGAN (PASAR) ke dlm produk5. Jika produk jelek terlanjurterjual, sgra CEPAT TANGGAP4. Pertahankan kualitas produk stlh penjualan3. Jangan meloloskan produk jelek kePasar / dlm tahap proses berikutnya
    • Awareness, attitudes andusage: typical questions
    • Awareness & Top of Mind
    • Margin
    • Contoh Perhitungan Margin
    • Marketing spending: total, fixedand variable
    • Contoh Fixed Marketing Cost• Sales force salaries and support.• Major advertising campaigns, includingproduction costs.• Marketing staff.• Sales promotion material, such as point-of-purchase sales aids, coupon production anddistribution costs.• Cooperative advertising allowances based onprior-period sales.
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • Break-even Analysis
    • Contoh Break-Even
    • 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7BEPTRTCFCUnitBiaya2.5002.0001.6001.5001.000500daerahrugidearahlabaGambar : BEPBreak-Even Point=BEP (rupiah)=FCContoh : Biaya tetap =Rp.1.000.000,00Biaya variable =Rp.120.000,00/unitApabila perusahaan menginginkan harga jual tiap unit =Rp.320.000,00 maka titik pulang pokok (BEP) adalah ?=BEP (unit) =FCP - VC VC / P1 -
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Contoh Customer Lifetime Value
    • Acquisition versus retention cost
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • Sales force objectives: settinggoals
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • Sales force effectiveness:measuring effort, potential andresults
    • Sales force compensation:salary/reward mix
    • Contoh PerhitunganCompensation
    • Price Premium
    • Contoh Perhitungan PricePremium
    • Average Price Paid
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • Price elasticity of demand
    • Linear Demand Function
    • Short-term promotionalobjectives• To acquire new customers, perhaps by generatingtrial.• To appeal to new or different segments that aremore price-sensitive than a firm’s traditionalcustomers• To increase the purchase rates of existingcustomers; to increase loyalty.• To increase shelf space.• To blunt competitive efforts by encouraging thefirm’s customers to “load up” on inventory.• To smooth production in seasonal categories byinducing customers to order earlier (or later) thanthey ordinarily would.
    • Baseline sales, incremental salesand promotional lift
    • Downward spiral – promotionaleffectiveness
    • Successful promotion with long-term benefits
    • Cost per thousand impressions(CPM) rates
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • Reach, net reach and frequency
    • Effective reach and effectivefrequency
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • Pageviews
    • Clickthrough Rate
    • Contoh Clickthrough Rate
    • Cost per Impression
    • The order acquisition process
    • Contoh Perhitungan
    • 72Contact Us :Kanaidi, SE., M.Si (Trainer & Dosen, Penulis,Peneliti, dan PeBisnis)e-mail : kana_ati@yahoo.com ataukanaidi@poltekpos.ac.idTelp : 022-2005972 atau 022-2009570 ext.125Fax : 022-2009568 HP. 0812 2353 284www.ken-kanaidi.blogspot.comwww.ken-sukses.blogspot.comwww.pemimpin.unggul.comwww.google.com “Sukses kanaidi”www.formulabisnis.com/?id=ken_kanaidiΩ Problem StatementΩ Mapping Ω Strategic Direction Conclusion